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A day of Gold Roger, woodcarving and sparring. 10-05-2004

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 11:31 pm    Post subject: A day of Gold Roger, woodcarving and sparring. 10-05-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Slice of life. This is a slow day where nothing of importance happened at all. I don't think I minded the slow days too much, though. In this log we have a piece of Tantsui's Gold Roger story, everyone collectively conspiring to give Sirum splinters and some OOC sparring for testing purposes.]

Taikris gradually makes his way from the counter to arrive at the nearest available seat, in this case the one by Kele

Annari Salia yawns, walking into the building and sitting down at the table. She sits with her legs folded under her, her chin rests in her palms wing her elbows on her leg; her tail dangles below her, twitching occationaly.

Taikris gives a polite wave to the newest arrival to the area. "Hello there" he says simply, trying to recall if he's introduced himself to this particular femme

Annari Salia nods a greeting to the feline, smiling a bit, "Hello, Taikris." Yes, he dad introduced himself.

Taikris gives a slight glance about him, and finding no other real conversation, promptly tries to start one with Annari. As he leans back against the nearby wall... he makes his opening stement. "So how long exactly have you been with this group of adventurers?"

Annari Salia thinks a bit, "How long have a been here? Hmm..." She pauses, "A couple months. Not long. How about you? When, how, and why did you come?"

Taikris hmms slightly, eyes gazing into the floorboards as he tries to remember the exact details himself. "Lesee... I've been here about a week or so, and I came here to finally try and start my own little series of adventures. I got tired of hearing about them in the taverns ya' see, and figured I'd try to make a name for myself"

Annari Salia raises a brow, "I understand... But why go some place as miserable as Caeseal?" She asked, actually seeming rather interested in the converstation as she places her paws down on her lap.

Taikris chuckles slightly as he turns his attention skyward. "It actually was an awful trip, but I'd heard rumors that the 'Heroes of Callendor' wound up there after the invasion by Damien. With no other real leads at the time, I made the rather exhaustive trip :-)"

Annari Salia smirks lightly, brushing a stand of hair away from her eyes, "I can imagin it was an awful trip. All that rain. What did you do before going to Caeseal? I heard you mention something about taverns."

Taikris gives another slight nod. "I generally worked where I could, cleaning floors, tables, sometimes working the bar, and even sometimes hauling out those who couldn't walk out"

Kivae drops down to the floor next to Sirum, dropping a handful of plucked grass towards the top of his head as she does so. "Have anything t'do today?"

Annari Salia nods, "I see," She says, stretching her arms about her head briefly before crossing them over her chest, "So, what do you think of Caeseal?"

Taikris gives a quick glance about to look upon the others before giving a shrug, arms folding across his chest. "The general consensus seems to be that it's a shit hole. I can't exactly say their wrong now can I? ;-)"


Kivae shakes her head slightly, scooting out and along the woode floor to flop forward and onto her stomach, tail flickering behind her. "Are you two checking each other's backgrounds, or something, before you can become friends?" Head tilted, and one ear twitching faintly.


Sirum Hest pads in from the library, or wherever Catharine was currently residing were she still within the villa, simply tail-waving to those gathered before murmuring to Kivae. "We really ought to do somethin' about her, right? Kendrick, Erisvan or whoever put her mind this way obviously have somethin' else intended, but I'm not sure what."

Kivae props her head up on her handpaw, looking somewhat bored. "Isn't that what I just did? But why would you want to ask each other simple questions? I mean, its.." she searches for a tasteful way to put it, ".. boring. Talking about Caseal, anyways. It's just some rundown shack- heap, by now- that was at extreme risk from attacks of sneezes." With that, she tosses a handful of grass towards Sirum. "Why don't we find Chloe and get her blessed, or whatever that was? We could probably protect her from the burning long enough for that.."

Annari Salia raises a brow to Kivae, "We're not talking about Caeseal, more of why anyone would want to go to Caeseal. And boring or not, I find nothing else to do. And it's not all that boring anyway."

Sirum Hest catches some of the grass, letting the rest of it fall on his lap, and dumps it into her hair. That should take a while to pull out from the mess of tangles, he figures. "Well, I'm sure people would love to go to Caesel as it is now. If those people are collectors of mud an' chunks of broken stone." To answer Kivae, he shrugs, "Do ya really think Chloe can bless Catharine? Chloe can't even remove curses, I wonder if her Clerical powers can stand up to the power of three Heretic's an' Catharine's own necromantic powers combined."

Annari Salia looks at Sirum, nodding, "Aye, doesn't it sound fun? Freezing, waterlogged, looking at nothing but mud and bricks? Sounds like a vacation if I ever heard on," She says, obviously sarcastic...

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side in confusion. "So... if it's borin'... an' doesn't exist anymore... an'... no one is intendin' on returnin' there... why are ya talkin' about how bad it is?"

Kivae shrugs, ignoring the grass in her hair besides to shake it, and send the looser pieces flying back at him. "Well, I think it is.." Tapping her fingers on the cheek they rest against. "We could ask her, at least, and if not then go out on a trip for a better one. I'm sure a furre with as much Heretic experience as she has, wishing to be redeemed, would catch some attention, of someone willing to do something." Pausing, then, "That's what -I- said. Basically."

Annari Salia raises a brow, seeming very confused with his comment, "Well, I was merely replying to your earlier comment, and before that we weren't talking about Caeseal or how bad it was." She says. She placed her chin in her paws again and rests her tail on her lap.

Sirum Hest blows at the grass that comes near him to send it heading off towards the statue before answering her. "The thing is, though, it doesn't matter if we put all that effort into her permanently bein' Blackthorn. Someone would undo it, an' would likely have her be more violent than before. If Kitzibeth doesn't feel like bringin' her brother down here or dealin' with Catharine bein' in her villa, she deserves what happens to it as a result, I figure.", glancing back to the statues with a sly grin.

Taikris hmms slightly as his ears twitch to listen to each of the speakers. "Well it's something ot talk about if nothing else, and for now it seems to be working wonders on common relations."

Kivae waves a handpaw towards Annari, with a sheepish grin. "Oh? Heh.. sorry, then. Guess I wasn't listening too well." Wrinkling her nose at Sirum, and rocking a bit on her elbows, before rolling over and onto her back. "You're the one that said we ought t'do something, I was just offering suggestions."

Erk Mendon wakes up with a start, blinking and looking around. After realizing where he was, he looks down and sighs at the book before continueing to read it.

Annari Salia shrugs to Kivae, "I did mention Caeseal here and there, though. But we weren't talking about it directly. Nor how bad it was." She confirmed. She then looks back at Taik, grinning, "Any more questions?"

Taikris nods as he does indeed put forth another question for the femme. "Yes, how many little excursions have you made with this group, and what advice can you give me?"

Sirum Hest smiles weakly and looks away then, tail coiling about his wrist. "I know, I'm jus' sayin', anythin' less than Cyan will probaly be ineffective. Also... I sometimes wonder whether or not Kitzibeth actually cares what happens. It seems she jus' ignores most problems she doesn't think worthy of her time.", frowning then. "Anyways, weren't we supposed to do somethin'? I think Entad mentioned dwarves, but, ah... he hasn't shown up since."

Maryn Cillanus makes his grand appearance from some unknown locale, no books currently occupying his paws, though his staff does rest lightly within the grasp of his left palm, "Dwarves, why ever would you want to associate yourselves with that lot? Scarcely literate grudge-holding half-sized rejects." Evidently not being too fond of the dwarves.

Annari Salia raises a brow, "How many excursions? Uh... Lessee here... Uh... None." She stretched her paws and shrugged. "Of coures, I did go with them when they went down into some old basement, but that was merely looking for stuff around dead bodys turning to dust left and right. Nothing much."

Kivae glances at the ceiling, and dips a hand into her pocket, retrieving a small orb, which she proceeds to toss up and down above her head. "I think if she paid attention to everything, she'd go as crazy as the rest'f the archmages, only, instead of spinning around in circles, or not sleeping, she'd just burn everything. And, he did, but when I asked if he had anything for us to do, he said no." She tosses the bouncing ball at Maryn, when he speaks. "Because they kin help us get back Ansteorra. I think that was it, anyways."

Taikris nods slowly as he accepts this new information, tail flickering gently upon his lap as he makes a mildly surprised response. "Really? I guess we're both rather new to this gig, eh?"

Sirum Hest, after watching the ball go up and down for a short while, subtly slips a paw into a pocket and draws out the pebble between two fingers, waiting until the ball goes up to lightly toss it over hopefully into Kivae's waiting hand-paw. That should provoke an interestin response. "Hm. I guess yer right, but at least we're able to pay attention to things that happen -around- us. She's acknowledged that Catharine is a threat an' this is jus' a trap, but she won't do a bloody thing about it.", merfing then as his ears droop downwards. "When I asked, though, he said somethin' about us enlistin' 'em, an' said for us to ask Kitzibeth about where they were..."

Maryn Cillanus catches the orb like object deftly, glancing down briefly at it as he speaks once more, "Well perhaps they could at that, though what's to stop such greedy individuals as dwarves, from taking Ansteorra for themselves after helping you reclaim it?

Kivae, does, in fact, catch the pebble, looking dazed for a moment or a half, her ears going back. After this length of time, she tosses the pebble as she had been doing, but this time at Sirum's forhead, safe in the knowledge that nothing got by his speedy paws. :P She rolls her eyes (after shaking her head to clear it), "Keep your presents, or I'll have to start calling you ungrateful as well as show off." Tongue sticking out briefly. Then, to Mayrn, ".. Entad, and us?"

Annari Salia Nods once again "Aye, I guess so," She hmms lightly, "Any other questions?" She asked again.

Maryn Cillanus shrugs absently at this, "Never know, they're quite talented though when it comes to stealing things, though they hide behind their centuries honed honour. Phah. But it is not my place to be telling you what to do, or not to do, just don't turn your backs on them."

Taikris hmms slightly, giving a scratch of his chin as he considers how best to put forth his next proposal. "Saaay... I have an idea. Since I need to learn the ropes, why don't you and I arrange for small practice sessions?"

Annari Salia raises a brow,

Sirum Hest's paw does indeed snap up to catch the pebble from the air just before it hits him, though lacking the dazed look as he knows how to disarm the pebbles effects. Back into the pocket it goes, and his tongue pokes back out at her. "If I was returnin' it I'd have set it in yer pocket without ya noticin', watchin' others get hit by its effects is so much more entertainin'.", squeaking happily before looking back at Maryn puzzledly. "...why would the dwarves want Ansteorra? I thought they were on good terms with the Kingdom."

Annari Salia raises a brow, "What kind of practice sessions? Practicing for what?"

Maryn Cillanus tilts his head slightly at that before offering another shrug, "They were on good terms with Ansteorra, but that country hasn't existed for quite some time now, it's The Republic now, and you as renegades."

Taikris chuckles slightly as he gives a slight nod to her weapon. "Why sparring sessions of course. Practicing our individual styles of combat in a rather unformalized setting."

Erk Mendon yawns, then sighs and closes the book muttering to himself, "I can't just sit here and read all the time...I need to do something..."

Annari Salia nods, "I see. Sure. Sparring is good. I see you have no weapon. Monk?"

Erk Mendon blinks and looks to his side, "A spar? I'll join in if you want...or watch..."

Taikris raises a brow slightly, but gives a shrug. "I guess you could say that, but it's nothing formalized. Just a lot of time chucking drunks out of bars, and the occasional barfight."

Sirum Hest slumps back against the wall and gives a light shrug, "Well, technically, we can claim ourselves as a part of the Xanthian army, not really renegades. Seein' as Xanthia's army is under Entad's control an' he's more or less recruited us. They'd be more than happy to help take down Damien... I hope."

Kivae holds her hands above her head, palms up, and tilts her head back until she stares at an upside-down image of Maryn, "Could I have that orb back?"

Erk Mendon: [flexy foxy human o.o;;;]

Kivae is lying down on her back. It's not that hard. .-.

Maryn Cillanus appears slightly distracted at the moment, though as Kivae speaks he offers a brief nod, before tossing the item back.

Kivae catches it, with only a touch of fumbling, and resumes tossing it up and down. "We could come up with something better to do, besides finding a cleric, or dwarves, anyways.. what about.. mm.." She forgets to toss the ball up again, thinking, eyebrows furrowed. It's so much harder to think of things you want to do, when you don't have things you have to do.

Taikris's player must sadly take his leave. His character thusly begins to rise to his footpaws and walks off, only to call back at the last second. "Since she's probably going to say yes, would you mind making an exact wooden replica of her blade? I'll even pay you for your time even if I don't have very much." and dissappears

Erk Mendon guesses there won't be a spar. Oh well. He sighs and carries the stack of books away, hoping to find peace and quiet in another room.

Sirum Hest waves after Taikris as he walks off, though seems somewhat bothered from the request. After glancing about the room in consideration, he finally glances out one of the windows and flashes Kivae a toothy grin. "If he wants a sword, then a sword he'll get, even if it won't be of that good a quality. Can ya make one of the trees around here drop enough wood to make a decent sized wooden sword from?"

Kivae wrinkles her nose, waving a handpaw slightly, "It's for her, though, isn't it?" Towards Annari.
Kivae isn't. Because she's like that. ^^;

Annari Salia raises a brow at Kivae, "Why would it be for me?"

Kivae: Because, he doesn't have a weapon, and probably doesn't want to get cut up when you spar?

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw. "I think he was wantin' one to use himself, so he wouldn't have to punch her, Kivvy. Besides, why would anyone offer to pay for a wooden sword that wasn't even for themselves?", snickering quietly.

Annari Salia thinks a moment, then points to Sirum, "What he said."

Kivae appears still doubtful. ".. Then, why does he want it to be an exact replica of hers?"

Sirum Hest scratches at his headfur then in thought. "Um... so they will have near identical weaponry? It wouldn't be a very fair spar if I carved him a dreihander of wood, or a dagger of wood, now would it?", grinning sheepishly. "Either way, if he's gonna pay for it, it'll give me somethin' to do. We can even practice on it like we did with Kele's weapon." He rises up then and pads out of the villa to the large tree in the water. "Mm... wonder if she would notice one of these branches goin' missin'."

Roger Montango isn't going to be answered...fine. He just leaves cause his player has to go :P byeee!

Kivae pushes herself up with a light 'hn' "Yeah, I guess." She eyes the trees a moment, one ear twitching, "They look sort'f carefully trimmed.. I'd suggest taking some from outside.."

Sirum Hest spins about then and begins to pad off towards the hallway leading to the hammocks outside, until Tantsui apparently walks up. Quickly he scurries back and nearly tackles the necromancer, though shows some restraint. "Gold Roger?"

[The Gold Roger was a story Tantsui would tell Sirum and Kivae in bits and pieces across the period of several months. If you had a story to tell or something interesting to teach, you had an instantly captivated audience of at least two.]

Tantsui walks over to the new gathering place. He raises an eyebrow at Sirum when adressed. "You're that bored, eh? I guess I could pick up where I left off last time."

Kivae lays her ears back, confiriming, "Really really really bored."

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes and grins, shaking his head. "I'm not bored, I'm jus' lookin' for any distraction I can take to keep from goin' down to the basement for an hour or two. Besides, it's not right to start a story an' not finish it.", flopping down next to Kivae as he falls silent.

Tantsui clears his throat. "When I left off, Luffy had decided to make a dangerous pirate hunter join his pirate crew. Seems impossible, huh? At the time, Roronora Zoro, the vicious pirate hunter, was captured by the Marines. After arriving at the Marine's fort, Luffy tried to befrend the man but failed. The heartless general of the Marine fort, Axe Hand Morgan, was going to execute Zoro in only one day."

Kalannar broods...

Taereal Sareen makes his way about the place, strolling merrily as he smiles invitingly, nodding to those present as he takes a seat at the table. He stretches a bit, before speaking, "Good evening, Kele."

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles as he realizes just where in the story they were. "Ah, right. Still a ways away from findin' out what the treasure was. The rescue is probably jus' as good, though.", smiling before waiting for Tantsui to resume.

Tantsui: Zoro, having heard the news, gave Luffy a proposition. Since he did not want to die, he told Luffy to fetch his swords and cut him loose. Luffy spent one day looking for them, and finally found them deep in the fort. As he was returning to give the man his swords back, finds Zoro about to be executed. Axe Hand Morgan, a giant man with no left hand and a giant axe in it's place, raised his arm into the air and exclaimed, "Today you die, scum!"

Kele-De glances up from the book she's been absorbed in and nods. "Good evening everyone." She blinks and glances about. "When did it get so crowded in here?" She nods to Tae then. "Evening, Tae."

Kalannar broods, I tell you. BROODS!

Marlina Evenstar broods better.

Kalannar doesn't believe it.

Sirum Hest raises a brow. "So... he lost his hand an' decided to fix a weapon onto it in place. That sounds... painful. Or insane, or both. I wonder how many times he's accidently cut himself."

Tantsui continues. "Unable to cover the distance in time, Luffy merely hurled the weapons, just as the axe hand came down." Tantsui raises and brings down his hand like an axe. He stops it halfway down. "Suddenly, time seemed to have stopped. The axe should have fell and Zoro along with it. What was found was that Zoro, in that second's time, managed to grab one of the swords and block that massive attack with only one extended arm."

Annari Salia yawns before standing up and walking away.

Sirum Hest leans in to whisper to Kivae. "Sounds kinda like Dalin to me, but I don't think the blademasters existed in the... Age of Pirates, was it?", seeming to be thinking that the story was true, if only parts of it.

Tantsui: Zoro, sword in hand, continually fended off the attacks as if it were a mere rapier and not a giant blade coming at him. One, two, one, two, the axe came down with fury inherited by the weilder. One, two, and Zoro ran right past the monstrous tyrant. Luffy, clueless as to why the pirate hunter would be running straight at him, was sure to back out of the way. Picking up the other two swords, Zoro yelled to Morgan, "When you had the upper hand with one, I'll have it with three!"

Tantsui: At this exclamation, Zoro grabbed a sword in each hand... and a third he held in his mouth by the hilt. Running at Morgan, he quickly evaded a large swing by the giant. Raising the blades in his hands, he plunged them into the stomach of Morgan. With a quick twist of his head, Morgan already snared, he slit the throat of the general with the sword in his mouth.

Kivae's eye roll is supressed into a light twitch of her ears. She doesn't reply. :P

Sirum Hest's ears perk finally at that from the mention of holding a swords hilt by the mouth. If Tantsui bothered to look down, he would see the mouse suppressing laughter at the mere thought of it.

Tantsui: Morgan having been felled, Zoro stayed true to his agreement and joined Luffy in his boat, and they sailed off to find a cook, a navigator, and a doctor for their pirate ship... along with a ship itself.
Tantsui looks down at his audience. "Something funny, Sirum?"

Sirum Hest coughs then and looks off towards the dinner table behind him, forcing himself to try and keep a neutral expression, though his lips every so often attempt to twitch into a faint grin. "Nothin's funny, really, jus'... I was wonderin' how big a mouth Zoro had."

Tantsui catches on. He grins. "Imagine... a big, square jaw." He outlines an outrageous size with his hands, being sure to exaggerate as much as possible. "They say he was able to crush bones with his teeth, like a wolf."

Kivae half-grins, head tilting to a side. "That doesn't sound too' hard.." and she snaps her teeth at Sirum as if going to test it out on him.

Tantsui scratches his head. "I meant um... beefalo bones."

Taereal Sareen tilts his head, ears flicking as he looks at the book Kele-De holds, "What have you there, lady Kele?" He motions to the book with a paw.

Sirum Hest seems to be getting the general idea of the swordmaster in his mind, up until Tantsui compares him to that of a wolf. Which suddenly places Kin's head on Zoro's body snapping bones in two. After a slight cringe, he scoots back a few inches. "I wonder how they managed to find that piece of information out." His teeth snap back at Kivae in response, "Yer right, I oughta try it out on ya." And then back to Tantsui, "But... beefalo bones are likely bigger than myself... if he was a storm giant or somethin' like that I could understand, but, Primes. Not even Ruby could pull somethin' like that off."

Tantsui nods. "He didn't have a humongous jaw, but he was able to take bites out of bone like you would take bites out of a giant piece of meat. He would lift boulders with his jaw and neck muscles, for training."

Kele-De glances up from the book at Tae nad blinks. "Ummm..." She flips it over and reads the cover. "The Theories on the Extraction and Evolution of Elementals. I'm really just reading it for fun. It was written long after we lost the method for making Seals."

Sirum Hest snickers. "Ya would think with a neck an' jaw that strong a mere axe wouldn't have been able to kill him, but anyways, what happened next?", tail starting to flick behind him just a bit impatiently. n.n;

Tantsui: While sailing for days and days, Zoro and Luffy decided to swap stories. The first story was about how Luffy got his straw hat, and why he wanted to be the pirate king.

Taereal Sareen nods, "Ah, I see."

Kele-De smiles and nods. "We lost the means to make Seals, but I'm still interested in the origins of elementals. I'd like to be able to understand my Seals."

Taereal Sareen nods again, smiling, "A fine idea, indeed." His tail sways idly behind him.

Tantsui: The man who wore that straw hat was named Shanks, and was the leader of a pirate group effectively named after him, the Shanks pirates. Now Shanks wasn't your ordinary man. When Luffy was just a kid, the tavern Shanks and his men were staying at was almost raided by a group of bandits. The leader of the bandits would spew rude remarks and curses at Shanks, even break things. Through all of it, Shanks would stand there and take all the insults and reply to them honestly.

Kele-De nods, her tail swaying. "I was thinking of getting another book. I've read this one before. That's why I said I was reading it for fun." SHe grins. "I was merely brushing up on things."

Tantsui: Luffy, upset at the way the man was being pushed around, irrationally ate one of the treasures the pirate group had plundered; the Devil's Fruit. The Devil's Fruit was a legendary fruit said to have only existed in myth, which would grant the one who ate it powers of a demon. In return for those powers, he would be forsaken by the sea and unable to swim or move in water ever again.

Sirum Hest idly comments to Kele, after waiting for Tantsui to pause, "Can't yer seal jus' tell ya that? If it knew so much about Tiagorr, I mean, surely it'd be able to give some information about its life.", laughing weakly before turning back to Tantsui. "Huh. Doesn't sound like much of a pirate if he jus' stood there an' took it. ... Devil's Fruit... oh! So that's why he was floatin' around in a barrel rather than swimmin', he couldn't get in the water."

Kele-De nods and smiles over at SIrum. "Oh, aye it can give me all the personal information about itself, but I was looking for more information than just the Seals personal experiences."

Tantsui nods. "Indeed. It's also why Alvitia's club couldn't hurt him, and why he could stretch his arms so far. He had the power of gum, a stretchy substance." He clears hsi throat again. "Anyways, Luffy chased after the bandit and got beat up badly. Shanks came to his rescue but wasn't in time to stop the leader from tossing Luffy into the ocean. Realizing that Luffy couldn't swim anymore, he dove in after him."
Tantsui: Shanks pulled Luffy to the surface. A giant flesh-eating fish attacked them and bit off Shanks' left arm before they were able to reach shore, however. Although Shanks didn't blame him, Luffy always blamed himself for Shanks' lost arm. When it was time for Shanks to leave, he gave Luffy his favorite straw hat, saying, "Give this back to me as a great pirate, when your crew will be able to defeat mine."
Tantsui yawns loudly. "I think that's all for today, I'm getting tired."

Kivae flattens her ears, flopping onto the floor. "It's hardly evening.." in a wheedling tone."

Tantsui scratches his head. "Really? I can't explain why I'm tired, then."

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side once more. "There sure are a lot of people with lost arms in this story. Doesn't seem as if Clerics existed in the Age of Pirates either.", another frown forms as the story comes to an end. "I think it's from how little ya eat, an' yer choice of where to sleep. Go find a nice hammock somewhere around here, ya? An' while yer at it take some of the vegetables from the table." With that, he rises up to his footpaws and dusts himself off, nodding to Kivae, "The sword has to be carved, anyways... should we?"

Tantsui: Ehhh? Sword? What sword, Sirum?

Sirum Hest shrugs lightly. "Someone is payin' me for a wooden sword, an' since I've nothin' better to do I've decided to help 'em out."

Tantsui shakes his head. "Don't lie, Sirum. I doubt someone would contract you for a wooden sword."

Kivae wrinkles her nose, "Sirum doesn't lie. Or at least, when he does, not that well." She starts to get to her feet, "We need to get the wood, anyways.."

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw. "I'm bein' serious, the stranger furre hired me to carve a sword for him to spar with. Unless ya have heard rumors of my goin' to get the Voidthunder completed an' think I'm talkin' about that... an' we've got some time left before we head off to do that."

Tantsui glares at Kivae. "Like I can trust you any more than him..." He shrugs. "I'll leave you two to your mischevious ways. If this comes around full-circle and somehow this affects me, it'll be your tail on the line, Sirum."

Kivae grins widely at that retort. "Sirum's tail isn't all that nice, anyways." She starts to pad off towards the garden, likely to get a branch.

Sirum Hest is, of course, padding out after Kivae. "It's not my fault if he baps ya over the head with the sword, but if he does so feel free to set fire to it. Though I'd prefer the things I make not be destroyed.", giving only a shrug further before heading on.

Sirum Hest, once by the trees, suddenly bursts into laughter as if having been bottling up the entire while within the villa, not stopping for a good twenty seconds before dropping to the ground and onto his back. "Hehehe. Primes, he can 'bite through beefalo bones' an' 'lift boulders with his neck'. I wonder if he realizes jus' how unbelievable that story is."

Kivae having already gotten a branch, it seems, facepalms with the other handpaw. ".. I wonder if you realize how unbelievable you are, Si? It's not supposed to be a true story. Haven't you ever heard Primes' tails or legends that didn't -really- happen?" She sits down then, dropping the branch on him. "Hn." She grins.
Kivae is grinning in amusement at him, not at dropping the branch on him. o.o;

Sirum Hest sticks his tongue out her and lifts up his footpaws to 'catch' the branch and shove it off onto the ground. "I stopped believin' a word of it after he mentioned slittin' a throat with a sword held by the mouth. It's jus'... well... at least it could've been believable. Y'know, like Rivyn's with the whole slaying of the thousands of undead in a single blast an' all...", having no doubts something as amazing as that could have taken place, despite it being worse than biting through beefalo bone.
Sirum Hest also adds, "Thanks, an' I don't suppose ya want the profits of this? It'd not like either of us need the gold anymore from our trip to Sargothas, but jus' checkin'.", grinning toothily.

Kivae shakes her head, reclining against the tree, "Nah, don't want it anymore than I do the potion's profits. Don't have anything to buy." She closes her eyes, tail twitching absently. "Don't have anything to do either.. Can't paint these walls.. or.. nn.. she probably wouldn't let us to anything." Going silent, despite her words, a perfectly content look worked evenly into her expression.

Sirum Hest's ears suddenly perk then and he sits back up, seemingly ignoring the branch for now. "That's right, we haven't made potions in a while, an' we don't need to sell 'em for gold to buy more seeds. We can pretty much jus' get whatever we want. Where is Rakuro, anyways? Instead of pawnin' off these potions we can actually slip 'em all into furres drinks around the table the next time Kitzibeth calls for dinner an' see how well they work.", a mischievous appearance forming.

Kivae seems to snap out of her thoughts, eyes flicking open, and then towards Sirum, who she squints at, and then laughs. "Heh! We might have to wait for her to leave, though.. the ethereal butler, and all.."

Sirum Hest sits up then and wraps an arm around the branch, bringing it up with him as he continues on upwards to his footpaws. As he drags it back towards the villa, he murmurs back behind him, "We can get rid of him easily enough, jus' gotta keep a few copper-headed arrows layin' about. I'm sure he'll get the general idea. Anyways, back inside?" Once reaching he door, he would prop the branch up against the wall next to it.

Kivae stretches out her legs, but slowly shakes her head. "Nah.. I think I'll stay here for a bit. Call me if there's dinner, or a lesson, or anything?" Her eyes shut again.

Sirum Hest pauses before heading inside to look back behind him with a brow raised. "Ya sure? It's awfully dark out here already an' seems kinda lonely.", seeming to be waiting for her response before heading on inside. He didn't want to leave her out here, after all.

Kivae doesn't reply, toes curling up.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes then and motions a paw back behind him, a small chunk of ice roughly the size of a golfball appearing in front of Kivae's face, tinted a blue color. If she were to try it, she gets a blueberry flavored ice-gobstopper. ^^ Regardless, he waves back behind him and heads in.


Annari Salia nods, "I'll be sure and do that," She said, obviously not paying attention to what was happening between Marlina and Atroticus, as she could most likley only see the tops of their heads because of the wall in front of her...Until Atroticus' head goes down of coures.

Marlina Evenstar smirks darkly before forcing herself to her feet once more, dagger twirling briefly once more in a show-offy manner before being shoved back into it's binding leather sheathe, turning away within a few moments before pausing and grimacing once more, "Anyone else to be tryin' to bother me I'd wonder?"

Ansuri turns his head and body back to face the table, and more importantly, Annari. The corner of his mouth gives way to a grin, "Interesting night, hmm?"

Atroticus Oks is hiki, by the way :P He looks up to marl "No... No... Not at all... Ow... My head... augh... I think i'll just hit the sack..." he starts to go twords the doors, when he can stand up he simply start to jog twords one.

Marlina Evenstar: []
Marlina Evenstar: [Watching Mount St. Helen, and now it's like that.]
Marlina Evenstar: [That bodes badly. :-P]
Tantsui: [lol, I don't live near it so I donno care :-D]
Taikris: [umm... it doesn't work on mine <.<]
Marlina Evenstar: [Exactly.]
Ansuri: [RIP to the camera. It's probably gone.]
Taikris: [ah]
Tantsui: [I think I'm going to make a half-elf monk guy now. Don't know why, just am.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Observatory gone? :-P]
Annari Salia has a half-elf monk. o.o]
Taikris: [Don't. We already have enough monks]
Tantsui: [awwwwww]
Tantsui: [what should I do? *undecided*]
Taikris: [Go make a dancer :-P]
Tantsui: [rofl. I can't be a battlerager cause there's nobody to train me here :-(]
Ansuri: [Peasant.]
Taikris: [You can if you're a dwarf]
Tantsui: [wafflemayo]
Tantsui: [but I can't play short people.]
Taikris: [Then be a peasant, and get Brax to train you[
Tantsui: [Brax is one? :P]
Taikris: [yes]

Sirum Hest pads back into the villa then just in time to catch sight of Marlina triumphantly walk away from a battle. "We should've left ya back in that town, y'know? Even though he deserved it, kinda, we don't need a bunch of fights around Kitzibeth's valuables.", sticking his tongue out at her briefly before slumping back against the table.

Taikris is the thorn in your side, but that's beside the point. Turning about, he faces the blue rodent to ask his query from earlier. "Hey Sirum. Sorry I had to run off like that, but did you get around to making to wooden sword like I asked?"

Tantsui smacks his forehead with his palm. "So he wasn't lying."

Sirum Hest also adds, to Taikris, "We've got the wood ready, I'm gonna carve it later tonight, though. The sword is for ya an' not yer friend, by the way, isn't it?"

Marlina Evenstar tilts her head slightly, "Be fixin' tyhe bloody headache, and the next some bugger like that starts walkin' around bothering people, I won't be jumping up to be helping us all to be bein' free from them." higher spirits now for some reason.

Taikris gives a light shrug. "Not really. It's actually going to be given to Annari to be used instead of her current weapon. That way I don't get slashed to pieces during our practice sessions"

Annari Salia hmms, looking at Sirum, "Looks like Kivae was right." She then looks back up at Taikris, "Why would you be paying for it then?"

Taikris blinks a few times "Well... I rather doubt he'd do it for free... but it would be awfully nice if he did" seeming actually rather surprised by this suggestion

Annari Salia shakes her head, "I mean why would you be paying for it, rather then me?"

Sirum Hest flashes Marlina a grin. "There's always tossin' 'em off into the pool an' seein' if he can swim." He adds, to Taikris, "I thought ya were wantin' it, so ya wouldn't accidently bruise her with yer fists." And then finally, to Annari, "I won't charge ya for it unless ya want it enchanted. That makes me so sleepy..."

Taikris gives a slight shrug to Annari. "It just seemed proper somehow." before turning to Sirum. "Actually I can pull my punches well enough. A sharp object whizzing past my head doesn't sound that pleasant for just a spar, and I don't think it needs to be enchanted... does it?"

Marlina Evenstar grins darkly at that as she seriously appears to consider that idea, before nodding, "Perhaps there'd be merit in that if they're not to be tryin' my patience too sorely, but a lake... Where might I be findin' that ratling?"

Annari Salia shakes her head, "No need for enchantment, I'm not that fond of enchanted items." She pauses, "Thanks." She says the both Sirum and Taikris. She stretches her arms above her head and yawns before placing her paws back on her lap.

Sirum Hest hops up then and pads over to the windowsill, motioning to the water surrounding the miniature island just outside it. "This should be deep enough, I figure. Though I haven't gone in it personally. Or... I'm sure Kitzibeth hasn't dried up all the ones around here." He then glances back behind him to the femme and frowns, seeming disappointed, "Really? That's a shame. Waste of a weapon not to make it do anythin' nifty, like that axe an' those claws... come to think of it, I need to get in the habit of makin' things like that again." If Marlina has her crossbow with her, he idly eyes it for a moment in thought.

You say, "[Bloodflow... Soulrakers... Quickshot...]"
Sirum Hest considers a nifty name for an Uber-Crossbow. []
Tantsui: [did you guys just get kicked off AIM?]
You say, "[Hm. Night Striker?]"
Tantsui: [Uber crossbow.. hm...]
Marlina Evenstar: [I suck at naming things. :-P]
You say, "[I r0x at naming lewt. (;]"
You say, "[Especially if it's lewt Si carves."

Annari Salia shrugs, "The wooden sword is just for simple spars, nothing really special. I don't see what kind of nifty thing it would do."

Marlina Evenstar does indeed have her crossbow, the heavy weapon having been previously upon the floor beside where she was sitting, and now once more upon her back. Her gaze narrows suspiciously as the rodent looks at her.
Marlina Evenstar's crossbow sucks, only a +2 Heavy Crossbow. =(

Taikris perks his ears to full attention as he turns his attention over to Sirum once more. "Did you mention claws, by any chance?"

Sirum Hest sadly only takes requests from those who ask. As it is, he just shrugs back to Annari, "Ah, I can think of a few dozen things. Lacin' the edges of the wood with razor sharp ice, havin' Kivae grow thorns from it, but simple is fine too." With that, he falls silent and leans forward to stare off at the water.

Tantsui: You could always make it catch on fire when you swing it, if thats what you want.

Annari Salia raises a brow, "But thorns and blades would defeat the purpose of making a wooden sword, would it not?"

Tantsui: Thorns wouldn't. Because it's wood.

Sirum Hest's ears perk. "So ya aren't gonna spar in a 'safe' ring then where most of the injuries are healed up? Oh, right." After that, he turns back to Taikris and nods, "Right. The claws that Rakuro use, ya should see 'em, they slice through armor like a knife through butter."

Taikris coughs slightly. "It's a practice sword. Meaning it's -not- supposed to inflict a lot of physical harm, an' I don't think we have a 'safe' ring aroudn here at all." his mood seems to dampen a bit as he hears they already have an owner. "I see. I guess he wouldn't be looking to sell then u.u"

Annari Salia hmms, "You're right. But the reason he was gunna make a wooden sword was so that he wouldn't be lacerated by sharp edges accidently." She says to Tantusi.

Tantsui shrugs. "I know that. It's training, isn't it? He should get used to getting cut up all the time."

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes at Taikris' moody state. "If ya really need some claws, jus' buy me some nice wood an' I'll get somethin' made for ya. It won't be Rakuro quality, but it'll be nice."

Tantsui: [I asked which country was the desert one, in which he replied tharivol.]
You say, "[Thamrivol]"
Tantsui: [blah blah]
Taikris: [Thamrivol is the capital ratling]
Marlina Evenstar: [Tharivol is the desert, Thamrivol is the capital.]
Kele-De makes note that Marl is correct.]
You say, "[So... wait.]"
You say, "[Let me get this straight.]"
You say, "[They pretty much named the capital after the area, but with an added 'm'?]"
Taikris: [Tharivol = desert country. Thamrivol = capital of said country]
You say, "[... ahahaha.]"
Tantsui: [the DMs got real creative on that one. :P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Where were you when I needed you, where were you when I wanted you, where were you when I needed you, whe-ere? # # ]
You say, "[That'd be as lame as naming Ansteorra's capital 'Ansteorra'.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Ansteorra is the capital of Ansteorra.]
You say, "[Or naming a Garrison 'Garrison Garrison', but in another language.]"
Tantsui gasps.[]
Marlina Evenstar: [Bah]
Marlina Evenstar: [Dammit.]
Kele-De: [Well, there you have it.]
Marlina Evenstar: [We do have the 'City of Towers']
Marlina Evenstar: [Or had. ;-)]
You say, "[Which, conveniently, was a City of Towers.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Go figure.]
You say, "[And the Deadlands are a bunch of dead lands.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [The later generation of names were a bit better. :-P]
You say, "[Why Rainbow Bay isn't filled with sunshine and rainbows by the bay?]"
You say, "[It's got pirates instead. ;.;]"
Tantsui: [maybe it is, Sirum. Sunshine and lollipops.]
Tantsui: [and by rainbows you can mean a lot of things]
Tantsui: ["rainbows" by the bay]
Taikris coughs and makes a joke about San Fran[]
Annari Salia: [<.<]
Marlina Evenstar: [Launcia, capital of Launcia. there's a keeper. :-P]

Taikris hmms slightly as he considers this before giving another shake of his head. "Actually I already have a set of iron wristclaws, and I just figure it would be easier to go barepawed for our spars"

Tantsui scratches his head. "Make sirum make you wooden claws."

Taikris raises a brow to Tantsui. "But... what purpose would that serve? It would probably do eve more harm during a practice session."

Ollie Ki crawls out from under the table cloth, looking overfull, but very happy. And fishy.

Tantsui: What do you think, strange person? Claws can be used defensively as well as offensively during battles, so by leaving something like that out you cheat yourself.

Taikris raises a brow slightly before giving another shrug. "If you say so, and if Sirum doesn't mind then I guess it's just fine"

Sirum Hest moves away from the window then and back over to the chairs, carelessly fwumping down into one with his arms crossed up behind him. "Right, right, an' while I'm busy makin' wooden swords an' wooden claws, does anyone else want anythin'? Maybe a wooden helmet? Wooden pants? Anythin'?", unable to conceal a cheery grin despite trying to come off as sarcastic.

[Context: Amusingly enough... because Sirum had been crafting a ridiculous amount of things out of wood for a long time now, if what you needed was wood-based, he was possibly the best crafter in the entire guild given his ridiculous woodworking bonus (thanks to our old multiplicative rules on how crafting worked) - with Rakuro being the best enchanter, making them able to craft absolutely broken gear for Kivae, Ruby and themselves. Which is why everyone in this log is asking him for gear. Some days Si would just hang out in Rakuro's shop to help him handle orders.]

Taikris can't help but raise a brow at the idea of wooden pants. "I think that'll be enough Sirum <.<"

Marlina Evenstar can't help but fear slivers with wooden pants.]

Sirum Hest was, of course, joking with such a suggestin. But hey, given enough time and the resources he could at least try it. ^^ # "'Kay, then. I'd go down to the basement now, except...", he glances off towards the stairs leading down. "...that creepy mage who kept tryin' to spread nutjob theories on magic may still be around."

Kitzibeth laughs. "I certainly think not, Sirum. I sent him n his way as best as I knew how." She smiles happily. "I don't suffer fools, andcertainly that poor furre wasn't exactly a shining example of 'intelligence'."

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles. "Already? I jus' saw him not an hour or two ago layin' in the floor on a heap an' then fleein' Marlina. Ya must've teleported him off, 'cause we didn't see him go out the front gate."

Ollie Ki begins lethargically washing a paw, and looking very pleased with herself, even if it's doubtful that she could move, or if she did, it would be anything more than a waddle. Fissshh.

Marlina Evenstar is back to pressing the heel of her hand against her eye, though even this doesn't halt her brief moment of pride, having actually done something violent after nearly two months of nothing seemed to have a positive effect on her, "Think yeh might've failed, if he's the one who's to be goin' around gigglin' had to be bashin' him a sore blow to keep 'em quiet Magess."

Taikris lacking any further commentary for the moment, he takes a seat at the nearest available spot curling his tail about his waist as he gives a light nod to Annari

Annari Salia nods back then asks, "So, when would be a good time for you to have these spars/practice sessions."

Kitzibeth erfs. "Well, just be aware that I didn't invite him here. And if all goes well, I'll be sure to be the one to make sure that he leaves here as quickly as he came. I'd prefer to bizaare accidents with alchemy in my house that I do not cause myself."

Marlina Evenstar snorts, her opinion on mages dropping a notch.

Kitzibeth was unaware that Marl's opinion on mages could get lower.

Taikris gives a light shrug to Annari. "I figure about two sessions an evening should be sufficient, and at any time you are available :-)"

Marlina Evenstar started off poorly, then got readjusted to compensate for a highly magical continuity, it just drops every time some mage jumps in her face giggling and acting as if he'd been smoking something in his basement... Needless to say, it has dropped quite a few times. :-P

Maes Uroboros strolls along slowly, looking around in amazement at all the statues and other fancy things. He hums a simple tune, wearing a cloth mask over his nose and mouth. Noticing people, he ambles over and gives everyone the once-over, trying to see what kind of people they are. To anyone else, he would just look like he's standing there staring at everyone. Like a weirdo.

Marlina Evenstar appears to be a foul-smelling vagrant at the moment, and this of course is the type of person she is. Her player ponders if she'll have to throw herself in the lake, as no one else seems to be doing it.

Annari Salia nods once again, "Good plan. I'm sure I could fit them onto my schedule. Seeing as I have nothing else on my schedule..." =)

Annari Salia yawns, standing up, "Well, I'm off. G'night."

Maes Uroboros gives Sirum the most staring though... cause he's peculiar.

Sirum Hest is suddenly happy that he is less than 7% mage, but other thoughts occupy his mind. Such as, "...-two- spars a day? So, what, she's jus' gonna whack ya with a wooden sword all day an' yer jus' gonna smack her for an hour or two daily? Primes, not even Dalin practiced that much, I thi--...", falling silent as Maes starts staring at him. So what does he do? He stares right back. Your move, mister Maes.

Taikris glances over to Sirum "Now you see why I was so foreward about wanting wooding weapons instead of sharp ones ;-)"

Maes Uroboros gets thrown aback, rather literally, by Sirum's move. "Sorry! I thought it was weird that you're wearing so much blue. It's kinda peculiar, you know." He crouches down a bit to extend a hand towards Sirum. "I'm Maes. Nice to meet your aquaintance."

Sirum Hest glances upwards to eye his blue headband, then down at his tunic and finally his pants, ears drooping. "It's not all that much. I could be wearin' blue gloves, an' blue boots, an' blue earrings, an' I could be wearin' blue rimmed glasses an' I could paint my bow blue. -Then- ya could be sayin' I was wearin' so much." He then gives a cheery grin to the stranger and offers forward his own paw, shaking it. "Nice to meetcha too, I'm Sirum, an' this is Kitzibeth's villa. I'm takin' it that, since yer not screamin' about magical theory an' throwin' vials all over the place, ya aren't here to see her?"

Maes Uroboros scratches his head with his free hand. "Actually, I am. It's a long story, really. I just heard she could use some help here and there. I don't have anywhere else to go, so here's better than nowhere."

You say, "[I'm blue, la da dee, la de da...]"
Maes Uroboros: [lol.]
Taikris: [It's a good song :-P]

Sirum Hest releases his paw then and motions to the red headed femme right behind him. "She has about fifty invisible servants here an' there, but... um... why not ask her if she needs yer help? She's eatin' dinner right behind ya."

[Marlina has been throttling me for an OOC spar all day... oh, well. Let's see how that played out.]

You say, "[Idle for a bit.]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Spar me Sirum! Then I'll go off to bed, and you can kill Kitzi... pick daisies.]
Marlina Evenstar: [^^]
Taikris pat-pats Marl[]
You say, "[Fine.]"
You say, "[But I haven't reworked my character sheet yet.]"
Maes Uroboros: [I'll spar someone]
Marlina Evenstar: [Don't worry about Dexterity changes yet.]
You say, "[Init first.]"
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+14 & gets 20.
Marlina Evenstar: [You suck. :-P]
You say, "[I win. And that roll is a 25]"
You say, "[Roll wis]"
You say, "[Or... I auto-win.]"
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+3 & gets 14.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+13 [CS: Chest] #1 & gets 24.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #2 & gets 38.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #3 & gets 24.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #4 & gets 37.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #5 & gets 42.
Marlina Evenstar: [3]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 3d100: (80) (37) (29) = 146.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 3d10+51 & gets 62.
You say, "[Your go.]"
You say, "[AC = 25.]"
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+3 (Poison!) & gets 8.
Marlina Evenstar: [Erf]
You say, "[Erm?]"
Marlina Evenstar: [Con check. :-P]
Ollie Ki's poison pwns Marl's.
You say, "[But that didn't hit...]"
Ollie Ki: [It's not a to-hit, Si. :-P]
Marlina Evenstar: [Con check vs. 8]
Ollie Ki: [You should know. <.<]
You say, "[Wait.]"
Taikris: [It has to hit first :-P]
You say, "[You can hit someone with poisoning without beating their AC or MR?]"
Ollie Ki: [Not acording to the page. I think she means nature poison?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Poison spells are damage-only, and do (preps*caster level)/2 damage after the target's turn. After the target takes the damage, they can roll 1d30 + Con Mod, if the roll beats the previous roll, they are cured, and the spell ends. Opponent rolls 1d30 + Con Mod, and that is the BCR of the spell.]
Ollie Ki: [Yup.]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+1 & gets 14.
Sirum Hest annihilates Marlina.
Marlina Evenstar: [Aw well. :-P]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #1 & gets 24.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #2 & gets 17.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #3 & gets 36.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #4 & gets 26.
Marlina Evenstar: [1]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d100 & gets 73.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+17 & gets 22.
Marlina Evenstar: (+3 MR, Turn Skip.)
Sirum Hest attacks Marlina with magic! Really!
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #1 & gets 29.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #2 & gets 19.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #3 & gets 41.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+14 #4 & gets 40.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 3d100: (55) (61) (82) = 198.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 3d10+51 & gets 64.
Marlina Evenstar: [Ow.]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d20+12 & gets 29.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+1 & gets 12.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+15 & gets 45.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+8 & gets 23.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d30+8 & gets 17.
Marlina Evenstar: [Ug.]
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d100 & gets 52.
[*] Marlina Evenstar rolls 1d4+15 *3 (-3 Dex) & gets 19.
Marlina Evenstar: [57]
Sirum Hest booms
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+13 #1 & gets 15.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+13 #2 & gets 24.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+13 #3 & gets 37.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+13 #4 & gets 30.
Marlina Evenstar: [2]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 2d100: (89) (100) = 189.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+16 & gets 20.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+16 *10 & gets 18.
Marlina Evenstar: [Ow]
You say, "[200]"
Marlina Evenstar blows up.
Taikris: [o.o]
You say, "[Kamehameha.]"
[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "[Was interested to see how fast until I went boom.]" to you. ]

[Back on track.]

Kitzibeth points out to Marl that Tax evasion used to be an 'art', not a crime. []

Marlina Evenstar listed it as 'or'

Maes Uroboros shrugs. "I either havn't found them or they havn't found me. Without a competent leader it doesn't matter, anyways. I've had bad feelings about groups driven by rage like that."

Kitzibeth smirks. "Competant is in the eye of the beholder. I'd advise you to seek out the mouse in the garish blue clothing. A fashion plate he is not, but he is usually the focus of every trouble on Calenndor."

[Kendrick, Pytch, Erisvan...]

Maes Uroboros laughs. "And garish it is. He pointed me out to- I mean he pointed you out to me, that one. You're telling me he's the one I should be talking to, and not you?"

Sirum Hest is currently down in the basement with some wood generously supplied by Kivae, carving swords and wristclaws for those who requested it. And idle-ish. ^^;

Kitzibeth fears Sirum in the basement. "Quite. Unless you're a mage, I have no position for you yet. Sirum Hest is his name, by the way. He is currently working with a rather unpleasant oaf by the name of Entad."

Maes Uroboros scratches his head again. It must itch for him to think a lot. "I'm no mage, so I'll take your advice. Where might he be at this time?"

Kitzibeth shrugs. "It's best to simply look for the blue. You can see the poor furre for miles." She smiles to herself. "He's still in the Villa, however. There are only so many places one can hide here."

Maes Uroboros sighs. "It does not matter where one hides here, for plain sight is a hiding place in an area I've never visited. I'll surely get lost looking for the blue, as you say."

Kitzibeth shrugs. "Perhaps not. The Villa only has a few rooms. They are quite large, but there are precious few of them."

Maes Uroboros nods attentively. "Might there be somewhere I could attend to my dreams? I'm getting pretty weary after all that travel."

Kitzibeth nods. "The guest room is up the stairs and it's the second door to your right."

Maes Uroboros taps a hand on the table before getting up. "Thank you, and good even."

Taikris hmms briefly as he rouses from his light catnap, giving a slight nod to the lady Kitzibeth as he settles himself upon the edge of the table

[And some further OOC and sparring, to round off a slow night. Though, when it comes to Kitzibeth it's less a spar and more a barbecue.]

Taikris: [Kitz... will Kobolds ever become a part of this continuity?]
You say, "[They already are.]"
You say, "[Hell, anything you want can be a part of our continuity as long as you aren't a giant robot.]"
Taikris: [What about a cyborg?]
You say, "[No.]"
You say, "[We only allow 'Blade Golems' *wink wink*]"
Taikris: [Of course ;-)]
You say, "[Completely within continuity.]"
Kitzibeth: [Erm.. *points at Kel*]
Kitzibeth: [She's the continuity wench. Ask her.]
You say, "[I'm going to go drive my Magical Chariot of Four Wheels down to Ye Olde Magical Gaming Place and, while I'm there, I'm going to buy a crude magical steel construct that fires high powered small blasts of fire with the pull of a trigger.]"
You say, "[I think the last is refered to as... 'Miniature Fire-Crossbow', though.]"
Taikris: [Kele... can we have some kobolds show up in the future? ^^;]
Sirum Hest gnaws on Kele's liver. "Do we have -draguns-!?" []
Kele-De: [I don't do quests. Talk to Path and the DM's about that.]
You say, "[I'll run a few kobolds, if you want.]"
Taikris: [yay]
[#] Wench Goddess slams the continuity hammer down upon Si's head.
You say, "[Though I need good IC reason.]"
Sirum Hest cries. []
[#] Kobolds attack Kitz's Villa. She's too amused to help. Level 1-4 miniquest. Go. -Do it!-
You say, "[No. :P]"
You say, "[I suppose.]"
You say, "[If anyone is ever near any forest.]"
You say, "[Just tell me.]"
Kele-De: [[Nuuu! We need higher level MQ.]
You say, "[I'll say you walked on kobold holy ground.]"
You say, "[...]"
[#] Level 1-5
You say, "[Yes, listen to Kele.]"
You say, "[We need a... what's your level, Kele? 10?]"
Kele-De: [Yep.]
You say, "[Level 11-19 mini-quest.]"
[#] Level 10=15
Taikris: [I'm going to reach lvl 10 even if I have to take Hiki with me. Please dear god don't make me do that ;.;[]
[#] Wench Goddess smack Si with the hammer again
Sirum Hest sobs. []
[#] Wench goddess no conjugate right.
Kele-De: Wench Goddess is tired and busy with other IRL things.
You say, "[I'll give you level 10.]"
Kitzibeth: Don't defend her, Kel :-P[]
[#] And emits work real well when she is distracted
You say, "[If you can kill Kitzibeth.]"
You say, "[That's like 10 level ups right there.]"
Taikris: [I don't think you can hand out that much XP Sirum, and I very much doubt Kitz would let me u.u]
You say, "[Sure I can. >.>]"
Sirum Hest is a DM and such. []
Kitzibeth will challenge Tai to a duel :-) I'll give you 3000 XP if you win :-D[]
Sirum Hest has been wanting to spar Kitz... []
Kitzibeth notes that Tai asked first[
Taikris ponders. "How much HP does Kitz have?"
Kitzibeth: [Come on ^^]
Kitzibeth: Oooh, ooh, Spar here :-)
Taikris gives it his all in an OOC spar ^^;;; (is sooo going to get his tail kicked)
[#] init :-)
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d10+5 & gets 9.
[*] Taikris rolls 1d10+4 & gets 8.
You say, "Winner: Kitz."
Taikris: [yar]
Kitzibeth goes first. She conflagrates Taikris ^^; [7/7][Fire]
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+37 to hit & gets 52.
Taikris: [botch <.<]
You say, "I think you missed."
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d100 severity & gets 24.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 7d27+44 damage & gets 160.
Kitzibeth wins. Next?
Sirum Hest kicks his corpse out of the way.
You say, "ME!"
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+14 & gets 18.
You say, ">>"
Taikris wonders if he could have survived if he had just made the first grapple <.<[]
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d10+5 >.> & gets 10.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+16 [Called Shot: Chest] & gets 27.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d20+1 >.> & gets 18.
Sirum Hest will be using his magical arrows, and thus, this spar should not be used against him if he pwns. xP
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+19 #1 [Called Shot: Chest] & gets 38.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+20 #2 & gets 49.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+20 #3 & gets 34.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+20 #4 & gets 33.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d30+20 #5 & gets 39.
Kitzibeth: [ooh 5]
You say, "[Oh, wait.]"
You say, "[No.]"
You say, "[That's wrong."
Kitzibeth: [>.>]
You say, "The first is +16 and the others +17"
You say, "Still all hits?"
Kitzibeth: [yeah. Kitz only has an AC of 29]
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 5d100: (56) (57) (16) (43) (43) = 215.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+20 *2 & gets 22.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+20 & gets 26.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+20 /2 & gets 25.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+20 & gets 23.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d10+20 & gets 27.
You say, "132"
You say, "Now I die."
Kitzibeth: [This is with +1 IB? Or +0.5]
You say, "+0.5 and taking advantage of 'Ammo Doesn't Consume Item Bonus'"
Kitzibeth: [what is your MR?]
You say, "30"
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d30+37 for the smitation. & gets 38.
You say, "Ahaha."
You say, "You rolled a 1."
You say, ">>"
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d100 severity & gets 88.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 7d27+44 damage >.> & gets 131.
Taikris: [wait... how'd Kitz get 7 preps per turn? <.<]
You say, "0/131"
You say, "Lucky wench. xP"
[%] Kitzibeth just gave Sirum Hest a cookie.
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