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Nerrine's Application.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:38 pm    Post subject: Nerrine's Application. Reply with quote

Nerrine's Application

Preferred method of contact: Forum PM.

Character's Full Name: Nerrine.

Character's Login Name: Nerrine.

Character's Species: Appears, outwardly, almost entirely human.

Character's Age: Looks between 25-30. Doesn’t know her actual age. Older than 30.

Physical Description: She looks to be more or less human in her normal over-clothed state of dress. Nerrine is slightly below average height, her build looking to be more or less slender. She has wavy dark brown hair, and her most notable features in her average clothing are her reptilian yellow eyes. More often than not she can be seen in a manky old cloak over blouse and skirt.

Character's History: Very much a nomad, Nerrine traveled to Ansteorra from the south, but could probably be traced in her wanderings (or, more appropriately “sightings”) as far-reaching as the Hinterlands and the Dhamzon. Most of her memory is a blur – or at least that is what she would like everyone to believe – and most of her life can be summed up to her endless travels. Nerrine does not have any familial ties or connections otherwise.

Desired IC Position: Citizen.

Other Notes: Nerrine lives (according to her) about a 30 minutes walking distance from the city.

Sample RP Post(s): Carradoch kicked a foot through the soil of Ansteorra's main pathway- toes sifting dirt and pebbles alike, coupled with the odd pebbles here and there. With winter still about, it would have surprised /anyone/ that no snow dragged the city's grounds; shocking, more, that the satyxe had dismissed the idea of wearing full gear against chill -- he'd had an incredible kick in his gut that told him rain was more likely than anything else. Silly, really, when his own home looked as though it had survived a serious yuletide storm. No less, even without wear on his heels and otherwise, the hunter-green velvet suiting with its accompanying, puffed trim that made him look like a fairy-tale Holly King of some felinesque world was still worn, even if the coat itself was left open to tanned chest. And what did he hold in his digits, being twirled by its stem as its captor (or more like /father/) thought on how good it was to be home? A tulip of bright yellow borne of his green thumb. It didn't matter the time of year - the satyxe, settling soon enough into a Merchant's Square seat, where he'd cross one leg over the other, could raise any bloom, fruit, or vegetable, regardless of conditions.

Nerrine was exploring, and that was apparent. She stuck close to buildings, as she walked on, studying the small cracks in stone, running fingers over the remnants of plant life - whether tree trunk or plush coniferous branch - and took the time to study the winding paths and streets ahead. Her curiosity had brought her here, to the Square, the corner of which she turned in fully hooded glory. Fortunate for those who wanted to glance upon her face, the woman had turned up her hood slightly to better study her surroundings. A section of loose curls spilled from either side of the covering, and the majority of her face was in plain view, crossed with the barest of expressions. Of course, she wasn't expecting to walk right up to someone on accident, so that was meant to change. Rather than react accordingly, as one might expect - perhaps offer up a greeting, or continue on their way with an brief acknowledgement if noticed - the woman just stood there, dumb as a post, and stared. Her face was almost as blank as anything, lest she look just a pinch guilty.

Carradoch, being an overly pleasant fellow, and a man with terribly advanced hearing, had made note of the movements off yonder - it didn't matter how lacking in sound they really were, for he could often hear that which was not yet there - and waited to see what was making its way near. Perhaps it was a gift; sometimes, it may have been a curse. With bearded jawline, trailing into multi-hued goatee, he did not look terribly old, but his whiskers suggested a coming of maturity. This must have come with his fathering of two young cubs, of which he'd pledged his heart and soul; he'd provide for his babes, unlike the actions of his own papa, until his dying day. However, as soon as gold eyes saw skin and tendrils, he was leaning an elbow on a knee, while clearly addressing the cloaked being not a few yards off. "A good eve', duckie. An' what would y'be doin' 'round these parts? - A better question, have you seen any of the old folks around? Dirk, Shayde, or the lot? Place seems damn near barren since my arrival." -- Hey, he didn't know who it was. Should he have?

Nerrine; There were a few moments of silence while the questions took their time to register. Even before that, there seemed to be a few mental processes going on in her head. Perhaps it was a realization that she had stopped dead to stare like an idiot caught with her pants down, or some other confusion she had borne of herself. She wouldn't have looked the most socialized of folks just then, suddenly standing so awkwardly in the open courtyard - or so she thought. Then, there was a click, brows furrowed, and she finally gathered enough of the questions presented her to answer an oh-so complex, "Whom?" The one word itself was carried on an airy voice, and spoken slow - as one might when they're approaching a language they haven't quite mastered. The cogs kept turning, and slowly but surely the woman seemed to gather up some semblance of social grace with wry upturn of the lips. "I'm just looking around," came the airy voice again, in a much lighter, sing-song tune. It sounded innocent enough, but it also placed her as someone who shouldn't be familiar.
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This application has been copied to the application discussion forum. You will be informed promptly after a decision has been decided upon through your preferred method of contact.
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