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Canvas Clouds

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PostPosted: Sun May 04, 2008 10:19 am    Post subject: Canvas Clouds Reply with quote

Skimming the skies of the Freelands comes an unforeseen object high on the horizon. At a distance it looked as naught but a brownish blot upon a field of white clouds, but as time and winds brought it nearer it became clear that it was more. The hull of the Essence Entwined loomed larger as the ship’s course drew them ever onward towards the Jewel of Calenndor. Sails billowed like clouds above the massive hull of the flying galleon, too canvas wings spread from either side of the ship allowing direction for their flight. High atop the tallest mast and repeated again, tailing above the ship’s spanker sail flapped a black banner of a convoluted multicolored knot that would have little meaning to the peoples of this world.

Aboard this ship there was a flurry of activity. The feline Captain of the vessel called out orders to his crew even as he slipped his sun shaded goggles down over his eyes simply for the effect and his long scarf and crimson hair blew back in the wind that whisked the deck, a direct effect of their impetus. So that is Ansteorra then? He mused, leaning slightly from where he stood gripping the helm to glance at the panorama laid out before and beneath them. Ahha, the glimmer of a sea on the far side of the city! “Alright, all you seafurres, we’re going to land over there, be ready for touch down in a few minutes and someone get below to disengage the engine on my mark.” The crew aptly responded to the orders, they worked well even though some were rather green.

A partial eclipse would pass over the city as the hull skims above the buildings, the Captain could have opted to swing the ship around the outskirts of the city but they were high enough that they weren’t in danger of smashing into anything. Although in hindsight it might actually have been better to go around, no knowing what sort of panic the sudden partial darkness of the passing ship might have on the townsfolk. Oh well. The Crescent Sea was their destination and the ships prow dipped lightly as they came over the water’s surface, slowly coming down from its place in the sky. Spray trails behind the boat as it touches down, wings folding shut along the sides so to avoid getting waterlogged and causing drag once wet. The ship’s forward momentum eased slowly and soon the crew would be set to work sending long boats over the sides and dropping anchor. The Captain would find himself a spot in the first boat, one of the first to come ashore in this unfamiliar land. Hopefully the greetings would be friendly all around.

And so arrived the Essence Entwined and all the possibilities a trading vessel implied.

Captain's name? Captain Zan’si “Tanglefoot” Blackthorn
Ship's name? The Essence Entwined
How many currently in your crew? Fourteen, including the Captain, a feral mascot, and a length of rope
How long will you and your crew be staying? One to two weeks or however much longer it takes to get trade worked out
What is your purpose here? Trade, go figure
Furres Onboard (Crew): Zan’si Blackthorn, Lanira, Veqixzulajykos, Tenely Britta, Lanae, Klinedenst, Ejui Dalmo, Rebecca Burgbreak, Caspian Willowrustle, Mayes Birchbind, Asphodel Spinner, Duran Fairwind, Artemis Silvermane
Furres Onboard (Passengers): Chanted

I blame Kefka! Well, Kefka or glow-in-the-dark yo-yos...
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