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Aneesa's Application

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 11, 2008 1:29 am    Post subject: Aneesa's Application Reply with quote

Preferred method of contact: Forum PM

Character's Full Name: Annie Lisa Chapman

Character's Login Name: Aneesa

Character's Species: Human

Character's Age: 15

Physical Description: Aneesa is a typical 15 year old girl, average height, slim for her age, and dons a navy dress, which falls to her ankles. Her golden hair is always neatly out of the way, making way for her brown eyes to contrast greatly against her pale skin.

Character's History : Aneesa was born in Xantha in the city of Grimhold. Her parents opposed the government,working secretly to try to overthrow the dictatorial government there. Gorslois and Igraine Chapman, wanting their only child to be safe and fearing harsh treatment on their daughter because of their own rebellion, sent her off as far away as they could possibly get her with their salary, and begged her never to speak to them, or speak of them again, for fear that the government would somehow trace Aneesa to her parents. She reluctantly agreed, and unaccustomed to being around many people at once, she prefers to only be around 3, or 4 at the very most, naturally prefers to be in the quietest environment possible- the library.

Desired IC Position: Librarian

Other Notes:

Sample RP Post: Aneesa sighed as she warily picked up the small leather bound book that had been on the shelf, not stacked in place with all the others. She placed the book where it was supposed to be, careful not to disturb the other books already placed there, and sighed wistfully. How I wish-! She started to think hopefully, then belatedly stopped. She had heard rumours that the government were trained to read peopleís thoughts, and she didnít ever want to give her identity away. She bit her lip, and it quivered tears about to give way from this fifteen year old homesick girlís big brown eyes. She looked around to see if anybody was looking, and when she was positive that the only people there were people that were very intent on reading their novels, she wiped away a stray tear with her slender fingers. I can not ever cry like this again she thought impulsively, My parents are being brave, I have to be brave too. She took a breath and tried to act as if nothing had happened as she picked up more books that had been misplaced and placed them in their assigned spot. It seemed this girl was contented alone, and she was grateful for it during hard times such as these, when she would occasionally want to cry out. There was truly no place she would rather be, if she couldnít be with her parents of course, than here.
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The Solinator
The Solinator

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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