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Nerislann Application

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2009 10:18 pm    Post subject: Nerislann Application Reply with quote

Preferred Method of Contact: Forum PM

Character's Full Name: Nerislann Rosales

Character's Login Name: Nerislann

Character's Species: Canine - Wolf

Character's Age: 24

Physical Description: Tall, and well-toned it's quiet obvious that she's physically active

Character's History: Born in a village on the northwestern border of the Freeholds the majority of her family at the start of the invasion of a Drow army. Though an older brother had managed to carry her to safety and subsequently raised her. As such she did not receive a formal education and certain intricacies like reading and writing where never learned where more 'useful' skills such as the ability to shoot a bow and track game happened to be reinforced.

Having spent a rather large portion of the life she can remember with little interaction with other beings aside from her brother, a few personality quirks started to develop, most notable of which happened to be a rather good imitation of his own voice much to his dismay. However though the status-qua wouldn't hold forever, with her brother mysteriously disappearing leaving little behind aside from a note, that she couldn't read and has since been traveling on her own.

Desired IC Position: City Guard, Ranger

Sample RP Post:

Nerislann had been stumbling around town for quiet a while, the combination of the late night timing of her arival into the city itself and the less than capable reading skills made finding the nearest inn not so amusing chore for more than one resident at that. Though at last finding a place with an unlocked door and light coming from the inside perked up her hopes a enough for her to slip on in after a moments pause "Hello?" Though at first glance... a rather large and empty room was a bit of a let down.

Other Notes: I do play my characters a bit as an extension of myself, though this is not 100% otherwise they would all be clones with varying aesthetic features the general mood I personally am in will probably show itself through my posts.

Edited to add in sample RP post.
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