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Rainy Night's Plight

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Danger: Foul Language Ahead
Danger: Foul Language Ahead

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 1:37 am    Post subject: Rainy Night's Plight Reply with quote

It started with lightning - crackling across the sky of the city, drawing out many a curious citizen at it's strange behavior. The rapid influx of clouds and the arcs of lightning ripping across them were a source of much discussion, even as late as the hour was.
Then the rain came, sheeting across the city in waves, drowning the sewers and flooding portions of low-lying Tumbledown within hours. Great muddy rivers formed in the very streets, and the death toll of events proceeding would have been far higher were it not for this torrent driving most folks to seek the shelter of their beds.
Unfortunately, in any city the size of Ansteorra, some activity always occurs, even in the midnight hour. Merchants conducted what little business there was to be had, the usual crew of skulkers, ne'er-do-wells, and other miscreants prowled the streets, and all manner of other individual exceptions to the usual routine wandered about. When the blue witchlights poured in through the main gates of Ansteorra, the guards moved swiftly to react, only to be cut down in swathes - for the touch of the seemingly innocuous spheres, no larger than a fist, brought instant death for nearly anyone unfortunate enough to touch them. After scything through the guards near the main gates, the orbs rapidly dispersed throughout the city, homing in on any sources of life they could find. A few quick thinking paladins and clerics realized the nature of these lights in time to erect wards against them, though the places where this occurred were few and far between - the Rose Quarter was fortunate enough to have a curious duo of Paladin and Cleric clear out a small gathering of merchants, and the Hospitaller's guild offered what aid they could to those nearby, but in most other cases it was a matter of a single individual shielding another while scores died around them.
Come morning, the rain dissipated and a few steadfast individuals gathered their nerve to return outside, revealing a gruesome body count - and of course, most of the bodies seemed far more decomposed than they should have been.
Within hours, thousands of grieving families took to the streets, wailing their lamentations upon the cruel fate which had cast their loved ones into the abyss of death.

The count of the dead is estimated at close to two thousand individuals.

[A brief bit of research would reveal the nature of the orbs as such:

Witchlights - So named for their resemblance to the clear blue flames many magic users adopt to decorate their homes, Witchlights are in fact painstakingly animated souls of dead paladins or clerics. They are weak undead monsters, but they possess the terrifying ability to instantly kill a single being, extinguishing themselves in the process. They are fairly rare due to the intense effort required to animate them (to say nothing of collecting the required sort of soul), and they are notoriously easy to destroy by prepared individuals - sufficiently powerful paladins destroy them by presence alone. However, they can decimate unprepared or unwary foes. ]
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