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Calenndorian Stirfry

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Missus Marl

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PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2006 6:13 pm    Post subject: Calenndorian Stirfry Reply with quote

(Since I know no one is actually going to read through this entire post, I'll say this first... There are certain reactions that need to be posted, I am putting up fact only as part of the quest summary, however barring an official response, I will do one up myself for the Launcians in the interests of forwarding a plotline. As considerate as I'd just love to be, if people won't show interest, I have no reason to delay my own plotlines.)

(Quest Wrap-Up)


Taking a moment here to say the following, roleplay experience is based on contributions to the overall scene, and simply being there is not sufficient to get these points. On that note, the contributions are as follows... If anyone has a problem with them, feel free to take them up with me, but it's unlikely I will alter them.

Sirum Hest: +20 XP (Further pending)
Kele-De: +15 XP (Further pending)
Axani: +15 XP
Davilvi/Fenrorell: +10 XP
Zayle: +7 XP


+5 XP for the battle to all.

(In-Character Stuff, important only if you have any intention of participating in any other MQs in this series. More forthcoming)

Kebeyen Republic
Following the conclusion of Rosica Pass

"How go the preparations?"

"Better than anticipated m'lord, the first and second volunteer contingents have succesfully integrated themselves into the populace for the festival, and Lady D'Houln reports that they are ready to commence operations. Master Vernt reports that the main army is also ready to move upon the council buildings."

"We are still on the primary plan, correct? Don't want anyone to die unnecesarily, not here if it can be helped.."

"Both parties report that they are capable of running the first plan, barring any unforseen problems."

"And Mazus?"

"The traps were succesful, his contingent will be delayed for a day at least. M'lord...?"

"Aye? There's not some problem is there?"

"No, it's not that... It's just that scouts have reported a significant disturbance to the east, near the Ansteorran border. We've sent a few people to investigate, but it will be some time before they return. It's probably nothing, nonetheless, I thought you should know."

"Well, whatever it is, we cannot deal with it now. Give the signal."

Upon the order, a flare was launched from the hill upon which the party stood and a cheer was let free, heralding the renewed liberation of Ael-Reeth. Such was the plan anyways.


Outskirts of First Colony
Kebeyen Republic
Same time

A figure dressed in the newly commissioned regalia of the High Chancellor of the Kebeyen Council paced angrily back and forth before a demonic being that was chained quite throoughly through steel and magic to the ground. In the Chancellor's paw lay a device that had already been used to cause great agony to his captive. "The Prophet has lied to us you filthy beast, he promised a quick victory if only we could remove Damien. We did that, we had him in our cells until you bloody killed everyone there, but what do we have to show for it? An increasing support for this bloody 'Angel Trilanus' and rebellions starting throughout the empire. Our diplomatic missions have done nothing, and we face an outright war with the majority fo the Freelands if this keeps up much longer. Where is OUR dawning hour? Where is the support we were promised?"

Abruptly the chancellor crouched down, bringing himself closer to the beast before him, watching in grim satisfaction as it contorted and let loose it's inhuman scream, though he did not kill it, not yet. "And it seems that every major effort we make is mysteriously thwarted. Secret efforts demon, that suddenly find opposition appearing where they have no physical way of being, just in time to screw over the measures. Even now, the sixty-first company should have attacked Damien from the rear through Rosica Pass, but they have just up and vanished, while our main force encounters a new mountain. Answer me Demon, what is your master doing in all of this?"

The creature hissed, it's entire body pulsing as it recovered from the agony which should not have been able to affect it... This form wasn't even really solid, by the Angel. His master had favoured this pet that now stood over him with far too many secrets. "Heretics do not... Bow to the likes of bastard slaves like you. It will be a good day when the collective imparts every pain you have inflicted here, tenfold. Learn your place... Worm. You are a forgotten plaything who has sold his soul to master Kendrick, and he has come to collect." The creature, known in mythology only as one of the Diabolus Umbra, chortled then, though obviously on the edge of whatever constituted death for it.

The chancellor sneered at this, laying a paw upon the creature while again a trigger in the device was pressed, this time the pain was such that the creature could not speak, though that impairment did not carry through to Lord Mazus. "I have studied your kind creature, you grant great power in an unholy pact with the host, whom you devour. However, something I'm quite sure you want no one to realize... Is that your power can be taken without trouble... If the host is stronger. With power like that, I need not concern myself with the mortals of Feanor, certainly notn the naive fool Damien. I renounce my pact to Dyarra by merit of his side of the bargain falling through, and need no longer heed your pathetic words."


(Facts pertinent to Launcia)

A large contingent, numbering roughly one-hundred all told, including two powerful mages, that had been near the Austian border had recently been slain. Among their corpses were a sizable number of Austian regulars that had not been previously within those ranks, and it was these the paladins had apparently been battling. Scrying spells aimed at discovering the natures of their death would indeed reveal a sizable ambush of furres travelling under the Austian banner, along with several (roughly ten soldiers) having apparently been slain by Ansteorrans. Scryers would not know for certain that the killers of these ten came from Ansteorra, but they would have a very strong impression such was the case.


"We've lost them sir, but if I might be so bold..."

"You may not."

"But... Why would we run to the Launcian border from Austia? We were supposed to attack the imposter from Rosica Pass."

"Did I, or did I not just say you were not welcome to ask questions?"

"Well you did, but I really do feel it's important to know how we travelled all the way from Rosica Pass to East Austia in a single step..."

Before the soldier could voice further protests, he abruptly gurgled, choking up coipious quantities of blood as he looked down upon the sword that had seemed to appear in his chest. Soon after realizing that he had in fact just been slain, he died, whereupon another figure rode up to join the grisly scene. It is important to note, that while this is within a major military encapment, none had moved to object to the soldier's slaying. The new figure however might be an exception. "You carry on the tradition of Blackwatch brutality rather well Commander, though I rather think that was unnecesary."

"My apologies prophet, for your having to witness that, but with all due respect, I would refer to my own expertise in the matter when deciding neccesary deaths, rather than yours. You do not strike me as one who has had many difficult decisions to make."

The Prophet did in fact look like a well-bred nobleman, he did have particularily clear blue eyes, but the trident on his back was likely just for show. "Perhaps you are right. Good job by the way, your mission was a success. Now about that list..."


A speaker representing the Kebeyen Council has said that the sixty-first company of the Liberation Army was ambushed by Austians en-route to garrisoning a fort within Republic territories. They have used this as justification in demanding reparation payments. As of yet, it is unclear how the Austian government will respond to a threat clearly backed with the threat of all-out war.
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PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2006 5:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

"They want WHAT?"

King Louis Brandt slumped on his throne at the messenger's words, muttering to himself. It was quite unseemly, even in these hard times, for such an outburst amongst the royal court. Taking a moment to recompose himself, eyes narrowed, the king had only harsh tones left for the Republic:

"The Kebeyens take our lands, murder our citizens, destroy priceless artworks from ages long past, and they now demand repayment because we resist them?"

"You are right, Father."

Prince Frķud stood up, and moved toward his father, kneeling beside the King's throne in counsel. His brothers, Jacques and Frére, off near the front lines, would have scowled deeply.Frķud had no head for fighting, but was a superior strategist, and the King's favored son. He lowered his voice to a whisper:

"We cannot give in to these treacherous blasphemers. My brothers are with the armies now, and the Valanthians are there as well. I know that the Reichsfuhrer's alliance is not worthless. Our furres in Ciest Dalien are ready. If the Republic attacks, they will know fear. We should not know it, Father. It is our right. It is our duty, by the Primes that we resist their occupation of our lands."

The King nodded his head and stood up, weighing his options.

"Herald. Send a message to the Republic.Tell them that we wish to negotiate."


Reichsfuhrer GutenhaBen paced back and forth outside of the chamber of the Celestine Order, high scarhawk-leather boot-steps echoing in the alabaster chamber.

"Zey refuse to see me?" He wondered to himself. "Zere ist somesing wrong. I recieved vord of trouble in ze Republic, boot I vos never varned auf it before hand. Vot is der council sinking? Austia ist not ready to fight back, unt ze Launcian army is not fully mobili...."

The Reichsfuhrer's thoughts were interrupted by the opening of the giant chamber doors. Dwarfed by their marble and alabaster exterior stood a small, ancient furre dressed in the simple white tabard of one of the acolytes of the Celestine Order. He inwardly smiled, at least he could speak to this one.

"Otto GutenhaBen?" The voice called out, scratchy and accentless, as if fallen into much disuse.

"Zat ist I."

"The Council has told me to inform you that a Dark power has been made known. They have directed you to return to the Capital and await further instruction."

With that, the chamber doors closed, and the figure vanished behind their intricately carved exterior.

"By der Primezen." exclaimed Otto GutenhaBen, Reichsfuhrer of the Holy Launcian Empire. "Vat does zat mean?"

[kitzedit]Updated after a Marlina explained what is going on sweatdrop[/kitzedit]
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