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The Council and the Stranger

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 9:20 pm    Post subject: The Council and the Stranger Reply with quote

“Someone, Report what Eld found out” the voice seem to come from nowhere in particular. Its voice was mature, but not old. His tone spoke volumes of his leader ship abilities. And his emphasis on the name noted much loathe.

“He was unsuccessful in the withdraw” said a cold tone; serene and serious. Like a lawyer in court.

“Sounds like his luck just ran out. It’s all part of the game” said a heavy tone. Even without a body to view, you could tell that whoever was speaking, was indeed of generous proportions, and liked his night’s beer triple over.

“Oh shut up” said a sharp tongue of an elder. Covered in a rough patch at the end of the phrase, he proceeded to cough. Clearing his thought, he continued “It’s not about fortune; it’s about how coldly you have a plan calculated. Granted, this is his first failure by the hand of third parties. Let this be a lesson for everyone that you shouldn’t go waltzing around and be a bit more objective”.

“Speak for yourself” said a chorus, no one and many at the same time. A sole voice took the stand and spoke with energy flowing through his words. No older than twenty-one. “I, at least, enjoy taking my time… Ladies are just more and more fun when you get to know them further…”

“Keep it inside” said a rough strong voice. Battle scarred and powerful, with a trace of honour. He grunted heavily “At least until we decide who goes, then we are all all ears” a combination of wicked giggles, twisted laughs, malevolent cackles and shouts of madmen regarding some anatomic parts were heard.

“Kuy has a point” spoke the very first “On with the shifts. Toy…”

The fat voice spoke once again “Alright, and without further ado… Today’s lucky letter is…. T!” a cumulative sound of disappointment was heard. “It’s my lucky day! Alright then, I’m off, be right back!” the voiced laughed started to fade.


He opened his eyes as the mist was clearing, the fumes didn’t bother him as he took one long breath of air. Smiling. He enjoyed the smell of it even now… And yet, it reminded him every time of how he found it unbearable the first time he had sensed it. His smile turned to a frown. He covered himself up with the brown, old and shredded robe. He stood up and looked around, the cave was made of light grey stones, and he instantly remembered where he was… It was funny, he never placed anything inside the cave or leave any marks… yet he always knew this place… The figure walked towards the exit, covered in only that mantle, which didn’t reveal his hands, feet or face… He gazed out from afar. The arid floor made him smile as all he saw was what he wanted. He walked towards the east and vanished without a trace.
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