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A day of bikinis, birthdays and censorship. 10-3-2004

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:30 am    Post subject: A day of bikinis, birthdays and censorship. 10-3-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: Another day at Kitzibeth's villa. Amerie gets sucked into the villa from the crumbling Caeseal wearing a sopping wet bikini, and Sirum lives up to his asexuality by being blissfully unaware. It's also his belated birthday. A fact he only remembers because Kivae reminded him.

Kitzibeth's naked statues get covered up by the the combined power of high-level druidic magic and level 1 cryomancy. Aren't we just the tiniest puritans?]

Miyth silently sweeps into the seat behind Sirum, after spying the scruffy mark of headfur through the partially obscured window between the two placements. Rather demurely, the maerl leans back against the wall and crosses both arms over his midsection idly- maw played into a quiet smirk. "Eh-heh. You knowe, mie friende.." The maerl utters with only a slightly dark tone, "Thehte iet took mieselv ae good whiele to treck theis groupe."

Sirum Hest's ears perk the instant the maerls voice reaches them, having went without noticing him in the slightest before that. Somewhat out of impulse a hand flashes down to grip a dagger, in caution of some things he had heard, but after thinking better of it he just shrugs and slumps back against the wall. "If ya wanted an easier trip, ya should've taken Kitzibeth's offered portal. But then again, she might've had it spit ya out somewhere else. Like, say, the Sargothian Bazaar...", giving a sly grin before he adds. "Why are ya trackin' us, anyways? All we're here to do is wait until we recieve orders from Entad to retrieve our home."

Miyth glances back, briefly making eye contact with one of the rodent's ears. "You woulde seem to be thee only one thehte hess ienvestement ien thee ciety. Suffieced to saye, thehte thee rest ov thee archerry clubbe remains ien Ansteorra, ande loyal to mieselv."

['Archery Club' was Sirum's code name for the Rogues Guild.]

Sirum Hest shifts himself about quite quickly then, staring at the back of Miyth's head in surprise, though it's only a brief look. "From what Marlina told me, ya had ordered the Archery Club to assist the Risin' Phoenix an' pawed off leadership of it to her. She must've been loaded with horrible, cheap ale then, though...", nose wrinkling in confusion. "Does this mean ya are gonna be helpin' us, or helpin' Damien's bunch?"

Miyth doesn't answer the question directly, but only cracks a small smirk. "Woulde Ie be herre, ien thee proverbial lion's den ov thee opposietion to Damien, werre Ie plannienk on helpienk hiem? Werre thehte thee case, Sierum, Ie siemply could heff taken a head's height off ov yourreselve, ande been done wieth iet."

Ruby Pyralis has been sleeping on this chair for a good long time... because I said so. As conversation starts up around her, she pulls her wings tighter around herself and stretches her footpaws out a bit, nearly whacking Miyth in the process.

Sirum Hest slides over to the chair next to him then, from the mention of him losing a head, but other than that he seems mostly nonchalant. Waking up ten minutes before will do that to you. "I guess ya wouldn't, but even Erisvan stomached bein' around us long enough to get what she needed. Besides... I'm... erm... a member of yer club. Ya can't go around killin' off yer followers, there's gotta be somethin' against that in the contract." No, he didn't sign a contract, but damned if he wasn't going to reference to one as if he had. ^^;

Miyth cants himself off to the side to avoid the Ruby-feet, his expression hidden from Sirum's view. "Preciesely, ande yet, Ie woulde knowe thehte ief you werre to choose, Sierum, aes welle aes thee otherres here, includienk Marliena Ie em afraide, you woulde choose thies sorry troupe overre Damien. Werre Ie set on followienk hiem- Ie woulde not hesietate to rremove whate Ie woulde see aes an obstacle. Surely you knowe me welle enoughe for thehte, Sierum."

Ruby Pyralis, upon realizing someone was in the chair next to her, wiggles her feet around to try and shove them away, this furre being Miyth. This is done while muttering from under her wings, "Can't anyone get some sleep around here..." Though this is soon cut off by a yawn and readjustment of her wings.

Amerie moves around the villa, looking around all the expensive things and items, of course she'd had better, though. Finding Sirum, she ran over to him. "Seejie! Darling, love.. What're you doing here? Did that evil portal get you lost, too?" She also appeared to be wearing a revealing swim-suit, as she was swimming before.. she went into the portal? o_o

Sirum Hest leans back then to tumble off of the chair and to the floor, the tumbles not stopping until he finds himself back against the wall. Upsidedown. But that's hastily fixed. ^^; "Ah, right, I forgot. Ya are about the only furre I know who is crazy enough go raid some Primes forsaken lich tomb jus' to get a few pieces of literature. So why not stab anythin' that looks like it might be unfriendly", tongue poking out briefly, yet his tone is somewhat cautious. "Ya might wanna keep yer own head a bit lower than it is, though, maerl. Zag an' Kitzibeth aren't exactly on the friendliest of terms with ya, if I remember rightly." Finaly then his attention turns to Amerie, staring blankly at her chosen articles of clothing. For a second or two, then he does his best to hold back a snicker. "Nah, this is where we were intended to go. Welcome to Valanthas, Amerie. More specifically, Kitzibeth's villa."

Miyth simply nods to Sirum's point. "Juste rremmember thehte Ie heff mie owne friendes, good Sierum. Betrayienk me to thee mage ien any ciercumstance woulde be verry unwiese..." The maerl leans to the side and extends a claw, intending to allow Ruby to prick her foot on the end of it should she kick him again. "Butte aes to your questione, Ie em iendeed herre to helpe, ande wieth an extensieve layeoute ov thee Ansteorran sewer siestems."

Amerie bites in the inside of her cheek a bit. "You.. Intended to go here? You didn't even ask me!" Placing a hand on her hip, she strolled around for a bit. "I-I... got teleported ages away from here! I had to walk all the way to this stupid villa, and I was drenched and all alone!"

Ruby Pyralis, of course kicks a few more times because it's awfully cramped on just one of the chairs, only to get her footpaw nicked on the claw, making her jump for a moment before retracting her paws and muttering something about 'sleeping near rose bushes.'

Kivae pokes her head threw the window, looking bleary-eyed and tosseled, as if having woken up this morning by falling out of her hammock, and then down a hill. She rests one elbow on the sill, and her chin on that, raising an eyebrow, slowly. "Mn.. What-where was it that you wanted me to find, again, Si? I think I could do that, in exchange for you not complaining 'bout your birthday presents being late." An ear flickers apologetically, then holds steady at the odd angle from her hair. "'llo Amerie.. 'llo Miyth. We're going through th'sewers?"

Miyth turns about in his seat, resting both elbows through the window-divider between the set of seats. He really didn't have anything to add, but didn't want to miss the view, either. >.>...
Miyth: Greetienks.

Ruby Pyralis takes the oppotunity to rear both footpaws back and give a nice, hard kick right into Miyth's side, should all go well, and most likely knock him off and give her legs more resting room. ^-^

Amerie turns to Kivae. "Yeah, Hi and all that." Then back to Seejie. "So.. This is Kitzi's place, eh? Hmm.. No wonder it's so uncoordinated and has no style."

Sirum Hest laughs nervously then and slips one paw up behind his neck, the other waving dismissively up in front of him. "Of course not, even though Kitzibeth has around a hundred magical eyes, ears, paws an' more than likely noses around here, so no betrayin' would matter. Um... by the way, ya might wanna wait up on suggestin' ways to sneak into Ansteorra. I'm tryin' to get what existed of the idiot Paladin's mind back before we do." His attention is then turned back to Amerie, "I thought everyone was told to step inside it, it was open for several days... erm... s-sorry? But... ya might wanna put on somethin' else, Amerie. I don't think furres are supposed to walk around like that, even though some of the Tigahrrim wore less.", eartips faintly reddening.
Sirum Hest also motions a paw towards the dining room, "...she has statues of clothless femmes where she eats..."

Miyth foofs in an exhailation of air, through the maerl is nimble enough to bend his middle instead of being knocked off. Placing one leg firmly against Ruby's seat, he pushes off in hopes of simply sliding the whole pile of sleeping furre off into the next isle, and out of kicking range.

Amerie scratches the side of her head. "Well.. I didn't really plan on going on a vacation, Seejie.. My clothes are left back at the fort!" Looking down a bit. "And I don't think there'll be anything clothes here'll that'll.. Y'know, fit me!"

Sirum Hest -also- finds time to answer Kivae, too! "Birthday present? I don't remember anythin' about any presents. But, I was needin' ya to find out where Thorimar was. Ya druids have some sorta plant-equivalent of mindspeak, right?"

Miyth pats the traveling pack at his side thoughtfully as he listens to Amerie's words, considers offering her a change of clothing.. and then thinks the better of it and decides to hold off on it... But just for a bit. <.<

Ruby Pyralis raises a wing to look around as she kicks into air, just in time to watch her chair get kicked away. She mutters for a few moments and begins to sit up while rubbing at her eyes, "Everything always has to be a big deal, doesn't it..." Then spinning around so her footpaws are on the ground, allowing her to scoot the chair back to its original place.

Sirum Hest idly stretches a paw up above his head and makes a subtle circular motion with a finger, noting that within a few seconds the maerl would find that the tip of his tail had a small, freezing snowball latched onto it. No one gawked at his friends. :-P [1/1] "Well... I'd suggest some of Kizzy's clothes but... yer right, I don't think ya would be able to get any of 'em on. Ah... I'm sure that Tarani has a pair or two that ya might be able to use, though, if purple isn't a problem. Except she's locked in her room right now."

Kivae rolls her eyes, "You don't remember, because I haven't given you'm yet. That's why they're late." She appears to consider the second question, before sliding off and out of the window, head disappearing behind the wall. "Probably. I'll see what I kin'do." Pausing as her head reappears to wrinke a nose at Amerie, "'m sure Kitzi has some mage's robes that would cover her." Unfabulously, though. :-P

Miyth wrinkles his nose as the frostly cantrip rolls off of the maerl. After casting the mouse a venomnous look that clearly stated Sirum would eventually face some form of retaliation, the maerl wordlessly sits back and produces a set of clothing almost identical to his own, tossing it onto the seat behind Amerie. "Nyeh, allowe yourselve to tekk these, thehne."

Miyth: [Loose dark blue tunic, two belts to secure it, drawstring black pants wrapped in a black cloak. How colorful :-P]
Ruby Pyralis wants them ;-;]
Miyth: [Gray pants, sorreh]

Amerie sighs. "Ugh.. Fine, but purple is very bad against my fur! You know I'm a summer." Moving around a bit more, she didn't quite know what to do. "Uum, well.. This kinda makes me more swift, if we ever need to go into battle!" She would demonstrate, but we're already perverted enough today. Then turning around to Miyth, she looked over the clothes. "Oh! Thanks, love. Blue really brings out my eyes and the colour of my hair. Oh.. But grey? What'm I, Sixty?"

Ruby Pyralis turns around briefly to see what's going on behind her, catching a glimpse of Ame and quickly turning around again, "Primes! Have some decency!" While facepalming. xD

Miyth,in a nutsheell, doesn't seem amused, giving Amerie something of a sour look. "Welle, Ie woulde not argue thee pointe if you woulde perferre to go withoute pantes, mies Amerie."

Amerie: (Do Kiv and Miyth also wanna see thar picceh similliar to Amerie? xD)
You say, "[It's Amerie in a two piece. <3 <3 <3]"
Kivae: [xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [She looks like something out of an Anime Porn.]
Amerie: (It most likely is. xD)
Miyth: [I wann ase >>]
Amerie: (
Kivae: [o.o]
Kivae: [Ruby's right. x)]
You say, "[Wait a second. Nekobox? Isn't that...]"
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
Miyth: [o_o]
Miyth: [Well.]
Ruby Pyralis: [OH GOD IT'S PORN]
Amerie: (xDD)
Amerie: (I just found the picture of an AllTheWeb search of Lulu. xD)
Miyth: [Ok, stop looking at that site and violating our charter.]
Miyth: [O.o;;;]
Miyth: [The silence is so horrible! Because I KNOW what's going on o.O;;]
Amerie: (EW.)
Ruby Pyralis: [Hey, I closed the sight already xD]
Amerie: (Me too. :P)
Miyth: [Good. o.O]
Kivae did too. :P]
Amerie: (Sirum.. Wake up.)
Sirum Hest is typing a post. :P []
Ruby Pyralis: [But we all know that Sirum is staring at nekkid Anime.]
You say, "[Besides.]"
You say, "[Amerie showed me that pic 10 mins ago. :-D]"
Ruby Pyralis: [...o.o;;;;;;]
Ruby Pyralis: [Lord knows what he's seen since then!]
Amerie: (xD)
You say, "[RUBY HENTAI]"
Miyth: [He's -TAINTED!-]
Ruby Pyralis: [o_o]
Miyth: [...]
Miyth: []
Miyth: [That site needs alot of those.]
Amerie: (xD)
Amerie: (You guys don't wanna see whatother stuff of Lulu I came across while searching for her on AllTheWeb. >>)

Amerie looks back down to the pants. "Eh.. Sure, I guess I'll have to." Then to Ruby. "Wha? I look just as decent as any femme out there! You just don't know fashion when you see it!" Sitting down next to the clothes, she began to slip them on, liking the stylish belts! :D

Sirum Hest flashes the maerl a toothy grin in response to the not-so-friendly look, seemingly not caring what revenge would be taking place. Anyways, to Kivae, "Ya didn't have to give me anythin', no one else did, 'sides, it's jus' me turnin'... what, sixteen? I was afraid mentionin' it would depress Kizzy, since she can't age at all. "Thanks, Kivae! But I don't see why ya can't jus' ask the plants behind m--", cutting himself off as Amerie begins to put on the clothes right in front of them all. "There are... um... rooms downstairs, Amerie, if ya really... needed... one.", coughing into a paw as he looks away.

Ruby Pyralis keeps her face in her paws while shaking her head, "I have lost faith in all furres."

Amerie waves a paw at this. "Meh.. Plus, I'm practically done!" Standing up, she modelled the clothing, the blue tunic slightly too small and her belly button being revealed! :x The belts were alligned to form an X shape.

Miyth rests his chin in a paw, watching Sirum as much as Amerie with a look of pure amusement. "Mie, Sierum. Youe woulde knowe thehte ien some parrtes ov thee southelande, sayienk suche ae thienk woulde be consiedered an iensulte to Amerie?"

Miyth: [Slightly too big is more like it]
Miyth: [It's a men's tunic, she'd have to tie it up]
Amerie: (Yeah..)
Amerie: (There's something men don't have.)
Ruby Pyralis: [She's got monster boobs.]
Amerie: (Bingo.)
You say, "[+1 AC/+1 AC]"
You say, "[Natural Armor.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [XDDD]
Ruby Pyralis: [TooC anyone?]
Miyth: [Aye, Amerie, but the tunic is oversized on Miyth. Think supahbaggy]
Amerie: (Awkie. :-P)

Kivae mutters something about 'houseplants' and steps off down the path. Likely to cast whatever spell that Sirum was talking about, and return with information. And completed science homework.

Sirum Hest shifts back around then and pokes his tongue out at the maerl once again. "An' in some parts of Calenndor, girlfurres set fire to their boyfurres for bein' so near a girl changin'. That or the girl one. I didn't mean it as one, anyways..." He rises up then and glances around the villa blankly. "Where -is- everyone? Ya would think the day we were gonna get that stupid sword done more people would be arou--... oh... wait. I forgot to... tell anyone." A sheepish grin forms.

Ruby Pyralis looks over her shoulder toward Sirum, though soon spinning around entirely which she confirms Ame is done changing, "Who's doing what, now?"

[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 38.
You say, "[^^]"
Amerie: (Whassat do? :x)
Kivae kicked that roll's ass. And found out where Thorimar is. .-.
Miyth: [Pie^2]

Sirum Hest springs up to his footpaws then and pads over towards Ruby, motioning a paw off towards the staircase as he stops. "The sword, that such a big fuss was made over, that I need made to kill one of those stupid voidkin, get back Hikari's memories so he'll...", trying to think up a good excuse. " a nice shield when we reclaim Ansteorra."

[It's at the point where he has to trick people into helping him help Hikari... understandably, a demon is going to be Paladin-averse.]

Amerie: (I wonder if I could get Amerie +2 AC... oo)
Miyth: [>->]
Miyth: [You'd need a pic to do it.]
Miyth: [*hands Amerie his card*]
Amerie: ( :D)
You say, "[Template: BONGO BOOBIES]"
You say, "[-2 DEX]"
Amerie: (xD)
Miyth: [You might have to take a dex penalty though XD]
You say, "[+4 CHA]"
You say, "[+2 NATURAL AC]"
Miyth: [Oh, and called shot: chest, does 1/2 damage]
Amerie: ( :D)
You say, "[And if the Marksman is male, he makes a WIS check to not get distracted from firing there]"
Ruby Pyralis: [o_o]
Amerie: (But if they allowed that, Si could fight for +5 AC.)
Miyth: [I want to say, gains a natural bard instrument, just because of the name... but that's a bit too far]
Amerie: (You know what I mean, Seejie. ;-))
Ruby Pyralis demands a + to AC for wings, then :P]
Amerie: (Kidding. xD)

Ruby Pyralis wrinkles her nose at Sirum, "Oh, that one that we made after we spent a long time travelling through all that snow?" Then adding, "You want to make it to get that idiot's mind back?!"

Sirum Hest simply shrugs and crosses his arms up in front of his chest. "Sure, why not? Better him chargin' blindly into groups of soldiers instead of ya. Unless ya like bein' shredded by repeater crossbows an' pikes."

Ruby Pyralis crosses her arms, "That jerk doesn't deserve a second chance if he was stupid enough to get himself killed, anyway."

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side, as it seems Ruby is hearing something other than what he is saying. "Wasn't intendin' on givin' him a second chance, he's already alive as it is, his memories jus' aren't with him. He has the mind of a baby an'... ah... nevermind. Jus', would ya come with us? I figure it might be a bit easier, in case Kazunori didn't get himself slaughtered by Rivyn."

Ruby Pyralis takes a breath and then shrugs, "Fine, I'll go. But don't expect me to hang around if Kazunori does show up. If Rivyn couldn't take him on I sure as hell can't." Then pivoting and leaning back against the divider.

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side. "Rivyn was also distracted deep in a spell. I have a feelin' that if he really wanted to he could have turn Kazunori into little more than plant food the second he laid eyes on him.", grinning weakly before padding back over to sit down in the chair next to Amerie. "The spell shouldn't take -this- long... ... Kivae! Any news?"

Kivae returns shortly. Only, without her science finished. Yawning faintly as she hooks a leg through the window and slide through, shunning the door for no apparent reason. She lightly rubs an ear with a heel of her hand, and it flickers down into her hair. "He's just south of Ansteorra. Forests, of course.. he's sleeping, though, and I'm not sure if I know how t'wake him up. And f'course he could."

Sirum Hest claps his paws together then and squeaks happily, appearing overall delighted at this news. Until he realizes that that wasn't too far from here Kazunori had struck last. "I don't suppose there is any safe place on Calenndor that we could get the thing done? I swear, the moment we start buildin' it or doin' anythin' with it all of these idiots pour out of the woodwork jus' dyin' to get their paws on it. Thanks for the information, though. I jus' gotta wait for Kitzibeth or Rakuro to make a gate, then. Lesse... Ruby, ya, myself, Rakuro or Kitzibeth, or both of 'em... hmm...", he pauses in thought to glance about the villa. "...who else? Jonathan would fun to listen to the entire time we're there tellin' us we're suicidal an' are gonna get ourselves killed..."

Kivae nods absently, as if not really listening. "Right. Your presents then- And I don't care 'f no one else got you any, 'cause I did." Pausing to push her bag in front of her and reach into it, grinning sheepishly, "They're not wrapped.." Following this, she produces two round objects, one of which she bounces against the floor. It springs off the wood to hit the ceiling, and repeats this several times while headed for Sirum. Once she sees that he has it securely, she tosses the other round object-a pebble at him, saying cryptically, "Think 'off' to make it stop." She then resumes searching through her bag.

Erk Mendon takes a seat, reading a book as usual, though this time he is more interested in if there is a conversation going on.

Sirum Hest's left paw snaps forward much like a snake striking to pluck the bouncing orb from the air, poking his tongue out at her. "Really, I have everythin' I need now but... thanks. How many bouncy orbs did ya get for yerself?", grinning toothily as his right paw grasps the pebble. And near immediately after he drips down to the floor with a low 'nn...' noise, eyes closed and just curled up next to the chair, seeming to be in a state of seventh heaven, or cloud nine.

Kivae laughs, and is saved from responding that she got two of the bouncing orbs for herself. <.< She waits a moment, before scooting forward, stretching out a foot to prod at Sirum, "Think 'off' or drop it, Si. There's still one more." If he fails to respond, she would reach out to wrap a hand-paw around his wrist, shaking his paw lightly.

Sirum Hest sits up suddenly as Kivae's words reach his mind, staring about dazedly and uncurling his paw to stare at the pebble in his palm. "What in the... I was... in some kinda forest an'... what were we talkin' about, again?", whiskers giving the occasional suspicious twitch as he stares at the rock.

Erk Mendon goes afk. Erk continues reading.

Kivae grins brightly, "'s a nice present, isn't it? That's what we were talking about." She ducks her head slightly, returning to rummaging through the contents of her back, "I know it's in here somewhere.." She begins pulling things out of it to be able to find things better, her pookie, with a new stain, several potions, a wooden figurine, a button..

Sirum Hest slowly tucks the pebble within a pocket, nodding appreciatively to Kivae for it, though he was somewhat sure he wouldn't be using it very often. For one it was somewhat embarrassing to just collapse like that, and for two, he had Kizzy. ^^ He then leans in and tilts his head to the side in confusion at sight of the pookies stain and from the patch over its eye. " What happened to the pookie? I don't remember puttin' that there when I made it with Rivyn... or did someone punch it?", seeming displeased that the pookie was 'injured'.
Sirum Hest also then comments on the stain, "...-an'- it's got a bruise?"

Kivae starts a bit, ears coming out of her hair. She peels the patch off nimbly, and stuffs it into a side pocket, with a dismissive shake of her head, "She.. it was just.. The button came off, so that was on it for a bit in place. But it got sewn up, so," shrugging, then adding, "Blackberry. 's a ta...stain." She then produces, with a grin and a flourish, a long, bright chain of flowers, looking no worse for their time spent stuffed in the pack. All are various shades of blue, ranging from deep and shadowy, to summer sky, and bright crystal. All the royals and navy, azure, and indigos in-between, some having more that one color in patterns on the petals. Hopefully this would distract him. "They're daises, though it's sort of hard to tell.. I, um, improved them." Grinning. "Picked them that time we stopped by Ansteorra, 'fore the sewers smashed in." She holds it out towards him.

Sirum Hest's mouth forms into an 'o'-ish shape at sight of the flowers, nearly having forgotten how to make them himself since their lesson with Ciarah years ago. "I should've figured ya wer doin' somethin' other than openin' the door by the church after I went to find Kele an' the others, hehehe. They're so beautiful, though, it's like starin' into the very center of a sapphire with light hittin' it so many ways." He slips the chain of flowers up over his head then, not seeming to care what looks he might get from having them around his neck. "All three gifts are so nice, but I'm jus' disappointed that I have to wait until yer birthday comes around to getcha anythin'.", poking his tongue out at her before bouncing the ball lightly along the floor. "I can get that stain out, if ya want, too."

Kivae begins picking up bottles and sliding them back into the bag, along with the figurine and the button, pausing when she comes to the pookie. Holding it up a moment with a faint smile, and then placing it atop her head. Only responding cryptically, "I could too." Sliding down to lie on the floor, head propped up by an elbow. "Meh. I don't need anything." Glancing around with a somewhat wrinkled nose, "This villa's missing something.. but I'm not sure what.."

Erk Mendon yawns, trying to keep his eyes open. Finally he closes the book, leaning back against the wall instead of going downstairs to get another.

Sirum Hest seems to be content to leave the mage be, rather than disturbing his ritual nap and book reading. A vaguely confused look forms from the cryptic response, though he doesn't question it further, merely nodding and scooting back over to the door. "I didn't need anythin' either an' I still got things, so that means ya get to get 'em too. Fair's fair.", sticking his tongue out at her. At her last sentence, he motions a paw back behind him in the direction of the nude statue, "Some robes?"

Kivae claps her hand-paws together, ears going up. "Yes! That's it." She starts to get up, leaving the pookie on her head, and kicks her bag off and under a seat. "Let's go get some, and fix the statues up." The grin looking impishly thrilled.

Erk Mendon raises a brow at Kivvy, but doesn't say anything still.

Kivae thinks Erk is just jealous because she gets all the best ideas.

Erk Mendon thinks Kiv's just faking the whole half-fox thing.

Kivae has stomach fur. And claws.
You say, "[And fox-ears.]"
You say, "[And a fox-tail.]"

Erk Mendon notes those can be unshaved hair, overgrown nails, ears attatched to headband, and fake tail.

Sirum Hest springs up to his footpaws then and notes that the idea was his. :-P After glancing off in the direction of the rooms for several moments, he shakes his head, "Nah, I don't think Kitzibeth would appreciate us goin' through her closet. Let's jus' make robes of vines an' leaves. Besides, it'd be awfully awkward to go up to Tarani an' ask her for her clothes. Besides that, I don't wanna ask Kizzy for hers either...", seemingly thinking she might take it the wrong way. >>;

Kivae: [xD!]
Kivae: [Wait.. I just got it the way you meant it..]
Kivae was thinking she'd think that Si likes to dress up in women's clothing.]

Kivae notes that Si inspired the idea, but that he wasn't going to do it until she suggested it. n.n She rocks back and forth on her feet. "'s true..butleaves should work well enough, 'f we make them look like clothes." And then grinning, simply pattering off to get to work. Yay!

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw and waves after Kivae, tail flicking back towards the door behind him. "If we're gonna make leaf robes, shouldn't we get leaves from outside first? Unless yer gonna grow 'em straight on the statues...", giving her a sheepish grin.

Kivae stops in her tracks, and spins back around. "Right." She skitters out the window. Doors are for the weak. Somehow managing to keep the pookie on her head during this. n.n

Sirum Hest pauses as he gets to the tightly packed trees, idly murmuring to himself, "How did she grow 'em like this, it doesn't seem as if any rain would get to their roots...", but the idea is quickly enough shaken off, as he places two fingers on a single leave. "Do we pull 'em off, or do we jus' ask the trees to drop 'em? Or would they feel the leaves bein' ripped off, anyways? Erf."

Kivae glances at the floor of the trees, nose wrinkled, "Uhm.. I was kind'f counting on that it'd be.. fall, and, y'know, the leaves would be coming off anyways." She flicks an ear back, then shakes her head, gesturing faintly. "I'll ask them to drop off some for us to work with, and then grow back better ones. You just take the ones that fall, yea?"

Sirum Hest nods to Kivae and drops to the ground suddenly, placing his paws palm down down against the earth. But his fingers press down against it, causing the palms to elevate somewhat, but not really all that much. After a few seconds pass, a very, very thin sheet of ice appears just beneath the branches of the trees around her, and appears to be quite large. If she took the time to inspect it, she would note that it was like one giant quilt, unmelting and having the same resilience as one. It was also somewhat cold, but he could grip the corners and pull a whole load of leaves off to the statue with it easily. Perhaps just doing this to show off. ^^; "Sure thing, jus' try to make 'em fall onto the... 'quilt', is all."

Kivae rolls her eyes then, merely leaning back against one of the trees, and shutting the eyelids. The looser, less full and green leaves rustles faintly, and then begin to slowly drift down in heaps, behind them tiny green buds poke out, and then spread, full and.. uh.. leafy, healthy and green. Yup.

Sirum Hest snrks quietly at the just slightly poor quality of the leaves that pile up onto the ice blanket, rolling his eyes teasingly. "These aren't gonna look so nice, but then again she'll likely light fire to 'em the second she sees 'em anyways, so it won't really matter." With that, he goes around drawing up the four corners of the quilt and begins dragging it along the ground behind him. Enough leaves within to cover both statues, hopefully, after he dumps half of the leaves off at the first statue, as he approaches the one in the dining room it melts away. After that, he returns to the on in the main hall.

Ruby Pyralis flicks her tail around for a few moments at the further nudging, apparently wanting to stay asleep. She mutters lowly, "Go awaaay."

Tantsui shrugs. Ruby isn't waking up. Lo and behold, Sirum comes along. "Hey Sirum... where the hell are we?" Straight to the point, as always.

Kivae skids after Sirum, dropping to her knees in a pile of still-green leaves, and can hardly seem to stop herself from rolling over once, like a dog having found something that doesn't smell nice. after tossing them about for a moment, she picks two, beginning to stick them together, and then adding more, as if making a sheet. The question isn't addressed to her, so she doesn't answer.

Sirum Hest snickers as he returns to see Kivae rolling about the leaves and shakes his head, murmuring something about knowing why she smells like leaves now. To Tantsui, he shrugs, "Kitzibeth's villa, I'm assumin' ya went in the portal before Caesel crumbled an' aren't a ghost." He too then crouches by the pile of leaves and scoops half of them over to himself, pinching two fingers together. A thin needle made of sharp ice would appear between them slowly, and drop down to one of the leaves, weaving through it. As it moves, what would appear to be sparkling snow thread would be left in its wake, sort of like the slime that is left after a slug crawls past. He also seems to be in a state of concentration, having to be so to keep the ice needle moving.

Tantsui sighs. "These things always happen to me. One second I'm taking a nice little nap in the dungeons... next thing I know, I'm in some random place with ugly -statues- all over the place. This place is too rich for me."

Ruby Pyralis finally lifts her wing off and flicks an ear toward the other three while muttering under her breath, "So hard to sleep around here."

Tantsui: [thats loud enough for people to hear, or just a sarcastic remark to yourself?]
Kivae: [Rubeh?]
Tantsui: [note... sirum's port right now looks like a girl. x)]
Ruby Pyralis: [To self, can sorta hear if you listen close >> <<]
Kivae: [So does yours. :P]
Tantsui: [nuh uh, just a sexy guy :d]

Tantsui rubs his eyes, not used to being out in light for so long. "Is there anywhere... dark... where I could get some sleep? I don't get how you people can take decent naps with all this -light-."

Sirum Hest peeks open an eye briefly, as the needle picks up its pace, to answer Tantsui. "Be glad that ya aren't trapped under a pile of rubble. An' ya, there is, jus' down the hall an' down the stairs. A nice, silent, dark library."

Kivae's post is really long. >.>;;

Ruby Pyralis notes that it's probably getting dark about now... cause it's pitch black outside for her player. xD

Tantsui brushes back his unkempt hair. "Thats exactly what I want. Who knows, I might end up liking this place after all."

Kivae continues sticking the leaves together as if they were stick notes, at what seems to be a faster rate than Sirum's sewing. Each one, after her touch turns a different shade of green, deep emerald or glossy-golden, as if sunbeams were pressing against the other side. Occasional patches with fall colors of crisp red and orange, and multi-colored like flames at the tips, find their way in. Soon she has a fair-sized sheet of leaves. "They're not ugly, they're just naked. But we're fixing that." Shaking her head a moment, and then rolling up at to her feet. She narrows her eyes warily up at the statue, and shuffles over to a chair, hooking her foot under it and hop-dragging it closer. Her senses hopped-up on magic as they are, she replies to Ruby, "It's sort of a public place.." Stepping up, and rocking onto her tip-toes, she begins smoothing the sheet across the statue's chest. It hangs just as a shirt's cloth might, sticking to the shoulders and sides.

Tantsui cracks his knuckles. "There are other ways to fix that, Kivae. I'd be happy to just bust these statues down. Nobody needs them, and they can be made into better things."

Kivae shakes her head (freeing a leaf from her hair with the motion), remaining on her tip-toes. "Nah. Kitzibeth'd bust you up. She said they're from her home or something."

Tantsui yawns. "Sentimental value, blah blah blah. They're worthless, no matter what anyone says. Cultural heratage, who cares. Unless they're some secret key to defeating an unbeatable enemy, they're just large stones."

Sirum Hest's ice needle, once having ran out of nearby leaves to place together, springs off of one of the leaves and over to the random ones scattered about, sewing the snowy thread into them and repeating this process until it has captured them all like a net and has dragged it back towards the ones in front of him. Even though its work is done, the shard of ice fails to melt, simply scaling the statue and weaving into the veins of the leaves Kivae had just worked on. All in all an impressive piece, though it's only a shame it couldn't actually be worn unless someone really liked walking around dressed like a druid with a fascination for ice. He presses up the back to the robe up against the statue, and once the ice is done with the chest of the statue, it moves over to sew the sides together, finally then melting away into little other than a few drops of water on the floor. "Aaaan'... here we go. Quite an improvement, I'd say. Maybe if Kitzibeth doesn't torch it we can take it with us when we leave an' have Rakuro enchant it to do somethin' nifty." He then frowns at Tantsui's attitude, his tail flicking over towards him, "Some people like to live in a nice home with expensive things to show off. Kitzibeth has to keep up appearance anyways, she can't live in a dump, her students visit here."

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Tantsui rubs his eyes. "The only people who -need- to keep up an image are people who are insecure about their own social status. Having expensive things to show off is like saying "I'm better than you all." It's the sin of pride."

Sirum Hest pokes his tongue out at Tantsui. "How quickly ya forget givin' me a whole ten gold coins to get ya a pair of boots."

Tantsui squints at Sirum. "That was for as many boots as you could find with that much money. I don't think I've recieved either the boots or the money back, speaking of which."

Kivae looks suddenly puzzled, after glancing blankly at that needle. ".. Where did my boots go, anyways?" And she starts to step away, scanning the floor, as if in search of them. "The shop with the orb sold normal shoes, didn't it?"

Hiro Diamondtear Enters and greets in a heavy Tigah accent "Hello everyone!" he walks twords the seats where he takes a place, wanting to see whats going on.

Marlina Evenstar's player ponders walking in and saying 'Up yours everyone', but reluctantly decides against it, instead merely stumbling out of the dining area to collapse upon the nearest cushion and leaning back against the wall, hand held against her head.

Sirum Hest laughs nervously at Tantsui's words and shakes his head lightly, "I tried gettin' ya some pairs but the shop didn't have any. I'll try the next one we go to, though, promise." Turning his attention back to Kivae, he shrugs once more, "I think ya lost 'em back in Ansteorra when we were forced to flee. No worries, though, as soon as we retake the Kingdom, we're gonna divine out where all the stuff we lost is at, an' may the Primes help the poor idiots who took my bloody Orc Weaponry Collection." With that, his tail gives a sharp, annoyed flick, somewhat whip-like.

Tantsui sighs. "Speaking of which, what of Caeseal and Ansteorra? I still don't know why we're here or what we're going to do next."

Sirum Hest notes that, for everyone who just walked in, that the previously nude statue is now covered in a robe made of of leaves laced and sewn together with snowy thread. Literally snowy thread. "Caeseal has crumbled to rubble, Ansteorra will be ours soon enough, but for now...", he falls back into the chair behind him and give Marlina a polite smile. "How would ya like to do me a favor?"

Kivae gives Sirum a dubious look, eyebrow raising slightly, but only shakes her head, shuffling to the other room to glance at the yet-to-be-fixed statue, and raising her hand-paws, as if this would help her fix the problem. "Mn."

Marlina Evenstar's gaze shifts slowly to the rodent before pressing the heel of her hand firmly against her eye, evidently suffering with her being awake at the moment, though she does offer a few words, "How would yeh be likin' to have yer head shoved under alot of sand ratling?" Not polite, but... Well it's just not nice. :-P

Sirum Hest waves a paw back behind him towards Kivae to let her know he would be dealing with the next statue in a moment, busy with Marlina currently. After seemingly seriously considering her words for a second, he frowns. "That doesn't seem as if it would be very pleasant at all, actually. I was jus' wonderin' if ya would care to help Kivae, Ruby an' myself seek out Thorimar an' scribble on a sword."

Hiro Diamondtear seems to be smealling alot like... flowers, a light yet present sent that is good to the senses, yet he hold none and hasnt been in the dirt apparently... Strange indeed, He then looks over to sirum "Scribble on a blade? Isnt that what we tried to do with that powerful fellow the last time?".

Marlina Evenstar lets out a muffled groan as the rodent continues speaking rather than simply taking a hint and running off somewhere, weren't they supposed to live in holes or something? "Fine, whatever, but either be fixin' my bloody skull or be not botherin' me."

Tantsui cricks his neck. "I'd help scribble on a blade. And what, she has a broken head?"

Sirum Hest coughs into a paw and begins idly toying with the ring of daisies around his neck, each one a different shade of blue. "If by -we- ya mean... ah, nevermind, ya, it was. Except this time I'm actually gonna ensure that the only people gettin' ready are the ones that can pretty much kill anythin' that looks at us funny." He didn't want Zoah or Tantsui getting cut into fifteen pieces by Kazunori, the twelve-attack-per-round demon, after all. A short nod is given to Marlina, and he holds his paws up in front of her then, squinting at the air before her as if eyeing a piece of art that wasn't really there. After roughly thirty seconds or so pass, the shatter of ice would sound, though it's really just shards of ice appearing in the air and forming together to create a smooth glass made of ice. Within it water would slowly begin to fill until it was 3/4 of the way to the brim, at which point it suddenly halts and floats down to one of the assassins paws. "Here ya go, if ya don't really mind the taste of magical water or how cold the glass really is, drink up. It should help clear the headache, either way." The 'glass' wouldn't melt until it was either shattered or the liquid within it was gone, but he doesn't waste time sitting there to watch the results of it, simply scurrying after Kivae less he get left out of the fun. ^^

Hiro Diamondtear Nods to Sirum "Yes... We did preatty mutch get outmatched, I do remmember... But theres safety in numbers, We should take almost anyone who is willing to help if you ask me, But someone powerful wouldnt help too" he smiles "Why -were- we trying to scribble on a blade anyways?".

Marlina Evenstar doesn't really have paws, just something in-between, having claws and all that, though she does take the floating object without comment, holding it to the side of her head rather than drinking it, speaking to Tantsui now in a harsh tone, "'Course my head's not to be bein' broken yeh moron, just bein' pounded by a Primes-cursed hammer."

Kivae rolls her eyes slightly, waiting until she hears the steps behind her before continuing on towards the other statue, saying as she goes, "I think it's a bit late for water to help her.. Only dilutes the alcohol -when- you're drinking it." Flicking her tail out to bat at him, "Since when did you step above snowballs and up to unmelting ice-glasses, and snow-thread, anyways?" Sticking out her tongue, "Show off." And then ducking away, less she be swatted.

Tantsui shakes a finger at Kivae. "Hangovers are caused by dehydration due to the nature of the alcohol. Water prevents headaches for that reason."

Sirum Hest laughs weakly and bats back at the tail as it swings for him, his other paw scratching the side of his head thoughtfully. "Either way, as long as she's busy drinkin' it an' not threatenin' me I'm happy." Once reaching the statue, he stares back at the ice glass thoughtfully. "After a few lessons with Rakuro, I jus' realized I had to grab at the magic around me an' form it into whatever I wanted. A snowball, a glass of ice water, a freezin' pike blade... it's all the same, jus' formed differently.", squeaking happily at her last two words. "Jus' gettin' back from the display of light with the crate teleportation."
Sirum Hest also answers Hiro, then. "Runes, an' other flashy, dangerous things that shouldn't be messed with."

Kivae wrinkles her nose grimacing. But the expression is wiped away by the time she glances over her shoulder, and sticks out her tongue. "I guess I don't drink enough to know."

Hiro Diamondtear Looks to Sirum with an Eyebrow raised "Im sorry to be nosey, but, Why would -you- wanting to be messing with such dangerous artifacts? Is there something so horribly be wanting to do?" He lays back "Get rid of a heretic? Destroy a kingdom? Rid the world of whatever is scaring everyone in Valanthia?" I appologise if the last one wouldnt by any means be known to him, and if so Delete that one.

Kele-De's eyes blaze with anger as she spots Hiro. "You are not welcome here, especially in my prescence. I suggest you take your leave and return to teh bloody plains of Tigath and the clans once more."

Sirum Hest calls back behind him to Hiro, while still facing forward to conceal a sly grin. "Actually, I jus' want my toy to be more fun to play with. Should have hours of entertainment with it, with this upgrade.", perhaps just trying to come off as irresponsible.

[ Marlina Evenstar whispers, "['It's slightly better, to the max!']" to you. ]

Hiro Diamondtear Sighs as Kele walks by, She still hasnt gotten over it, Maybe He'll need of Bryanna to do some convincing, Either way, He doesnt like the fact that she is still on bad terms with him, but he cant do mutch of it, so lets just chill until a possibility can come up... Afterwards, he looks at sirum with a eye brow raised and just simply decides to cut short the curiosity... He then calls over to Kivae "Excuse me, Little girl, You wouldnt to happen to have more good smelling flowers, would you?".
Hiro Diamondtear Just noticed that Kivae = aeris in the beginning of FF7, the "Flower girl" in this Scene XD.

Kele-De snorts and becomes a bit more enraged at being completely ignored. "I was talking to you, damhair diolain." She growls low in her throat. "I said you aren't welcome. Get out!"

Kivae flickers her ears, glancing back over her shoulder, and then spinning slowly on a foor to blink, and tilt her head slightly. ".. What?"

Taereal Sareen steps in through the door and hears Kele yelling. Immediately he sighs and shakes his head. Placing a paw on Kele's shoulder, he speaks in a level tone, "Kele.. not now. Just let it be."

Marlina Evenstar mutters various curses, the ice glass from before now mysteriously vanished, as she calls out sharply to the two Tigahrrim individuals, "Just bloody kill 'im then, or be shovin' him out yerself, or be keepin' quiet or both yer heads shall be adornin' pikes, understandin' I'd hope?"

Ruby Pyralis was trying -very- hard to sleep and not get bothered, but as it seems a fight is starting, she groans and begins to sit up while rubbing her eyes. .-.

Sirum Hest pads back from the statue after casting a needle to do his work for him at the sound of a fight once again starting up from the direction of the main hall, sighing in annoyance. Hopefully there wasn't going to be any blood splattered on the leaf-robe. "Kele, Kitzibeth said that ya can't tell him if he is an' isn't workin'. Though she never said anythin' about goin' to the basement an' lockin' him in to keep ya both seperate... but I get the feelin' she wouldn't approve of that either."
Sirum Hest again notes that the once nude statue is covered in a robe made of leaves, sewn together with sparkling snow-thread along the leaves veins. .-.

Hiro Diamondtear Looks to Kele "Calm down Lady Kele, Im not here to harm you, Im here to make ammends, If you dont want them, I cant do mutch, Im really sorry for what happend before, And i want to let it be the past, Do you?" he then turns to Kivae and smiles "Do you have any preatty flowers? I can make scents out of them, so i was wondering if you had any, since you said you collected plants" he seems overall innocent in his words.

Kivae wrinkles her nose, then, "'s not your villa, Kele. Fights are all good 'n fun, but not when one just gets so slaughtered." She folds her arms behind her head, seeming to imply that Hiro wouldn't stand a chance. Then wrinkling her nose at the canine. "Um.. No." Her ears going back.

Hiro Diamondtear Looks to sirum with a worried gaze and a nervious laugh "Common now, we dont have to be resorting to that... Again" he is a bit scared but he tries to keep a smiling face of an anime equal of this ^^;;

Ruby Pyralis raises a brow at Hiro's arrogance, "Oh, shove it."

Kele-De snorts. "You are a lying, traitorous, damhair diolain and your words mean nothing." She mimics spitting on the floor, as she doesn't want to spit on Kitz's floor. "Your words mean nothing, especially since you can't seem to back them up." She turns then and lays a paw on Tae's. "Fine. Care to accompany me to the chapel, while I cool my temper before I challenge that....guagnag to a fight?"

Taereal Sareen nods, "Come, then." The Paladin opens the door to let Kele-De through, and follows shortly after her toward the chapel.

Hiro Diamondtear Sighs "Kele, If my words mean nothing, will you take Bryanna's words seriously? Ask her, when you see her, She now knows me" with that he turns to Kivae "Oh... well, pitty" he does a serious face "If you had one i could even teach you how to make sents, its really easy".

Kele-De slips out of the door, nodding to Tae as she does so. "Thank you." Her back goes stiff though and she turns back. "Leave Bryanna out of this. She is nothing to you boireannta stalcaire."

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side as the pair walk off, "Well, that was... interestin'. Hopefully they won't resort to killin' each other in the chapel. Cyan would be infuriated..." He glances back behind him then to check on the progress of the needle. "Hm. Jus' about done, I think, Kivvy?"

Kivae scratches idly at the back of her hand, tail twining around her ankle. Her eyes squint slightly, as if she's unsure whether to be offended or not. ".. I smell fine.." Nose idly twitching, and noting to herself that the blackberry-scent had strengthened a bit. Only nodding to Si.

Marlina Evenstar currently has a scent, an unplasant scent no less, for she still has not been dumped in a lake.

Taereal Sareen sighs and addresses Kele-De once more, "Kele. Enough."

Kivae usually just smells like apples, leaves, warm rain, and leaves, (sometimes pine) the blackberry is fainter. While spending time with flowers, she doesn't usually smell much like them. Random Kivae fact #6.

Hiro Diamondtear Opens his eyes shacking his head "No no no! Ofcourse you do! Im just saying that if you had, I could teach you" Smilling, Feeling alot of tension in the Air "Oh dear...".

Kele-De snorts and nods to Tae. "Fine." She keeps her eyes on Hiro though. "You are not worthy to mention my mathair's name. Keep Bryanna's name out of your mouth." Obviously, we know how Kele feels about Bryanna as opposed to Ronat. She turns then and finishes padding through the door, muttering loud enough, "That arrogant, self-centered, Primes be damned bastard...." Her voice trails off as she gets further away.

You say, "[Hiro is creepy.]"
You say, "[Telling young girls they smell good.]"
Kivae: [And asking for their flowers?]
Hiro Diamondtear: [XD Shut up, He is just trying to correct the mistake she misunderstood].
You say, "[And he wants to give them his 'scents'.]"
Hiro Diamondtear: [You two have dirty minds :P].

Taereal Sareen nods toward the Chapel, "Come." He then simply starts off toward said establishment.

Kivae flops down by Sirum, yawning, and stretching her arms over her head for a moment. "Whatever.." She leans back, as if to flop against a wall, but there isn't one there. Instead she just lies down on the floor. "Well.. that's our acomplishment for the day, I guess." Referring to the leaf-robes.

Sirum Hest snaps down a paw to latch onto her tail and give a few tugs upwards, shaking his head quickly as he slides off of the chair, "Nooope, we still gotta put the second one up on the statue. Though... I'm not sure how it will stay. Someone hacked off its poor arms..."

Hiro Diamondtear Sighs and walks over to the chair he originaly sat in, untill he notices the now awakend Demon and simply moves to another place with a nervious laugh... he moves twords the water streem, where he sits and places his paw in the water, swirling it slowly and calmly... Why does no one belive him? Why cant they realise that its a new him?... Why didnt he bring Bryanna with him! >.< He shrugs, obviously depressed.

Kivae mns a protest, but sits up again, scoot backwards in the right direction. "I'll stick it.."

Sirum Hest simply shrugs and waves after her, suggesting randomly, "If ya can, try to make it so that they can't be caught aflame or melted somehow. Kitzibeth might not like our artwork as much as we do."

Hiro Diamondtear Retrives his hand from the water and places it in his pockets, where there after a light blue glow it comes out with its tatoo, he then places the hand back in water and swirls it again Shrughing... [1/?].

Kivae shakes her head, calling back as she fixes the robe on it with a series of looping vines, "You really think anything I add could hold up to Kitzibeth's magic?"

Sirum Hest crosses his arms up behind his head then and leans forward to rest his chin against the room seperator, his whiskers giving a flick at the question. "Well, I figure a decent enough shield should be able to block off the first blast. Any beyond that would risk settin' fire to the villa... wouldn't it?"

Hiro Diamondtear's hand starts to glow a faint light blue... Swirling he softly blows a shrugh twords the watter, witch, upon contanct, dont make presure upon the water, but rather follow the waters spining rotation... [2/?].

Entad D'lune appears in usual fashion, twirling strings of fire wrapping round and round before he appears in the midst of it all.
Entad D'lune, after appearing, growls, yanking off a small red clown nose and hurling it off to one side.

Sirum Hest, with that, springs forward, thorugh the window into the next room, tumbles off of the chair and onto the floor, as a loud squeak of surprise sounds from him. Spinning about, he eyes Entad suspiciously and with an annoyed glance. "Ya could at -least- find some new way to enter that didn't involve fire. Now it's jus' gettin' repetitive.", grinning toothily as he falls silent.

Marlina Evenstar doesn't comment as the demon shows up, so lost is she in the misery of her headache.

Kivae shrugs, padding back to drop into the seats across the window from him. "Maybe later. I fell out of the hammock too early today to do anything more that that.." Grinning as she watches the nose go flying. "Do we get to raid the caravans today, or are you just visiting?"

Entad D'lune rolls his eyes. "Shockingly enough, barely any people in the city proper are willing to leave their homes, much less transport riches and people of importance across the country."

Sirum Hest notes that the glass would've turned to nothing more than water in one sudden instant rather than a gradual process once it was emptied. Magical ice, and all that. Anyways, he climbs up onto the seat in front of him then and tail-waves to the elf in greeting. "So pretty much, right now they're like we were an' we're like... Erisvan or Veudir. Sounds fun. When do we get to kickin' their sorry tails down to Ponce du Lac?"

Hiro Diamondtear's hand starts to glow even clearer now as the swirl of water, not being fast enough, starts to separate the water, not moises style, but starting to make a small cyclone in the water, not going that fast, magical. [3/?].

Kivae snort, happily. "Scardies. -We- never did that when we were there, after just one attack.."

Entad D'lune taps his fingers together. "I've rounded up some mercenaries, and there's a lot of agitation amongst the dwarves these days... [Scaredies] But they aren't exactly keen on talking to me.."

Sirum Hest gives a light shrug. "Most of us are friendly enough, an' a few here don't look like they go places with the intent of murder.", unable to keep himself from glancing towards the demon and her wicked wings. "Jus' send some of us. Or forget the dwarves, ya could reduce the Kingdom to rubble in a matter of minutes if ya needed.", squeaking happily.

Kele-De sits down by Ruby and leans over to whisper to her. "What's going on?"

Taereal Sareen simply stands beside Kele's seat, leaning back against the archway and examining the scene.

Ruby Pyralis' player -just- got back from a shower, thus she doesn't know. As a response, she shrugs. o.o

Hiro Diamondtear The little cyclone inside the watter would suddenly start to become small, upon total disapearance, a bubble of watter emerges from the watter and float inside his hand's embrace... Slowly, the water washes down, leaving inside the hands a Ice statue of a swan, with a final blow of wind, that for some would be very cold, the Ice statue becomes firm, it'll melt, just not right away... He sighs, its beautiful, but what is a beautiful present it it cant be given? [4/1 Chill manipulation].

Entad D'lune snorts. "Twice now I've tried that. Every so often one of those crystal throwing little freaks gets a lucky shot on my backside and nearly does me in. And we're going to need allies, so forget forgetting the dwarves. No, you lot can damn well go ahead and enlist them."

Marlina Evenstar is no longer blacklisted by dwarves, and she got paid for getting off that list. ^^

Kivae doesn't know how to spell words that aren't actually words. She turns around a bit, resting and arm on the windowsill, and wrinkling her nose at the back of Marlina's head, and then leaning to the side. She pokes an elbow at Sirum, "We don't want the city in rubble, anyways.." Then, looking back up, "So.. you have something for us to do?"

Entad D'lune shakes his head. "Nah. Ran out of stuff for me to do."

Sirum Hest should have ice requested of him if Marlina needs it so much. But as he is unaware, he simply shrugs to Entad, "If I had the power ya had I'd shatter every last one of their seals, or remove their paws that have the seal in it. Ya could start up a collection, or make a profit sellin' 'em to the Pillars. Where exactly are the dwarves, though, an' when are ya wantin' us to leave?"

Hiro Diamondtear Has the statue in his hands... but that makes nothing... His tatoo glows once again and he lays down the statue on the floor... and by art of magic, the swan statue would start to slide forward, not the actuall swan, just slide, leaving a light trail of water that would dry up unusually fast. The Swan slide at a slow pace... it slides to the side of marl, it incredibly does a corner, sliding past Sirum and Kivae, then another corner to slide by Entad's side, and finaly cornering and ending its movement atfront of Kele, The statue is very beautiful, perfectly smooth, and starting to melt, its hand sized, but still gorgeous [1/1 Chill manipulation, For Freeform, this would be a nag to do in CS].

Kele-De's eyes widen. "Don't destroy the Seals. The weilders you can have your way with, they are hacks anyway. Prolly found their Seals out under some rock or buried in the ground." SHe snorts then. "Or they prolly hired someone to steal them from true Acolytes, considering who they work for." She shrugs tehn and glares at Sirum. "Is making a profit all you think about? There aren't many Seals left. It would be wrong to charge the Pillars to have them returned."

Entad D'lune scratches his chin. "I'm sure." He looks around, thinking. "I'm not sure in relation to here. You'll have to ask Kitzibeth." He snorts. "That and the Iocans are getting suspicious."

Ruby Pyralis raises a brow as she looks down at the swan in front of Kele, biting the insides of her cheeks to avoid saying anything. >> <<

Sirum Hest sighs then and stares off at the ceiling, tail idly drumming along the floor as he thinks over something. "Okay then. We grab Brax, an' beg the dwarves to aid us, sounds fun. But while yer here, I don't suppose ya know where any of Rivyn's treant friends are at? We need one sometime soon, if Thorimar doesn't feel like helpin' us."

Kele-De kicks the statue away as though it were nothing but dirt, fuelling her temper into the kick and sending it flying across the room to crash against hte wall and shatter. A self-satisfied smile upon her features as she leans back in the seat. She merely arches a brow as she looks at Ruby, wondering why she was making such a face.

Entad D'lune laughs, rather harshly. "One in fifty of his golems remains after the little.." He stops suddenly, frowning. "Yeah." He finishes lamely. "'Fraid not, no."

Hiro Diamondtear Hears as the statue snaps in thousands of cold Rocks... feeling now more low... Now she is just being mein is all... He has apologised and can do so mutch... But he needs to be apologised, for his very dignity... She had a right to be angry, but this is exceeded... He looks down at the watter and starts swirling it again... [1/?].

Ruby Pyralis, as she watches the swan learn how to fly, unclamps her teeth and begins to snicker to herself, though bringing a paw up in front of her mouth to hide it.

You say, "[Is it possible to dispell seal focusing?]"
Hiro Diamondtear: [I dunno].
Ruby Pyralis: [Probably.]
Hiro Diamondtear: [I dun think so... Maybe grappeling].
Entad D'lune: [Yeah. S'all magic, just applied differently.]
Entad D'lune: [Same reason Marl's engines can affect Entad.]
Marlina Evenstar could counterspell, were she not horribly hungover.
Hiro Diamondtear: [I remmember i used a seal once in a spar with sirum, he tripped me, but Kitz said that Seals are different and that Tripping them wouldnt make them loose they're preps].
Entad D'lune: [Doesn't mean you can't use magic to dispel them.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Sirum can't counterspell anyways, need Abjuration for that.]
You say, "[Wasn't intending on having him do it. :P]"
Marlina Evenstar: [mm :-P]
Ruby Pyralis: [And I think you need to have more preps available.]

Entad D'lune, simply out of spite, waves a hand at the pool of water. It promptly begins boiling. [6/6]

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Sirum Hest scratches at his back of his neck then and stares off at the ground, leaning in to whisper to Kivae. "Jus' disrupt his spell. I don't wanna see another swan shattered." Then, speaking up to respond to Entad, "Well, all we really need is that one remainin' golem. Assumin' he's the right kind of golem required for the job..."

Hiro Diamondtear's hand quickly reacts to that... why are they so mean.. He blows some wind into the water, as it should cool down a bit. [2/1].

Entad D'lune notes the water remains stubbornly boiling.
Entad D'lune shrugs. "Not likely, but I'll see if I can figure out what's left."

Hiro Diamondtear Notes that its still boiling, but not at the same heat.

Kivae, having been about to splash him with the water, pauses, eyeing the bubbles. She lowers her hand-paw, chin returning to the sill.

Ruby Pyralis notes that they're running out of paper to write notes on.

Taereal Sareen watches the scene, a bit intrigued at the goings on. He leans against the archway beside Kele-De's seat, folding his arms over his torso.

Kele-De covers her mouth with a paw as she chuckles, finding the water boiling to be rather amusing. She turns her head though, trying to follow the conversation.

Hiro Diamondtear Blows some more wind at the Stupid water, This time it should now be simply a bit boiled over, everytime cooler.

Ruby Pyralis lowers her paw onto her lap again as she watches the scene, seeming quite amused with Hiro's misfortune.

Sirum Hest nods in gratitude to Entad and flops back onto the chair with that, "Thanks, though we need to find it somewhat soon. Otherwise we might get delayed with helpin' with the dwarves, an' the other stuff." Nothing more on that, however, as he just glances around the villa with a slight frown. "I guess she isn't comin' around to see her statues tonight, Kivvy... oh well."

Hiro Diamondtear Blows into the water again, this time he should leave it hot, but cool enough to place his hand in and stand it [1/1].

Entad D'lune appears ignorant of Hiro's attempts to cool the water. "Humph. And there's more than one left, boy."

Hiro Diamondtear Places his hand back in the water, its hot, but nothing he cant take, although he does do a grunt at first. He starts to spin the hand and blow air at the watter [1/?].

Sirum Hest suddenly hops up to his footpaws then and begins to walk off towards the stairs, waving back to Kivae, "As fun as watchin' him nearly burn his paws is, I think I'm gonna grab a book. It seems we're stuck here until Rakuro comes out of the Inbetween, anyways." With that, he heads for the library.

Entad D'lune rubs his chin. "Well, this is dreadfully interesting and all, but I'm sure I can find something better to do. Tah."
Entad D'lune is briefly surrounded by whirling ropes of flame, then disapears.

Hiro Diamondtear Swirls the water, the very concentration of the spell starts to cool slowly down the watter, with the constant blowling of air at it [2/?].

Hiro Diamondtear: [Water* I dont know why i have the bad habit of writting it with doble t].
Taereal Sareen: [Because you're stupid? o.o]
Taereal Sareen: [J/k. :-P]
Hiro Diamondtear: [Taereal, That was not called for :-(].
Taereal Sareen: [I'm not a called for kinda guy.]
Kivae: [Tae posted?]
Marlina Evenstar: [Tae would be nothing without his snide remarks, he -needs- them. :-P]
Taereal Sareen: [You're effing right I do.]
Kivae was offscreen. Wants to hear snide remarks.]
Marlina Evenstar: [Snide remarks can't be repeated, it's forbidden! o.o]
Kivae has already been informed.]

Kivae makes a faint note of agreement, and unhooks her chin, leaning backwards until the top of her head rests against the floor, and just dangling boredly like that. "'d ask for you to bring me one, but they're probably all like Path'ens.." She idly makes a slight splashing motion with a hand-paw, and the water near Hiro rears up in a wave, splashing at him just as she had motioned. [2/2]

Hiro Diamondtear is indeed suprised by the water waving at him and suddenly becomes wet.... He stops the movement for a while... clenching his fist... trying to repress the anger... he however after a while continues moving the water [3/?].

Hiro Diamondtear Doesnt think they're funny, He thinks they're rude :-(] Continues swirling the water, even though his head is wet, his coat is water proof but even still he is damp... He continues swirling it with blowing wind... [4/?].

Hiro Diamondtear Is almost done, He retrives his hand from the water, but the tip of the index finger draws from the water a small tower no thicker than the finger, he stands up and the rope of liquid follows him, he stands atfront of the stature and starts to concentrate, its quite magical [5/?].

Hiro Diamondtear Finaly finishes the spell, as he kneels on the floor and touches the corner of the statue's base, the stream of water leaves the index finger and starts to be animated by its own, it starts to advanceand coil around the statue, like a snake, going upwards, passing the weist, but upon reaching the chest, it separates into three cords, one enwraps the right arm, the other one around the head making a crown and the thrid going on the streached out arm, once thise are done, he blows a gust of wind, that starts to crystalize the cord, slowly it becomes ice, but as it does the water starts to express strange forms... Roses, and flowers appear on the cord, like a flower vine, in the fork, a large flower covers it, the right arm also become quite decorated, the crown becomes a beateful rose crown, and left extended arm's hand holds a Simple Rose in the palm, Once it is all Cristalized, it stays there... Natural looking, and beautiful, he falls to his knees and says tiredly "Art".
Hiro Diamondtear: [6/1 Chill manipulation >.> i think i went overboard].
Hiro Diamondtear Looks over to Kivae "What do you think? Need a bit more? Less?".

You say, "[Si and Kiv already decorated that statue.]"
You say, "[Now you're just ruining it. ):]"
Hiro Diamondtear: [What did you place?].
Kivae: [It had a leaf robe. .-. That was pretty and multi-colored and shiny.]
Hiro Diamondtear: [Think of it as jewelry ^^;; And it doesnt cover the Robe].

Taereal Sareen glances down toward Kele and places a paw on her shoulder, "Would you care for that spar now? I think it would do well to ease some of your tension." His tail sways idly.

Kele-De glances up and Tae and nods. "That sounds like a fine idea." She rises to her footpaws. "Where to?"

Kivae frowns. "I think it looked nice like it was." She twitches her toes, sliding further out of the chair.

Taereal Sareen ponders, "Hmm, well, we can't spar inside. Come, perhaps out here." He motions to the door and heads over.

Kele-De follows after him, nodding. "Aye, I don't think Kitzibeth would appreciate us doing such inside."

Taereal Sareen holds the door open for Kele-De, then continues out.

Hiro Diamondtear Quits smilling for a moment and sighs "That can be repaired... I just wanted to give it a really cristalized look... but if you dont want it" he reaches and touches the start of the vine, a faint glow of the seal tatoo.... Slowly, the vines starts shattering from top all the way up to the start of the fork, where the big flower is, not advancing from there, the falling ice doesnt fall too loud, it actually falls like little granite [1/1] "Like this?"].

Kalannar drudges into the Villa from outside, with an unconcsious Femme in toe over his shoulder. He simply makes his way off toward the guest rooms without a word to anyone.

Catherine O`Hara feels as if she's on display now. o.o]

Taikris without any particular reason short of simplest curiousity, he follows after the drow, wondering just why the fellow had an unconcious femme with him.

Taikris quickly spots the blue rodent, and gives him a tap on the shoulder. "A purple furred femme was just brought in by the drow. Is she a friend of yours?"

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