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Escalina's Application

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 11, 2008 10:04 pm    Post subject: Escalina's Application Reply with quote

Methods of contact:
MSN Messenger:
Furcadia: Escalina
DeviantART Notes:
Forum PMs
**Please start with my MSN Messenger and go down the list; use the last two only if it's not terribly important and/or you cannot get a hold of me.

Character's Full Name:
Escalina Denise Sensui

Character's Login Name:

Character's Species:

Character's Age:
Late 80's; appears early 20's. This is due to kitsunes living hundreds of years.

Physical Description:
From Furcadia: ( Seductress : Heart-shaped face of seductress held not only perfection but icey eyes of ever-changing hues. Bright red waves were partially pulled behind her head, also down her face and back. 'Round her neck was a black choker holding a rose that matched her earrings. Black leather crossed her arms above jet mid-arm gloves. A corset pulled the seductress kitsune's bosom and curvaceous form in. It was also black, tipped with a deep red and trimmed with pearls. Her skirt hung loosely on delicious hips, still black. It left her perfect long legs to slide into high black boots. Her seven fox tails swished behind her, ears perked.

Character's History:
Escalina was born to a kitsune mother whom was a slave aboard 'Calypso's Star'. The captain at the time, whom owned Esc's mother, was Esc's father. Through being the slaver's daughter as well as a ship captiain's she was lucky enough to be taught and/or pick up on how not only ships run, but minor fixing, order giving, traveling and delivering cargo. This included all of the random tools, maps and navigation devices. Her mother, being a slave as said, was able to teach her daughter cooking, cleaning and tailoring as well as entertaining. Esc's age at the time kept her entertainment to a clean sheet though. In her teenage years Escalina was forced to participate in a shipfight that costed her her mother, father, as well as slaves and many crew members. She was found injured, hiding under the captain's desk in his quarters. The ship took months to repair,but she'd become it's captain. Now she sails it, carrying on her parents' work.
(I wanted to be short and to the point on that. I've had to write it twice. But needless to say, she docked in AK and has become close to their lands.)

Desired IC Position:
Tailor or Healer. I'm not sure if you'd like a strict, single profession in this continuity. Smile Whichever is most needed.

Sample RP Post:
Escalina sighed and flopped onto the swing, her ice-tinted eyes gazing from flower to flower to take in their scenery. She lifted her bum, swishing and hand beneath it, moving a poor misplaced tail. Speaking of those tails, they had begun to curl and uncurl at a leisurely pace while she relaxed. Her ears perked when her attention turned to the ducks in the creek beside her. A soft smile touched the corners of her maw while she closed her eyes and straightened to looking forward. She had become fond of this chair. Oh yes.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2008 5:55 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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