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Whispers of the Dead

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2006 2:39 am    Post subject: Whispers of the Dead Reply with quote

Reports have begun to file in in the recent days of a disturbing number of repeated suicides at the site of the construction of the new castle. Every 'victim' of these tragedies has been found broken upon the rocks far beneath the plateau.

Coupled with these reports are a small, much rarer number of midnight sightings of a femme in the same place. Only appearing on the full moons, her hair and fur ragged, her skin, body and dress torn innumerable times; to the point where it is no longer even a question if she's still among the living. Dead eyes gaze out at the Crescent Sea with no hint of color within them. A whisp in the winds, a trick of the light in the thick sea fog.. but undeniably there. The talk of the ale-house is that this women, enchantingly beautiful, yet clearly torn unto death, had tried to cast herself into the Crescent Sea to drown herself of her sorrow, having lost her soulmate. --- The one thing they all share in common is that every time she has appeared, the chilling sound of a woman's voice, singing softly, could be heard on the sea-breeze.

Happy endings and fairy tales
the prince in shining armor.
Come, my love, near me now
and whisper softer... softer....

==--Because I can--==

[OOC: These are all considered common IC knowledge (including the words of the song), and I will be happy to roleplay out any investigative attempts towards finding out more about these. Or.. if people just want to see this ghost. There will be plot followup to this, whether there is PC followup or not. Consider it a heads up, and an opportunity to do more than just show up for quests. Mr. Green]
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