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Application: Kymila

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:15 pm    Post subject: Application: Kymila Reply with quote

Preferred method of contact: coalle[at]

Character's Full Name: Kymila Lark

Character's Login Name: Kymila

Character's Species: Human

Character's Age: 17

Physical Description: With long curling blonde hair that twisted over slim shoulders and dark, mysterious brown eyes that supplied sufficient contrast to the rest of her tender features, the maiden was a fine sight indeed. A corset of pale rose caressed her torso, tiny white beads embroidering an artful pattern along the hem and neckline. The same silky fabric that constructed her top was worn on her hips in the fashion of a long swirling skirt. Thick brown boots, a torn travelers cloak and a thin ivory scar on her temple completely threw off her pampered visage… As did the belted and sheathed dagger.

Character's History: Kymila grew up in Grimhold, though her personality differed from the norm. She was novice prankster in the making. Though her dreams of tomfoolery were deeply frowned upon. Kym managed to hold in her desire to shout out and be a rebel for fourteen years. Until she couldn’t help it. A man was complaining about how heavy his wallet was, so she took it upon her self to enlighten him. She didn’t expect him to chase her. Kymila tore through the city with the man in hot pursuit. She managed to get away that time, but the exhilaration and adrenaline rush confirmed she could never be “boring” again.

The man of whom she had stolen from surprisingly didn’t report her theft. And she grew confident. At the death of her little brother her more heated side grew still for a long time. A year passed, and she heard rumors of a rapist lurking the streets. The military was searching for him, but nobody knew where or who he was. The next time she reunited with her extended family her little cousin whispered something to her. Something that reawakened the sleeping giant inside her. Little Jalli had been a victim to her neighbors desires and had failed to speak to her parents of it. The neighbor was the infamous rapist. The next night, with murder on her mind, Kymila entered the mans house, and while he was sleeping attacked him.

There was a struggle and he nicked her temple with a knife, it bled a surprising amount, though she managed to overpower the slightly intoxicated man. In the end she was caught and fled the city before her sixteenth birthday. For a year and a half she roamed the country side, trying to make sense of how she had gone from wannabe prankster to murderer. Was she not was guilty as the man she had killed? She didn’t even know his name. No title to place on the man who she had murdered. Always a little artistic she started recording land marks she noticed on paper she could find (more like stole from small shops). And that soon escalated into full on mapmaking.

She thought about changing her name, but decided that she would discard her last name and be simply known as: Kymila. Three months after she turned seventeen she came to Ansteorra. She met some decent people and liked the warm vibe and decided to stay for a little while she could also sell some maps. And one of the benefits was the port was a very reliable escape root if she ever needed it.

Desired IC Position: Cartographer

Other Notes: She is rather stubborn, and it takes a lot to convince her to do something. She remains private about her feelings and thoughts. She’s a big thinker and likes to know exactly how things are going to be. No surprises. She has killed before, and for the right reason, could probably do it again. Though she is kind and generous despite the careless mask she wears.

Sample RP Post: Kymila sat in the tavern slouched against the wall her arms resting in her lap. Hood was drawn causing her features to become shadowy and slightly spooky. Brown eyes roamed the room remaining only seconds on the people who populated the area. Clearing her throat, “You got any good liquor back there?” She asked tipping her head in the direction of the back room. Her hand dipped into the folds of her cloak, withdrawing with a few silver Xanthian coins.

Hope you liked it Smile
+*~ Kymila
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The Solinator
The Solinator

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Shayde Enkiar
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cartographer! o_o <3
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