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A day of frying necromancers and kooky alchemists. 10-4-2004

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:57 am    Post subject: A day of frying necromancers and kooky alchemists. 10-4-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Another day in Kitzibeth's villa. Catherine learns she's incredibly flammable where chapels are concerned and Hikari's alchemist alt shows up to make everyone collectively slap their heads. Fish is also served. Yum.]

Marlina Evenstar: ['Owdy!]
Kele-De: [Hey Marl.]
Amerie: (Hiya, Marl, Kele, Ruby and Si. ^^)
Kele-De: [Hiya Chloe.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Heya.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Lively group we are. o.o]
Ruby Pyralis is working on something. ^^;]
Marlina Evenstar: [Reminds me of work... "Hey..." "Hi..." "Boss sucks..." "Yep." And that's usually the entirety of a conversation. >.>]
Amerie: (:S)
Amerie: (Amerie wore a Bikini yesterday. o_o)
Marlina Evenstar: [o.o]
Amerie: (And it was slightly controverisial. :O)
Marlina Evenstar: [o.o]
Amerie: (You dun' wanna see the picture. x3)

Erk Mendon assumes there is a chair here and sits down, reading a book as always. He doesn't say anything to the other four.

Marlina Evenstar hasn't moved much since she woke up in this anonymous building, and still appears to be in the thrall of a vicious hangover. For note, as she still remains unwashed for quite some time, and alleyways outside taverns are not the cleanest of places, she doesn't smell or look to nice either.

Erk Mendon didn't know she ever did smell or look nice..

Marlina Evenstar did, just hid it well with a dagger to Erk's eyes.

Erk Mendon >)

Marlina Evenstar attributes her poor charisma to personality, compensating for the fact that she does indeed look rather nice, by being extra unlikable. :-P

Erk Mendon: [once you get past the eyepatch and the crossbow, that picture of her looks good o.o]
Marlina Evenstar: [^^]
Marlina Evenstar loves that picture. =) ]

Kitzibeth poits into being. "Good evening, everyfurre. I suspect you are enjoying the hospitality of my Villa to its fullest?"

Erk Mendon just nods absent-mindedly, continuing to read, though he is struggling to keep his eyes open.

Marlina Evenstar hasn't, though the seat was pleasant enough, and she doesn't respond to the mage, being the vile sort of loner that she is.

Kivae, at the sight of Kitzibeth, leans back against the wall, looking as if she's struggling to keep a perfectly straight face. But it breaks, and she flashes a quick grin towards Sirum, returning a neutral expression to the ceiling immediately after.

Amerie crosses a leg over the other. "Well, it's okay.. Even though like everything's so tacky. My daddy has like two of these and bigger and more fabulous. But, I guess you're alright for letting us stay hee." She smiles. :D

Kele-De tilts her head, then turns and kneels upon the seat so she can look through the window to Kitz. "'Ello Kitzibeth." She smiles and her tail waves, though there's unusual reserve to her actions, as though something is weighing upon her mind heavily and she can't seem to shake it. "It's lovely here, though I think it may be time for us to depart and do something soon. Wether it's set sail around Feanor or taking back Ansteorra. I think we need to do -something-."

Erk Mendon is doing something. Is trying to read Kitzi's whole library. >)

Marlina Evenstar could not read that many books in a lifetime.]

Kitzibeth would, 'twere she a mind reader, tell Marl to go stuff it :-P She nods, as the invisible enchantments of the Villa prevent mischief. Ignoring Amerie's obvious distaste for high-class living, she says to Kel: "Ansteorra is leagues to the west of here, Kel. You'd have to cross the Crescent Sea, and then fight a horde of brainwashed idiots. Sounds like fun."

Kitzibeth has nearly seven million books. She's read about 1/300th of them.

Erk Mendon didn't say it was a short-term goal <.<;;;

Kivae would like to note for Kitzi that two of her statues are dressed in robes of spring and fall leaves, glistening snowy thread laced along the veins, should she be looking. Unless the enchantments set them on fire. :-( "Entad came by yesterday, but he didn't have anything for us to do.. said something about dwarves."

Marlina Evenstar notes that were her mind to be read, not much would be seen beyond her headache.

Kele-De laughs, though its a much more shallow sound than usual. "I didn't mean me by myself. Primes, I wouldn't want to fight through that mess on my own, but no offense to you Kitzibeth while this is much better than sitting around in Caeseal I'm still restless." She shrugs then. "I suppose that's just my nature. I'm too used to wandering."

Tantsui arrives in his normal nonchalant fashion, leaning against one of the statues. "I see everyone is already awake." He yawns. "I guess I'm the last to rise?"

Kitzibeth certainly appreciates the gesture ^^, but she's hadn't looked. "Dwarves, eh? That should be interesting. Nothing like a bunch of jewel-encrusted top heavy beards rushing at the Crescent Sea at top speed. She points at the red door. "Beyond that is a rather fun backyard garden. Khenna loved being there when she came to visit. It's based a bit on Tribe Congail's lands. S'where she was from."

Erk Mendon closes the book he was reading, setting at his left while useing his other paw to take a book from the top of the stack of about 10 other books at his right. He yawns, then opens up the book and starts reading again.

[#] Tantsui would feel a bit pained as the statue shocks him gently, and a voice whispers: "Paws off."

Kitzibeth casts a glance at Erk. "I'd not take any of those books off of the premises. They have a nasty return policy."

Erk Mendon replies without taking his eyes off the book, "I won't..." He seems rather attatched to reading these days.

Kele-De nods and then turns about to sit in the seat once more. "Mmmm. I think it would make me homesick." She sighs then shrugs. "What tribe was Khenna part of?" She bites her bottom lip then, hoping she hadn't upset Kitzibeth with her question nad hastily adds, "If you don't mind talking about her, that is."

Kitzibeth fit Khenna into the continuity. Her player would say she was from nebulous spot called 'Ireland' :-P "She was of Clan Broc, I think."
Kitzibeth: Clan Family O'Flynn.

Taikris walks his way out from the area about the tavern, arriving amongst the others as he leans against the nearby doorframe, left to wonder if he missed anything

Kele-De nods and drifts off into her own thoughts for several moments. A far off look in her eyes as she ponders something that seems to be weighing on her. Of a sudden, she speaks. "I wonder where Bryanna is..." Really to no one in particular.

Tantsui flips off the statue. "I've got hands, not paws, you misshapen block of granite."

Sirum Hest looks up from the map in his paws, almost always having one or two tucked beneath his cloak from being constantly on the move, and just having noticed someone mentioned something regarding sailing. "Why would anyone wanna sail around Faenor... get eaten by the Leviathan that nearly had Zag for dinner..." He then glances back behind him and tail-waves to Tantsui. "Be nice to statues, ya? Some of 'em come to life an' peck ya to death. Or at least, if they're the bird variety... I'm not sure what... ... ...-those- sort of statues do."

Hiro Diamondtear Comes from the door, after apperently having a long walk, He enters smiling, knowing he'll get his spirit crushed latter one "Good Day Everyone!" he over hears Kele and supresses the urge to tell her what he last heard of bryanna, on the basis that she doesnt want to receive his apologies reppetetly, he sits down near the basis of the statue.

Sirum Hest, by bird statue, means the one that brawled Gin Blossom. Not his kickin' rad spiffin' mini-quests.

Kivae slumps further against the wall, toes pointing, then curling inwards. "If this place is so enchanted, are there any games? Because, I mean, we'll probably end up accidentally breaking things if we're left to our own devices.." Not that she would mind breaking things. It's the getting burnt and kicked out that she minds.

Kitzibeth smirks as she pads into the next room. "You don't want to know, Sirum." As she moves past Hiro, she smiles to him and places her paw on the statue for a moment, making a rather imperceptible 'wax on-wax off' motion. "Your 'hands' will leave stains on the granite. These statues are priceless."

Tantsui shrugs at Sirum. He looks at Kitzi with shifty eyes. "Priceless shmiceless. They're big pieces of stone."

[#] The statue thwaps Tantsui hard.

Kitzibeth: I'm sure some just don't appreciate art." She mutters as she gently touches the statue.

Sirum Hest shifts himself around then and pads on over into the room, looking the statue up and down as what parts need to be covered are covered by the robe of leaves. "Mm... Rakuro an' myself could make somethin' exactly the same as this. If we wanted. ... I think?"

Kivae thinks that Tantsui was probably leaning against the robe. She scratches her cheek. "Actually, I'd say Gin was beating that bird, not the otherway around, Si."

Kele-De pulls her knees up to her chest, her booted toes hanging off the edge. She rests her chin between her knees nad simply stares off into space, off into her own thoughts. "I had forgotten about the leviathan honestly, Sirum." She shrugs. "It seemed a rather good idea though while we were stuck in Caeseal." She shakes her head at the goings on in front of her, completely ignoring Hiro so her temper would remain level and calm.

Tantsui rubs his head. "Frkin statue. So it moves. Whats the big point? Does it serve any -real- purpose?"

Erk Mendon speaks again without looking up, "To hurt furres or whatevers if they insult them?"

Hiro Diamondtear Looks as how the statue coems to life "Remarkable... How did you do that?... Oh wait, im being silly... After all your First class of the Order of Mages... am i right? I lost memory when you said your name... YOu'd think a book worm would have a better memory" He resumes sitting silently until he remmembers "Oh and, Archmagess, would you mind if i take a look at your library? Im quite curious about it".

Sirum Hest shrugs back to Kivae. "If it was I didn't notice, I was focusin' on Path'en, his friend an' her all at the same time. That had to have been the best class ever." Following that, he squeaks happily and waves over at Tantsui, "Many awkward moments with her students who come to visit?"

Kitzibeth sighs, and doesn't answer the myriad questions in any way that makes sense. "Leviathans can be diverted, yes, you may, but I doubt you can read Arcane, and Thank you, Kivae. It's beautiful."

Ruby Pyralis, now that her player is done working on stuff, flicks her ears around as she wakes up from an apparent nap. For all intents and purposes, she's been sleeping almost as much as Erk! She yawns briefly before stretching her legs out in front of her and slouching back on her seat.

Taikris lacking anything terribly useful to say at the moment... he takes a seat

Erk Mendon actually has been sleeping for about 3 hours each night. He's spent most of the time reading.

Tantsui is the one snoozing all the time. ICly he's spent more time asleep than awake, and even slept through the crumbling of Caeseal.

Hiro Diamondtear Nods "I can indeed" smiling he quickly and energeticly rises up to his feet "How do you think i got to be one of the most renoun book worms in all the Pillars of Gra'k (SP?)" he dashes tword the library.

Sirum Hest glances back behind him with a brow raised as Hiro walks off, murmuring to no one in particular. "Jus' how is it that someone who works with seals knows the language of mages...?"

Erk Mendon looks as if he was going to fall asleep, actually, then he bolts upright, eyes widened to full extent. His eyes move up, then sideways, then going back up again, showing that he was reading the same page over and over again. He smirks to himself.

Kivae wrinkles her nose, ".. You like them?" Seeming somewhat disappointed, although recovering shortly. Folds her arms, she glances at the robe, as if checking it over for mistakes, "It was just to cover it.." lowering her voice a touch as she elbows Sirum, "You overdid it with the thread." Grinning, and ducking back into her corner.
Kitzibeth decides that This part of the house is too.. crowded. She moves to her solarium, and takes a break. "If anyone needs me, I'll be working on the parlor." Cryptic? Probably.

Tantsui yawns and drops down to a sitting position, as if his feet randomly gave out. "Didn't someone say that that redheaded female was an archmage, or something like that?"

Erk Mendon is grinning widely, obviously very happy about something. He replies to Tantsui, "Yes, she's an archmagess. One with brilliant books..."
Tantsui shrugs. "Wonder if she'd flip out when she finds out thats where I'
m sleeping..."

Sirum Hest swats lightly at Kivae with his tail, shaking his head lightly, "Some of us lack the ability to make leaves grow together. It wasn't my intention for the 'thread' to be so... show-y.", sticking his tongue out at her. "We didn't get in trouble for that or nothin', though. That kinda removes the fun. Maybe we should try somethin' else. ... But everythin' else in this villa looks so fragile..." He then pauses in thought, before answering Tantsui, "There are -two- libriaries an'... wait a second." He suddenly rises up to his footpaws then and glances around blankly. "Someone told me last night a purple furred femme came here... an' wanted to know if I knew her... but I was busy. Why does that seem so familiar?" After a short while of silence, he suddenly spins about and darts off without word.

Tantsui rubs his head. "Frkin Sirum. He never lets us in on his thought processes."


Catherine O`Hara shouldn't actually still be here, but for whatever reason... She is. And now she's awakening, flinching backwards instinctively from some imagined threat, pressing agaisnt the headboard then before finally relaxing as she notices the absence of a certain dark-skinned elf.

Erk Mendon decided to follow Sirum too, wondering why anyone would just take off suddenly. Though, maybe Erk shouldn't talk cause he himself has suddenly bolted away at one time...anyway, he gasps at the furre in bed, "Catharine!"

Sirum Hest pads into the room then and moves over towards the desk, eyeing the femme on the bed in consideration before moving back to slump against the dresser. "No matter where we go, or what we do, ya always manage to find us one way or another. An' if I recall correctly, the last two times we've met have ended in attempts on my life an' the lives of those around ya. Are ya Blackthorne or O'Hara?"

Taikris steps into the room after the others, having been the one who told Sirum in the first place. "So... who is she?"
Tantsui slips into the room all shifty-like.

Catherine O`Hara blinks, rather confused at the statements and question of the rodent, thus she edges away from him slightly before responding, "Erhm... Blackthorne, as I've always been Sir Hest, and where am I? Have you saved me from that vile dark elf?"
Catherine O`Hara ignores Erk entirely. :-P

Kivae actually scrambles in a bit before Erk, but only lingers at the doorway, giving him a wrinkled-nose look as he follows, and then the same one to the other two. After this look, she ducks down under the desk, as if settled for a wait. "In Kitzibeth's villa."

Sirum Hest brings a paw up to rub at his forehead, slightly annoyed at the regression back to Blackthorne. "This is jus' great. Blackthorne again." He pauses briefly to mutter up towards the ceiling, "Havin' fun, Kendrick?", seeming to be blaming her appearance on the Heretic, as he had delivered her to them as this before. "I'm not gonna humor her until she decides to try an' attack us again, though. Erk, or Tantsui, go fetch Kitzibeth for me, would ya?" Turning his attention back to the necromancer, "Not really, though from what I saw he's the one that carried ya in here. I don't suppose ya have ever considered that yer thoughts might've been altered?"

Tantsui leans against the wall. "Like I know where Kitzibeth is..."

Erk Mendon glares a final time at Catharine before saying, "I will." To Sirum. With that said, he dashes off.

Kivae peers out from under the desk, with lowered ears. "What're you talking about? I thought this was the better one.."

Catherine O`Hara folds her paws before her, resting them upon her lap as she gazes at the mouse for several further moments in silence before words once more come forth, "My memories have not been tampered with Sir Hest, I know that I came upon an all but abandoned garrison, and I saught a safehaven there, from the rains around there. Then -He- trapped me there, last I remember he was trying to drag me back to the stools by the bar counter, then I ended up here."

Erk Mendon enters the room again, "She said she'll come in a moment or two and to stay out of Kitzerina's room."

Taikris not seeing terribly much else to do, he takes a seat by the doorway.

Sirum Hest shrugs lightly back to his friend, "She is. This is more than likely one of the nicest femmes ya will ever met. But every so often, this nice femme turns into the complete opposite, worse than what even O'Hara was. At least O'Hara didn't try to murder people." Back to Erk, "That... erm... is right. Ya all shouldn't be in here. What're ya doin' in Kizzy's room anyways?", giving the group by the door a weak grin. He didn't seem to consider himself in the 'stay out of Kitzerina's room' group. Finally, he answers Catharine again, "No one can be sure what they know is what actually happened. Unless ya scan over yer mind on a frequent basis. The drow, Kalannar, likely saved yer life. The fort was crumblin', an' ya would've been smashed had he not brought ya here."

Catherine O`Hara got dragged here, blames Kalannar, and will hold true to this to avoid fiery doom.

Erk Mendon smirks at Sirum, "She told me to tell you everything I just said. That includes you, -Sir Hest-..."

Sirum Hest blinks. "But I sleep here?"

Erk Mendon raises an eyebrow, "In a Journeymagess' room?"

Tantsui coughs.

Sirum Hest apparently sees nothing wrong with that. "...yes?"

[I don't believe he ever realized there was anything wrong with saying he was 'sleeping with Kitzerina'... probably because he was only ever used as her teddybear.]

Erk Mendon chuckles, "Fine...if you want to face fiery doom from the Archmagess, that's alright with me."

Catherine O`Hara frowns as she finally gets off the bed she had been thrown in last night, "I know what I remember, he would not let me leave that place, and threatened my life several times. He did not save my life, I was in no danger before I saw him."

Kitzibeth perks. "What the Primes? Where did Kitzerina sleep last night?"

Catherine O`Hara doesn't know. o.o

Kitzibeth notes that this is her room ^^;

Erk Mendon notes Sirum and Kizzy are boy/girl furres! What did you expect?

Catherine O`Hara didn't have much choice in the matter.

Kitzibeth is a bit more annoyed that someone was sleeping in the bed, more than who the femme was.

Sirum Hest sleeps in the bed nightly. ^^ "I doubt Kitzibeth would burn me for bein' in here, as there is really no other place to--Kitzibeth!", shifting about then to wave to the Archmagess. "It seems Catharine is back for some odd reason. I don't suppose ya can help me convince her that she is O'Hara? At least then we wouldn't have to worry about her snappin' back to her on a random basis." To Catharine, he adds, "...who is -he-, anyways? The drow or do ya mean someone else? Or... how did ya get through the portal if he was forcin' ya by the barstools?"

Catherine O`Hara bows her head modestly as the Archmage enters, backing up a halfstep in a useless effort to make herself appear smaller, this is further crushed as she speaks once more to Sirum, a faint note of desperation now colouring her features, "The drow! I told you, I don't remember anything after that. And what are you accusing me of Sir Hest, with this talk of O'Hara, or whoever, I have done nothing wrong."

Kitzibeth ponders snapping her neck, actually. "I should have known better than to let the lot of you stay as guests in my Villa. All you do is bring trouble." She glares at Catherine. "Why don't you go to the City of Towers? I hear Pytch is hiring voidkin."

Taikris slowly raises to his footpaws as he backs up Catharine's story. "She's right about the drow at least. I saw him haul her in over his shoulder."

Catherine O`Hara fidgits nervously before turning her gaze down once more at the comment from the Archmagess, "I haven't done anything wrong, m'lady.'

Sirum Hest murmurs something about 'just making sure', having doubted Kalannar would do such a thing. "Well... if he had brought her here, then... well, he must've had good intentions. Otherwise he'd have slit her throat an' be done with it. That's how he does things." He leans over to flop down onto the edge of the bed then, flashing Catharine a grin, "'Course ya haven't done anythin' wrong. It's not really yer fault, it's... sorta like... erm... ya got two people in yer head. An' it doesn't seem as if ya notice when the other one comes out. That's possible, isn't it?"

Erk Mendon just stands and listens, snorting when Catharine says she didn't do anything wrong.

Taikris gives a slight shrug to Si's opening statement. "It's hard to say. He came in, threw her onto the bed, threatened me a couple times, and then... that's about the time I told you Sirum"

Kitzibeth sighs. "Sure, Sirum. Just like Erisvan. I'd have thought that you'd have learned to see through that simple ruse."

Erk Mendon winces at the name Erisvan, like Wizards and Voldemort.

[#] Yes, Erk. Wince. Fear. ^^;

Hiro Diamondtear a hollow voice comes from the corridor "Kitzibeth? M'lady Archmagess? Anyone?".

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "Sounds like Kalannar to me. Jus' wait until he comes back to find out what his intentions were exactly." Afterwards, he pokes his tongue out at Kitzibeth. "I can see through it clearly, this is nothin' more than an act, or somethin' she can hide behind until she or Kendrick or whoever made her like this can cause the most damage. I'm jus' not pullin' out my bow because I'd rather not find out who is pullin' the strings on this puppet."

Tantsui shrugs. "It's all too boring for me. Let her do what she wants, I say."

Catherine O`Hara falls slowly to a sitting position against the wall, still not even looking at Kitzibeth as she mutters once more at a volume just barely audible, "No.. No, I'd have lapses in my memory then. I'm not O'Hara or whoever you seem to think I am..."

Kitzibeth: Well, whoever you are, there's precious little damage you can do in the Villa without getting yourself zotted to ash. I'd prefer that not happen, of course, but neither do I care if it does." Ahh the joys of a self-cleaning villa. "If you don't mind, we can bring this downstairs for dinner chat. Tonight we're having fish - fresh from the Himoan coast."

Sirum Hest motions Kivae over towards him with a paw then, "A bit of help with a spell, please? I'm gonna show her jus' what it is the other half of her has been doin'." With that, he holds both paws up above him in a circle and closes his eyes in concentration, though nothing yet happens. [1/5] Hopefully this spell would work as he intended, despite being experimental.

Tantsui rubs his head. "Thats right... what part of the continent are we on right now anyways?"

Hiro Diamondtear enters the room "Oh, why there you... all... are? Whats the matter?" he seems confused why so many people here, and why theres a purple one he had never seen before here.
Erk Mendon rolls his eyes at Sirum before closing his eyes and concentrating on Cath. [2/2 Devination, the only truth-telling spell :P]

Kitzibeth spins around, her house-robe fluttering in the evening air. She tries to leave, but Hiro is apparently in the way. She points for him to move, and eyes him rather witheringly, repeating "Dinner is served."

Hiro Diamondtear Looks to Kitzibeth and nods quickly, apparently having 5 to 4 books in his hands, not to mention two scrolls, he moves out of the door and to the side respectfully "Oh good, all this reading has gotten me hungry" He smiles.

Kivae remains under the desk, eyes watchful, ears back, occasionally running her fingers through her tail fur. She makes a vaguely agreeing noise at Sirum's request, scooting out as well, pressing her palm to his elbow and adding fuel to the spell, directing it up to Sirum's paw-symbol. Murmuring, as she does so, "Don't see why you don't just ask Kitzibeth to do it, Show-off."

Erk Mendon blinks at his responce, which was Catharine eating fish when she was five. He sighs and his stomach rumbles. When Kitz says its time to eat, he gladly moves downstairs.

Kivae, also adds, "Don't take long.. fish.."

Catherine O`Hara brings her knees under her chin, not moving from her current position to go to dinner, she glances briefly at the fleeing yellow haired mage as he casts his spell, before shrugging it off as her gaze returns to Sirum, "What are you doing?"

Sirum Hest bows his head downwards then and from the circle a large orb of water drips downwards towards the ground, splashing on the floor to create a large puddle. The puddle seems to crawl over to in front of Catharine, calm as any other puddle. Though, from the ceiling a drop of water falls from nowhere, striking the direct center of the spell and causing it to ripple. As it does so, it would be like looking into a reflection, only this would be memories. From Sirum's head, though. The first would be of Catharine floating in the air above the corpse of some poor fool on the ground, with her catching Dwy, Erk and himself in a barrier. After a few seconds, another drip, the new image in the moving water showing her blasting back everyone by the canopy and vanishing. One last drip provokes the image of her in the tavern with the Scrollkeeper, O'Hara and Blackthorne, being questioned by Kivae, Kitzibeth, Tarani and himself. [5/5] With that, the puddle dissipates. "Primes, I hate spells like that... they always make me... sleepy for a bit. Mrrf. Did it work, Kivvy?", opening his eyes just then.
Sirum Hest is such a showoff.

Taikris "I'll be at the dinner table if anybody needs me" though he seriously doubts anybody will

Catherine O`Hara's attention is indeed drawn to the water as she watches various memories unfold before abruptly lashing out in a strangely violent gesture for her, attempting to disrupt the playing of scenes. Again the protests, "It's not me, it's that twin you mentioned... Must be."

Kivae thinks it's one of his minor bad traits, despite sometimes being one herself. But at least she never tried to be heroic. Silly mousie. She stands up, after eyeing the puddle for a moment, and then tugs his elbow, "Must've. Some boyfure you are, putting water inside your fire-elemental girlfurre's room. Clean it up, and lets get food." Putting some stress on the last word. Only offering a single remark to Catherine. "You're very closed-minded, you know that?"

Sirum Hest gives a light shrug. "That whole 'twin' thing I mentioned is nothin' more than a story I made up to make ya think I wasn't insane, or to not upset ya. Ya didn't notice how in the second one ya went from lookin' how ya are now to that evil femme?"" His tail then swats at Kivae once more, "It cleared itself up, no need to lecture, hehehe. But... mm... shouldn't we bring her with us?"

Kivae is bad. :-( Changes the 'Clean it up' bit to 'Let's go. Food.']

Kivae keeps her grip on the elbow, snapping her teeth in answer to the swat. She attempts to take a step backwards, dragging him with her. "Foood.. she kin come if she wants.."

Catherine O`Hara laughs harshly as her gaze shifts to Kivae, a sound of depression rather than mirth before responding once more, "'Course I am, he's accusing me of being a murderer, or necromancer, or anything. I'm supposed to just believe that?!"

Kivae raises her eyebrows, as if greatly surprised. "Believe? What about, consider."

Tantsui: Necromancer? What'd you do to make him think that?

Sirum Hest's ears flatten back and to his skull at the sudden shift of mood in the femme, slowly rising then and heading for the door. "Yer startin' to... erm... change, I think, Catherine. Jus' calm down an' c'mon. As long as ya aren't intendin' on servin' tea or castin' a spell I'm sure ya will be given enough time to think over what has happened." He pauses as he comes across Kalannar, apparently, then. ""Kalannar! They're sayin' ya dragged Catharine in here violently. What happened?"

Kalannar enters the room... apparently having left while sleeping.. even though he doesn't really sleep.... or something. He growls slightly at the presence of all those present, and simply replies, "That is not your concern, rat. All of you, leave."

Catherine O`Hara chokes back a sob as she continues to gaze at the druid, rather than the rodent as she rocked slowly back and forth, "Would you? Would you think yourself a murderer if someone just told you? That you would be something as horrible as that?" She breaks off then as Kalannar enters, skitterring away as best she's able, given her current position.

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "Actually, interestin'ly enough, it involves me quite a bit more than it does ya. Ya see, this is my girlfurres room, this is the room I also sleep in, this is the femme who has made several attempts on my life an' those of my friends, an' I know pretty much jus' what happened with her. Now why is it that she is so afraid of ya, yet ya dragged her out of that crumblin' fort?"

Kivae drops the elbow as Sirum finally gets up, though she turns back around when addressed by Catherine, apparently ignoring Kalannar. "I'd consider, that there was someone else inside me. Because she's not really you, if she doesn't act like you. Now're you coming to dinner or not?" Ears dropping back and into her hair, as she draws lines on the floor with her toes, somewhat uneasy.

Kalannar assumes he'll work this to his advantage as he passes a hard stare toward Catherine, "Damned if I know."

Catherine O`Hara casts a glance first at the rodent, then at the drow, before finally nodding to the druid, "Not staying here, not with him, though I'm not that hungry...' Muttering the last bit as she attempts to bring herself to a standing position once more, edging closer to Sirum despite his accusations.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes, "Fine, then, though I'd advise not stayin' around her for too long. I've only been able to stop the femme in her once before, an' it was through a very lucky shot." With that, he heads off for dinner.

Sirum Hest pads up finally, having finished business with Catharine, and only hesitates as he sees Hiro collapsed on the floor. "What happened with the seal? It looks like someone stabbed him but there's no blood."

[#] The Maitre D' is satisfied with Erk.

Kitzibeth: Oh, Sirum. He just tried to mix highly alcoholic Poteen with.. fine wine.

Erk Mendon continues grumbling, even with some food in his mouth. He glares at the plate from time to time, daring it to try and hit him again.
Kitzibeth: it's like mixing Jon's beer with say.. grape juice.

Taereal Sareen decides to eat, as well. He places a few portions onto his plate and eats as any polite Furre would.

[#] The Maitre D' is satisfied with Taereal.

Kivae skitters in after Sirum, performing a quick scan of the table to note what's left, taking in Hiro collapsed on the floor with the sweep, and then dropping down by a plate that doesn't look like it was his. "Did he become a drunk while he was gone?"

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles then. "Can't someone die from that? Someone ought to get him to a bed, cure him or... ah, nevermind.", not seeming too interested in it himself. Kitzibeth wouldn't let a furre die on her floor. Despite the long chat with Catherine, he tail-waves to her and Kalannar as they approach, "So ya have taken us up on the offer of joinin' us, then? Use this time to consider that there is somethin' in ya, please, Blackthorne."

Catherine O`Hara hurries behind the druid before taking a seat next to Taikris, casting several glances in the direction of Kalannar, but otherwise she doesn't move much.

Erk Mendon places two big pieces of fish casually on his plate, whistling slightly. After waiting a few seconds, he uses his cat-skillz to quickly stuff it all in his mouth in one quick motion.

Kele-De mutters under her breath. "The damn fool idiot wasted some damn good Tigahrrim poteen by pouring it into the wine." She shakes her head then picks up her goblet and takes a sip from it.

[#] The plates are filled with fillets of some sort of batter fried fish of low mercury content, vegetables, baked potatoes and small bottles of Malt Vinegar and lemon slices.

Kalannar lurks over to the bar, sitting down at the seat behind Catherine. He appears somewhat watchful, though nothing out of the ordinary.

[#] An invisible cane bops Erk on the head.

Kitzibeth: I warned you, erk.

Catherine O`Hara: [Might be wrong, but where would they even get low mercury content in a medieval setting? o.o]
[#] There are a lot of Alchemists in.. old Himo..?

Ruby Pyralis, in that case, has been feasting mostly on the fish because everyone knows that it only tastes good if it was once alive and wriggling.

Erk Mendon acks, then growls, "Who the hell is doing that?!" He looks around.

Ruby Pyralis is eating a bite-sized heart attack. n.n

Catherine O`Hara doesn't actually touch anything, for she appears to not be stricken with hunger at the moment, despite her lack of eating for at least two nights, "Nothing in me, Sir Hest, before the Primes themselves I'd swear that..."

Kitzibeth sighs. "This, Erk, is why you'll never be a proper mage. Look around you. Do you not see the 30 servants flitting about, and the head Butler standing over you as if you were an errant child?"

Taikris gives only a slight wave to the nearby Catharine before continuing his feast.

Kitzibeth cuts into Catherine's converation. "I have a temple in the Villa. Swear there, not here."

Erk Mendon raises an eyebrow, "And why...would you have thirty servants and a butler when you can use magic to do things?"

Erk Mendon rolls his eyes, adding, "And if there is really a butler behind me..." He reaches his paw out behind him, as if trying to feel the butler.

Taikris: [... why is Erk trying to feel up the butler <.<]
Erk Mendon: [feel -for-!]
Kitzibeth: [The Butler needs not your pity]

Sirum Hest reaches back behind him to lift a carrot from one of the plates, idly gnawing on it on and off as he responds to Kele. "So we've got fine wine here an' we've got poteen. Isn't there anythin' that lacks alcohol around here?", poking his tongue out at Kitzibeth then. He then gives Catherine a sly grin, "The other-ya has sworn allegiance to the Dark Primes, so ya could pretty much get away with promisin' lots of things to the Primes that aren't true. I wonder, though... have ya ever stepped inside a church before? I'd like to see how ya react to bein' in one."

Taereal Sareen was actually.. about to say something quite similar, until Kitzibeth got to it before him. He simply shrugs a bit inwardly and continues eating contently.

Kitzibeth facepalms, and she flops her head on the table, banging it lightly against the tablecloth.

Kele-De perks up at the mention of the temple. "Oh, it's a lovely temple Kitzibeth. Taereal showed it to me yesterday." SHe arches a brow. "Is something wrong?" To Sirum, she shrugs. "I honestly don't know."

[#] Erk would feel nothing, but another sharp rap on the noggin.

Kitzibeth still bangs her head on the table in frustration. Does Erk -not- recognize ethereal servants?

Catherine O`Hara absently toys with the glass set at her place as she looks at the rodent, "If you are so certain that I am this creature, why did you not simply strike me down while I lay in that bed? Surely I'd not deserve better? And nay, I've not been to a church for many months."

Kivae eats in a rather undescriptive way, involving somewhat lacking table manners, but not disgusting. She rests an elbow on the table while chewing a vegetable. Swallows, and lowers her ears, "There's a temple? .. It's like the whole place gets bigger and moves around when I'm not looking. The last time I went exploring, I got lost." She starts on a bit of fish.

Erk Mendon scowls behind him, rubing his head before going back to mumbling and eating at the same time. He does this for a couple minutes, cause I need to go afk for a short time. ^^

Ranamor Quickfist wanders into the room and drops into a chair next to Sirum.

Kitzibeth: Thank you, Kel. It was my father's temple. He revered Saligor, because he loved the birds." She shrugs. "The statue is still there."

Sirum Hest simply shrugs in response to Catherine, "Well, for one, Kizzy would be awfully mad at me if I ruined her sheets with blood. An' I don't like seein' her upset. For two... erm... well, I'd rather find out what I can about ya before ya switch again. Let's take trip to church -- in a minute." His only distraction being the ghostly servants torturing Erk, drawing out a copper-headed arrow from his quiver. "See, this is why I always carry copper. Ya never know what etheral pranksters might be followin' ya."

Rakuro supposes an IC entrance is better then none at all, and as such rather casually waltzes into the room, past Ruby, then spinning much like a soldier to face the table. He clicks his heels together smartly, clasps his paws behind his back, and casts a short gaze around the area.. if you're all IC, one eyebrow goes up, if most of you are OOC, he merely nods to those he recognizes

Taereal Sareen nods, looking up to Kitzibeth as he dabs a napkin at his muzzle, "And a fine statue, it is, Archmagess Kitzibeth. It is a very comforting place to pray." He nods in confirmation.

Taikris would probably be alarmed by such undead servants, but... as nobody apart from Hiro has keeled over. He's just peachy ^^

Ruby Pyralis raises both ears at the click of Kuro's heels, turning slightly while still in the middle of chewing her food to give him a blank stare. o.o

Ranamor Quickfist cocks a brow as Rak enters the room and greets all with military like movements.

Kitzibeth: Well, a lot of that you can blame on me, Taereal. I spent a good portion of a year repairing that temple." She smiles and subtly notes that the servants are not undead - only ethereal. "Good evening, Kuro. Fish?" She points to the plates of battered Tabernian Cod.

Kele-De continues eating, taking her time nad chewing each bite thoughtfully. She seems a bti off in her own world at the moment. "It's very peaceful there Kitziebth. Your entire home is lovely."

Catherine O`Hara sighs faintly as she props her head up un her paws, these in turn supported via her elbows upon the tables. "If it will have you stop accusing me of killing people, Sir Hest, then fine."

Ranamor Quickfist notices the fish as Kitzi points it out and helps himself to some as well. He quickly forks some onto his plate.

Rakuro shakes his head shortly to Kitzibeth, pointing to gAIM for her (provided she still uses it) and returns the blank stare to Ruby for a long moment, speaking out of the side of his mouth, "No thanks. I never much liked fish. Not even.. whatever that stuff happens to be.."

Kitzibeth: Thank you, Kel. I've prided myself on keeping the entire Villa in top condition. "You don't like fish? Primes Kuro.." She sounds incredulous. "What do you want then? Ask Jeeves."

Ruby Pyralis smirks slightly as she swallows the fish in her mouth before turning back to her plate and forking in another hefty bite. Fishy. <3

Kivae, despite only getting a raised eyebrow, waves towards Rakuro. "Where've you been? You didn't get to see us make the robes.. and.. Sirum showing showing off. And," She flicks her tail at Catherine, figuring that to be enough. "If we can ask what we want, can I have something not-wine?"

Sirum Hest pads over to Catharine then and nearly offers a paw down to her, but thinks better of it, aware of the fact that some of her darker magics require touching the victim. Thusly he just leads the way to the chapel, and calls back to Rakuro, "Rakuro! Catharine is back, an' ya might wanna follow us. I'm not sure what effect it'll have on her."

Sirum Hest motions a paw off towards the archways to the inside of the chapel, as he begins to pad backwards. "Don't go in too far. I'm not sure what effect this'll have on ya, but if I'm right it's not gonna feel all that nice."

Kalannar follows in a rather .. well, Drow-ish manner. Ooooh, the lurking.

Kivae has her ears down, and finishes the vegge she brought wish her, while following Sirum, "Did you have to go during dinner? It's not like everyone else isn't going to follow n'matter when it is.."

Ranamor Quickfist follows the group idily, clutching his plate, still eating off it. He keeps one eye on the action and one eye on his plate.

Catherine O`Hara glances at the assumed chapel, frowning briefly, though not bearing anything that would justify not being able to simply enter she turns to enter, "Fine. But if nothing happens, then don't mention that thing you referred to me as." And with that she enters the sacred area, moving steadily further inwards, not even noticing the acrid smell of burning fur and flesh as tendrils of smoke suddenly begin to lift skyward.

Kalannar growls loudly as he darts into the chapel and moves to grab Catherine by the back of her cloak and simply drag her out of the damaging place.

Ranamor Quickfist wanders over to the wall and watches through the window. Suddenly he notices the smoke and the stench of burning flesh. His jaw drops slightly.

Rakuro is currently flowing after them in his usual stalking manner, pulling up short at Kivae's side.. his ears tilted forward.. at the obvious burning of the femme both ears swivel out to the sides and he utters a slight cough. Though he refuses to actually say anything, as Kal already went to the rescue ^^

Sirum Hest's eyes roll. "It's not my fault people have to come an' see everythin' that happens. I jus'--what in the Primes... I said not too far!", the sickening smell reaching his nose quickly enough. He nearly removes his cloak to wrap about one of her arms and tug back, but it seems Kalannar's post beat him to it. "Do ya see now, Blackthorn? Ya nearly went up like a bonfire from jus' a few seconds of bein' there."

Taikris hmms slightly as he suddenly realizes why this was supposed to be so incredibly interesting

Catherine O`Hara screams rather piercingly as she's suddenly dragged out of the holy area by that meddling drow, though the smouldering of her flesh stops almost immediately. Breaking free of his grip as they're out of the chapel's area of effect, retreating back quickly, "No! He did something! He must have." Overbalancing in her pain and distress and falling as she attempts to back away from the drow.

Rakuro murmers something under his breath, his eyes closing as the femme is dragged from the church.. His breathing slows to an unnatural rate and he appears, to all intents and purposes, as if made of stone... covered in.. fur... >>

Sirum Hest sighs in exasperation and motions for Kalannar to back away from Catharine, not quite feeling like watching her turn into O'Hara from his being near her. "Ya started smokin' before he went in there, an' Kalannar there isn't all that great a magic caster. Isn't this proof enough?'

Kalannar rolls his eyes and folds his arms across his chest as he raises an exasperated brow toward Catherine, "Zu'tour phor."

Kivae winces a bit, only looking somewhat sorry as she holds a hand-paw over her nose and mouth, otherwise without action. "Shutting out possibilities, again.." She glances up towards Rakuro, ears lowering.

Taikris slowly makes his way to the foreground as arms fold across his chest to mutter "Dinner and a show. Who could ask for much more." in a much more audible tone he inquires. "She gonna' be alright?"

Catherine O`Hara without anyone actually saving her from it, the brief overbalancing results in her falling over backwards, hitting the tiles roughly, though still trying to back away from the group, "No. No. No no no. NO!" Ranting now before suddenly stopping and shaking her head violently as if attempting to rid herself of something."

Taikris blinks a few times, arms unfolding as his stance becomes more proper. "The hell is wrong with her?"

Kalannar's usual scowl forms visibly into a cringe as he mutters, "Xsa.. Usstan orn'la y'sik nindol naut sha'nalt, nin." He backs off slightly, his fingers already wrapping about his scimitars.

You say, "[Backs off = moving forward? :P"
Kalannar: [Huh? I lag, ph00l. Don't make me get the kobolds for mansechs.]
Taikris: [Kobolds!!!]
Catherine O`Hara: [o.o]
Kivae: [One of them has to be named Tina, or I'll be forced to save Si.]
Catherine O`Hara: [Male kobold named Tina, for questionable relations with Sirum? o.o]

Sirum Hest flops down onto the walkway then and narrows his eyes at Taikris, "If yer not gonna help go save that Tigahrrim on the floor from alcohol poisonin'. Or at least wakin' up with his face in the contents of his dinner." His tail then gives idle twitches at Catharine's refusal to believe them. "Yer actin' as if we've jus' told ya ya are the Heretic of Killin' Children an' Animals. All ya are is a necromancer, I don't see what's so hard to believe about that. Except maybe yer followin' them."

Taikris looks over to Sirum with a rather lost expression. "I'll help, but what exactly do you want me to do? If you want me to try and subdue her I will."

Catherine O`Hara remains perfectly still for several moments before finally turning her gaze once more upon the rodent, "No better than that, Sir Hest... Not if I... Not if she... Not if these paws hurt people."

Sirum Hest shakes his head, "Nothin' ya can do, jus' stay out of our way, really." He makes way for Catherine then, and motions back off towards the dinner hall. "Jus' talk with Kitzibeth. If ya really don't wanna end up like that again, she can find a way to remove the marks that the Heretic's placed on ya. Maybe even erase O'Hara altogether an' ensure that ya never turn back into her, though Erisvan, Pytch an' Kendrick might not be too happy about that."

Taikris gives a slight nod to Sirum, making clear a pathway between the purple-furred femme and the way to Kitzibeth. "If you say so Sirum."

Catherine O`Hara rubs her paws against first her temples before running them through her hair, pulling slightly at her hair, something evidently still troubling the necromancer, "Why would she help me...?"

Sirum Hest reaches downwards to lightly tug at the sleeve of her robes, in the direction of the hall once more. "Kitzibeth much prefers a sweet femme like yerself bein' about rather than one who runs the risk of hurtin' her friends, I imagine. An'... don't pull on yer headfur like that. It doesn't do a bit of good to yank it out.", smiling weakly

Kivae lightly elbows Rakuro, before ducking aroun the mage and down the walk, tail twitching. "You're not still all.. burnt, are you?"

Catherine O`Hara shakes her head then suddenly, again in the violent manner from before, "But it hurts... Keeps them quieter." Not elaborating on this as she again pulls herself to her feet, "She should burn my flesh from this plain if I am as you say Sir Hest, and she shall no doubt..."

Rakuro apparently doesn't feel the nudge, even though it could have been enough to maim a lesser man. He remains an eminent figure of utter passivity

Taikris for a furre used to chucking drunks out of taverns... he suddenly feels on slightly more even footing as he watches Catharine pass by

Kalannar simply watches, an ever-growing expression of distaste plastering his face.

Sirum Hest rolls his eyes then and gives several further tugs before dropping his paw back to his side. "If Kitzibeth was interested in burnin' ya she'd have done it the second ya set foot but an inch onto her villa. Yer jus' makin' up excuses to avoid those marks removal, I'm thinkin'. Rakuro, care to help?"

Catherine O`Hara shakes her head once more at this, "No... She'd react as you did, only in a more violent manner, such is the way of things Sir Hest." Terribly morbid, but she's dealing with whispering voices that just won't shut-up. "Let's go."

Sirum Hest simply begins padding off then towards the dinner hall, whistling oddly cheerfully as he goes.

Catherine O`Hara is not quite so cheerful, following after the rodent, though pausing briefly to give an odd glance in the direction of Rakuro, before grimacing and moving after the rodent once more, paws pressed to the sides of her skull once more.

Kalannar growls as he goes quickly after the crowd, namely Catherine.

Rakuro moves quite easily over to the other side of the table, dropping down into a seat as though to mull over some private thoughts

Catherine O`Hara blinks in a distracted manner, casting her gaze about spontaneously, before dropping her paws once more, wearing an oddly relieved expression for some reason. As she comes into the Archmagess' presence, she drops her gaze once more, following Sirum still.

Kalannar follows shortly after Catherine, though oddly enough would likely go unnoticed. He's good at that.

Kitzibeth is staring blankly at the flowers. They are pretty.

[#] A purple mist coalesces near the entrance of the villa.

Taikris takes up a quiet stance behind Catharine, waiting patiently for either a resolution, or a conflict

Sirum Hest pads into the dining hall once more with Catharine in tow, and Taikris for some reason creepily following along directly behind her. "Kitzibeth, if ya wouldn't mind... erm.... ya once offered to remove the Six-Star from me when I had it, but Erisvan rid me of it herself. Could ya remove all of Blackthorn here's markin's for me? An'... if ya could, rid her mind of O'Hara altogether. Then she'll be harmless, an' we won't have to deal with her attacks any longer."

Kalannar's fingers slowly, discreetly wrap around the handle of one of his scimitars, the other remaining free.

Taikris is like the orderly at the mental institution :-D

Catherine O`Hara doesn't trust Taikris, no one should follow a person that closely without at least mentioning their intent, thus despite her downcast gaze, she edges away from him and the drow.

Kitzibeth looks at Sirum, and quirks a brow. "That's going to take a long time. It's probably better to simply get her blessed in a consecrated temple as you were."

Taikris isn't really inclined to allow such leeway. He was going to try and help :-P

Kivae remains leaning against the wall, her legs stretched out in front of her. She clears her throat slightly. "If she could stay in a temple, I'm sure we would do that." She kicks a bit at Tai's ankles and footpaws as he moves forward.

Sirum Hest scratches at the back of his headfur then in thought. "Um.. we could do that, I suppose, if it weren't for her nearly burnin' alive from steppin' a few feet inside yer chapel. None of us are Clerics, an' in the time it would take to bless her she would either be dead or one of the three Heretic's would show up to blast us around with their magics."

Kitzibeth: Is not Sister Chloe here?

[#] From the gate calls forth, in what could be described as a 'Godly Tone' (though who would describe it as such is beyond me) "EXCUSE ME! I SEEK THE ARCHMAGES KITZIBETH! IS ANYONE HOME"

(You see Atroticus Oks.)
> A very strange Figure indeed, He has a long pointed wizards hat that has a curtain around the head, but from it, two long ears pop out, telling he is a fox, His face however is not without its mistery, A red and black Mask cover it cheeks upward. He wares a clear robe and hood, And two big gaunglets with a Ruby incrusted from the back of the paw that start from the elbow with runic marks [AK].

Catherine O`Hara: [That name just screams evil.]
You say, "[It's not evil.]"
You say, "[It's... it's... -it's Hikari-.]"
Catherine O`Hara: [With emit power?]
Taikris: [Oh god. It's happened. Marl... hold me ;.;]

Rakuro's ears flatten back against the sides of his skull and he shoots a close-eyed gaze over his shoulder towards where he knows the gate to be.. "Hmm.. you get some very loud callers, Kitzibeth. At least mine were only very, very strange"

Catherine O`Hara shuffles absently from foot to foot, though still she avoids actually looking or speaking to the Archmagess.

Sirum Hest shakes his head. "Not currently, no. Though, if ya could bring Cyan here for a minute or two we could--", cutting himself off from the screams at the gate. "...ah... I don't suppose the both of ya", seeming to be refering to Kitzibeth and Rakuro, "could make the entire place turn invisible as fast as possible? Knowin' that tone they'll be here for hours an' hours."

Kalannar turns toward the gate for a moment, then looks back toward Catherine as he grumbles.

Kitzibeth sighs. "Let him in. I need a good laugh right about now."

Sirum Hest's tail also flicks back to absently thwap at Taikris' leg. And would proceed to do so until he moved away from the necromancer. All without him giving a glance back behind him.

Kitzibeth: Someone go get him, please.

Rakuro hns quietly and rises from his seat, quickly moving to see the visitor... er.. meet..

Catherine O`Hara: [Oh... No... It is him.]

Taikris caught off guard by the booming voice, he catches said kicks to his footpaws. This of course is responded to with a rather irritated feline sound as a look of reprimand is cast at Kivae. Only to have yet another assailant upon him. Hopping to he side, he lands upon the nearby stool, and away from the irritating kits

You say, "[Quickly, to the private room!]"
Catherine O`Hara: [To the batcave!]

Sirum Hest isn't irritating, is kickin' rad, and spiffin'. "I take it yer not gonna help Blackthorn an' instead are gonna let her roam free about yer villa then, Kitzibeth?"

Kitzibeth is looking rather bored, and idly twirls a claw in her wine. "You want me to get Cyan here, Sirum? Do you know how hard that is these days?"
Kitzibeth: As I said before, Sirum - she can't do any damage to the Villa. I suppose I could give her a mental blank or something.

Catherine O`Hara raises her head briefly, as if about to say something, but the words never pass to the air before her, and so she gazes at her feet once more. She had heard enough voices today, without caring overmuch about the booming voice.

Rakuro pauses at the end of the table, making a vague gesture towards the white fox at his side. "Ladies and gentleman, I present to you... someone else". With that intellectual statement he simply steps away from Atroticus and leans against the wall

Atroticus Oks Eyes open up as he bounces up and down, the curtain around his head, thought the hat is moving "Why, blessed my eyes be! If it isnt Archmagess Kitzibeth! I'd say your complete name, but formal introductions are not me!" he spins in place "I am Atroticus Oks! Alchemist Supreme of the Valanthian Order!".

Sirum Hest frowns briefly. "Blankin' out her memory would only have one of the Heretic's fix it back up. An' sure, Cyan is more than likely in some office right now dealin' with paperwork. If ya would rather she keep an eye on us though, an' when she leaves goes off to slaughter whoever makes her mad, leave her be, I guess." He merfs then and moves to take a seat, raising a brow at the mage as he does so. "Is he an Archmage?"

Kitzibeth quirks a brow. "No, he's a madfurre." She remarks to Sirum. "You came here to see me, and disturbed the Fung Shui of my Villa by screaming, and yet you're surprised to see me? Will wonders never cease. Blow anything up recently?"

Kivae mutters, while scooting away from the wall, and across the floor to find someplace to lie down, "Usually not much difference.."

Rakuro's area of expertise is being infringed upon? What madness is this?! Of course, he doesn't do anything anyway, merely continuing to slouch against the wall like a decidedly older sort of disgruntled teenager, arms crossed across his chest, ears swivelling to catch conversation

Sirum Hest eyes Atroticus up and down thoughtfully. "Alchemist, huh? Does that mean ya can make potions that turn furres hair green?"

Catherine O`Hara blinks, before backing up a halfstep, "Perhaps it'd be best if we didn't trouble her right now, Sir Hest?"

Atroticus Oks looks to Sirum "Turn hair green? HAH! I am beyond that, i can make even you insides green!" he chuckles "Now kitzi, I am no madfurre... Im just... Misunderstood... Now, would a mad furre do this?!" he claps his hands and suddenly his gaunglets spring from his hands and on to the table, they stand on the center fingers and start dancing, to a music that apparently comes from the inners of the glove, expulsed via the oppening in it, The Rubys have little happy faces and he claps to them while they dancing quite amused. [3/3 Illusion?].

Kitzibeth slowly rubs her temples. "No, certainly not. Master Rakuro would never do such a thing."

(You see Maryn Cillanus.)
> Gilded rings, and various golden trinkets adorn this creature, though the feline himself appears rather plain. Brownish headfur hangs loosely halfway to shoulder level, waves broken only by peaked ears. Hanging from his belt, lie a multitude of leather pouches, each marked with several archaic symbols while their contents remain unknown. In his left paw rests an oaken staff, something the creature is often found leaning upon for support as he makes his way through the realm.

Maryn Cillanus makes his grand entrance with a pilfered book from Kitzibeth's grand library, an important book, to him at least, he raises an eyebrow as his attention shifts to the Alchemist before stating dryly, "To the best of my knowledge, I would indeed say that a madfurre would do that."

Taikris actually seems mildly perturbed by the odd display before giving Sirum a rather odd glance. "You fellows certainly encounter a lot of odd typed. You know that?"

Kalannar growls at the increasing number of people present, though he remains in place.

Kitzibeth points out to Maryn that books that are taken from the Villa without the proper checkout procedure lead to instant disintegration of the offending furre.
"Quite." She says to Tai, and then to the Alchemist. "Again - what brings you back to Valanthas? Last I hear you were now living in the Himo region of the Holy Launcia."

Maryn Cillanus never left the villa, that would be impractical.

Sirum Hest gives Taikris a sly grin. "I know worse. Ya have never seen Zhian, or Path'en, or Pytch, or... ... ...well, jus' about anyone who can cast magic well enough."

Taikris almost seems unsettled by this most recent revalation by Sirum "They get wierder, and crazier you mean? A terrifying thought. I'm -really- going to have to start practicing soon <.<"

Atroticus Oks Pokes out his tounge and soon the gaunglets go back to his hand, those who would have noticed his hands, one is furre less and one is green, quickly covered by the gloves "Well, I come to show you some of my discoverements... And to find willing ginea pigs" he then hops in mid air and rellies on his floating spell, unfortunatly, the magic feel disrupts it and he falls short "Ouch... IM FINE! HEHEHEHE!" he does however cast a spell that makes fireworks come from the tips of his fingers.

Catherine O`Hara didn't actually receive an answer from the rodent, thus she lurks around, soon moving to a seat at the table, suddenly tired.

You say, "[I missed your post. :P]"

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "I believe that you'll find a few willing mages northwest of here in the City of Towers. As for this Villa, you shall find nothing for your pleasure." She stands and pads off. [Need to take eyes off monitor]

Sirum Hest also nods to the necromancer then, "Right. From the looks of it she'll be avoidin' the madfurre all day. Ya might wanna... erm... jus'... go find the nearest inn, really."

Maryn Cillanus rolls his eyes slightly as the madfurre leaps into the air, moving slightly to the side to place the pilfered tome upon the counter before speaking, "Now that's not the way to do something like that, even I with my nonexistant calling in the arcane can prove better. Just watch." Pushing up his sleeves briefly before waving his arms about in a theatrical manner, instantly the room is shrouded in floating dust particles, which in turn burst into independant streamers of light. [Item Effect.]

Rakuro straightens up slowly, his back scraping without feeling against the stone wall. He turns his gaze downward and narrows his eyes at the fox.. "I'd suggest you get a hold of yourself and, as my 'associate' said, find an inn. There's no good point for you remaining here if all you wish is to throw silly spells and make a fool of yourself". [It's really not once you get into rules]

Atroticus Oks Shakes his head "Oh no! everything i need is here! People! People is what i need, besides, it is you i seek after all, my fort may not be spells, but defenetly potions! Would you like to try some? They're blood flavored that make you grow new limbs, or maybe even turn blue! My masterpiece however is the combination between wind fusion and directing willing air! how else do you think i could get here?!" he stands up in a hope and casts a large smile atfront of him with the fireworks.

Maryn Cillanus's fireworks were better.

Catherine O`Hara glances once more at the rodent, before offering a brief nod, "That would be the best I suppose, but I'm not terribly sure where 'here' is, or where the nearest inn is."

Taikris sighs as he slumps into his seat, leaning onto the tabletop as he considers everything he saw in the course of the single day. "Since you're supposed to be the hero" addressing Sirum of course. "How exactly do you deal with all these nutjobs?"
Maryn Cillanus isn't a nutjob, is an author. Small but important differance.

Taikris wasn't including Maryn :-P

Maryn Cillanus is satisfied with this.

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Atroticus Oks Looks at Taikris "Nutjob? Excuse -you-, I am beyond perfectly sane... Atleast thats what all the voices say!" he then throws a tiny thin glassed container at the table that upon contact explodes into a soft mist of pinkish cloud that fades quickly, however, anyone who inhales it will have the incontrollable urge to laugh! Egads! laughing gass!.

Taikris does the smart thing and doesn't breathe in colored gasses :x

Maryn Cillanus as if he had not been exposed to such parlour tricks in the past... Hah, a brief paw movement brings a fold of his silk shirt over his muzzle, as he does so, the streaming colours of light die out as his gaze flickers past the insane one to the more insane, though also more polite one, "Is it typical of madame Kitzibeth's home, to grant hospitality to such offensive individuals?"

Kalannar moves into place not far behind Catherine, eyeing her carefully as he simply watches her from the wall.

Rakuro, though perhaps not as powerful a wizard as this one, easily affects a mundane solution to the problem. A swift series of fannings from his arm and the gas easily clears from around him.. "No, it is not. And as such, I am going to have to say that if you cannot bring yourself under some semblance control you will simply have to leave"

Sirum Hest answers Taikris with a short, "I'm not a hero, I jus' do what I want an' somewhere along the way end up helpin' to get rid of some great evi--", getting cut short by the gas that appears, and thusly quickly fleeing. Of course he assumes it to be poison. .-.

[I don't think Si ever considered himself a hero. Every day was a carnival. If some of the games and rides happened to have the effect of slaying some ancient evil, well, that was an especially interesting day spent with his friends. Even the constant desire to forge the Wailing of the Void and slay Pytch was only ever revenge for Canti, rather than some delusions of heroism. You kill his friends, he goes on a worldwide adventure slaying ancient lich, dragons, blademasters and hellish souls if that's what it takes to shove a magical sword through your face. Lot of determination in such a little runt.]

Taikris honestly wonders just how much longer he can hold his breath... or mayb ethe gas dissapated <.<

Atroticus Oks Looks to Maryn "Oh? Well excuse me for trying to bring some fun into the air! Common, breathe it! Its not toxic, atleast not to me! :-)" he looks to rakuro "Very well very well, if you say so" he throws a second blue vial that also explodes, but upon contact both mists disapear quite quickly "I'll behave... however you must promise to look through my studies seriously... now, where did i put them?... Ah yes, here they are" he takes from his pocket a a small nail sized book, microscopic.

Rakuro leans back once more against the wall and crosses his arms again, "Then go to it with a will, whoever you may be. Provided you are not being obnoxious, you may remain within the walls"

Maryn Cillanus absently brings his paws free from his shirt, to old lightly before him as he moves to take a seat, "So who is this individual? I can't say I recognize his features with anything from the ministries I associate myself with." Speaking to Rakuro rather than the object of his conversation.

Taikris lets out a gasp as the air clears about him, breathing in deeply once more as he edges about the table, wondering the exact same thing as Maryn

Atroticus Oks Grins a sheepish one "I am an Alchemist of reknown fame, I have invented cures for sicknesses... And other things" a smirk crosses his face..." he throws the microspcopic text book in mid air twords where Maryn was and says "Full size" and at an unnusual rate the book bocomes the sice of a table and as tall as the chairs your all sitting on, its tittle is "Elemental Alchemy: Notes" he looks to rakuro "You should see tome "Theories", now thats something that would snap the floor like a twig".

Maryn Cillanus catches the ponderous tome, as if hand in fact caught suddenly enlarging books before, speaking absently as he meaneuvers it awkwardly into a position where he might read some of what was contained within, "So you are a friend of some bard I would be guessing, for madfurres are rarely renowned otherwise, might I be correct goodsir?"

Rakuro shoots a short, cursory glance at the massive book, then turns his attention back to Atroticus, "Ah.. in other words, you are indeed fully out of your mind thanks to the insane experiments you've managed to accidentally cook up and have come here for the express purpose of hoping Lady Kitzibeth would take pity on you and advance some of your work to a now obliterated Valanthian Council. Correct me where I'm wrong?"

Maryn Cillanus of course caught it before it became full-size. :-P

Rakuro makes a short, dismissive gesture at Maryn, "He is, of course, very well known. But not necessarily renowned. More like infamous"

Atroticus Oks Looks to Rakuro with "Evil Eye" "Excuse -you-? I have come here because thos hot headed mages to the north didnt want my studies!" he sits down and mumbles out loud "No... They're crazy, the elements arent like that... how can you create ether out of elements" it is here where he draws a small little bottle inside a crystal spheare "Like this you idiots, this uncristalized mass of ether make a village go off the map... but they thought it was just another "Potion of boom" ".

Rakuro is wholly and completely unaffected by the "evil eye".. because he's wholly and completely blind. Of course, he merely shakes his head slowly, "You can, in fact, 'create ether out of the elements'. But it's not so much a creating as a mixing. Or more accurately, a reversion of the substance from its current form to that which it held previous. And a tiny bottle such as that, even filled with the purest of ether, would do little but cause a very annoying suction of magic in the surrounding area"
Rakuro: [suction... ye gods, I'm too tired to do magical theory.. "but cause a very annoying explosion of magical energy in the surrounding area. Of the sort that makes a wizard faint"*]

Maryn Cillanus glances upwards then as he snaps the massive tome shut, "Amazing waste of paper this surely is, being a prolifferic individual, I respect the effort that must surely have gone into writing so much, but with that also comes a bitter dissapointment, it has been known throughout Feanor since the Third Age, that there are six elemental forces, and two beyond those, that's not to even mention those of Tigath. And he did mention renown, knot just fame."

Taikris just sort of sits there <.<

Kalannar is all sorts of brooding over here.

Atroticus Oks Shakes his head "Wrong, Ether is the distallation of energy found in every element, THEN mix it to create solid pure ether, without a good prottection, this baby could go unstable any second and end our lives here and now" he looks around and burst into laughs "Not to worry, i have indeed sealed it in my very best bottle!".

Rakuro shakes his head slowly at the white fox, "Alchemists always did enjoy toying with what they cannot even term properly. You do not -mix- ether to make 'solid, pure ether'. It is simply a substance. You may hold a vast amount of generic energy bottled up so tightly in there it would, indeed, go 'boom'. But you have not created something new". He then swivels his ears forward, addressing the other participant of the conversation, "There are seven elements, including ether, which is ->
Rakuro the essential middle point of all"

Taikris almost misread that as 'Rakuro, the essential middle point of all' <.<[]
Rakuro is just egotistical :-D]
Ranamor Quickfist: [Hah! Only in his head Taikris.]

Maryn Cillanus shrugs absently before responding, "I am not a great follower of arcane arts, being little more than a historian, rather than a mage such as yourself, though based upon what I do know, there would be... Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Void, and Creation. The two alternates would be the Infernal and Celestial forms invoked by clerics, while the seals have their own magics. Our well-known friend however believed there to be only four."

Ranamor Quickfist notes that his port in this dream makes him look like a woman librarian.[]
Rakuro would agree, except that's Jyrras, who rocks]
Catherine O`Hara: [It's telling you something.]
Catherine O`Hara: [Tehehe Lost Lake.]
Taikris: [Jyrras is teh r0xx0r]

Atroticus Oks LOoks at Maryn with a "Huh?" "Void nor Creation are elements, Void is that what isnt and Creation is that of he four elements, And you" looks to rakuro "What are thise seven elements? Tell me, I'd just love to hear what you wizard make of the Filosofies of Aristotelfurre and Empedocanine!".

Catherine O`Hara: [*Moans*]
Catherine O`Hara: [Oh god. Stab me. ><]
Rakuro: [That was... the very.. very.. worst maiming of names ever]
Taikris stabs[]
Rakuro: [:-P Sorry, Atro.. but that was indeed truly horrific]
Ranamor Quickfist[laughs.]

[Disconnect. Not sure for how long. Resuming.]


Rakuro a seventh. It has been used for ages and ages, but has always been tacked with an element according to that which it is used for. The seventh 'element', is that which we call Ether. It is similar to Existans, except it does not work as the fabric of the weave does. Instead it simply exists within it as a sort of 'fifth element'. It is the purest of them all, and as such is perfect for manipulation and small cantrips. However, it lacks the strength of the elements, and as such it is never ->
Rakuro used for much more then the apprentice level spells you learn when they're making sure you can even cast spells".. with that two+ paragraph post, he stops lecturing

You say, "[Silly Rakuro.]"
You say, "[The fifth element is love.]"
Rakuro: [HRT # ]
Maryn Cillanus: [HIPPY!]
Mara Dark: [I think of Captain Planet o-o]
You say, "[You've obviously never seen The Fifth Element.]"

Atroticus Oks Nods to Rakuro "Though you are right in the fith element, The Destillation of the elements may produce the fifth element, that if not cristalized emedietly will become unstable, however... You can place void in a bottle, or creation in one can you? May i tell you why" he doodles it in the air with his magic gloves that trace it with light "IT DOES -NOT- EXIST!" "Void and Creation are concidered states of the materia of wish the elements are mad of!":

Maryn Cillanus sighs as he brings himself once more upwards pulling something from within his cloak before bringing it down suddenly on the mage so near him, certainly not expecting him to resist unconcciousness as he hadn't even been looking at him while spouting such nonsense.

Maryn Cillanus just hit him over the head wqith the equivalent of a super-sap, having one of those objects with him for some obscure reason.

Ranamor Quickfist cocks his brow as the man smacks the mage over his head. "He wasn't THAT annoying was he?"

Rakuro shakes his head slowly, "That is not the fifth element as you seem to believe, 'good sir'. No, that's simply a 'distillation' of the four elements crammed into a tiny space. Impressive, perhaps.. but it is not ether. It is a swirling vortex of opposing elements all mashed into a very tiny space. What you hold is a lesser form of a prismatic spell-in-a-bottle"

Rakuro cuts off as Maryn, of course, just smacked the furre in the base of the skull with a sap.. well, that's one way to get rid of him.. one nasty kink in the neck when he wakes up too

Atroticus Oks Looks up to the Mage "I have no time for this, if you want to, i may even continue this another time" he looks at his book and says "Minimize" the book would start to be come small, emedietly he would say "Pocket" as it'd jump from its basis and enter the pocket, with that draws a potion "Alright well, have a goodnight everyone, I know ill have" the curtain would for some reason shine like a mask behind his head, and the sap would be blown away atleast five feat and he'd say "If i Were you, i wouldnt try that again" he simply tosses the potion to the ground creating a simple puff of smoke, that once cleared, he would be long gone to a room.

Ranamor Quickfist gets up and walks over to pick up the sap. He examines it for a moment before glancing up, "What the hell just happened?"

Sirum Hest pads back into the room then, having spent the entire while listening to their conversation just around the corner. "...that... is precisely why I'm never gonna stick my head far into magical theory. I'll either end up like the stranger there, who gets violent while debatin', the other stranger who came to see Kitzibeth, an idiot who doesn't know what he's talkin' about... or Rakuro, who can't help but try to hammer the truth into the idiots heads, while they still ignore it.", snickering quietly as he flops next to Kivae.

Maryn Cillanus replaces the item back within it's proper place as he considers the now vacated area, glancing at Rakuro now, "Terribly sorry about that, but the fellow was seriously starting to strike me the wrong way, right from the moment when he slaughtered the people behind those names he warped, I started to feel ill. I should hope you won't be holding that against me?"

Rakuro shakes his head slowly and growls, "It's idiots like that who make me wish I had no concious. It'd be so much easier to obliterate the infidels in an ultimate magical jihad then to attempt to reeducate them in things they -should- have learned as apprentices in school. And if they haven't attended a school, then they shouldn't make grand allusions to being poewrful wizards. Damn hedgewizards"

Ranamor Quickfist sits boredly. His fingers drumming on the table.

Mara Dark is probably sitting either right here or over by the wall staring at the ground. Yeah.

Rakuro then, in a grand gesture of apathy, one-handed typing and hunger. goes to get more then just this cookie

Sirum Hest sticks his tongue out at Rakuro. "Kivae an' myself are, for the most part, hedgewizards. We're still learnin' the basics of magic under ya... even though Kivae pretty much has her druidic magics down entirely. Jus' ignore 'em, or blast 'em with a wave of dispellin', an' watch 'em spend the next few weeks reenchant all their things."

Rakuro shakes his head shortly, "You and Kivae aren't in the slightest 'hedgewizards'. You're both being trained by a Valanthian Master, though don't go telling everyone. A title is a wonderful thing until people get wind of it". he sighs tiredly and shuts his useless eyes, "But you are still quite far from those idiot self-trained hedgewizards. You understand your lessons"

Maryn Cillanus didn't get an answer unfortunately, though he returns to his seat, now with his original book back in paw.

Sirum Hest eyes the robe of leaves on the statue behind him thoughtfully, tail thumping the seat behind him. "Aw, why not? I'm sure ya would love the dozens of visitors each day that Kitzibeth already gets, hehehe.", grinning toothily before he continues. "An'... I don't get it. If he doesn't understand his, an' Erk doesn't understand... how is it that they manage to manipulate the magic around them?"

Maryn Cillanus comments briefly as he scans through his own tome, "If you had a crossbow, would you be any less able to trigger the firing mechanism not knowing how it worked, then if you did? Nay, though you would still be a hazard to yourself and all those around you."

Ranamor Quickfist glances at Sirum and shrugs, "Just because they don't understand how it works doesn't mean they can't do it."

Rakuro smiles faintly at the two different explanations offered.. though one isn't really an explanation at all, and the other is a metaphor. "That's both the beauty and the annoyance of magic, Sirum. At its most basic levels, it's not inherently difficult to control. And almost all races on Callendor are inherently able to do so. Why, just look at some of the cases where some beings manifest magical abilities without any training whatsoever. But, unfortunately, this also means a bunch of wild-brained idiots coming up with their own magical theories and 'why things work the way they do's. It's a terrible inconvenience to all of us who are building on the blocks of Ages of true scholars. Especially when they go preaching to the populace about how they've discovered the twenty-third element and it'll" he abruptly changes his voice to that of someone shouting from atop a stage to a vast crowd, "Change the world!"

Maryn Cillanus wasn't using a metaphor, was using an example, for a comparison to be made... >.>

Rakuro, of course, doesn't actually shout.. he just has the same tone ^^

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "No... I mean, like, if they were tryin' to speak Arcane, but didn't know the language only from vague bits an' details. Even I could only make small bits of ice an' drops of water in my first few months of magical study, so it seems like if they were tryin' to cast it wouldn't work at all." He then pauses to listen to Rakuro, considering the mages words in his head, then laughing nervously. "Oh... I get it. They actually know -how- to use magic, somehow, they jus' aren't entirely sure how to make it do what they want, an'... ya get Erk, accidently lightin' things ablaze."

Kivae snots, suddenly. She creeps open an eye a slit. "I don't have any change." She attempts to roll over, only to hit her nose on the wood floor. ".. ow."
Ranamor Quickfist: [She snotted did she?]
Kivae snots all over Ran.
Kivae: [*snorts]

Maryn Cillanus simply must make a grand exit, otherwise there would be no point, so up he goes, back to his feet with a book in hand, speaking in a similar theatrical tone to Rakuro's, "But I actually have discovered the twenty-third element, and it has been under our muzzles for many an age without our seeing it for what is is. This element is 'Green' and a wonderful element it is too, most wonderful of all the other twenty-two, glorious in nature, for look about you! See what sway it has over continues, "Your pathetic limited brains, now I shall be off! To share my glorious discovery with all the mages of Valanthas. I bid thee goodnight, and suchlike."

Rakuro nods lightly with a smile, "Aye. Exactly. Magic is all about mindsets and channeling. The words, the gestures.. even the tools.. they're all just helps. Of course, there are lots of effects, then, that couldn't be brought about without the help.. but simple things can be controlled by an idiot with nothing but the luck to have chanced upon a method of levitating a walnut shell". He then nods shortly to Maryn and takes the seat near the one he recently occupied

Annari Salia walks in and sits down, folding her legs under her and crossing her arms over her chest. Her tail curled around her waist as she watched the furres at the table.

Maryn Cillanus smiles faintly before making an expansive gesture, meant to encompass the entire room as he retrieves his book once more, "A pity I was never born for the stage, else I might be able to grant the fateful discovery of 'Green' a better performance, but no matter." And with that he lauughs in a cheerful manner before walking off, once more in high spirits, despite the lack of an unconcious crazedfurre.

Mara Dark: [I'm going to beeddd. Night people]
Maryn Cillanus: [Night everyone. Night Mara.]
You say, "[Night Mar, night Mar.]"
Kivae: [Ni]
Kivae: [ght]
Maryn Cillanus: [Give me a bloody 'L' Rat, or I'll skin you alive and eat yeh!]
Rakuro: [Night!]
Taikris: [o.o]
Maryn Cillanus: [L! Add an L! Foolish rodent.]
You say, "[Maryn.]"
You say, "[Mara.]"
You say, "[Marlina.]"
You say, "[Kivae.]"
You say, "[Kitzerina.]"
Kivae: [Marksman]
You say, "[Kitzibeth.]"
You say, "[Kilikarina.]"
You say, "[Kitsune.]"
Maryn Cillanus: [Marsali.]
Ranamor Quickfist: [NIGHT MARA!!!]
Taikris: [>.>]
Ranamor Quickfist: [HRTHRTHRT]
Kivae: [She's already poofed. :P]

Kivae stretches slowly, rolling back onto her back. She stares with faint confusion up at the ceiling, then shakes her head. ".. Did I just miss a magic lesson..?" ears flickering with confusion, and sounding a bit disappointed.

Taikris blinks a few times as he shakes off the haze of the discussion occuring before him. "Right then..." turning about to nod an affirmative to Kivae, only to turn to look at Rakuro. "I hear you carry a supply of tea with you. That true?"

Rakuro's ears twitch at the question and he clears his throat faintly, leaning back against the air with his footpaws hooked securely about the legs of his chair.. "I do"

Taikris smiles brightly while his player wishes he didn't have to relearn some parts of IC knowledge the hard way o.< "Well... can I have some? The bar doesn't exactly seem to stock any"

Rakuro shrugs briefly and rolls his wrist outward. A small teacup, gilded around with small vines and leaves (that is to say, it's got vines and leaves engraved in gold in a line around the thing) rolls out into his waiting palm. He rests his elbow on the table and holds it upward, "Are you familiar, sir, with the drink known as absynthe?"
Rakuro is actually under the impression that absynthe doesn't exist in this continuity.. but that's okay ^^

Taikris seems bedazzled by the intricately carved and created cup, only to pause inches before it. "Say again? o.o"

Rakuro sighs faintly and sets the cup on the table, nudging it closer towards Taikris, "It's a drink that'll make you drunker then a keg of ale in about three sips. This is, essentially, the nonalcoholic version. And it's got a harsher come down"

Taikris nods very slowly as he begins to retract his paw. "I know what the stuff is. I worked as help around a tavern before I came here, so I'm going to respectfully decline for now. <.<;"

Rakuro nods lightly and retrieves the cup from the table, dropping it inside his sleeve. "I figured as much"
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