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A day of whips and romance. 10-8-2004

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:47 am    Post subject: A day of whips and romance. 10-8-2004 Reply with quote

Erk Mendon sleeps, shivvering quite a bit, looking disturbed. He suddenly sits bolt upright, gasping and sweating. After realizing he had yet another nightmare, he sighs. He gets up, and looks as if he is ready to leave again.

Erk Mendon starts walking out, then turns to glare at Catharine, "I'm surprised you're still here."

Catherine O`Hara fades slowly in from the shadows, most assuredly not there before, though not seeming to think much of it herself as she takes a seat beside Mara, only to be confronted by the yellow haired mage, "So you would accuse me of wrongdoings as well then lad? Strike me down then with your fires if your belief is so great that I am evil."

Taikris calmly and quietly proceeds about his route, giving a polite wave to those he does know before leaning against one of the nearby railings

Erk Mendon rolls his eyes, "I have proof that you are in fact evil, but I'm too busy to explain. If anyone wants to know where I'm going (though most likely they won't...), it's Arkeen. I'll probably be gone for the rest of the day." He starts walking out again.

Catherine O`Hara calls out then as the mage speaks thusly, "And I did not say that your doubts were unfounded, Sir Hest has proven beyond a doubt that I'd be the vile Necromancer he called me. Think though that such hurts me as much as anything she's done to you, I am not one to adore pain like you seem to think."

Erk Mendon turns around to glare again at Catherine, "You attacked me and Sirum one day in Ansteorra. You even almost killed me. For that, I cannot forgive you unless you give me a -very- good reason why I should."

Catherine O`Hara dows her head briefly at that, gazing at the floor rather than the mage as further words are again said unto that miserable lump of fur and flesh, "I did not ask you too, I would not deserve such."

Sirum Hest pads up from outside by the hammocks then just in time to catch Catharine's words, squeaking out in her direction to gather her attention before he slumps back against the wall. "Yer not the necromancer, yer jus' somethin' either she or a Heretic made up to ensure that she doesn't kill everythin' in her path an' can spy, or gain trust. But it won't matter much after today, after the Invisible Paws get the spaghetti done we're off to Vincan."

Erk Mendon shifts the shoulder strap of his bag, before saying, "And I'm already off to Arkeen. See you all later tonight..."

Rhelaine enters from behind the greying statue, her dark brown cloak billowing and masking the steady movements of her feet. Her shoulders are back and she wears a sign of the prime m'rill embossed in gold, hinting of some wealthy upbringing. She removes the hood from her face confidently as she passes the statue, brown locks spill from it and you meet her gaze - deep black, devoid of the light of the living.

Taikris quickly takes advantage of the newly freed seat by the rodent, plopping himself down in moments. A luxurious stretch is made as the felines rotates within his locale to peer through the small opening. He can't help but blink a few times at the undead that has made it's way inside, this blinking seems to increase rapidly at the sighting of the sigil to M'rill. "Umm.... how'd it get in here?" he inquires, nudging the nearest cleric, in this case Chloe, to attention

Catherine O`Hara glances briefly at the rodent before dropping her gaze once more, "It was still these paws and this body that caused harm to so many people, I should have been able to stop her from doing such things and not been so blind as to believe in a twin."

Rhelaine a surprisingly soft voice inquires, "I was told I may find what remains of Ansteorra here."

Chloe May is nudged. "O-Ow.." Feeling some presence, she shrugged to Taikris. "Um, I dunno if Kitzibeth has any protection from any undead entering the villa." Not looking behind to her yet, and since noone else is in a hassle, she wasn't going to be rude. ^^

Rhelaine smiles, looking at Chloe, "I'm not entirely undead, dear, but I'm not entirely living."

Rhelaine: You are of the clergy?

Taikris doesn't seemed to have stopped blinking from the initial encounter with the odd apparition. "Umm... exactly what brings you here?" he asks of the spectre before turning to Chloe once more. "Do you think it's hostile?"

Rhelaine smiles, "I used to have some friends in Ansteorra a long time ago... I wonder what has happened to force those of Ansteorra into exile."

Chloe May turns around quite swiftly, not expecting to be replied to. "Eheh, H-Hiya.. Sorry about that, I mean no disrespect." Smiling weakly, she stood up and greeted the female. "Um, pleasure to meet you, I'm Chloe May, and I am of the clergy!" Smiling with a nod. "And yourself?" She didn't yet reply to Taikris, as it would be rude whether to say. :-P

Rhelaine smiles, "I am Rhelaine of Balsamud, pleasure to meet you - I used to be a clergy of sorts as well."

Taikris scoots over a seat, keeping near the cleric clad in white as he inquires next. "You said you had some friends from Ansteorra. Who were they if you don't mind my asking?"

Rhelaine shakes her head, "It was such a long time ago - I forget. I thought coming to Ansteorra would jog my memory if they remained."

Chloe May nods. "P-Pleasure!" Smiling, she moves back over to Taikris. "Sh-She seems nice." ^^ Not even really knowing Taik that well. :S

Ruby Pyralis, having somehow managed to drift into yet another nap, flicks her ears a few times as the conversation begins to awaken her. A muffled yawn could be heard before she pushed her wing away and got into a sitting position. She then pulls her knees up to her chest and wraps her arms around her legs, content with just listening for now.

Taikris doesn't exactly know Chloe that well either :-P. Back to the apparition however, he seems hardly satisfied by the elusive response, but seems willing to let it pass for the moment. "I see. Well then welcome to the villa of the archmagess Kitzibeth o.o"

Chloe May: (EVERYONE.)
Chloe May: (Click Ruby. oo)
Chloe May: (Please. ^^ If you didn't see it yet. .-.)
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Erk Mendon: [good port, no? >D]
Chloe May: (When I put it on Chloe she looks like Britney SPears. :-P)
Taikris: [eh?]
Chloe May: (Ruby's new porrt. :-D)
Taikris: [kee <.<]

Sirum Hest simply gives a shrug and stares off at the ceiling, idly toying with the edge of his cloak. "It's not really yer fault, ya were jus' more than likely designed that way. Yer entire personality had to have been made up, but if it was, it seems they'd have removed what would allow ya to even consider that the necromancer is in yer head."

Catherine O`Hara's gaze narrows slightly at that as she speaks once more, "What makes you think that I'm the one who was created? She could've been there for along time for all you know Sir Hest."

Erk Mendon eventually will figure out whether or not he can just go buy the armor then come back to the villa or have to rp it out in a dream. :P[]
Catherine O`Hara: [Erk, you have no money. :-P]
Taikris: [xD]
Erk Mendon: [yeah he does :P]
Erk Mendon: [Fiora got tons of money on the quest, so she stopped by Erk and gave him some ^^ It's logic...Fiora likes Erk, and since she's off in an order, why just waste 100 gold?]
Catherine O`Hara: [Which quest might that have been?]
Catherine O`Hara: [Sol's?]
Erk Mendon: [umm...I think...the one when Zag returned o.o\]
Chloe May: (Hello Party people, this is captain Chlo speaking. ^^ Welcome aboard Venga airways after take off and pump up the sound system. As we're going to Ibiza! ^^)
Taikris: [o.o]
Catherine O`Hara: [Right... So you can buy Leather Armour, why? :-P]
Taikris: [Can Erk even where it?]
Catherine O`Hara: [O.o]
Taikris: [wear*]
Erk Mendon: [o.o]
Erk Mendon: [armored casting :-P]
Erk Mendon: [microfeat]
Chloe May: (^^)
Erk Mendon: [You didn't get killed by Ciran, Chloe?]
Taikris coughs[]
Taikris: [eh?]
Erk Mendon: [O.O]
Mara Dark: [Mia hii. Mia huu. Mia hoo. Mia haha]
Chloe May: (Oh no, homosexual french men in dunagrees!)
Mara Dark: [XD]
Erk Mendon: [I thought it was Russian o.o;;; that's what ruby said...I think...]
Mara Dark: [They are like Romanian]
Chloe May: (I thought Ruby said Hungarian.)
Mara Dark: [Romanian o-o]
Erk Mendon: [Russian o.o]
Mara Dark: [I brought the plague :O]
Taikris: [yes]
Mara Dark: [Again >>;]
Mara Dark: [First it was .-. now it's Dragostea Din Tea]
Erk Mendon: [...anyway...]
Mara Dark dances in her seat]
Chloe May: (Why'd people leave? .-.)
Mara Dark: [They don't love us ;-;]
Mara Dark: [Its just me and you baby :O]
Chloe May: (But Ruby ate the Baby. vv)
Chloe May: (Welcome back, Marl. :3)

Erk Mendon is now staring out the window, wondering if he can get to Arkeen safely...even though it's only 5 miles away...

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side in confusion. "Well, I'm jus' basin' it off of that Rakuro doesn't seem to have known anyone but O'Hara before ya came along. I suppose ya might've existed originally, though. No one is born evil unless they're born Heretic's, like Erisvan."

Erk Mendon turns to Sirum, "And unless they're Ciran..." He turns back to the window, "Eventually I'll kill him...someday..."

Catherine O`Hara leans back against the wall as she considers this before speaking once again, a taint of desperation colouring her tone, "I've lived to see twenty-three winters, I remember my parents and our home in the City..."

Kele-De opens an eye and glances over toward Erk. "Get in line Mageling." She gets up and pads over to lean against the door frame. "I doubt you could take him anyway."

Erk Mendon turns to Kele, glaring, "If I had a powerful enough spell I could take him..." He already had a plan...if only it would work. o.o;;;

Amerie runs out of the guest rooms, holding up thr robe she was wearing while going down the steps. "Oh my Primes, Seejie! Look.What.I.Found!" She was now adorned in a long black Priestess' robe, with the white collar and nun-like hat and all. Doing a small dance, she gave a strut. "Aint I churchy!? Ehehe, I pull this off sooo well." Doing a running man dance on the spot in the robe.

Kele-De arches a brow and shakes her head. "Just how do you plan on getting past Erisvan? Your weak. Forget about it."

Erk Mendon's ring starts to glow and he lets out a low growl when he hears the words 'Your weak.' After a while he calms down, turning to Kele, "Don't. Call. Me. That."

Kitzibeth nods, as she pads in. "You are weak, Erk. Don't forget that. Compared to Erisvan any one of us is nothing."

Kele-De arches a brow. "Don't threaten me, or you'll find yourself hauled out of the villa and pummelled."

Kitzibeth perks at Amerie. Short of demanding her out of her Villa, she simply laughs. "You should join the Order of the Red Fruit, Amerie. Primes know you are one."

Erk Mendon scowls, "Maybe to Erisvan, but I'm not weak in general. Now good-bye. I'll going to Arkeen for a bit."

Catherine O`Hara has not seen a wimpier mage in years.

Amerie keeps doing the running man. "Oh my, is that some sort of fabulous place for like.. Priestesses? 'Cause I could do it well! I mean, I'm fabulous at this! Whoo."

Kele-De shakes her head though doesn't say anything else. Merely thinking that one day he was going to get himself killed becuase he thought he was so strong, when in reality he wasn't.

Erk Mendon never said he was strong. Just said he wasn't weak ;)

Kele-De was implying that he was weak.

Catherine O`Hara has never seen a wimpier mage.

Kitzibeth remaks dryly. "Oh yes. Fabulous. You'd fit right in with them." Turning on her heel, she pads upstairs to change out of her formal Archmage's robes and into something less constricting.

Sirum Hest motions a paw towards Kitzibeth then and gives a shrug. "I'm sure she has a history from when she didn't exist as well. Or at least I'd hope, an' she doesn't have more Erisvan memories than she has her own.", frowning shortly then before staring blankly at Amerie. "I don't think ya fit the part, Amerie, hehehe. Ya have to worship the Primes an' dress like that all the time for it to really fit."

Erk Mendon storms out the door, walking angrily towards Arkeen.

Ruby Pyralis, now that her player is back from dinner, releases her legs and assumes a more natural sitting position. She idly scratches at her head while she tries to figure what happened while she was dozing. c.c

Taikris seems to be attempting the same as the demoness... only with a more upright posture and less scratching :-P

Amerie waves a paw over at Seejie. "Meh, Kitz said I was good. And I was, you just don't have enough style to know." Rubbing a paw against her head, she breathed quite heavily. "Eh, this is kinda hot anyways." Taking off the hat, she then ripped the poorly designed robe from her body, and revealing her usual clothes.. Which came here, using a secret way. Not really caring for the previous owner of those adornments. oo;

Catherine O`Hara appears to take this little comment poorly, though she doesn't defend her memories against the onslaught of the vicious rodent.

Sirum Hest is simply trying to prepare her for if Cyan or anyone else at the Indigo Order tells her that none of her memories are true. ^^ When you have low expectations, good surprises come easily. Anyways, he laughs nervously at Amerie's comment and simply nods, "Right, I've been wearin' the same shade of blue for as far as I can remember. Guess I'm not one to critique yer outfits.", poking his tongue out at her teasingly. And only cringing as the robe is ripped. "If that was Khenna's Kitzibeth is gonna have a fit. But then again, she wasn't a Cleric I think, so no worries.", squeaking happily before he finally fwumps to the floor next to the dancer.

Catherine O`Hara: ['When you have low expectations, good surprises come easily...' You're a lonely pessimistic individual, aren't you Sirum?]
You say, "[Yes, yes I am ^^]"

Amerie frowns. "Sii.. I want a whip that's like made of gold chains and encrusted in gems.. Oooh, pretty and expensive." Daydreaming for a bit, she turned to Sirum. "Seejie, can you imagine how many things I'd kill with style with one of those? Will you get me ooone?"

Roger Montango enters the villa, yawning deeply. He smiles, speaking in his usual accent, "Why, hello there furres! Good evenin' to all!"

Sirum Hest's ears perk, first at the cost of what one of those whips must be and then again as she actually requests it of him. "W-Wha? But somethin' like that would more than likely cost more than the both of Kitzibeth's statues put together, an' be a big target for thieves. That an' I don't have the gold for it, an' Kizzy might take it the wrong way. I'm sure Rakuro could make ya one, though, or ya could find somethin' like it in the towers around here?", grinning sheepishly.

[#] I want one thing from everyone in the next week.
[#] I want people to post their ongoing RP to the IC forums.
[#] Reasoning: The more we know of each others' RP, the more connected we are to the ongoing plot in the world.
[#] Even the Temple of the Red Fruit? >>
[#] And the Bikini incident?
[#] And that incident with Erk and the woodchipper?
[#] Yes.

[Ah... sorry, Kitzibeth. It seems I was a bit late in honoring this request. Better late than never, though, yes? Had I posted my every plot and RP with Sirum, I surely would have hit 10,000 posts easily.]

Roger Montango: [there was no woodchipper incident :P]
You say, "[Or so you would want us to believe.]"
Taikris wants to hear about the Bikini incident <.<;;;[]
You say, "[We all went to the beach.]"
You say, "[And Amerie popped out of her top.]"
You say, "[You should've been there, man."
Taikris: [damnit >.<]
Catherine O`Hara: [But Marl has no ongoign RP. =(]
Kivae gives Ruby's new port much love.]
Ruby Pyralis: [^-^]
Roger Montango: [Erk is going to Arkeen, Fiora's in the order, Nicole is who-knows-where, so I'm stuck with Roger :P]
Amerie: (Chloe's alive and so is Amerie? oo)

Amerie shrugs. "Well.. Get this Rakuro guy to make me one. I haven't wanted much.. in my life. I'm just asking this once! Pleeease, Seejie? I can help out a bit, if you want." Winking.

Sirum Hest rubs at the back of his neck with a paw and shifts about, staring down at the floor uneasily. "I could, except right now Rakuro can't see, Amerie. Well, he can, jus'... not in the normal sense of the word. If ya really want, though, I could get a normal whip from Kitzibeth an' make it look exactly like ya said with a bit of help. Ya would have to give me the gold for it, though." He couldn't make it seem like a gift, after all. Otherwise Kitzerina would more than likely bap him. ):

Roger Montango is also ignored. :(

Amerie points a paw at Sirum. "Hooow much gold?"

You say, "[Si would answer Roger, but he has bongo's obstructing his view.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
You say, "[... (kidding, posting now :P)]"
Roger Montango: [:P]

Sirum Hest tail-waves to Roger as he enters, though seems a bit confused. "Hiya to ya. I think I saw ya around Caeseal once or twice, but I thought ya were a passin' stranger. But then why're ya stayin' here?", before he turns back to Amerie. "How much? Ah... lesse... do ya have a whip of yer own already?"

Amerie shrugs, showing him. "Yeah.. But it's all ordinary and crappy." Looking at the very tanned human for a second, she turned back to Seejie. "Yeah.. Sirum, pay attention to -me-. ^^

Roger Montango chuckles, "I was, but I decided to stick around 'till the monsoon ended. I want to stay here for a bit more, since I'm already closer to home anyway." His eyes cast downwards towards the floor, obviously troubled by something.

Roger Montango's player just wants to -slap- Amerie. >D

Sirum Hest's player wants to snuggle Amerie. n.n

Catherine O`Hara notes that Roger's player wants to get whipped by Amerie, and strung up in a dungeon, and...

Ruby Pyralis' player wants to deflate Amerie o.o
Ruby Pyralis thinks it must hurt :/

Amerie: (Luke at me dance, Oi've never had a dancing lesson in my loif!)
Catherine O`Hara: [It shows, It shows!]
Amerie: (Feel my abs! I've never worked oot in my loif!)
Catherine O`Hara: [There's a subtle hint. :-P]
Amerie: (Sorry, I'm just getting this from friends. They had this woman who moved to England and came back with an English accent and she was all crazy. oo)

Kele-De sighs and walks off, her brows furrowed in thought.

Kivae agrees, and thinks it would be uncomfortable to snuggle Amerie. She comes from the garden, as usual, and settles down in the corner, stretching out her legs. ".. So.. the stuffed tomatoes haven't done anything weird, have they? Like, come to life? .. Can't help but feel that there's something.. a little.. strange."

Catherine O`Hara evolved.

Sirum Hest's ears droop downwards suddenly, unsure of whether or not he should answer Roger before done with Amerie. She did get awfully whiny at times. :-P "Sorry, sorry. But jus' paw the whip over an' I'll have it ready by... say... this week, maybe? Assumin' I can find what I need."

Roger Montango goes over to sit by the wall, taking out his lyre and playing a few tunes to calm himself. After all...Kele gone=free playing time. ^^

Amerie hands him the whip. "Yeah, Yeah.. Just get it done!" Walking away quickly befofe she had to pay him thar gold. ^^

Sirum Hest doesn't seem as if he were going to be requesting any gold from her, actually. Since he had the whip, everything else was pretty much ready, all he needed was a few minor things. After she has walked off, he rises up then and takes hold of the whips handle, idly swinging it about as one would do a sword. "Why anyone would use somethin' like this to fight with, I'll never know. It jus' seems like it'd sting horribly...", shrugging it off, then realizing Kivae was there. ^^; "Oh, sorry, Kivvy. Nah, they're jus' plain everyday plushies. An' I was hopin' we'd have a swarm of killer tomatoes rippin' the villa apart when we woke up, too.", actually seeming disappointed.

Kivae sticks out her tongue. "I was asking Catharine, actually. .. How would you have a swarm, anyways? There's like, two." She crosses her arms behind her head, tapping her heels on the ground, and then seems to take back the arm-folding action, stretching them over her head. Sounding only half-serious, somewhat bored, but grinning, "Let's make a mural, today."

Catherine O`Hara was talked to? Oh! o.o

Ruby Pyralis suddenly gets to her footpaws and begins to wander off.

Catherine O`Hara manages to procure her stuffed tomato, looking at it cautiously for several long moments before responding finally to Kivae, "Don't thhink it's doing anything suspicious... "

Annari Salia makes her way to a seet at the table and sits down with her legs folded underneath her and her arms crossed over her chest, her tail curled around her waist.

Roger Montango continues playing as he looks upwards at Annari, "Ah! Why, hello there! Who are you?"

Annari Salia looks up at the human and smiles, "I'm Annari, nice to meet you," She says, leaning over and putter out her paw for him to shake.

Roger Montango takes a second to stop playing and shake the paw with his hand, "Nice to meet you too. I'm Roger Montango. How are you tonight, Miss Annari?"

Sirum Hest tucks the whip beneath his cloak then and pads over to flop down next to Kivae, crossing his arms up behind his head. "Ya don't wanna help me stick fake jewels onto Amerie's whip an' make it look gold? Or... I suppose we could do that, but we'd have to get ready before we take Catharine to try an' get her fixed. What kinda mural, though?"

You say, "[Hee.]"
You say, "[I just re-read that last post and I got Bob Barker's voice in my head about spaying and nuetering your cats.]"
Catherine O`Hara: [><]

Annari Salia retrieves her paw and crosses her arms again, "I'm doing alright thanks. And you can call me Ann or Anna or Annari. But without the 'miss'."

Roger Montango chuckles, starting to play again, "Alright, Anna. You can just call me Roger."

Roger Montango smiles a wide, yet slightly fake smile, "I'm doing just fine!" He seems a little too cheery. Lieing, perhaps?

Catherine O`Hara doesn't wanna be fixed!

Kivae eyes the whip with a slightly raised eyebrow. ".. Why're you doing that? Didn't seem like she asked very nicely." Then shrugging slightly, and nodding to Catharine, "Just, keep an eye on it, please." she shakes her head, muttering something about tomatoes. "We're leaving today?" And, finally, shrugging. ".. Dunno.. one with colors. There's probably some spell to keep paint-covered paws off walls, anyways."

Taikris slowly stretches, arms extended above his head as pearly teeth show from yawning muzzle. After such lazy display, the feline glances blearily about him as he tries to figure out what he's missed exactly

Roger Montango nods, "Yes...and how are seems I already asked that. Well, Anna, what do you do? Do you heal, fight, sing, dance?"

Kei Cira slinks in through a door.. or a window.. or maybe he was simply there in the first place and has simply been standing so perfectly still he was just assumed to be part of the scenery. One way or another, he happens to be in this particular location at this particular time, and casually 'flows' across the small distance behind the two children and to the chairs, one of which he shortly occupies, stretching one arm back behind him to rest half-in the archway

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes, though not at Kivae, mostly at the direction Amerie had walked off in. "It's sorta like if ya, or Kizzy, or Aderion had asked me for somethin' small like that. If I don't do it, I start feelin' guilty, an' there's a chance one of ya might be upset so... I jus'... do it.", chewing on his bottom lip for a second or two. "Nah, I bet Kitzibeth never even thought of that. Though the hands could likely clean it up for her.", nose wrinkling with that.

[Lich? Giant demons? Harlequines? Gholae? Voidkin? All easy trials compared to maybe having your friends frown at you. ... Si was a bit of a pushover.]

Roger Montango's eyebrows raise, "Ahh...that's very nice. As you can tell, I play music. I'm a rather talented bard...though not so great at fighting." He grins that fake grin again.

Catherine O`Hara with the druid's comment, she does indeed keep an eye upon the odd stuffed tomato, not as if she had anything else to do. A faint melody soon begins to make itself heard as she hums to herself.

Kivae leans back in order to tilt her head at Kei, and comment, being the observant girl that she is, "You're a long way from the swamps.." and then turn back towards Sirum, tail batting into the wall. "But.. I never just -tell- you to do something, like that. At least, I don't think I do?" looking puzzled, and then shaking her head. "If we have time we might as well try it."

Taikris promptly turns about as he hears Annari, and waves to her through the small partition. "Hey Anna. Feeling better today?" he inquires thusly, flicking an ear to the humming necromantress <.<

Sirum Hest also then glances to his left with a brow raised in surprise, obviously not having expected to see Kei again for quite some time. "How did ya get here from the swamps so fast? If yer still tryin' to see what it is we want, I don't think we need anythin'. At least Kivae hasn't mentioned it..."

Catherine O`Hara ignores the flicking ear.

Kei Cira"s ears perk as soon as he hears the humming, his head tilting back as though to listen more carefully.. at the two identical questions asked he merely waves a paw slowly at them, dismissively.. "Ai'm jist stoppin' boi to.... to....." he trails off slowly, then quickly gets to his feet and twirls his way through the archway. He shoots a short glance around the room before laying eyes on Catherine, at which point both ears perk upward and forward towards her, and his muzzle splits into a cheshire grin..

Roger Montango blinks, stopping his music, staying silent for a few moments. After a while, he sighs, "No, I'm afraid I'm not alright...but it's nothing."

Taikris chuckles slightly as he rests his forearms upon the partition. "Why don't we head off and practice for a bit, or are you a tad busy with this... odd fellow"

Sirum Hest's tail flicks over to bat at Kivae's lightly. "'Course ya don't, unless yer draggin' me away from a crazed blademaster or into a chest. Primes, ya can never let me have a bit of fun.", nudging her with the side with an elbow, not too roughly. He then glances back and forth between Kei and Catherine suspiciously, the tail that was batting Kivae suddenly wrapping about his waist. "Rakuro finally cash in on his favor then, I take it?"

Roger Montango nods, "That's alright. Good-bye Anna." He goes back to playing, though this time playing a mournful tune.

Catherine O`Hara's gaze eventually drifts upwards then as the odd swamp-master isn't exactly trying to conceal his attention, tilting her head briefly before speaking once more, "Erhm.. Something in my fur?"

Taikris gives a firm nod, bounding to his own footpaws to pull forth the wooden wristclaws from his back pocket. "Marvelous." he blinks a few times at the canine who suspiciously resembles the blind fire-mage in dress. "Let's... go around these fellows, yes?" edging around the corners as he wonders just what the hell Sirum and the rest were up to

Kei Cira rushes forward to the femme, which is to say he's there faster then you can blink, and is instantly kneeling before her. "It is you! The one I saw within the Mirror of Visions, the one who never replied to my myriad letters, the one who, for so many years, has captivated the attention of an entire nation.. if it can really be called a nation... You! Catherine..." He would attempt to take at least one, if not both, of her paws in his own surprisingly large ones and stare up into her eyes HRT

Roger Montango wonders if anyone else was official freaked out by that post...

Kivae, apparently can't think of anything to say, but simply stares. When it becomes a problem, she makes an effort to muffle her snickers and grin with a handpaw.

Sirum Hest is doing the same as Kivae, but with a bit more of a shocked expression on the face, and when it comes down to it he doesn't even bother restraining his snickers. "Ya can't be serious, Kei. Unless... wait a second. Were ya sendin' letters to a necromancer or this femme? An O'Hara or a Blackthorne?"

Catherine O`Hara is needless to say, rather startled and thus her paws are snatched before she had a chance to avoid the odd male, and for several moments she just sits there blinking, before stating in a manner not concealing her confusion... "Erhm... Are you alright? Maybe cleric could help you...?"

Roger Montango continues playing, then looks up. He sees Mara, and grins, "Why, hello there Mara! Good to see you again." On another note, I'm now working on histories for all my alts. :P

Kei Cira's eyes are, to be plain and simple, quite literally glowing. No, really, they are. A happy, pleasant sort of green.. like if a rainforest suddenly decided it wanted to stop being a forest and be a fire instead. "Nay, koind miss! No cleric could ever heal something like this, and Ai should never ask him too, oither. If I suffer a'tall t'would be from a broken 'eart that you don't remember all the requests I've sent to you!"

Roger Montango grins, "How are you tonight? It seems that everyone's moving around alot, eh?"

Catherine O`Hara: [That is a really creepy comparison.]
Kei Cira has done his job ^^

Roger Montango nods, grinning his fake grin again, "I am doing just fine, thank you." He starts to play his lyre again.

Catherine O`Hara glances pleedingly in the rodent's direction, certainly begging silently for some help in this, her most desperate hour before returning her gaze to the creepy goo-walker type individual, "Erhm... I'm sorry, I really have no idea who you are, but if you were requesting something, then perhaps I could help you, or Sir Hest."

Kivae can't see you when you sit there. ;-;

Roger Montango nods, smiling. He then sighs, "Well, I'm going to go for a walk. Good night, Mara." With that, he stands up and walks away.

Kei Cira shakes his head slowly, never once taking his eyes off the femme.. "Requesting something? Sir Hest? The mouse couldn't make such a decision for you! No.. you must, instead, tell me once and for all. All these years I have yearned to hear your answer to the question so carefully placed within those letters..". He smiles again, which really doesn't increase the romanticism of the moment.. sharp, pointy teeth.. "Catherine.. after all these years of my asking, will you finally consent to marriage?"

Catherine O`Hara's paws have once again begun their wringing of each other, a normal signal of nervousness at this new occurance, shifting herself as far back as she can against the wall behidn her as she casts another glance at the rodent, stalling for time in the hopes that he or someone else would save her from the obviously crazed fellow before the necromantress, "Uhm, what? Sorry... My hearing must be slightly addled."

Kivae clears her throat, as if reluctant to push aside her laughter and interupt, but does. "Sirum's right. You ought to find out if she's the Catharine you mean to ask, 'cause there's two of them." Batting her tail against the floor, and hoping she's pulled his attention away from her, somehow. o.o

Kei Cira's ears droop to the sides and his eyes lose a little of the rainforest-fire-glow... "I... er.. I asked you to marry me? I've asked you nearly twenty times over the past... what has it been now.. eight years?". His ears droop even lower and his eyes fade to blackish pools of sad-looking.. blackish.. poolness.. "You.. don't... remember.......". He then shoots a look over towards Kivae and shakes his head shortly, "Of course this is the Catherine. Her voice... her face... everything about her is exact!"

Catherine O`Hara: [Two years since that goblin thing with the letter? Wow... Guess it almost has been. >.>]
Kei Cira: [Just about ^^]

Catherine O`Hara attempts to edge away stealthily as his attention is turned briefly to Kivae, likely she won't be succesful, seeing as she is not very talented at the sneaky thing, and he's... Some sort of demi-god type thing.

Kivae tilts her head slightly, "The other one's just the same. Mostly because they -are- the same.. only.. different in the head. Were you sending them to Blackthorne, or O'Hara?"

Kei Cira is, if he remembers correctly and she hasn't successfully pulled away (which would be a feat unto itself) still holding onto her paws

Catherine O`Hara apparently failed worse than expected. :-P

Kei Cira frowns at this, then looks back to Catherine expectantly, now simply looking questioning, "You... oh... I see... well then, it's just a matter of seperating the two of you. It wouldn't be.... -really- hard.. just take a little time..". He hmms quietly, studying her face as though looking for an answer to the questions obviously swirling through his mind.. if she were to look close enough, she could glimpse images of far off places and also very near ones reflected in his eyes

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw then to get Kei's attention and shakes his head quickly, rising up to his footpaws then. "That would be a very, very, very bad idea. It's like Erisvan an' Kizzy all over again, except O'Hara doesn't have to bother with things like stayin' in Ebonstar."

Catherine O`Hara assumes he has a remarkably big head, just because she can do that as an incoporeal entity, known simply as the 'player of Marl', now attempting to pull her paws from his grasp, "Erhm... Oh! You'll remove it from my head then? It won't be taking over my head and attacking people?"

Kei Cira releases her paws then and straightens up.. a very long way. It's hard to judge, but he appears to be nearly seven.. seven and a half feet tall.. and built like a scarecrow with half the gut. "Yes yes.. It would be something like that.. it wouldn't be particularly pleasant, but you would both have two seperate bodies". He then turns his attention more fully on Sirum, "Erisvan and Kitzerina were quite different. This one is hardly a Heretic, and is more like a scarred and abused individual turned to a life of crime. I'm sure you've seen plenty of them, coming from Himo"

Catherine O`Hara can't comment on that, as her knowledge of her counterpart is somewhat limited, though she does stand once more to her own impressive height of... Five feet, four inches, thus she had to look up a bit at Kei, "Don't care if it isn't pleasant, I just want it out of my head, so that I don't hurt innocent people again. Could you really get rid of it?" Seeming so pathetically eager at this thought that she ignores what equates to almost a repetition of her last question.

Sirum Hest continues on over to beside Catharine then and crosses his arms up in front of his chest, ears lowering. "Ya would still be unleashin' that evil femme to do as she wants. We already have a method of gettin' rid of her by takin' her to the Iocans, so Blackthorn here can live in peace. Unless it's O'Hara that ya wanted for some reason..."

Kei Cira nods shortly to Cath, his eyes narrowing somewhat.. "Aye.. of course I can. Though.. there's a small.. tiny.. itty bitty bit of a problem. Yeh see... er.. the whole.. dealy bit with the twisting and all that.. I.. can't really do it here. Well, I can.. but.. not -here-...". He then looks to Sirum and shakes his head slowly, "Well, honestly, I don't know.. it's up to them, I'd say. And the Order of Iocus needs a lesson in... being not so Paladin-y"

Catherine O`Hara returns the stuffed tomato to some pouch in her cloak so that she vcan better fidget as she glances downwards in the hopes of finding something to say therein, maybe it worked? "Well not as if I couldn't come back after she was out of my head... Right?"

Kei Cira shakes his head slowly and takes a step back from Catherine, looking her slowly up and down.. "We'll have to find somewhere quiet though... is there a park of some kind around here? Anything out of doors would be preferable.."

Sirum Hest lifts a paw into the air and grins sheepishly. "Kei, ya could take us to the Order an' make sure nothin' happens to her, couldn't ya? Seein' as Rakuro doesn't seem to be around. An' ya could use yer abilities to ensure that their weapons turned to stone if they even reached for 'em--... or... not. Yer actually goin' along with this, Catharine?"

Kivae points east. "There's some trees, and a fire.."

Catherine O`Hara turns her gaze briefly upon the rodent once more before offering a hasty nod, "Don't want it in my head any more, threatening to kill things and other such vile activities... And with it gone I can seek atonement." Of course she doesn't connect thoughts of a quiet area and him gazing at her, creepy Kei.

Kei Cira turns his attention to Sirum and raises an eyebrow.. "Don't you realize what would happen to her in the Order? They wouldn't just release your friend.. oh no. You see, they're all for this 'finding out about the enemy' thing that got so popular in the late second age. They wouldn't want to help her. They'd want her to help them..."

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "But if it's out of yer head, it'll be able to kill things anyways, it'll jus' look exactly like ya an' have unrestrained slaughter. But... if ya really want her to be seperated rather than destroyed... I guess it's up to ya. Do ya mind if we come watch, anyways?"
Sirum Hest flashes Kei a toothy grin, "Then we'd tell 'em that Cyan's sister is doin' her own study on her, an' if they try to keep her she'll show up an' have 'em all demoted to floor mopper."
Sirum Hest adds, after. "Or burn it to the ground, really.", not seeming to mind this suggestion at all. ^^; It would be a bluff, after all.

Catherine O`Hara folds her paws before her then, her first real effort to stop nervous movements on their part, "But he could do something about that too, if he could it out, right? You would be able to keep her from hurting people, yes?" Turning her attention back to Kei as she says this last bit.

Kei Cira shakes his head slowly at that question, then simply sighs.. "Well.. I suppose.. if you've really got your heart set on it.. I -could- take you all to the Iocan Order. But it's really not a pleasant place. And.. I'm not exactly the perfect person to go along with". He scratches at an imaginary itch on the back of his neck.. "Or, we can step outside, and I'll seperate the both of them without too much fuss.."

Catherine O`Hara: [Oh I finally have a picture of Rakuro, just a head, and it kind of sucks... But it exists. Just need to scan it some time.]
Kei Cira hurrahs!]
Catherine O`Hara likes the hat though.. ^^]

Sirum Hest considers this for a short while, then just shakes his head. "If she didn't hurt people, she would be little different from ya, an' it would be jus' like if there were two of ya runnin' around. An' that'd be awfully... awkward, or borin'." He then nods quickly to Kei and hops up, moving over to take hold of Kivae's tail and lightly tug on it. "If they turn us away, then we can do it yer way. Ya wanna come with us, right, Kivvy? There is always paintin' on the walls later."

Kivae shrugs, "Yeah.. I'll come. It shouldn't take that long, though, anyways? Unless they have some ceremonial thing they have t'do.."

Kei Cira nods lightly to Sirum and leans back slightly.. "Right then.. everyone gather 'round and we'll see what it's like"

Catherine O`Hara never approved a trip to the Necromancer killing paladins, but she remains silent on that matter, moving closer to Kei as he speaks.

Kivae scoots forward, then.

Catherine O`Hara is truly a helpful individual, thoughts of paladins and swords finally sinking in as seems to be the particularily conveniant thought of the moment, "On second thought... Perhaps it would be best if we avoided he paladins for now? They might not give time to tell them to mop floors or whatever, or they might trigger it, somehow."

Kei Cira: [Aww.. <<;.. Kizzy-bet's got a headache, and I'm (hopefully) leaving in around an hour... Conert, y'see...]
Kei Cira: [concert*]
Catherine O`Hara: [Uh huh. Hrm.]
Kei Cira: [Dangit x.x... Right, well.. my mom's making me cook my own dinner, and thusly I'll either be gone for a little while, or I'm going to a concert and I'll be back... tomorrow-ish >>]
Catherine O`Hara: [Aw]
Kei Cira: [So.. sorry. But I'll have to continue this some other time. Feel free to act as though Kei never showed up, if you want. I'll be sure to finish this out as soon as I can manage]
Kivae: [Later. ^^:]
Kei Cira pops. Sorry! x.o;;]
Catherine O`Hara: [Sooo.... How 'bout dem kobolds?]

['How 'bout them kobolds'... another joke of the time. I think Sirum and Kivae made it up to tease people sitting around the canopy making casual, dull conversation, or whenever an awkward silence would fill the air. ... There never were any kobolds to speak of. What a shame.]
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