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Disturbing demise

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2006 8:10 pm    Post subject: Disturbing demise Reply with quote

[#] The wind blows through the night. A peaceful one at that. The moon peeks through a large cloud, making light settings on the street difficult to observe without a torch. The guards change shifts as normal, and the light of the chimney warms up the tavern pleasantly. From the dark blue of the night, a lone shout shatters the silence Long, gut wrenching one, pain soaked. Coming from the North East, it sounded surprisingly close.

Illithai opens his eyes in responce to the scream. "Bloody hell. Ferrals or Lycans? What coold it be this time." Said as he stands from his seat and moving from his corner seat twards the door.

Sirum Hest wouldn't think it so much night since it is spring and it is only 7:30, but all the same the scream does catch his ears. Sirum shifts about to stand and open one of the curtains on the north side of the tavern. Typically Sirum would rush out to inspect such a thing, but where were his friends? All that were here was Illithai and Dirk. Or, perhaps it was Kizzy, or Cepi, or.. someone. The mouse does not answer Illithai, but he does make his way outside to climb up to the roof of the tavern and traverse towards the sound from the higher section of Ansteorra.

Tyrnavil pays little attention to the shriek, possibly not even noticing it.

Dirk Felis decides to take a rather roundabout method of investigation himself.

Illithai moves for the sound, swords drawn. He keeps to what little shadows there are at 7:30

[#] It's found easily, it's on the other side of the north eastern wall.

Tekarin Hertzold's ears perk up and she spins around on one hoof. "Again?! I swear this is gettin' as outta hand as the gangs! Lead the way!" She reaches back and frees her hammers.

[#] The northern part of the tavern.

Sirum Hest stands atop the tavern and peers down to the furries on the ground below, the mouse also scanning the immediate area for anything out of the ordinary. Ah, how he loved being up here.. "..this isn't about that.. diving ghost I've heard so much about?"

[#] The series of shouts seem to continue, as one after another scream bloody murder. A man is being tortured, killed, or lynched, surely. Once the concerned adventurers get there, however, they find a low-life bum, lied down on the wall. He doesn't seem to be injured, mauled, or even ill. But he is, however, gasping for air as his exclamations of pain will just not stop.

Dirk Felis walks up there and slaps the poor fellow in dramatic. "Get ahold of yourself man!" he'd yell... or he would at least if he were the melodramatic and cliche sort of fellow. "What gotcha, and can ya' point it out to us?" is what he actually says, kneeling instead by the fellow and giving the poor bum a rather quick survey of his injuries.

Illithai as said, moves out of the tavern with both blades drawn, the magical one not extened yet. His cloak's hood is drawn low over his head. He's looking around the area with a mildly critical eye and then he spots the Bum . "And I thooght it was going to be something to give me practice. Instead, I find a bom..." Grumbling however he stays where he is, returning the normal Longsword to it's scabbard. "Now what?"

Sirum Hest does not dare go down to see the man, as he would merely get in the area of those currently helping him. Might as well give the man room to breath. Bums don't scream that loudly when other bums try and steal their booze, why would this one be in such pain? The mouse paces along the roof, continuing to watch the area. "Nothin' up here..", he mumbles in disappointment.

[#] The man is easily grabbed, as he is not moving, just screaming. Once the bartender checks him, however, he would notice that his eyes are closed. Even during the slapping, the man doesn't stop bellowing. He's sweating cold and his hands are curled up. His facial expression is unpleasant; people being strangled have had prettier faces than that. Once in a while he gets a twitch, almost as if being shocked, or trying to free himself violently of something.

Illithai grumbles some more. "Shot him op please!" He says raising his voice to be heard. He moves over to the bum and moves to open an eye with his free hand. While he was tempted to stab his paw to wake him through pain, but he recoils that idea for now.

Dirk Felis sighs quietly, deciding to do the sane thing first as he hefts the hobo onto his shoulders to be taken care of by far more qualified individuals than himself; the clerics. "See if you folks can figure out what happened, I'll be back in just a moment."

Tekarin Hertzold trots over with a brow quirked. "What's he just nuts? Or..." She doesn't drop her guard or her hammers. "We should take'm to the clerics and let them see what they can d..... Right."

Six Vandrena scampers up to the corner. "Miss Tekarin! Miss Tekarin! The Clerics said that I could go out today, so I did and here I am and what's going on?"

Tekarin Hertzold almost swings her hammer at Six! The little hyper suirrel had given her just a bit of a scare. She takes a deep breath, calming down. "Well it's good to see yer' better! We just found some nuts beggar our here screamin' his head off. Dirk took 'em to the clerics."

Sirum Hest springs down off of the roof over to a nearby tree, arms easily latching onto it as if he were some sort of monkey swinging tree to tree. From there, Sirum lets himself drop down to the ground lightly. Sirum pads over to the ground where the man had been, staring down at it. "..maybe another bubble ate him and he popped it?"

[#] The bum's pupil is tiny, as if starring at death itself. After a while, though, his screaming turns into short growling, as if trying to bare the pain. His pulse skyrockets and his fists curl up completely. Then he releases the loudest scream of them all. Long and excruciating. But this one dies down with his breath, rather abruptly. And after that, silence. A single gust of wind goes through the area... Perhaps more disturbing than the shouting... was the lack of it.

[#] Just for referance, this happens while Illidian opened the bum's eye, and the last part while Dirk was hauling him off.

Sirum Hest answers Tekarin, "I fed a small bubble some bigger bubbles and the bigger bubble ate Dirk. Rakuro popped it, though, before it dissolved him.." The mouse doesn't seem to be all that disturbed by the lack of shouting. Loud voices besides his own hurt his poor ears. As if just noticing Six, the mouse turns to blink at her, "..Clerics.. said you could go out? Did they take you prisoner?"


The next day, Dirk received a notice, and it spread like wild fire, do to its nature. The bum was dead before they had reached the guild. This corpse matched to corpses of all the others that had died the exact same way.

The Cleric's guild also noted that since the death was recent, they could also notice that the body was unusually cold. A body retains some heat, even after death, that dies down slowly, but it would seem that the bum had absolutely no warmth.
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