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Dark Prime Worshipers (MQ Summery)

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 28, 2005 12:28 am    Post subject: Dark Prime Worshipers (MQ Summery) Reply with quote

Shouts and hurried movements resonate through the city as a few metallic bangs sound, a final roll as the sound subsides. A couple more shouts, words indiscernible, a few muffled shouts also sounding out, as if something were over the shouter’s mouth.

The party of Dirk, Lakorin, Mara, and Vitrethjad make their way down into the sewers. Fallowing a set of hurried footprints and a sewer grate, carelessly tossed to the side.

In the sewers, light is scarce, the only two evident light sources are two distant candle lights heading in opposite directions; a few hurried footprints sounding off in the distance, but hard to discern which direction they are coming from.

None of the four could discern which way they went. Mara came up with the idea to split up, and much to Vitrethjad's dismay, the group did indeed split up. Dirk and Mara took the northern most passageway, while Vitrethjad and Lakorin took the southern most passageway.

Dirk and Mara quickly stumble in on Ritual which involes sacrificing Evelyn to the Dark Primes.

Dirk and Mara reach an area, lighted up by candles, four black hooded figures staring at the intruders. The hooded figures have Evelyn tied up with ropes, leaving her off to the side, beginning to approach the two of them. Three of the black hooded men move forward, pulling out swords, the other taking a staff from on what would seem to be an alter of some sort.

Dirk and Mara fight each one of them by themslelves, Lakorin and Vitrethjad hearing the fight, begin to make their way towards the other side of the Sewers.

After a few blows, they intervene and lend a hand. Soon, Hikari, Kalannar, and Fiora manage to find their way down into the sewers and also lend a hand.

Kalannar killed two of the baddies, and Hikari slayed their leader and a minion. They burst into flames, a small bloody scroll being the only thing left behind.

The four bodies lay helplessly on the ground. The ropes around Evelyn fall to the ground, letting him/her free to go. The bodies shrivel and disappear in a burst of flames a few of their possessions being left behind.

The scroll read, 'On the night of twilight, we shall make an offering to the Dark Primes...' The rest of the scroll undiscernible from the blood.

15XP to all
5XP to Dirk/Mara for surviving first round by themselves.

(2) Long Swords
(2) Black Capes: AC/MR+2 IB:2
(1) Staff of Dark Rites: +2CR to Necromancy and Infernal magic. IB:2

Kendrick495: Ninety-nine Togerus on the wall, ninety-nine Togerus, if one of those Togerus should happen to fall, ninety-eight Togerus on the wall
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