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A Second Shadow

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 7:34 am    Post subject: A Second Shadow Reply with quote

The day had started pleasantly enough for one Cleric Sally, of Launcia, she'd been out and about, working on recovering her body's strength and stamina for the coming trip back home, yet unfortunately, this trend was not to continue into the night. As night fell, so too did her consciousness, struck unawares by some force whether physical or magical. Her eyes drooped, and her body sagged for a few moments, before reverting to its former state, weariness was forgotten as her eyes opened once more. At her feet the last rays of sun cast her own long shadow upon the ground, but off to one side at an odd angle was another, longer one. There must of course be another light source to cause such a phenomena.

Disregarding the oddity, the Cleric began to move instinctively towards the noble district of Ansteorra, keeping largely to the shadows, and weaving spells of misdirection about her as she went. These were spells derived, not of the Primes holy power, but from another source, with a specific intent. Slipping through the streets, and eventually the rooms and halls of a small estate, she came upon the first victim. Or soon to be, and those selfsame magical powers entered his body, before pressing outwards with sudden force at every point within the furre's body. It was not a pretty sight, but the Cleric continued regardless, now coated by a fine sheen of blood.

Out of the first estate and into a second, the process was repeated, but this time after the deed was done, she stood still, despite the fact that the man had screamed in his dieing moments, alerting the local guards to his plight. She felt weary now, too weak to move, and scarce noticed when the second shadow detached and vanished. She stared unseeing at the remains of the one she had slain and it was not until much later as she sat upon a straw pallet in Ansteorra's Prison, that the weariness broke though no memory of what she had done lay with her.


It was later reported, that both the Finance, and Foreign Ministers of Ansteorra, had been viciously murdered by a delegate from Launcia. Though no explanation of why was made. The murderer has since been detained.
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