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Wade Van Buuren Applicant

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:39 pm    Post subject: Wade Van Buuren Applicant Reply with quote

Character's Full Name: Wade Mocker Van Buuren

Character's Login Name: Wade Van Buuren

Character's Species: Feline

Character's Age: 18

Physical Description: Lithe and tall, wearing a black haori with grey-white pants and his fox mask for the Otokoyo games. He has medium dusty brown hair, white fur around his neck forming a ring, and white fur on his wrists.

Character's History: Born in Xanthia, as a Keidran, one of the many tribes located there.The Keidran are split into many tribes, most of the time quarreling with each other. The tribes are canine- and feline-based, bipedal, sentient animals. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which include: Tigers, Large Cats, Dogs, Wolves, and Foxes. They are a short-lived but intense race; guided by powerful base instincts. They are highly territorial and usually short-tempered. However, they are relatively easy to subdue and dominate individually, and thus make ideal slaves for humans. This has been a point of contention for centuries between the two races. The age of an adult is 13. As a normal Keidran, Wade did odd jobs but didn't exercise, so his body is thin and taller then the rest. When he learned to paint, his tribe disapproved and chased him down, thus teaching him that running is also good for the body to have in its inventory. As he got older, the humans decided to invade his tribe, which then he learned to wield weapons, his long arms saving his life by him staying far away and slashing with his spear. His tribe magicians then taught him a magic of his choice, as is the honor received for surviving the war, and he chose conjuration. Now with fighting done, he starts a family, and relaxes with his free time. But when he practices his magics, he feels a bit out of touch with everything. One day, he hears nothing, no neighbors, no carts along the road, no crows pecking at the crops...

"As I huddled my wife and two daughters..behind me, there was a scraping sound outside the door to our cottage." "I raised my spear to chest heigth, then the door was kicked came the most horrible creature I've ever seen.......then nothing, it was gone, or so I wished...that was the last thing I remember on that day, that and the screams, then the blood all over the walls, furniture...and...and my wife's corpse having a hole where the heart should have been.." The forvalaka came back and he realized that it was gave him a little kiss on the cheek and ran out of there fast enough to create a vacuum of air. As a forvalaka, his body is heavily muscled but still looks thin. His teeth are sharper, his eyes are more demonic in appearance, and he walks on his palms of his feet, making a scraping sound as his sharper toenails drag along the ground. Instead of having paws, he has hands with fine fur. As he travels the world, he learns that he is nearly indestructible with ordinary weapons, and fast enough to take out spell casters, so he's having a jolly good time wot wot.

Desired IC Position: Merchant

Other Notes: The forvalaka is described as an "undead were-leopard". Physically, it looks like an ordinary large black panther, but it is nearly invulnerable to damage, healing wounds in seconds, and blindingly fast; it is said to possess the strength of ten ordinary leopards. One forvalaka can slay a regiment of armed men. When it has time, a forvalaka will drink its victim's blood and take the heart and liver. Sorcery is the only sure way to cope with a forvalaka. A group of nearly 50 forvalaka was imprisoned long ago in a tomb by the local wizards. Apparently immortal, they fought amongst themselves until only one was left, stacking the bones of its vanquished brethren in insane, neat little piles.

Sample RP Post:
Wade van Buuren Sits still for a long moment as if in a trance. Then fumbles around in his haori for Kina, "Good, it's not warm." For a moment, he looks perfectly calm, then flexes his hand, sweeps his tail back and forth. "I close my eyes, just to look at you Kina" He puts the orb back in his haori. Hair wet from the rain, clothes soaked, he notices words coming into his mind replies to the greeting with a happy-go lucky smile. "Hai!

Wade van Buuren still sopping wet, but now not getting rained on, he observes the female with a certain bloodlust, but is distracted by a scustling of feet as a kid goes by him. He watches it and then lifts his arms and conjures a wall infront of it. As the kid hits the wall, he rolls around clutching his stomach while laughing hystericly.

Wade van Buuren looks up at her, smiles, and notices the blood on the kids face. His face turns to a look of concern, as he does a back spring up and walks slowly towards him. He puts his hand on the kids head and two fingers to his own. The kid's nose turns back to normal, and he licks his lips, and walks back to where he was. He stretches out under his umbrella. "Quoque nocens"
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The Solinator
The Solinator

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wade has hereby been given probationary membership which will last for two weeks, after which a final decision will be made by a council vote for full membership.

I have spoken with him about his character background and some continuity issues, and I am confident that we have reached an acceptable compromise.
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