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What Lay Beneath (Wrap-up)

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 17, 2006 7:43 pm    Post subject: What Lay Beneath (Wrap-up) Reply with quote

“ Sir Herigin?” questioned one of the many servants dotting the landscape of the Herigin Manor, an sharp bow as the Cloth Merchant looked up from a ever growing stack of papers, paw working an rather oversized quill back and forth signing, cataloguing and scoffing at various requests, orders ectera. “ Yes ?” tilting his head in a classic wolfish fashion.

“ The Sewers have been cleared, The Dire Rats burned, your..’pet’ the Crocodile has been skinned and is being used in various hand bags and boots, for your shops, as well as your Pirate and Researcher being buried, The Clerics are in the process of ridding possible haunting from the sewers as well as with cleansing teams to give them the proper overhaul, construction will start to overhaul the sewers to proper regulations that have been….lacking.” the servant coughed this final part into an gloved palm.

“What was that?” questioned the wolf, brow quirked with an ear lowering, an deeply curious expression as he leaned forward upon his chair, absently chewing at the quill, then stopping with an mild distasteful expression.

“Nothing sir!” the servant said hurriedly, murmuring yet another something underneath his breath.

“By the way, have we heard anything about the River Pirates, they did after all loose an man to this expedition?” Pushing back his chair with a final rousing flourish upon an signature, after an moments glance towards the papers, sighing deeply, crossing his arms behind his head.

“ They’ve demanded to be sent fifty Black Tricorner hats, with matching sashes with faux gold trim upon them in recompense, for their lost comrade.” The Servant announced this all, snatching out an small scribbled out parchment from his coat

“….Fifty Black Tricorner hats and matching sashes with faux gold trim, Delivered?” Sans Herigin questioned merely giving an look, an very. Very confused look towards the Servant who merely shrugged his shoulders and went on “To the River Pirate of Ansteorran Associations the R.P.A.A’s Headquarters, Which happens to be an seedy pub near the waterfront.”

“…Well…I guess…I’ll be sending those wont I?” Herigin questioned shaking his head as he snatched up an new document and began writing down the order, grumbling the entire time.

“..Were being threatened by….River Pirates?” The servant said shaking his head as he walked out the door finally.

To everyone who came Thank you so much! i heard that everyone really enjoyed it and im glad ^^ I really hope i can do some more quests in the future and really thank you for coming by, The Dream was made by Axani, plot and such by me, and approved by Marlina, so there really the ones who made this happen!
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