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A shadowy meeting

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Feel my love!

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:50 pm    Post subject: A shadowy meeting Reply with quote

The following is a background vignette - an exposition. This is not general knowledge IC info.

The mist off of the Crescent Sea always makes Tumbledown smell funny, so the locals say. An ugly odor of dry rot and decaying trash that never seems to go away seeps through the cracks of this oft-neglected part of the capital city. If you live here you never notice it, but visitors find it unsettling. It was one such visitor, leaned against a broken lamp-post near a battered alleyway that drew the eyes of passers-by - if only for a split second before snapping away back to the dull drudgery of daily life in the slums. In Tumbledown, staring was practically a capital offense, though your execution would not come with benefit of even a mock trial.

This visitor, drawn up in a dark topcoat and wide-brimmed hat stood unmoving for what seemed to be hours, wafts of smoke curling from his scratched-up long pipe, his face obscured by shadow and eyepatch. At a half-past eight in the evening, without much warning, the visitor stiffened and moved quickly into the darkening alleyway and entered a normally-locked door. To a Tumbledowner, the furre was of no consequence, and the event was soon forgotten.

Inside the door, however, dark dealings were afoot...

"I'm here, amigo." called a voice from the darkness beyond the door, and the hatted figure entered, feline pupils widening to accommodate the darkened chamber.

"Is it done?" he replied, voice sounding scarred from smoke, locking the door behind him with a metallic 'clink'.

"Easy, amigo," called the voice, it's owner sitting, facing away from the visitor, footpaws up on a grimy table covered with empty glasses and half-full bottles. "It was like shooting fish in a barril, mang.. *zip zip*" he points with two fingers over his shoulder in a shooting motion.

"And the message was sent?"

"You doubt me, amigo? I made sure they got it good, mang, muy bueno."

A clink, and a bag of coins hit the floor. Another clink, and the door unlocked and the visitor vanished back into the darkness of Tumbledown.
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