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A day of deception and heretics. 9-26-2004

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 03, 2017 8:27 am    Post subject: A day of deception and heretics. 9-26-2004 Reply with quote

[Summary: This was the culmination of a sideplot that ran through Caeseal's existence. After draining the tentacle-monster-infested basement of Caeseal Garrison, a strange, ancient box and key had been found within it all. This box would provide clues and a map that lead to a location deep within the Dhamzonian jungles. Erk was tricked by the necromancer Ciran, who up until this point had played the part of a PC, into giving him his soul and serving as Ciran's pawn.

As soon as they got wind of what was going on, Sirum, Rakuro, Kivae, Kele and Ruby went down into the Dhamzon and spent days setting up powerful magical traps all around the ruin that was of interest to Erisvan. Erk had gotten wind of this and our log begins with Erisvan under the guise of Kitzibeth tricking Erk into revealing this information. If it isn't immediately obvious why Sirum was so persistent in Erk not being there... his soul was under the command of someone they thought they would be fighting. Having been under the control of Erisvan and Pytch alike, the thought of putting an arrow in Erk to stop him from turning on the group at any moment wasn't an ideal one. Nor was Rakuro beating him senseless for spilling the beans to Erisvan and nullifying their ambush. :p We also gradually lost our minds to OOC at one point, waiting for Rakuro to be released from church. Poor guy.

This RP ended with Trothfang, Heretic of Cannibalism, being released back into the world. We... didn't have the best track record in stopping Heretics, did we?]

Erk Mendon suddenly goes pale. Immediatly, he closes his eyes and concentrates, yelling in his mind, 'SIRUM! WATCH OUT!' [1/1 mindspeak]

Kele-De isn't liking Kitz or Erk right now.]
Erk Mendon: [>D]
You say, "[What happened? <.>]"
Erk Mendon: [Erisvan tricked Erk this time]
Kele-De: [Erk told 'Erisvan' about the traps.]

Kitzibeth: Where has everyfurre gone off to? I had expected them to show up at my villa, and apparently they have all gone missing - and I am stuck in the monsoon again.

Kitzibeth ponders. "You could go of course. I'm unsure as to where they would have headed off to, but I'm sure that Ciran was headed to the Dhamzon."

Kitzibeth: Quite. I'm sure that 'Erisvan' will apprciate their traps." She smirks silently. "I'll be sure to tell the Harle to watch out for them."

Erk Mendon lies while mindspeaking <<Sirum, I had a dream that Erisvan came and dodged all your traps! She probably knows about them! Get out of there!>>

Sirum Hest, having been sitting around the forest making traps for the better part of the morning, freezes up as Erk speaks to him. But he merely rolls his eyes and sends one back. <<So what? It's not like we were expecting to fool her with them, but even she will consider whether or not she should bother comin' in here even if she knows exactly where they all are. Let her come.>> His mind-tone being overconfident at the moment.

Erk Mendon groans and continues mindspeaking <<Sirum, she's a heretic. She can really hurt you all! What makes you think you can hurt her?>>

Jonathan Ruddiwyne watches Erk groan, and then screw up his face in concentration. He resists the urge to laugh out loud. =P

Sirum Hest sighs way off in the Dhamzon, considering whether or not he should even bother taking this seriously. <<We're not gonna flee the Dhamzon jus' 'cause ya had a nightmare, Erk. It's probably 'cause ya signed away yer soul or somethin'.>>

Kitzibeth pads into the bar. "Damnit. I thought that they were going to go to the Villa before they headed off to beat Ciran to Taigorr. Jonathan! Did Kele go too?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne blinks. "Did... what? I don't know. I haven't seen much of anyone recently - everyone left when I was prowling around in the rain. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep oneself fed when all the small game has gone into hiding?"

Erk Mendon blinks and turns to Jon, scowling, "I'm mindspeaking." He facepalms when he gets Sirum's reply, then responds <<Fine, but if Erisvan totally surprises you, don't come crying to me.>> He gasps as Kitzibeth comes in again. He blinks, "! This is too confusing! Are you Erisvan or not?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne didn't say anything to Erk.

Erk Mendon notes it's hard to not notice someone who's about to laugh.

Kitzibeth binks. "Erisvan was here again? Erk, why didn't you say anything or stop her? Primes." She rolls her eyes. "I'm sure it's hard, Jon, which is why I have a semi-permanent portal to my villa in the Keep. As for Erisvan - what did you tell her?"

Erk Mendon goes pale, "Say anything or stop her? She looked just like you! I only found out it was Erisvan when she dissapeared in a black cloud!" He decides to ignore the other question. After all, he already warned Sirum. :x

Jonathan Ruddiwyne glares at her. "No one bothers to tell me anything, Kitzibeth. Everyone just hauls off and leaves while I'm gone. No notes, no nothing. You'll forgive me if I'm not quite in the know." Rar!

Sirum Hest's thoughts soon turn to paranoia from Erk's frantic and knowing mindspeak, eyes narrowing as he sends a forceful one back. <<No wonder ya were askin' me questions the day before. Yer actually workin' with Ciran or her an' are tryin' to get us to leave. All 'cause of that stupid contract.>>

Aderion: [...Sirum's a telepath?]
You say, "[Mindspeak.]"
You say, "[Or rather, mindlink, I think.]"
Aderion: [Sirum: 1, Worlds General IQ: 0.]
You say, "[It's the enchantment school... which is one of his two... >>]"
[ Aderion whispers, "[As the result of Sirum even becoming a mage...]" to you. ]
[ Aderion whispers, "[Sirum: 2, World's General IQ: -10]" to you. ]

Erk Mendon's eyebrows raise and glares at nothing. He closes his eyes and mindspeaks back <<What are ya? Crazy? If I served Ciran, I would've killed Fiora for thinking of joining the clergy! I hate Heretics, Ciran, all of them!>>

Kitzibeth sighs. "You're an idiot, Erk. Jon, would you want to come with me to the jungle? It may be best to have another pair of eyes out there."

Erk Mendon raises an eyebrow, "How do I even know you're Kitzibeth? And don't try insulting me like you usually do, because Erisvan already did that."

Sirum Hest considers this, this shortly responds. <<Ya seemed awful forceful for somethin' that was really little more than a bad dream. If ya get proof that she's headed this way, tell it, or else don't bother me again.>> The mindlink is then broken.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne looks around. "Might as well. The beer is starting to turn, and business has been nonexistant." He drops to his knees, and draws his slightly-oversized crossbow up from its concealment below the counter, as well as his case of bolts and his satchel. "I know she's Kitzibeth because she's calling me by name. I'm too unimportant for Erisvan to bother with." He chuckles. "Besides, if she is the Heretic, I may get the chance to drop a bolt into her chest before I get horribly murdered. No offense, m'lady," he offers to Kitzibeth.

Huggy the Monkey, on the other paw, suddenly swoops down off of the cabinet and onto the counter, bouncing and rolling along it until she gets somewhat near Erk. After managing to unwrap herself from her miniature cloak, she gives the young mage a horribly evil little look. The kind of look Glider Monkeys give invasions of giant swamp spiders before swooping down on their backs and swarming them. Good thing she doesn't have an army to back her up, eh?

Erk Mendon blinks at Huggy, then scowls, "Tell Sirum that I was telling the truth. And don't do what I think you're about to do..."

Kitzibeth shakes her head.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne usually expects more of a response to his statements than a shake of the head, but all right. =P

Kitzibeth: No offense taken. And I know that Erisvan has been a bit .. subtle - but I am who I claim to be. A least for now." She smiles and then points to the keep. "Come on. I have a good idea where they are headed. It's a suburb of one of the major cities of ancient Taigorr. it's one of the few places where there are no tribesfurres."

Kitzibeth hit enter too soon :-P[]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne knows. :-D []
Erk Mendon [guessed]

Erk Mendon turns towards Kitzibeth, "Kitzibeth....can I go? I want Ciran dead as much as anyone else here." He looks truthful.

Huggy the Monkey leans back and forth along the counter, having recieved her orders. After a while of this, she suddenly stops and begins drumming her tiny paws onto the counter, something sounding similar to a war drum. Seconds later, she rolls back again, pulls a copper seemingly from nowhere and chucks it directly at the mages head. "Ee eee!" Once this little mission has been accomplished, she quickly tumbles off of the counter to latch onto Jonathan's leg, from there riding it down like firepole and scampering over to climb up the cabinet once more.

Erk Mendon blinks and raises a brow at the copper before putting it in his pocket
Erk Mendon has a bad image of someone sliding down Jon's leg...

Kitzibeth paps her paws together activating a rain-shield spell. [2/2][Air] "We don't have the time to waste with a familiar - even if it is unique. Come on. now." She looks at Jon, but in the interests of fairess, it's best to get erk out of here too, lest he let Erisvan in on more secrets.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "All right." He straps the satchel and the boltcase over each shoulder, pausing to shake Sirum's familiar off of his leg, and then shoulders the crossbow. "Let's go. I'd like a few words with Sirum about his monkey, anyway," he says, frowning at the little primate.

Kitzibeth heads to the portal, so she can renormalize the target pointing.

Erk Mendon [waits for Kitz to appear <.<;;;]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Let's bungle in the jungle, well that's all right by me...]
You say, "[Welcome to the jungle, welcome to the jungle, we got fun 'n games... *coughs*]"
Ruby Pyralis: [The rabbit is getting away with our Trix!]

Erk Mendon folds his arms, "Now that we're all here, all that's left to do is to wait for Erisvan and Ciran."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne raises an eyebrow. "If you want to hang around and wait for them, that's fine by me. If I can find your corpse, I'll bury it. Not even you should be left to rot."

Kitzibeth steps out of the portal, and erfs. "Bleh. It's wet here too. At least it's hot enough not to cause me any damage." She looks over at Jon and Erk. "Now we have to find Sirum and the others. I hope to the Primes that they haven't tried anything stupid."

Sirum Hest, for note, is standing just within the passageway to the ruins, looking out for any Harlequine or Ghola which might be coming.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "They're all right, I'll wager. Sirum's impetuous, but he's far from stupid. And Kele would stop him from doing something precipitous."

Kele-De is on the path, working with vines and hiding the fresh tracks they left yesterday. She's trying to make it appear as though no one has been through this path in a long time.

Ruby Pyralis is most likely standing guard somewhere. That's basically the only reason she came along, if you think about it. o.o

Sirum Hest, were Kele to have left the ruins or the hidden pathway in the slightest, would of course have readied his bow and stuck somewhat near her. :-P

Jonathan Ruddiwyne sets a bolt into place, and winches the string down. "I'll take point, then. Let's get moving." He eyes the surrounding jungles. "It's too hot."

Ruby Pyralis is now apparently guarding Kele. I think. Woo!

Kitzibeth laughs. "The weather this far south is splendid."

Erk Mendon raises a brow, "That's because you're part fire elemental. Can we get moving? Maybe I should contact Sirum that we're here..."

Ruby Pyralis suddenly feels like cell phones exist. >> <<

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "To each his own, I suppose. I'll have to keep you below decks when we go banging around the poles on my ship, if this is comfortable for you."

Kitzibeth: No, Jonathan. The weather is splendid simply because it's warm enough so that the moisture in the air doesn't set my fur ablaze. Now, where are we going? I hadn't expected there to be too much in the sense of ruins nearby, but this is intolerable. I don't even know where to begin." She carefully zots vines and branches out of the way.

Erk Mendon shrugs, "I'll ask Sirum." He closes his eyes and starts up the mindspeak again <<Sirum, Kitzibeth, Jon and I are here. We're trying to find you. It would be good if you sent up maybe a signal or sent someone to come looking for us? I swear I'm not on any buisness trips for Ciran or Erisvan.>>

Jonathan Ruddiwyne peers around. "Maybe you could cast a speel? See if you can get a general sense of what direction they're in? We could home in on them from there." He says this, of course, not knowing what Erk is doing.

Sirum Hest freezes up near Kele, Ruby and more than likely Kivae, his eyes darting around the immediate area in search of traces of red or orange. As none are visible, should the others look to where the mouse had been, he's quite simply gone. Yet those in the jungle would see a flash of blue going around different pathways for roughly ten seconds, before ending up in front of them with an arrow already aimed directly at Erk. "Leave this place. We didn't bring ya here 'cause it's the same as bringin' a Harlequine to fight off Erisvan."

Erk Mendon scowls, "Sirum, I'm totally capable of protecting myself if Ciran came. You know me. I'm too stubborn. Put that arrow down."

[ Maryn Cillanus whispers, "[Shoot him!!!]" to you. ]

Jonathan Ruddiwyne facepalms. "Should have guessed. What's all this about bringing Harlequines to fight Erisvan?"

Kitzibeth has no friggin idea. "Sirum, put the arrow down. It'd be a waste of an arrow to kill him."

Ciran Acinonyx: [use a knife ^^]

Sirum Hest doesn't lower his arrow an inch. "Either ya go back with Kitzibeth's magic, or ya can go back with Rakuro's magic - more than likely with different parts of ya endin' up in different rooms of Caesel." Without taking his eyes off of the Journeymage, he answers the other two, "He basically gave up his life to Ciran an' his Dark Prime, apparently."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne's eyes widen in surprise. "That's news. Can you explain further?"

Erk Mendon rolls his eyes, "Sirum, I didn't mean too. He tricked me. I hate the dark primes, otherwise I would've killed Fiora when she decided to be a cleric. Sirum, I want Ciran dead as much as you do."

[ Maryn Cillanus whispers, "[Caeseal damn you, spell it right!]" to you. ]

Ruby Pyralis' silouette is barely visible above the canopy of trees, keeping low enough to hopefully avoid detection, should anything happen. Occassionally, she descends low enough to make sure Kele is following, apparently trying to find where Sirum went. Once sight of the brightly colored Erk is confirmed, she makes a 'come' gesture with her paw toward Kele, soon landing gently behind Sirum, most likely followed by Kele.

Sirum Hest flashes Erk a toothy grin, but not the regularly playful kind, actually hostile. "The lot of us wanted the Scrollkeeper dead after he put his marks on us. That didn't stop him from controllin' us one bit, though. This isn't up for discussion, yer not goin' into the ruins." Seeming quite determined with the decision Rakuro and he had made. He continues, though, with a faintly curious tone, suddenly realizing something, "...wait a second. Kitzibeth...? How did ya find out where this place was? An' why would -ya- bring Erk after whatcha said about..." He trails off into silence then, asking her idly, "...what were my third an' fourth questions on the magic test ya gave me to join yer guild?"

Erk Mendon folds his arms, "Well, then I'm staying outside the ruins. I'm tired of sitting in the tavern all day doing nothing! I want my revenge on Ciran more than anything!"

Kitzibeth holds out a map. "It wasn't hard. I mean, really. The Donjikaan pretty much gave it away. We were looking for Taigorr. Plus, Kel told me." She laughs. [ ]

[ You whisper "[If you need a memory refresh: 3: About the mage who went to the lake to seek the other mages help. 4: Didn't happen, trick question. ^^]" to Kitzibeth. ]

Kele-De keeps her eyes on Ruby, following through the paths as though she'd walked them before. She smiles and nods as Ruby beckons her closer. Spotting Sirum, she wonders why he's all the way out here, when her ears perk and she hears voices. "What's going on?" She asks as she comes out from the trees and looks about. "Jonathan!" Her face lights up and she runs over to him. "What are you doing here mo cridhe?"

Kitzibeth doesn't need to think. "The parable of the lake, and apprentices only get three questions."

Ruby Pyralis' eyes begin to dart around, eyes moving along as well. After a few minutes, she raises both paws, the palms both facing eachother before she claps them together, apparently having just squished a bug. This done, she wrinkles her nose and wipes the remains of the bug from her ears.

Sirum Hest smiles with that, though his bows aim isn't taken away from Erk. "Well then, it is ya, but that makes me ask - why in the Primes names did ya bring someone ya said ya only make a Journeymage 'cause they made the lowest possible passin' score here for? An' when are ya gonna send 'em back?"

Kitzibeth: Think about it this way, Sirum. Erisvan was at the garrison, and Erk oh so helpfully told her that you were setting traps for her and Ciran. She probably has about three harles in the Jungles now disarming them.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne grins at Kel. "I have no idea. Looking for you, presumably. Why didn't anyone leave me a note as to where you'd gone?"

Erk Mendon blushes, "She tricked me! She insulted me, so obviously I thought she was Kitzibeth! She could've fooled anyone!"
Erk Mendon is going to get a ring of wisdom next :P

Kitzibeth: If I'd left him at the Garrison, he'd be more harm than help." Stepping between Erk and the arrow, she mutters. "Now be good, Sirum."

Kele-De wraps her arms about him and sighs. SHe presses her nose against his arm and closes her eyes for a brief moment. "She takes a step back then and smiles apologetically. "I'll leave one on your bed next time. Just didn't think about it at the time."

Sirum Hest's tail gives a violent lash with that, taking a quick step left and forward as his arrow is released and allowed to fly forth through the air right for Erk's skull. Or rather, just an inch to the left of it, nothing more than a warning shot. "My next will be on target if he's still here. He bloody gave away our entire plan to that Heretic!? No, no I won't be good, if he's here Ciran can likely get what information out of him where the traps are, or have him disable them when we're not lookin' now send him away, Kitzibeth, for the love of the Primes while he still doesn't know everythin'."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shifts his crossbow to slip an arm around her waist. "Don't worry about it. There's bigger problems afoot."

Erk Mendon acks as the arrow makes contact with his skull. He winces as he pulls the arrow out. He bares his teeth at Sirum, "I told you! She could've fooled anyone! I'm sorry! I truely am!"

[#] A high pitched laugh comes from somewhere in the forest.

You say, "[First off... Sirum wasn't aiming for his head, just left of it...]"
Erk Mendon: [okay, then retcon that part]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Second... the arrow would kill Erk if it had <.<]

Kele-De turns then and notices Kitzibeth and Erk. "Sirum's right, Kitzibeth. He has no business being here. We left him at Caeseal for a reason. Though it seems he can't keep his big mouth shut." She nods to Jonathan and sidles up next to him, growling low at the laugh. "Do you see what you've done Erk?"

Ruby Pyralis flattens her ears at the laugh, taking a half step back, "Something tells me that we're not alone." >.>;

Erk Mendon goes pale and graps the sides of his head, muttering, "What have I done?!" He looks worriedly at everyone, "I'm sorry! I'm really, really sorry!"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne hisses at Erk. "Shut up. Something's here." He raises the heavy bow, eyes scanning the surrounding jungle for any signs of movement.

Sirum Hest's ears lower back and to his skull as the laugh sounds throughout the area, a low growl forming in the back of his throat. Or what the mouse equivalent would be. "If - yer - sorry - then - have - Kitzibeth - get - ya - out - of - here!", sounding out each word as if he were a toddler. "That laugh... Erisvan is here, an' she likely has an army with her. I'm retreatin' back to the ruins. Kitzibeth, if ya don't send 'em away an' decide to leave 'em here, we might as well jus' have Ruby lop off his head so he can't be used by her." As he speaks, he begins edging back.

Kivae pads around the edge of the path, ears twitching to either side. Apparently having lagged somewhat behind Ruby and Kele. Her tail bristles, "I heard voices...?" Trailing off slowly, merely offering a quizzical glance around.

Erk Mendon stares at the ground while saying, "You can send me back, Kitzibeth..." He curses in his mind about how gullible he is.

Kele-De moves away from Jon and pulls the glaive from her back. Her paw strokes down the blade and she sends Sirum a smile for the temporary fix. Nodding in agreement with Si, she starts edging away as well. "At the very least we'll be a bit more protected there instead of out in the open."

Kitzibeth shrugs in Erk's direction. "If you wish to be. I shall not leave your fate up to Sirum, who should be mindful about how naive lackeys are treated by the population."

Ruby Pyralis raises a paw and absently begins to fiddle around with the fur on the tip of her ear as she looks around uneasily. The tips of her wings begin to twitch nervously, as if ready to send her flying away at the first signn of danger. >> <<

Sirum Hest sighs in relief, though just draws forth another arrow and waves on to everyone else. "Follow me, quickly, unless ya wanna stand around an' deal with Erisvan when she decides to grace us with her prescense an' her shiny eyed friends."

[#] A flash of red, then silence. A slip of paper falls to the ground. Does such a note portend to violence? For the jungle returns to lack of sound.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne moves to the piece of paper. "Er... does anyone else want to pick this up and read it, or does it fall to me?" he says nervously.

Erk Mendon raises a paw, "I'll read it...if anyone wants me to...if it was dangerous, it might as well go to me, right?"

Sirum Hest should really meet this person who can run in flashes of red. Sounds similar to his own method of travel. "Well... seein' as jus' cards can affect us by touchin' 'em... I'd say we'd be better off jus' readin' it from the ground."

Kivae starts to turn, not having any better idea than just following. Her ears go back slowly, then twitch at the flash, and she stops, turning to glance at the paper. Her nose wrinkles faintly. ".. Shouldn't Kitzibeth? Because.. I mean, she's her, and you don't hurt yourself.." shrugging faintly. With a tilt of her head at Jon. "You could.. I'm not taking it, anyways."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne rolls his eyes. "How self-flagellatingly noble. Get over yourself." He leans over, on Sirum's advice, and reads it.
[*] Jonathan Ruddiwyne rolls 1d20+7 & gets 22.

Sirum Hest idly asks, "So what does it say?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne offers Sirum a tight, mirthless grin. "The Harlequins have found your traps and disabled them. The next plan is to take us down, one by one."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne taps his chin. "If not disabled, at least they know that the traps exist." Thank you, Mistress of Metagame. =P

Kele-De leans against her polearm, waiting patiently her stomach tying itself into knots. "Oh, what a lovely notion." She spits out rather sarcastically. "SO now what? Do we risk returning to the ruins?"

Sirum Hest tilts his head to the side with that. "If they had we would have heard explosions comin' from Rakuro's way as he blasted the jesters into ash. As we haven't, an' since we know that Erisvan would have detected 'em..."

[#] A giant wind explosion can be heard, followed by a rather cruel laugh.

Kivae shrugs, lightly, though her expression doesn't match very well. "One by one? We'll just have to stick together then.." trailing of with a grimace at the sound of the explosion.

Erk Mendon pokes Kitz, "Can you go away and send me away before I mess anything else up?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "Nothing we can do for it except be on guard. What's in those ruins that you all came to protect?"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne was hard pressed not to say "y'all" just then. >.>

Kitzibeth: Now is not the time to argue amongst ourselves. We'll not be able to stop them if we keep worrying about a minor player. He's not even a thrall of Greydark." She winces at the explosion, and points behind her. "Go through the portal, Erk. It's not visible now, but it is where it was when we came. >>Opotalimis<< [3/3][Unfix Portal]

Erk Mendon steps into the portal then. o-o

Kele-De snorts. "A door that when you touch it it tries to kill you. Throws you across the room and makes you feel as though you are being ripped from this realm. There are markings upon it that match the key Ciran has."

Sirum Hest assumes that to be Rakuro shredding them, as the mage really wouldn't be sitting on his tail doing nothing during this, and he -is- still here, despite them having coming with him offline. "Inside the ruins is the door to Ciran's key. A horrible door, too, it nearly zapped Kele to death. I'm goin' to Rakuro, not gonna get shredded by Harlequine." With that, he begins to walk off slowly, eyes peeled to the scenery. "Comin'?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "So you came to prevent Ciran from stepping through that door?"

Kitzibeth scowls as Erk leaves, so much for using him as a convenient spell battery. "If the marks match, then that is the door we seek. Any luck divining what is behind it?"

Kivae pads after Sirum, her head ducked slightly, eyes and ears alert and wary. "I -told- you we should try divining it.."

Ruby Pyralis, as her player only skimmed the posts she missed, is standing with her arms crossed, awaiting instuction. >> <<

Kele-De shakes her head. "I think we came to prevent him from opening it. I don't know what's in it but it's warded heavily if merely touching it nearly kills you." Her brows furrow then. "Did anyone else have odd dreams of cooking last night?" She calls down the path as she runs to catch up with them. "Weird dreams of cooking some kind of meat?"

Kitzibeth: Cooking? That's unusual. Perhaps the ward is protecting the Potholder of power, or something.

Sirum Hest nods back to Kivae, "Ya told me, but ya didn't do it. I never said it was a bad idea." To Kitzibeth, "We were busy with traps, an' things." Back to Kele, he calls out, "I did, but now isn't the time to discuss weird dreams! Wait until we're safely in the ruins!"

Kitzibeth follows Sirum.

You say, "[Any trace of trap tampering?]"
You say, "[Or shredded harlequine?]"

[#] There is evidence of trap tampering, but no shredded Harles.. yet ;-)

Jonathan Ruddiwyne wants a Potholder of Power. Or, at the very least, the Berserker Horn of Flames.

Sirum Hest pads forward to the pathway and motions back to those behind him, "Ruby, ya mind goin' in first? For... erm... protection. None of ya need to worry about settin' 'em off, Rakuro has 'em set to go off when he needs 'em to. ... I think."

Ruby Pyralis sometimes regrets her position as a tank, shrugging slightly, "Don't see why I'd need to go first, but if you say so..." Beginning to walk forward at a somewhat slow pace, trying to not attract much attention. >> <<

[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d6 & gets 1.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shoots off fireworks and screams "HERE WE ARE COME KILL US" at the top of his lungs. Not really.

Ruby Pyralis somehow thinks that's bad.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne follows...?

[#] The DM will be back in about 25-30 min, sorry ><
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
You say, "[We can wait for Rakuro. ^^]"
Ciran Acinonyx: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [PARTY! -throws paper airplane-]
Kivae: [Um.. Why can't we wait for Kuro, since he's at chruch, and we'll be back soon.. and would likely also have an affect on this..?]
Kele-De: [o.o]
Kivae: [<.< What Si said.]
[#] Wait for Kuro? = good
You say, "[Very good. :P]"
Ruby Pyralis lags herself.]
Ciran Acinonyx chills[]
You say, "[Because as it is it's like trying to sneak into Erisvan's castle while acting as if Erisvan isn't even there. x)]"
Maryn Cillanus casts summon historian. "Woot, I'm here!"]
Ciran Acinonyx: :-P[]
Ruby Pyralis: [BATHTIME! -drags everyone-]
Kivae: [Rubeh and CIran are going off to take a bath together?]
Ruby Pyralis drags Kiv.]
Ciran Acinonyx drags Maryn[]
Kivae falls limply to the ground, like a rag doll.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne falls on top of Kivae. []
Kivae tickles!]
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne is NOT ticklish, stoppitstoppitstoppitstoppit..... []
Kivae: [x) *afks to shower*]
[%] Kivae just gave Jonathan Ruddiwyne a cookie.
Kele-De has the urge to go bake cookies.]
Ruby Pyralis impregnates Kele. Somehow. o-o]
Ciran Acinonyx: [o.o;]
Ruby Pyralis impregnates Kiv too.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [how, and why? o.o]
Ruby Pyralis shrugs.]
Ruby Pyralis impregnates Ciran while she's at it.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Kinky.]
Maryn Cillanus: [Damnit. ><]
Ciran Acinonyx: [And with what for that matter? o.o]
Maryn Cillanus: [Was going to say that. Loser. :-P]
Ruby Pyralis impregnates Jon. And Sirum. And Maryn. And Kitz.]
Ciran Acinonyx is impregnable :-D[]
Ruby Pyralis: [Who cares. This is the intarweb.]
Maryn Cillanus does not heed the intarweb]
Ruby Pyralis: [o my]
Ruby Pyralis eats babies.]
Maryn Cillanus: ['You have. One hundred... And fifty six new messages.' F*** you AOL. o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o;]
Ciran Acinonyx wonders when Ruby became drow o.o[]
You say, "[All my love letters finally went through then.]"
Ruby Pyralis is the demon lord. Duh.]
Kele-De: [ # Princess of lust/Dignity put to dust/A virginal sight/Their apple to bite/Drink from my thighs/The rain of lies/A sight so cursed/Breasts which never nursed/An Aphrodite for mortal souls/Playing hide and seek in lecherous roles/Their erotic hour my tearless weep Their satisfaction my infinite sleep/Naked limbs reflecting from the moon/I'll be there for you soon/First wish for this night: Let me be your delight/Body of a virgin/Soul to the Devil's kin/Your God is me/In all that >]
Kele-De: [you see.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Uh... Kel?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Haha!]
Ruby Pyralis: [That was perfect timing xD]
Ciran Acinonyx: [What song is that? o.o]
Kitzibeth: [o.o; Wow. Nightwish's lyrics are creepy.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Delightfully so, Kitz.]
Kele-De: [Very much.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [wb, btw]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kiiiitz. We must have bathtime fun night in that river xD]
Kele-De: [XD]
Kitzibeth: Bathtime fun night.. of EVIL[]
Ruby Pyralis: [YES]
Ruby Pyralis cracks whip.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Oooh, baby ;-)]
Ciran Acinonyx hopes pawcuffs are involved :-D[]
Ruby Pyralis lobs off Ciran's head.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Don't speal unless I tell you to >:O]
Ruby Pyralis: [speak* xD]
Kele-De: [Don't forget the chains.]
Kitzibeth: [Who is Kane starlight?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Cerr.]
Kitzibeth: [Oh. *kiss IM whisper then*]
Kitzibeth: *kills >.>*[]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [HAHAHA\
Ciran Acinonyx: [o.o]
Kele-De: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kitz luuurves Cerr xD]
[#] Goddess ends R00beh
You say, "[h.j]"
Ruby Pyralis cries.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Your own. Personal. Jesus. Someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares. Your own. Personal Jesus. Someone to hear your prayers, someone who's there.]
Ciran Acinonyx will never forget the terrifying image of 'Buddy Christ' from Dogma o.o[]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
You say, "[Buddy Christ r0x'd. o.o]"
Maryn Cillanus: [I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours, but I think that god's got a sick sense of humour, and when I die, I expect to find, him laughing.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Whawhasat]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Ruby... go watch Dogma and you'll see]
Ruby Pyralis: [What the hell is Dogma?]
Ciran Acinonyx: [A movie]
Ruby Pyralis: [o0;]
You say, "[]"
Kitzibeth: [I totally want that on my dashboard]
You say, "[]"
Ruby Pyralis: [XDDD]
Kele-De: [ # Oh how I wish # For soothing rain # All I wish is to dream again # My loving heart # Lost in the dark # For hope I`d give my everything # Oh how I wish # For soothing rain # Oh how I wish to dream again # Once and for all # And all for once # Nemo my name forevermore # ]
Maryn Cillanus: [o.o]
Ciran Acinonyx: [I'm pretty sure you can buy one off the internet Kitz]
Ciran Acinonyx: [brb]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Ain't wearin no pants
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: ]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis scoots away.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Ain't neva gonna wear no pants]
Ruby Pyralis scoots further away.]
Kele-De scoots closer.]
Ruby Pyralis: [XDD]
Kele-De: [XD]
Kitzibeth: [You are all -freaks-]
Ruby Pyralis: [And proud.]
Kele-De: [Demonheart!]
Ruby Pyralis gives out Freakish Pride badges.]
Sirum Hest isn't a freak. Is worshipping Plastic Jesus. :~(]
Maryn Cillanus isn't a freak, just has no social life. =/
Maryn Cillanus: ]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne HRT's Marl. []
Sirum Hest blinks. []
You say, "[You mean any of you do have a social life...?]"
Kele-De does.]
Ruby Pyralis: [My social life involves... doing chibi dances and watching my friend, the one who told Si that she was horny, do belly dances on the lunch table. o-o]
You say, "[What do you say when someone asks what you do in your free time? :P]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Ssiiiirrrruuummm. My friieennd is hoooorrrnnnyyy aaggaaaiinnn xDDD]
You say, "["...I act like a humanoid cat who speaks with seals."? xD]"
You say, "[...]"
Kitzibeth: [I listen to people talk about how their friends who belly dance on tables talk about how said friend said to Sirum that she's horny.]
You say, "[And you're telling me this why?]"
Maryn Cillanus: [Free time? There is Work-time, Furc-time, store-time, and sleep-time, there is no Free-time. o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [To make you go [...]]
You say, "[Give her Vanle's address.]"
Ruby Pyralis: [HAHAHHAHAHA]
You say, "[Or rather.]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [I have work-tome, sleep-time, and work-time. The only reason I'm here now is because I called in sick.]
You say, "[Give him hers.]"
Maryn Cillanus: [Oh! Sick-time, 'spose that counts as free-time.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Any time I'm not in school and am not doing school work is free xD]
Kele-De: [Sick-time? What's that?]
Maryn Cillanus: [Time you say you're sick and don't have work-time. =P]
Ruby Pyralis: [Okay. When/if Rak comes on, EVERYONE AIM him.]
Maryn Cillanus: ['Course I hear some people actually are sick at that time, but... >.>]
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [I
You say, "hit enter too soon]"
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [I'm suck. It sicks.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Er. What?]
Ruby Pyralis: [XD]
Ruby Pyralis: [I FOUND YA BY THE HAY]
Ruby Pyralis: [ # # # # # # ]
Ruby Pyralis: [DREIDIL .-.]
You say, "[ # # # # # # ]"
Ruby Pyralis: [I think o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [Candycorn]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [dreidle]
Ruby Pyralis: [I was close.]
You say, "[Dreidel.]"
Maryn Cillanus: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Droidle]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Spridle]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [And Chim-Chim]
You say, "[Chim-Chim?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Maryn Cillanus: [Freaks.]
You say, "[The monkey from Speed Racer?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [Haha!]
Ruby Pyralis has both pillows >> <<]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne has a sling with mafia bullets. []
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Sirum Hest begins considering if Rakuro is even coming on today. o.o []
Maryn Cillanus: [Dun dun dun]]
Kitzibeth: [Jon you weren't even around for the mafia gun application]
You say, "[Er. Didn't Rakuro say something last night about what hours he would be gone to church, Kiv?]"
Maryn Cillanus: [xD]
Sirum Hest vaguely remembers something along the lines of '... to 10:00'. []
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [I know, but I saw it all the same, and it amuses me.]
Kitzibeth: [What church does he go to? Church of the holy droners?]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Don't diss the Holy Droners, lady. They'll mess you up.]
You say, "[BLASPHEMER!]"
You say, "[Church of the Holy Droners = Inari. :~(]"
Maryn Cillanus: [That would explain something.]
Sirum Hest loads up Wulfram as he waits. Like what? []
Maryn Cillanus: [Like Inari staring at me in Valanthas.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [PILLOW]
Ruby Pyralis: [MEIN]
Maryn Cillanus: [Wait... [Inari: HRT] [Lady Erisvan: [HRT] [Lady Erisvan: Feel my love!] [Lady Erisvan is now sharing control of the dream with you.] Ahah! Inari = Erisvan. Erisvan isn't really mean, she's just a big softy.]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [OW OW OW]
Ruby Pyralis: [Funny bone x.x]
Ruby Pyralis: [Should be called "Not-So-Funny Nerve
Maryn Cillanus: [o.o]
Maryn Cillanus: [Dammit, where's mafia gun? ><]
Kivae: [He just said he'd be in church. o.o]
Kele-De is baking brownies. Yum.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne is a fruminous bandersnatch. []
Maryn Cillanus: [The vorpal blade went snicker snack.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Maryn]
Ruby Pyralis: [C'mere.]
Maryn Cillanus: [Nu!]
Ruby Pyralis: [YES]
Maryn Cillanus: [Kee. -.-]
Ruby Pyralis: [Okay.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Now]
Ruby Pyralis: [Move over and make a circle out of us.]
Maryn Cillanus: [...]
Maryn Cillanus: [...]
Maryn Cillanus: [...]
Maryn Cillanus: [xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [HAHA]
Ruby Pyralis: [xD]
Ruby Pyralis: [Other side >>]
Ruby Pyralis: [Jon, spin around.]
Ruby Pyralis drags Kal.]
Maryn Cillanus: [Ew, it's a drow!]
Kalannar: [y helo thar]
Ruby Pyralis: [OMG! j00 r t3h s3x!11]
Kele-De: [o.o]
Kalannar: [Wtf?!]
Kitzibeth will be back when rak is on
Ruby Pyralis: [xDD]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Kalannar smooches his ladies. HRTHRT]
Maryn Cillanus: [o.o Away from me!]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne slaps Kal with his glove. Marl is -his- lady. >.< []
Maryn Cillanus: [Fwahah! Woot.]
Kalannar: [Pah, you can take Marl.]
Kalannar was referring to Kele and Ruby.]
Maryn Cillanus: [What's that supposed to mean? >:|]
Ruby Pyralis chitters like a squirrel.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Did you just diss my lady, holmes?]
Kalannar: [It means Marl's mean. She turned me into a pancake.]
Maryn Cillanus: [You told me too.]
Maryn Cillanus: [To*]
Kele-De sings for Ruby and Kal.]
Ruby Pyralis: [:D]
Maryn Cillanus: [Ruby and Kal, sitting in a tree.]
Kalannar: [And Kele!]
Ruby Pyralis: [And Ke- .-.]
Maryn Cillanus: [First comes love, then comes Kal being kicked off the branch,]
Maryn Cillanus: [o.o]
Kele-De: [o.o]
Maryn Cillanus: [Wait..]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Maryn Cillanus: [><]
Maryn Cillanus: [That sounded wrong.]
Kalannar: [x.o]
Ruby Pyralis kicks Kal off the branch.]
Maryn Cillanus: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [^.^]
Kalannar: [Marl's too mean to be one of my ladies.]
Kalannar meanwhile, claps for Kele's singing.]
Maryn Cillanus: [Love me! >:*]
Ruby Pyralis: [HAHAH]
Ruby Pyralis: [FEEL MY LOVE]
Kele-De: [Ruby, you beat me to it!]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne is sad that no one ever fights for his love. []
Kalannar: [Marl doesn't get teh Drow lovin'.]
Maryn Cillanus: [Erisvan is now sharing control of the dream with you.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Are we still waiting for Kuro? o.o]
Kalannar: [Geez, is everyone waiting for Rak?]
Ruby Pyralis drags Jon into the tree.]
Kele-De helps Ruby.]
Ruby Pyralis: [:D]
Maryn Cillanus is waiting for Ader.]
Maryn Cillanus: [Hey!]
Ruby Pyralis is waiting for some luvvin']
Kalannar: [o.o Well, I guess Sirum, Kele, Ruby, and myself are all waiting for Rivyn.]
Kalannar smooches R00bah. HRT]
Maryn Cillanus grabs on to Jon's foot.]
Kele-De drags Maryn then.]
[%] Kalannar just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
Ruby Pyralis: [^^]
Maryn Cillanus: [o.o]
Sirum Hest wonders if Rakuro really isn't coming on until 10... []
Ruby Pyralis: ["Being against torture out to be sort of a bipartisan thing."]
Ruby Pyralis: [ought* xD]
Ciran Acinonyx: [... Kuro said he's coming back at 10 o.<]
Ruby Pyralis: [Screw that .-.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne is now part of a chain ladder situation. Awesome. []
Maryn Cillanus: [Party at Ruby's!]
Kalannar thinks Kele is lonely, therefore smooches her as a result. HRT]
Kele-De dances!]
Maryn Cillanus is lonely.]
Kele-De drags Maryn up into the tree.]
Kalannar won't smooch Marl. She's mean. :-(]
Maryn Cillanus is in a tree. o.o]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne smooches Maryn! HRT []
Maryn Cillanus is not mean! >:*]]
Ciran Acinonyx can we just assume the traps are disarmed?[]
Kele-De wants more smooches.]
Ruby Pyralis: [First person to give me a cookie gets a pillow.]
[%] Maryn Cillanus just gave Ruby Pyralis a cookie.
Ruby Pyralis: [x)]
Kalannar smooches Kele. HRT]
[%] Kalannar just gave Kele-De a cookie.
Maryn Cillanus: [Wootage]
Maryn Cillanus: [*switches characters]
Ruby Pyralis wants smooches too D:]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne smooches Ruby. HRT []
Kele-De smooches Ruby. o.o]
Kalannar smooches Ruby. HRT]
Ruby Pyralis feels loved :D]
Kalannar smacks Jon.]
Kalannar: [My ladies.]
Ruby Pyralis: [AH!]
Maryn Cillanus smooches Ruby? o.O]
Ruby Pyralis kicks Erk out of the tree.]
Erk Mendon [suddenly appears? <.< >.>]
Erk Mendon [burninates Rubeh's wings]
Ruby Pyralis' wings are immune.]
Ruby Pyralis lobs off head.]
Erk Mendon [re-attatches it]
Ruby Pyralis: [.-.]
Erk Mendon does it in the most sickening way ^^[]
Terina Felin: [o.o
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Terina Felin still had plastic jesus open. ><]
Kalannar puts Erk's head on a fancy plate with lettuce and gives it to Ruby as a present.]
Ruby Pyralis squeals and gnaws on it. <3]
Erk Mendon [is currently working out what Erk is doing at this moment]
Ruby Pyralis: []
Terina Felin: [Simple... He's in his room, he's lonely and abandoned, and... I'll just stop there. o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [Good. o.o]
Ciran Acinonyx: [How about we just assume Kuro got his arse kicked by Erisvan?]
Ruby Pyralis holds them up. .-.]
Terina Felin: [..o.o;]
Erk Mendon: [nah...he's trying to decide if he should work out a deal with Ciran so that Sirum and the others aren't harmed. That, or he's just sitting there hating his life]
Ruby Pyralis: [They're too big .-.]
Ruby Pyralis: [ANGST]
Kalannar: [Take 'em off. xP Or.. you know.. get a belt. <<;]
Kele-De: [Is that a belt Ruby?]
Terina Felin: [*Somehow thought Jon would be the one to say that, bu... !]
Ruby Pyralis: [I tried to use a belt. But it just bunched it up and made it itchy xD]
Erk Mendon: [...What I want to know is how they are falling off if you're sitting down o.o]
Terina Felin: [Angst isn't a belt. o.o]
Kele-De's sister said that to her boyfriend while she was laying on his lay....]
Ciran Acinonyx: [That's a good question Erk o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [I got up?]
Erk Mendon: [>D[
Ciran Acinonyx: [kay <.<]
Terina Felin: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis: [HAHAHA]
Sirum Hest scrolls up. []
Ruby Pyralis: [Tell the story, kele xD]
You say, "[Um...]"
You say, "[We aren't assuming that because...]"
Terina Felin: [Maybe it's better she didn't? o.o]
You say, "[Rakuro could likely hold his own against Erisvan, given enough time to set up enough magical traps.]"
Ciran Acinonyx: [And she doesn't nuke both him and the traps why?]
Terina Felin: [Erisvan's got like damage absorbtion crap, like Entad.]
You say, "[Because Rakuro can Inbetween fade?]"
Ruby Pyralis: [And 11/11 spells.]
Terina Felin: [That too.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Public nudity.]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Ciran Acinonyx: [That doesn't help the traps Si :-P]
Sirum Hest wonders how easily Erisvan can dispell over 100 preps worth of traps. o.o []
Kele-De: [Okay, so I'm at my Mum's house on the recliner and my sister is on the couch laying on her boyfriend. Well, all of a sudden she turns and says "Is that your belt?" Then he says, "I'm not wearing a blet." Well, she's naive enough that she turned and was like, "Well then what is it?" He blushed like 50 shades of red and I fell off the recliner from laughing.]
Ruby Pyralis: [XDDD]
Terina Felin: [o.o;;]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Besides... if Kuro can't be there to save Dirk, he can't be there to kill Ciran xP. And who said anything about dispelling? Just set them off]
Erk Mendon: [>D]
Ciran Acinonyx: [o.o;;]
Kalannar: [>)]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kal. Is that your belt?]
Kele-De: [XDDD]
Ruby Pyralis couldn't resist xD]
Kalannar: [You should know. xP]
Erk Mendon: [rofl]
Kele-De understands, her sister is 18 and she's so naive.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Wow. I'd need to gain, like, 10lb on my butt in order to fit into these pants. o-O;]
Terina Felin: [o.o Have fun. =P]
Ruby Pyralis: [I'll just wear my other ones tomorrow .-.]
Kalannar assumes Ruby has a nice butt.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [... right then. Have we reached a conclusion about Kuro's traps?]
Terina Felin: [Spoilsport.]
Erk Mendon: [lol]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Kele-De feeds Ruby brownies.]
Ruby Pyralis: [:D]
Terina Felin: [Kuro's traps got eaten by Erisvan, then he got taken as Galendria's loveslave.]
Kael Pierce felt like being Kael.]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Erk Mendon: [hehe]
Ruby Pyralis: [But Kal is the smexy one D:]
Terina Felin felt like being God, don't see that happening, do you?]
Kele-De agrees with Rubeh!]
Ciran Acinonyx wonders if anybody has an alt named 'God' <.<[]
Ruby Pyralis: [RAAARGH!]
Terina Felin doesn't like Kal, he called her mean.]
Ruby Pyralis: [My. Pants. Are. Too. LOOSE.]
Kael Pierce: [That's because you're terribly mean.]
Terina Felin: [See? =(]
Ruby Pyralis casts "Pantus Shrinkus." o_o]
Kele-De petpets Marl. "Stop it. Marl isn't mean."
Kele-De: ]
Ciran Acinonyx doesn't think Marl is mean[]
Terina Felin: [Yep, there's a god somewhere. o.o]
Terina Felin: [^.^]
Erisvan: [FEEL MY LOVE]
Erk Mendon: [lol!]
Ciran Acinonyx: [o.o]
Terina Felin: [Ruby's clone. o.o]
Ruby Pyralis loves that alt xD]
Terina Felin: [=P]
Kael Pierce is frightened lots.]
Erk Mendon killz[]
Erisvan: [LOVE ME]
[%] Kivae just gave Erisvan a cookie.
Kael Pierce: [Wanna be one of my ladies? xD]
Erk Mendon: [..too late]
Erisvan: [LOVE ME]
Erk Mendon [slips it in]
Erisvan: [o.o]
Ciran Acinonyx: [O.o]
Kele-De: [o.o]
Erisvan: [Ew.]
Kalannar is back.]
Erisvan: [XD]
Kalannar smooches Erisvan. HRT]
Erk Mendon: [but I love you!]
Kendrick loves!!!]
Erisvan: [Kendrick![
Erk Mendon: [>D]
Erisvan: [Make Erk go away.]
Kendrick: [Hold still so I can kiss you!!]
Erisvan: [o.o]
Kalannar: [Come sit by me, babe.]
Kendrick squishes Erk.]
Ciran Acinonyx feels so alone ;.;[]
Kalannar winks at Erisvan and pats the ground next to him. HRT]
Kendrick: [Now, where were we? ^^]
Erk Mendon [explodez]
Kendrick kills Kal too.
Erisvan luvs Kal.]
Erk Mendon: [...]
Terina Felin snuggles Ciran.
Erisvan: [FEEL MY LOVE]
Erk Mendon: [that was IC]
Kalannar is so t3h pimpin' Drow.]
Ciran Acinonyx purrs, and snuggles back ^^[]
Kendrick: [It's the future, one day Kendrick will squish Kal, ICly.]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne drinks queso. []
Erisvan: [Cheese?]
Erk Mendon [wants a snug from someone ;-;]
Kendrick ponders.]
Erisvan: [Ew.]
Ciran Acinonyx smites teh Erk, and goes back to snuggling teh shexy vampfurre HRT[]
Kalannar smooches Kele, Ruby, and Erisvan. HRTHRTHRT]
Erk Mendon [revives self :x]
Diseased Rat #1 snuggles Erk.]
Ruby Pyralis: [My vampfurre died. o.o]
Erk Mendon...kills the rat]
Ruby Pyralis mourns.]
Erisvan snugs Kele.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [My shapeshifter died ;.;]
Kele-De gets Erisvan snugs?]
Kendrick snugs all of you. o.o]
Diseased Rat #1 dies.]
Diseased Rat #1: [But I loved yoooouuuuu.]
Erk Mendon [burninates Kendrick]
Kendrick is immune.]
Erk Mendon: [burn or be turned into a telituby]
Erisvan: [o.o]
Erk Mendon [forgot how to spell btw...]
Ciran Acinonyx: [When the hell is Rakuro getting back >.<]
Kendrick: [I've decided to take the easy way out and made an item for Kendrick, the ability being 'Bearer can NOT BE HARMED!!11!!1Bork]
Kalannar's Camp snuggles Erk!!!!! HRTHRTHRTHRT]
Stun cackles.]
Kendrick: [o.o]
Erk Mendon kills camp
Erk Mendon explores the dream[]
Kendrick: [Kal's Camp is naked... Figures.]
Stun: [HAHA]
Erk Mendon: [;-;]
Kalannar's Camp loves Erk!!!! HRT]
Kendrick: [Teletubbies! Big Hug! Poe!]
Erk Mendon [pushes]
Kele-De passes out brownies to everyone.]
Kalannar: [My camp is usually a gray canine statue. But right now he's a nasty brown equine.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [^^]
Kendrick nibbles a brownie.]
Kendrick is a paladin!!
Kalannar eats brownies, smooches Kele. HRT]
Kalannar: [Stun! Come be one of my ladies!]
Stun: [o_o]
Kalannar: [=D]
Kendrick: [Hrm. First time I've had Kendrick online with this desc. o.o]
Kalannar smooches Stun. HRT]
Stun bites.]
Kalannar cries. Disciplines. Bad Stun.]
Kendrick has a whip.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [w00t]
Stun: [.-.]
Stun: [AH]
Kalannar: [Don't make me bring the poopy equine back on, Erk.]
Erk Mendon: [now...where were we, my lovely erisvan?]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Erk wants to be one of Kal's ladies ;-)]
Erisvan: [XDD]
(You see Harlequine.)
> Probably doing work. [AFF 0h,34m]
* Sorry, there's no furre around right now with a name starting with kitz! -- Beekin the Help Dragon
Kalannar: [Erk.. get off'a me now, or you get a dagger in the goods.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Kuro is assumed taken hostage. RP continues]
Kendrick would be around, if they were at Caeseal, but are they? Noooo]
Ciran Acinonyx kills Erk[]
Erk Mendon [is at Caeseal o.o;;;]
Erk Mendon [kicks Ciran]
Erk Mendon: [FEEL MY...nevermind]
Kendrick doesn't like Erk... For -Some- reason.
Ciran Acinonyx: [Bend over slave!]
Kalannar is at Ansteorra.]
Kendrick: [o.o]
Kendrick: [oo]
Erk Mendon [stands up]
Kendrick likes Kal though.]
Kalannar smooches Kele, Ruby, and Erisvan. HRTHRTHRT ... and hurts Erk a lot. >:*]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Now Erk... FEEL MY LOVE!]
Erk Mendon: [o.O]
Kendrick: [o.o]
Stun notes Erisvan ran away.]
Kendrick: [Noooo]
Erk Mendon: [how about we just wait for Rak instead?]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Rak is coming back at 10]
Kalannar smooches Stun, instead, then. HRT]
Kendrick: [Ciran's turned away from the straight path. :-(]
Kalannar: [Marl can be one of my ladies if she promises not to be mean.]
Erk Mendon: [bah :P]
Terina Felin: [Correction: Kal can be one of my men! o.o]
Nhamo: [:3]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Nhamo!]
Erk Mendon: [who is nhamo?]
Kalannar: [No Drow lovin' for you, Marl.]
Terina Felin: [Nhamo.]
Nhamo haunts.]
Terina Felin: [Dead thingy!]
Nhamo cackles.]
Kalannar: [Oooh, ghost chick. Be one of my ladies, Nhamo.]
Terina Felin: [*Drags Kal to her... LAIR!! Bwahaha]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Ghost chick is one of Dirk's ladies biotch!]
Kendrick banishes Nhamo with l33t Paladin-action.]
Nhamo: [o.o]
Kendrick: [Is a paladin, see? Check description. ^^]
Kalannar: [I think Nhamo should join my nifty gang of hot chicks.]
Nhamo dances.]
Kendrick is a hot chick. o.o]
Beatrice The Dancer: [Oh KAAAAaaaal >D]
Nhamo: [o.o]
Kendrick: [Scratch bracket.]
Kalannar: [Oh, God.]
Beatrice The Dancer: [I'll be your lady :-)]
Kele-De: [Ahhhh!! Nuuuuu!!]
(You see Beatrice The Dancer.)
Nhamo: [Erk. Does Beatrice have golf ball boobs like Fiora?]
Kendrick: [o.o]
Ciran Acinonyx: [o.o]
Erk Mendon: [>D nah. She has shexay ones]
Kalannar: [Eject it! Eject it!!! Ladies, save me!]
Kele-De: [o.o XD]
Nhamo: [o_o]
Terina Felin jumps up, medieval-style.. o.o
Terina Felin: ]
Kendrick ponders dragging Kal to Caeseal... >.>
Beatrice The Dancer: [come to a conclusion or I'm dragging all the guys into a room one by one to be alone with me >(]
Kalannar doesn't like Marl. She's mean... and probably into some freaky stuff.....]
Kendrick: [o.o]
Beatrice The Dancer ish too sexay to be possessed]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne likes Marl's freaky stuff. []
Ciran Acinonyx cuddles Marl, her freaky stuff, and begs her to save him from Beatrice[]
Nhamo is smexier.]
Kendrick: [o.o]
Kendrick: [You two are making me look bad. :-P]
Kalannar still wants Nhamo to be one of his ladies.]
Nhamo is at least played be a female :P]
Beatrice The Dancer shall kill whoever dares think they are smexier than she! :o]
Nhamo: [by xD]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Oh, so bad ;-)]
Nhamo: [I already am dead.]
Nhamo: [Haha.]
Kendrick: [!]
Beatrice The Dancer wants to kill Nhamo! Spar time!
Kendrick: [*Thwaps* Quiet you. o.o]
Kalannar is smexier than Beatrice.]
You say, "[No. It's because it won't be assumed that Rak isn't just laying back and dying. :P]"
Nhamo zots. [10/10]
Ciran Acinonyx looks up with teary eyes to Kendrick. "She's lying right?"[]
Beatrice The Dancer: [seriously...]
Ciran Acinonyx: [How about we assume Kuro got lost? He's blind remember?]
Beatrice The Dancer: [I wanna spar Nhamo vs. Bea :o]
Nhamo: [I lost my sheet maaany months ago :P]
Kivae: [But not stupid. o-o]
Beatrice The Dancer slices Nhamo.
Nhamo: [Like, 10 months ago.]
[*] Beatrice The Dancer rolls 1d100 & gets 62.
[*] Beatrice The Dancer rolls 1d8+5 & gets 10.
Beatrice The Dancer: [...]
[*] Beatrice The Dancer rolls 100d1 & gets 100.
Beatrice The Dancer: [100 damage!
Nhamo attacks... from what she remembers.
Beatrice The Dancer: ]
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d30+4 & gets 24.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d30+4 & gets 8.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d100 & gets 87.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d8+4 & gets 11.
Nhamo: [xD]
Ciran Acinonyx nudges Kendrick and wants an answer ;.;[]
[*] Beatrice The Dancer rolls 1d30+5 & gets 29.
Kalannar smooches teh ladies... excluding Beatrice and Marl. HRTHRTHRTHRT]
Beatrice The Dancer: roll 100
[*] Beatrice The Dancer rolls 1d100 & gets 15.
[*] Beatrice The Dancer rolls 1d8+5 .../2 -.- & gets 10.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d30+4 & gets 32.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d30+4 & gets 22.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d100 & gets 54.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d8+4 & gets 9.
Beatrice The Dancer: [2]
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d100 & gets 77.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d8+4 & gets 9.
[*] Beatrice The Dancer rolls 1d30+2 & gets 13.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d8+4 & gets 9.
Nhamo: [Oops xD]
Beatrice The Dancer: [o.O]
Sirum Hest scrolls up. []
You say, "[Erm...]"
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d30+4 & gets 29.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d30+4 & gets 31.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d100 & gets 90.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d100 & gets 87.
You say, "[Rakuro has been seeing just fine.]"
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d8+4 & gets 9.
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d8+4 & gets 10.
You say, "[He uses divination sight.]"
Nhamo: [28]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Then assume he was tricked by a false divintion xP]
Beatrice The Dancer: [damn...]
Ciran Acinonyx: [divination*]
Nhamo winz.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Or that Kuro poofled off to inbetween when he was attacked]
Ciran Acinonyx: [But at least something dammit][
Kendrick: [Eh? o.o]
Erk Mendon wants to fight Jon :O
Erk Mendon [thinks we shouldn't have to put [] if everyone knows we're OOC]
You say, "[Well. We could assume that. Except the last time Kivae and Si encountered Ghola Rakuro popped onto the scene ready to kick ass.]"
Kendrick: [Lying about what? o.o]
Kendrick: [o.o
Kendrick: ]
Erk Mendon: [...]
Ciran Acinonyx blinks. "Right then... *coughs* let's just keep moving?]
Kele-De: [DM's not here.]
Kivae: [Why do you care, Ciran? You're just OOCly viewing.. Which is.. um..]
Nhamo ponders stealing Dirk from Rak.]
Erk Mendon: [okay...I'm picking a number between 1 and 100. Whoever gets closer, they're plot idea works]
Erk Mendon: [their*]
Kivae: [No. o.o]
Kendrick: [32]
Erk Mendon: [Ci and Si :-P]\
Kendrick wins.]
Erk Mendon: [See and See >D]
[*] Nhamo rolls 1d100 & gets 97.
Kalannar smooches Nhamo. HRT]
Nhamo purrs.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Si... assume something at least. 'Cause waiting is going to accomplish nothing]
Kivae isn't answered? And she has to leave in around two hours.. <.<]
Ciran Acinonyx: [I care because if we continue, then I can finally go IC dammit]
Erk Mendon [has to leave in one hour :/]
Erk Mendon: [and Erk can try to make a deal with Ciran through mindspeak]
You say, "[Well. If we go the route of 'He's asleep'/'He fled', the Harlequine have just made the situation just so convenient for Ciran and Erisvan by screwing with all the traps. If we go the route of 'He's doing what we have a pretty good idea that he's doing ICly', that's just disrespectful. Like forcing this RP to resume without him being here isn't...]"
Ruby Pyralis squishes Kal.]
You say, "[resume=start*]"
Erk Mendon: [Rak just got on AIM]
Ruby Pyralis: [I just AIMed him to death xD]
Kele-De: [You would Ruby. :-P]
Ciran Acinonyx just IMed Kitz[]
Ruby Pyralis: [o.o]
Erk Mendon [just imed rak too...]
Rakuro: [Now why are all you other people here?]
Ruby Pyralis: [My flowah]
Erk Mendon: [waiting for you :P]
Ruby Pyralis: [We've been OOC for a few hours.]
Kalannar is crushed by a Ruby dragon.]
Rakuro: [I mean Terina, Jon, Kal, Kendrick and Erk]
Ruby Pyralis: [Jon is here ICly.]
Kalannar smooches the Ruby dragon. HRT]
Terina Felin: [I'm lonely.]
Erk Mendon: [you think I'm going to stay in the tavern all day by myself?]
Rakuro: [Well that's loverly. How the hell'd he get here?]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kal I summoned. Cause I was bored.]
Ruby Pyralis: [Kitz.]
Rakuro: [Yes, Erk. I do]
Erk Mendon: [we're all OOC]
Kalannar: [What, what? Oh, I'll go if you guys are gonna RP now.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Kitz summoned me :-P]
Erk Mendon: [We can all go IC once Kitz comes on]
You say, "[Kitz ICly summoned Erk and Jon here.]"
Kendrick: [With you making it impossible for me to do anything ICly, until Ader and Kitz are both on at the same time, I couldn't care less what you expect. >.>]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Kitz is back ^^]
Rakuro: [Dirk has reason to be here. Jon does. The rest of you, get out. Peanut gallery is not welcome]
Erk Mendon: [Kitzi is here! All IC!]
Kitzibeth nods. "I did summon Jon and Erk"[]
Kendrick isn't a peanut gallery.]
Ciran Acinonyx: [Erk was sent back I recall]
Ciran Acinonyx shuts up so the RP can finally resume[]
Kalannar leaves... but drags his ladies with him.]
[#] If you're not part of this quest, you cannot OOCly observe. Go make RP happen in the tavern ^^;
Ciran Acinonyx is... but doesn't come into play juuuuust yet :-)[]
You say, "[So where's Rak at?]"
You say, "[Inbetween? At the ruins? Zotting Harle's?]"

Rakuro should, ICly, be monitoring aforementioned traps, and perhaps continuing to add runes to some of the smaller ones in the staircase ruins themselves

Sirum Hest continues in through the passageway after Ruby, quite in a hurry to regroup with the mage. Hopefully all the traps hadn't been set off.

Rakuro, by 'monitoring', of course means making sure that none of them are being set off/dispelled. If any do, he'd probably be there in a second or two. In a predefined 'safe' area ^^

Kivae's tail fluffs out uneasily, her weight shifting from foot to foot as Ruby makes her way to the front, and then sticking behind Sirum as if she were a lively shadow.

Kele-De follows behind Ruby and Sirum, hoping nothing is going to happen.

Ruby Pyralis pokes the DM.]
[#] I'm here ^^

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is in the rear!

Kitzibeth is going to hang behind everyone - because as we all know, it's better to have someone competant watching your back.

Ruby Pyralis... has a very perverted mind, Jon. xD

[#] I did. You can move forward.

Ruby Pyralis moves forward :D
Ruby Pyralis stops, "Which way are we going?"

Sirum Hest motions a paw off to his left, "To Rakuro, of course." Only then does he move forward and notice the mage in the middle of the paths. "Rakuro! Erisvan is here an'... she said the Harlequine had messed with yer traps. An' Erk told her everythin' he knew. What're we gonna do? Flee back to the ruins or what?"

[*] Harlequine rolls 3d6: (3) (5) (6) = 14.

Rakuro is kneeling, but he's invisible then.. as he hears the approaching footsteps he very carefully makes several small gestures, and growls at Sirum's explanation. "Erk snitched, eh? Well, since that's so marvelous, I'm going to have his bloody head on a stick when we get back to Caeseal. In the meantime.. I suppose we can't do anything -but- go back to the ruins. I doubt I have enough time to set all my other traps"
Rakuro adds almost as if it were a curse, "again"

[#] Ruby, Kivae Jon and Kitz, roll dex checks.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20+3 & gets 13.
Ruby Pyralis gets a lucky number. .-.
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+4 & gets 10.
[*] Jonathan Ruddiwyne rolls 1d20+4 & gets 14.
[*] Kitzibeth rolls 1d20+3 & gets 8.
[#] If you rolled lower than 15.. sucks to be you ^^; As you pass through the woods, you get hit by a Harle's poisoned dart.
[#] Roll con checks, BCR 12
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20+5 & gets 9.
Ciran Acinonyx: [o.o]
Ruby Pyralis is so unlucky.
[*] Jonathan Ruddiwyne rolls 1d20+1 & gets 18.
You say, "[Erm... what of our snakes, thorns and things?]"
Rakuro: [Harl. Roll a dex check :-P]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+1 .-.; & gets 3.
Harlequine isn't here. She's in the trees. Literally.
Rakuro: [I know ^^]
[*] Harlequine rolls 1d20+4 & gets 20.
Ciran Acinonyx: [yay
[#] Ruby:
Ruby Pyralis bites nails.]
Kitzibeth notes that the Harle's roll was Kitz's con check o.o;
[*] Harlequine rolls 1d6 & gets 2.
[*] Harlequine rolls 2d6 & gets 6.
[#] Ruby, lose 6 dex
[#] Kivae
Ruby Pyralis: [How long?]
[#] one IC hour. You feel stiff in the joints.
[*] Harlequine rolls 1d6 & gets 5.
[*] Harlequine rolls 2d6 & gets 4.
[#] Kivae loses 4 Wis.
[#] One IC hour, you feel a bit distracted.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne slaps at his neck suddenly. "What the..." he mutters astonishedly as he comes away with a tiny dart in his palm. "Blowgun darts. Someone's watching us even now."

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Kitzibeth yelps as she pulls a dart from the back of her neck. "What the Primes. How many did Erisvan send?"

Ruby Pyralis is hit with a dart, making a slight 'ow' sound before she begins to feel its effects. She leans forward slightly and rubs at her paw digits, "Damnit."

[#] Scraps of red cloth can be seen strewn across part of the road, left over from a hapless harlequine.

Sirum Hest's nose wrinkles as darts begin to fly, quickly shoving past Rakuro and shouting back behind ihm, "Don't stop movin' now, if we do they'll jus' surround us! Get to the ruins!"

Rakuro's eyes narrow faintly.. "Right then. We move back to the ruins. Right now". He quickly straightens up and begins a swifty flight towards the aforementioned place

Jonathan Ruddiwyne discards the dart. "I don't suppose you could see fit to torch the whole jungle, Kitzibeth?" he says as he begins to run.

Kele-De furrows her brows. She turns about, looking into the jungle trying to see anything. At Sirums shout, she starts moving quickly.

Kivae winces with much the same reaction as Jon, sliding it out of skin, and shivering lightly. She glances around, ears twitching down a bit. ".. It must be skinned by now, though, right Kuro?" She stares somewhat blankly at the dart. But then glancing up as the blue moves away, and darting behind him.

Ruby Pyralis is slooow.

Rakuro moves through the woods surprisingly well for a blind furre

Rakuro swirls to a halt as they reach the ruins, sending up a small whirlwind of dust about his footpaws. His teeth clench, both paws thrusting forward, thumbs and foredigits making a diamond.. "Right. Everyone inside?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne: "In there?"

Kitzibeth notes that the forest is thin and hard to maeuver through for a reason ^^ "This is the ruins?"

Sirum Hest's eyes narrow at the crumbled walls, then about the area, trying to find but a glimpse of red. "Rakuro, Kivae, summon up as many things as ya can to distract 'em, please? An' if we go inside, can't she collapse the roof on us or flood us out? We're safer up here for the moment, I think..."

Ruby Pyralis was going really slow and making anyone behind her go slow. >> <<

Jonathan Ruddiwyne's question goes ignored. ;.;

Rakuro's ears flicker faintly, then he simply decides that everyone is.. and he feels sorry for any who aren't. His eyes flash a dark red, and a sudden whirring echoes through the area, quickly replaced by the same eerie silence... "There. Do -not- step outside this building, alright? Anything touching the walls, the trees, or the ground just outside of this gets to feel a couple hundred hurricanes right through the neck"

Rakuro: [Trap activation. Because if Harl's get to have fun with toys, so does he ^^]

Kivae turns about slowly, ears twitching in ear direction, as she faces outwards. Her fingers curl around the dart uneasily. "They can't have made it this far down the path anyways.. there were all the.." but she keeps her gaze shifting restlessly, tail curling around her waist.

Kitzibeth doesn't know who Jon is talking to. "Are you sure that's even possible, Kuro?" She doesn't sound sarcastic, only slightly annoyed at the situation.

[#] The Harles seem to be having a lot of fun with toys. Smoke rises from the treetops and bright orange flames glint from where the horrid creatures have decided that slash and burn is appropriate.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne taps his chin. "Has anyone else noticed that we as a group have a tendancy to be surrounded by a besieging force?" he remarks dryly.

Sirum Hest's tail flicks back to bat at Kivae, "I'm not even sure why the trees let 'em pass. If they weren't all that friendly to the daughter of Rivyn, it seems like they might bite the heads off of anythin' that -isn't- a caretaker of the trees.", grinning weakly as he continues scanning the trees. "Rakuro or Kivae... erm... can ya divine out what exactly it is we're protectin' below us in the room? I wanna know why it is we're here."

Rakuro nods shortly to Kitzibeth, "Yes. I'm quite sure. I've seen it done many, many times".. he then shoots a sightless glance around the area, "But Harlequines are a pain in the backside.. Erisvan always did like to make her pets as annoying as possible"

Sirum Hest adds, to Jonathan, with a quiet laugh despite the situation (though it sounds somewhat forced), "We've come out of it mostly fine before."

Kitzibeth: Perhaps we should at least prepare a plan B, in case we do get visitors." Adjusting her glasses, she looks at Sirum, and quirks a brow. "The trees didn't talk to Kivae? Intriguing. Perhaps whatever is behind that door has corrupted them. Or perhaps controls them."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "Same as we'll do this time, I'm sure. It just struck me as amusing, that's all."

Sirum Hest shakes his head slowly, "No... they talked to her. They said that... what was it, Kivae? 'Magic Brings Death'?"

Kele-De furrows her brows. "I think Kivae said something like the trees said 'Magic brings death'. Whatever that is supposed to mean."

Kivae's ears twitch back, only to flick up again, unable to give up the added sense. "Yeah, when I asked them about the key.. They weren't very.. friendly, 's all."

[#] Yes, yes it does, Sirum. Death to those who cast magic.

Sirum Hest cast a snowball and lived! Is invincible!

Rakuro hns quietly, "Of course magic brings death. No matter what you do, magic brings death. But with any luck, it'll be the Harlequines and not our own. Would be most untimely, I'd say"

Kitzibeth fingers her staff, and grumbles. "Magic brings death? What in the name of the Primes does that mean?" The emit was just a comment on how much these trees like magic, nothing more. I do hope that they weren't enchanted too much ^^;

Rakuro believes it wouldn't be totally unfair to say that every leaf is a miniature bomb :-P.. not wholly accurate, but fair enough

Sirum Hest sighs heavily and stares down at the ground beneath him in thought then, a footpaw lightly tapping the earth. "Maybe they meant the box, when they said magic? Or... whatever is beneath here is magical enough that it'll bring about destruction far greater than what Thelmin did with the City of Towers. ... Why is it that no one has yet to try a divination spell, anyways?"

Rakuro growls, a deep, rumbling sound from deep in his throat.. "This waiting is far worse then any battle could ever be.. I almost wish they'd just show up and let my fireworks begin. Better yet, I wish Ciran would show up so we can rip his throat out and have done with it". He then shoots a look to Sirum and says simply, "Because it's most undoubtedly warded against such, and it wouldn't help us anyway. Time better spent making sure the place was well defended"

Kivae relentlessly scans the forest, weight shifting from foot to foot, and eyes occasionally narrowing to slits. Her tail drops down from her waits, still bristled. "I would've, but Rakuro's much better at them.."

Kitzibeth shivers. "Something's not right. The smell is wrong. Kuro - do you sense that?" She scrunches her nose. "It feels like the City of Towers.. heavy. And that fire, though pretty, seems an unpleasant portent."

Sirum Hest huffs quietly and just shakes his head then, murmuring quietly, "Kitzibeth is the one who suggested it in the first place in the jungle...", though giving nothing further. If they didn't even want to try, he wouldn't persist. Though there was little else to do while they waited. "It wouldn't help us, ya. But it might explain why a few of us had dreams about cookin'."

Kele-De nods. "Those were some odd dreams. Dreams of cooking...meat. It was always meat."

Rakuro's ears flicker and he murmers, "Fire?" he turns about, looking up into the sky as though he could still see and simply frowns.. "Sight is highly underrated"

Ciran Acinonyx casually makes his way up the pathway, following shortly after the Lady Erisvan herself as he gazes within the walls of the ruins before him. A slight wave is given, as the ocelot, in the same pristine visage as when he left, takes a stand just outside the entrance.

Rakuro notes that, unless Erisvan has a dispelling wave washing in front of her happy minion, he's screwed :-). 'Just outside the entrance' is a flashbang (*FLASH* BOOM! MY EYES AND EARS!!) followed immediately by the same spell the Harl got hit with

Lady Erisvan floats easily a foot off the ground. "Fools. You thought your traps could hurt me? You called those traps? Feh." She laughs, noting that both of them seem unaffected by any magical traps whatsoever for some odd reason. It seems like the traps aren't even going off.

[#] Roll wis check
[*] Rakuro rolls d20 & gets 17.
[*] Ruby Pyralis rolls 1d20 & gets 12.
[*] Jonathan Ruddiwyne rolls 1d20 & gets 14.
[*] Sirum Hest rolls 1d20+1 & gets 12.
[*] Kele-De rolls 1d20 & gets 12.
Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [We are a wise group, aren't we.]

Sirum Hest unslings his bow at that moment but doesn't yet go for an arrow, less he draw Erisvan's attacks towards him. "Welcome, backstabber. We have a nice pike back at the fort with yer name on it." As Erisvan begins to speak, he can't help but cringe, timidly though forcefully calling out. "What's below here that's so damned valuable to ya, you horrible bitch?"

[*] Kivae rolls 1d20+9 sorry. x-o & gets 24.

Kitzibeth needs to slip afk to deal with plot momentarily[]
Jonathan Ruddiwyne takes the time in which the DM is not paying attention to riddle Erisvan with thousands of bolts. Har!

Rakuro's eyes narrow, his ears cocking forward even as the mage murmers a word under his breath, making a small gesture. If the traps even exist anymore, they'd go off. Sure, Erisvan is immune to magic. Sure, she's protecting Ciran. Assuming the traps just got dispelled or don't go off, he growls somewhat angrily in the direction of the heretic, "It's not very nice to mess with another's spells, you know"

Kivae says nothing, her ears dead flat, and a low, quiet rowl stirring in the back of her throat.

Lady Erisvan giggles. "Mis..-I- Never touched your spells. The Trees ate them, you know. Bad bad thing says I. Don't cast spells around trees near Taigorr. They hate the Magics."

Rakuro would roll his eyes, but they're just plain white and the effect is entirely lost
Ciran Acinonyx gives a slight shake of his head as Sirum speaks. "How nice of you, but I find these shoulders a much better placeholder :-). Besides... how could I backstab you... if I was always with Erisvan?"

Kele-De backs up toward Jon, trying to keep control upon her temper. She merely glares at the both of them, keeping her promise not to do anything rash. Her paws tighten upon her glaive though as Ciran speaks.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne glares. "Betrayal is betrayal. It doesn't matter what the circumstances are. I should have done this ages ago." He shoves Kel aside and advances to the front, crossbow aimed right between Ciran's eyes. "I hope you enjoy Hell. You've caused enough of it for us on this plane."

Sirum Hest's tail lashes behind him violently at the giggles. How dare she try and sound like Kitzerina. .-. "If ya were always with her then why in the hells did ya help us at all? In Ansteorra or in Caesel. I'm sure she would've loved yer company at Ebonstar bein' the court jester for her." Still shifting about uneasily, forcing away memories of Castlemare. "Hell is too good for him, let him stay chained in Entad's personal home for the rest of eternity."

Rakuro takes a few steps forward and turns to face the doorway, snapping his head to one side to clear the hair away from his eyes. "Just pull the trigger now, Jon. You can spout all the heroic bombast you want once we get home"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne paused to give the bad guys time to react, people. =P

Rakuro is saddened we can't settle this like reasonable people.. whoever types fastest wins :-D

Ciran Acinonyx blinks a few times as he looks at Jonathan. "I was destined to go there long before I met any of you. That's why I thought it best to be a servant to the devil, rather than a whipping boy." he turns once more to Sirum. "Mistress Erisvan's reasons are her own, and thus they become my reason."

Lady Erisvan laughs. "Mis..-I think- You're far too sweet little mousey. I'm nothing like Kitzibitch over there.. Nothing at all like her, nonono. I merely want to come through to collect what is mine, and you're not letting my miss-me- do that."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs. "Let me hasten your journey then, vile one." And with that, he pulls the trigger, sending the crossbow bolt blurring to its destination - that being Ciran's brain, of course.

Rakuro's ears suddenly flicker, and he grins almost maniacally, flames sprouting from his palms and exploding forward around Jon almost as soon as the furre (most likely) pulls the trigger in his crossbow. His target, however, is the Harlequine [4/4 Fire Evo. Eat that, darn trees! Because you will, and I have to go x.x]
Rakuro, of course, by Harlequine, means Erisvan... yea.. >>

Kele-De moves forward after she regains her balance from being shoved aside. She keeps her glaive close to her though doesn't yet unleash her temper. She's cool and restrained for the moment.

Sirum Hest blinks for a few moments in confusion then as Erisvan seems to be acting far too unusual today, even going so far as to use the term 'sweet little mousey'. Her speech even reminds him of when Kitzibeth and Kitzerina were having a power struggle over the same body. "...Kizzy?" Taking a step forward then, he ignores the battle about him.
Rakuro really does, however, have to go. Sorry everyone x.x.. church and all that traditional jazz. He'll be back... eventually.. --; *pop*]

Ciran Acinonyx dives to the side in a poor manner, as he stumbles out of the way of the incoming shots, getting moving for cover quickly amongst the treeline.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne watches Ciran, erm, dodge out of the way of a missile traveling at about 150 mph over a distance of twenty feet.

Lady Erisvan is fired at by the fireball. her clothing alights, and the heretic creams painfully. "Aiee! Help me Help me!!"

Kele-De inches up further, a small, wicked smile slowly alighting on her face. "How did you manage to get by the Tigahrrim, Ciran? I'm sure the bitch was helping you. That's the only way you could have gotten through thier ranks. Apparently, you still can't seem to fight your own battles." She lowers the blade of her glaive carefully down at him. "Enter the building and wwe shall see who would win. You or a true Tigahrrim warrior. Or are you too afriad to fight your own battles and must hide behind your bitch and her magic?"

Inari lies perfectly motionless and sedate, nothing more than a vine among multitudes. However, as Ciran makes his dive (whether he gets hit with the bolt or not) to the side (and towards him), in snake-quick speed, his head jerks out, mouth wide, and fangs searching for flesh to dig against. The long tail whips around as well, thorns tearing at anything they come across.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shoulders his crossbow and draws his sabre. "Roll about in the earth, I beg of you. Make it easier for me to kill you. I've wanted this for a long time." Implacable as the very death he brings with him, the bard advances on the necromancer at swordpoint, pausing only to thrust at Ciran's body as soon as he is in range.

Sirum Hest's eyes widen in surprise rather than fear as Erisvan, who is currently acting precisely likely his girlfurre, screams about in pain. Leaning back around Ruby, he slips his paw into Kivae's pocket and yanks out the shard of seal he had just last night given her as a gift. Assuming he had gotten it, his paw would clench about it and his eyes would close, a large cloud of rain instantly pouring down on the enflamed Heretic to put out the fires. [1/1] + [2/2 Greater Reagent] "K-Kizzy, what's happened to ya? That bitch! She couldn't... she couldn't have gotten her paws on ya!?"

Ciran Acinonyx screams in full volume as fangs seep into his flesh, body writhing in agony as thorns cause blood to run freely from his form. He never even gets the chance to utter retort to his other assailants ;.;

[#] the flashbang trap was still active >.> *BOOM* At Jon?

Jonathan Ruddiwyne needs statistics to respond to.

Lady Erisvan's fire goes out. "Oh.. thank you thank you mousey! I thought I was done for.." She throws herself at his feet. "You have to help me.. You have to.. I'm not my Mistress. I'm not. I'm from Scarport. The Harles got me.. I'm scared.. I don't want to die.."

Kivae's ears flatten as Sirum takes it, and she hisses at him making a (obviously futile) swipe to take it back, "You woul-" trailing off, as he does, and staring in shock.

Ciran Acinonyx tears himself away from the vicious plant, dying upon the ground itself as whatever the plant injected him with seems to be taking effect. "Help me!" falling flat upon the earth as he looks to the others. "I'll tell you where they are if you just help us ;.;"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne is, um, affected by some trap?
You say, "[You're blasted back within the ruins, lets say, by a violent blast of wind.]"

Sirum Hest stares blankly down at the femme before him, having thought she was his girlfurre imprisoned within Erisvan but she seems to be a bit confused. "If yer not my Kizzy then jus' who the heck are ya? An' how did ya get inside her head...? What yer sayin' isn't makin' much sense." Apparently his guard has dropped so much that he too crouches to the ground. Could Erisvan have rearranged Kitzerina's memories?

Inari keeps his jaw hooked restlessly into the limb for as long as possibly, but retreats slitheringy back as he tears away, hissing tongue flicking out, then in.

Kele-De stalks out of the building, and right toward Ciran. "Tell who what?" She snorts. "You aren't worth this snakes life." She growls then. "I wanted your head and it looks like now I'm going to get it." She kicks his body then with a swiftness not often seen from her, her glaive lifts and comes down, aiming right for his neck to severe his head from the rest of his body.

Lady Erisvan, up close and personal, doesn't look much like Erisvan at all. She looks now more like a scared femme, emaciated and obviously on some pupil-dilating drug.

Ciran Acinonyx pants as conciousness continues to fade from his mind, laying dead to gaze dimly towards the skyline

Ciran Acinonyx would find his head severed summarily

You say, "[Am I dreaming?]"
You say, "[Did the bad guys just -lose-?]"
Ciran Acinonyx: [Find out ICly :-P]

[#] The silence in the forest dissipates slowly. A few birds can be heard singing. The flames seem to vanish as well.

Kele-De picks the head up, then spits on the ground. "Damnu. We've been tricked. This isn't really Ciran." Her eyes widen and she curses. "Shit." She turns then and bolts into the ruins and down the stairs.

Sirum Hest glances back and forth dazedly between the femme and Kitzibeth, offering a paw down to 'Erisvan(?)' to help her up. "Whatcha mean this isn't them--he's -what-!?" Quickly he retracts his paw and bolts back for the stairs

Kivae snarls at Sirum, "Get away from her! The door." She shortly follows Kele, the sound that she had noted suddenly clicking in her mind.

[#] The door has melted away, inside the room is a solid granite block, chains attached to each corner, and a dark stain upon it. The room is empty save for a note.

Lady Erisvan stumbles down the stairs after them, shivering uncontrollably.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne wanders vaguely over to the note, and actually bends to pick it up and read it. He's not really in full posession of his faculties, having been dazed by the blast.

Kele-De skids to a halt in front of the door, then peers in carefully. She walks over to the note and is about to bend over and look it over when Jon picks it up. "What's it say?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne blinks owlishly at the note a few times, re-reading it. "It's written in blood. 'Thanks for the chef'."

Sirum Hest wanders into the room after Jonathan, not angry or disappointed (at least, visibly). An expression of shock just fills him, "...the chef...?", only able to murmur out the word.s

Kele-De furrows her brows. "Thanks for the chef? Who is the chef?"

Kitzibeth kneels next to the emaciated femme. "Damnit. Not only was this not Erisvan, she's going to die from withdrawral in a few hours." Cradling the femme's head in her paws,

Kitzibeth: Chef?" Her mind wanders. "Chef?"

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shakes his head to clear it, without much success. "...why didn't you recognize her as not being Erisvan?" he asks.

Kitzibeth growls. "She's been enchanted to look like her for just long enough for Erisvan and Ciran to get in grab the Chef, and get out. Whatever the chef is. Are you sure it didn't say Chief?""

Kivae shakes vaguely, all her fur standing on end. "Some sort of monster, probably.." She sits down, slowly, feeling the shaky after affects of adrenalin. Then, her ears flick up, and she glances towards the 'Erisvan.' "Can we save her? She might know.."

Sirum Hest drops down to the floor, his paws pressing against the dirt. "I thought she had gotten Kizzy... an' was lettin' her take the attacks we were dealin' to her...", ears lowering back and to his skull. "...chef? Maybe it was linked to the dreams last night of cookin'...? An'... what was behind the door was harmless? Jus' some ancient sealed cook?", sounding vaguely hopeful, as if that's all she wanted. Back to the girl, "Ya were Erisvan. Can't ya fix her, Kitzibeth? Remove whatever drug is in her system?"

Kele-De sighs softly. "We should have been more vigilant." She shakes her head then mutternig curses.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne tosses the note to her. "I didn't mean by sight. Surely you can sense her presence? You, the most powerful sorceress in this part of the world?" He isn't being deliberately offensive, just not particularly tactful.

Kitzibeth I can't remove the poison, but I'm sure that Kivae can. Druidic magic is certianly powerful enough [BCR 17]." She growls at Jon. "I did sense her presence, but i don't think that I paid much attention to where it came from. Erisvan likes to project herself and her voice to various places to confuse you. I've learned to tune it out."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne shrugs, as he wobbles to the ground. "Oh," he says.

Kele-De rushes over to Jon, squats down next to him and places a paw on his arm. "Are you alright Jonathan?" She looks him over for any outward injuries.

Kivae scoots over towards the fake-Heretic, ears slowly swivelling forward as she glances across her face, checking her eyes (if they're open). "There has to be somewa.. Yeah?" Feeling for her pulse on her wrist.. After a moment, her nose twitches faintly, and she gives the paw a light tug, as if pulling on something. "She needs to tell us what she knows.." Trying to strengthen her system, to overcome the toxins. "The fake-backstabber is already dead by now.." [3/3]
[*] Kivae rolls 1d30+11 & gets 22.

Ciran Acinonyx notes the fake had his head lobbed off :-P

Jonathan Ruddiwyne nods. "Dazed. 'll be fine."

Lady Erisvan is now poison free, and won't die in the next few hours, but she does look very much like a crack addict, thin, mostly bones, and certainly not in any shape to do much. She opens her eyes. "T-thank you.."

Sirum Hest draws up his cloaks hood then and takes a few deep breaths, shaking as well and seeming as if he were about to just curl up and go to sleep right then and there. But he doesn't. "So even after all that they still managed to get in an' get away. We're no better off than if we had sat on our tails in Caesel...", ears drooping. "Jus' make sure the girl is okay an' lets go back home. We don't have reason to be in this Primes damned section of Faenor any longer." Sighing then, he slips a paw beneath his cloak, tossing a small pouch the girls way, and filled in it is some smoked beefalo. Not like he needed it, he had lost his appetite.

Kele-De nods, though keeps her paw on him. Her eyes scan the room. "Is everyone else alright?" As they alight upon Kivae, her lips purse for a moment in thought. "Do you need any help, Kivae?" Her ears perk at Sirum's words and she sighs. "At least we tried Sirum. I suppose that's all we really can do."

Kivae grimaces, and glances up at the roof for a moment, then back down, idly checking her cheek for a star, among the other scars. "Don't be thankful so quickly.. what d'you know about all this?" She picks up the Sirum tossed, shoving it closer to her. Shaking her head at Kele's offer. Muttering, to Sirum, "I still want t'see a Behemoth.."

Kivae: And 'Kuro or Kitzibeth," a nod to her, "might be able to divine what happened in that room.."

Lady Erisvan nods. "I used ta live in Scarport.. Then.. The destroyer came.." She looks dispassionate, as if the drugs she'd been forced to ingest sapped her will to cry. "Some thing grabbed me, and .. I don't remember much.. Just.. floating, and darkness.. like some dark place with blood. And now I'm here."

Kitzibeth could certainly divine it. "Well, I'm sure whatever was in here wasn't nice." She pads to the doorway, and sniffs. "Acgh.. It smells like death in here.. Rotting.. ugh.."

[#] Oh yeah, btw - +20 XP for everyone for playing ^^

Sirum Hest gives a light shrug and flops back onto the floor, eyes closing but obviously still conscious and fully awake. "Miss, what's yer name an' ya don't have any relatives in places other than Scarport to stay with, do ya?" At Kivae's suggestion, he simply nods, though goes on to cringe at mention of the behemoth. "Right. I did promise ya that we would see one. But we'll do it later. After my head stops spinnin' an' once Kitzibeth finds out what she needs to..."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne stands up. "Let's go take a look inside. We may be able to pick up some clues as to our next move."

Lady Erisvan shakes her head, as if to clear it. "I.. I don't remember.."

Kele-De stands as well and nods. "It didn't look like there was much in that room besides the note, but it can't hurt to look around."

Kivae shoves the bag of beefalo at her again, nose scrunching up. "Maybe something else'll come to mind. Just rest for now." And she mutters something about that being expected to Kitzi, before flashing a quick grin at Sirum.

Sirum Hest adds, then, to no one in particular, "...why did the Austian's wanna protect the box so badly from the Tigahrrim. It's not like they could have found this place, or would have reason to free this... chef." To the girl, "We'll get yer memory back if it comes down to it. Rakuro's great at fixin' minds that have been messed with.", giving her a weak smile.

Lady Erisvan smiles back, and promptly starts to munch on the food offered.

Kitzibeth scrunches up her nose, and begins to chant a divination spell. Within moments, she completes the incantation, as a sphere of purple ether-glow envelops her paw. She doesn't step into the room, but lobs the spell inside, trying to divine the purpose of this 'chef'. [6/6][Div]

Kele-De shrugs and resists the urge to snort. "Because the Austians think that the Tigahrrim are heathens and untrustworthy. They think becuase we revere Peristane that we are inherently evil. The only reason Peristane is remotely important to the Tigahrrim is because of hte scarhawks."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne raises an eyebrow. "And what is T'ang?" And more importantly, does it have that same orange flavor we all love?

Sirum Hest tilts his head in the direction of Kitzibeth but an inch, "...T'ang? Sounds like a drow word. Why did she need a chef named T'ang?"

Kele-De arches a brow then crosses her arms over her chest. "Why does-" She stops short as Sirum gets in teh question before she does.

Kitzibeth shakes her head. "He was one of the greatest cooks known throughout Taigorr. His cooking gained the favor of Mirmoggin, who made him into the Heretic Trothfang. Erisvan.. She.. she liked his cooking when she could get it."

Jonathan Ruddiwyne crosses his arms. "And he was in this room?"

Kitzibeth nods. "Sealed by En'nar at the end of the first age.. This may have been his restaurant."

Sirum Hest sits up then and peers into the room with a brow raised. "Let me get this straight. This was all because Erisvan wanted delicious food!? Ya have to be jokin'... but... wait. If these ruins have been here for tens of thousands of years... an' Erisvan hasn't existed for nearly that long... how did she ever meet him?"

Kele-De blinks. "I wonder..." She trails off then. "I wonder if he was the cook at the restaurant." Her thoughts wander for a few moments.

Jonathan Ruddiwyne chuckles. "I'd kinda like to know how some short-order stove-jockey managed to curry favor with a Dark Prime. Did he offer a cheap breakfast buffet in the name of Evil?"

Kitzibeth: Heretics can astrally project, even if sealed, Sirum. They can't do much else than talk. I remember Trothfang being at the Heretic's council. He never spoke much, but was the head chef." She nods. "Quite. This area of town was known to have the smallest population of homeless street furres in all of Taigorr."

Kele-De shakes her head. "If he was the chef of the restaurant that was down the street, his cooking was renowned throughout Taigorr." Her brows furrow. "Lots of furres came to his restaurant."

Sirum Hest rises back up to his footpaws then and shakes his head slowly, "So even if we seal off all the Heretic's they can still aggrivate us by followin' us endlessly throughout Faenor. Jus' bloody lovely. How destructive of a Heretic is he? He can't be -that- dangerous... right? If all he can do is cook, he's nothin' more than a cannibal who has favor with the Dark Primes."

Sirum Hest apparently at least -assumes- he cooks and eats furres. Otherwise he really isn't evil at all.

Kitzibeth shivers. "That's just disturbing, really."

[#] He cooks and eats furres, and serves them unwittingly to everyone who buys the special ^^;

Jonathan Ruddiwyne: [Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd...]

Sirum Hest pads over to the stairs then, actually laughing as he goes, ignoring the semi-hell they had went through earlier. "So Ciran jus' basically forfeited his life... for the bitch to have her own personal chef. Oh Primes I almost feel sorry for him, until I get thoughts of eventually rippin' off his head. I'm... gonna go now. An' see a behemoth with Kivae. An' then I'm goin to Kitzibeth's villa. To the hells with the Dhamzon, Caesel an' the entire of Tigath." With that, he leaves.

Kele-De follows out behind Sirum. "Let's just gather up everyone that was here and go to Kitzibeth's villa becuase I can't sit inCaeseal any longer."

Sirum Hest pauses halfway up the stairs, to shift about and raise a brow down at Kele. "Everyone that was here meanin' everyone in the Dhamzon, I hope? An' not draggin' the entire fort with us. Maybe they would be happy spendin' the rest of their lives livin' as commoners. ... Erk better jus' pray that Jonathan or Rakuro never him. They'll likely tear him to bits." -Then- he goes. x)

Kele-De nods. "Everyone that was here in Dhamzon. I don't want Erk there." Her nose wrinkles.


Kalannar growls as he pulls himself up and spits to the side as he replies, "To what purpose." His hands still clench his daggers futilly.

Sirum Hest appears in the middle of the tavern at that moment, likely having been deposited here through Kitzibeth or Rakuro's magic. He doesn't even take notice of those within the tavern immediately, simply moving over to the cabinet and clapping his paws together before stretching his arms upwards. A blob of brown rolls down off of the top shelf at that moment and latches onto an arm, from there moving along it to latch onto the back of his head. "Good Huggy. Sorry I haven't been around much, but we'll be leavin' soon enough."

Kendrick raises his head briefly, falling silent for several moments, almost as if listening to something before finally speaking once more, "That matter would be one that I shan't bother you with where people might be walking in upon the narration. Not here at least, if you'd still be strong enough to walk, then you shall follow me for a few moments, such at least would be faring well for you, better than the other option."

Kendrick for note, does not appear like the old Kendrick, aside from a few minor details, and... he's a paladin.

Kalannar spits once more, ignoring Sirum as he labors to pull himself toward the "Paladin". He narrows his eyes and simply speaks, "Lead, then."

Sirum Hest shifts about casually then, a drained appearance to him if any would bother looking at him, as if incredibly fatigued. Back to the chairs he goes, to climb atop one and rest himself in it, the glider monkey still latching onto his head. "If yer intendin' on smitin' my friend here, Paladin, please find some other evil to destroy. Like Erisvan an' her newly freed Heretic friend within Ebonstar. Better yet, go report the news to Cyan, ya?"

Kendrick casts a brief glance in Sirum's direction, without betraying a hint of recognition as he responds, "That will not be possible lad, you will have to find some other mode of transporting a message to Lord Cyan." And without a further comment upon that, for that pitiful blue rodent was not worth further attention, he turned about and exited the commonhouse, naturally expecting the drow-creature to follow him.

Kalannar draws in a labored breath, then lets it out as he pulls his hood up and steps outside, daggers still clenched in his hands.
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