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A demon gone?

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2003 10:42 am    Post subject: A demon gone? Reply with quote

ooc - to explain why Lakosha is back, some of the events had to be altered at this event took place outside of Anst

Lorincanth was strolling the streets in the shadows watching those around her. Unkown to her Micheru was close by watching. Suddenly she clutched at her head, Lakosha was trying to rise again. Growling to herself she ducked into an alley way knowing this would be her downfall if anyone found her in this state. Micheru stayed back, wondering what was going on with his demon...

For the moment becuase Lorincanth had not killed recently Lakosha had grown in strength, but that wasn't the only reason she so desperately faught for her freedom. Longing had filled her during her time in limbo, and unlike a demon who can survive long time periods in such a place, the human...Lakosha started to go mad. The tainted sword always was on her mind when Micheru was around, and this instant the longing was far worse than it had ever been before.

Lorincanth couldn't comprehend how it drove Lakosha giving her strength were she should have none. She attempted to press her back by telling her all the horrible things she had done. Nearly killing the mage Danu, destroying the drunken man in order to write a message in blood. Attacking Rakuro for fun....but Lorincanth experienced something different thatn she had expected. Lakosha got angry. Instead of falling back she faught harder, surprised that her tactic had failed the demon was thrown back into limbo. As Lakosha took her rightful palce back in her own body.

As she opened her eyes,the red faded and returned to their normal green color. the claws remained not so easily rid of. But over all she seemed tobe back to normal. Standing she staggered out of the alley way only to see Micheru in front of her. She looked at him blankly, Lorincanth had failed to tell her anything of Micheru...and his plans for her. He offered her a necklace with a purple pendant attatched to it. Without much thought she took in and put it around her neck. To her Micheru was only the person who had appraised her blade.

The blade....the longing started and the purple pendant glowed softly. Lakosha covered her face with a hand and stumbeled off to sit. She had many apologies to give out, and many more deeper problems to think through.

Micheru smiled as he faded back into the darkness. As Lorincanth screamed in his mind, knowing full well that now she was trapped....
~In the dark of the night I was tossing an turning. The nightmare I had was as bad as it could be. It scared me out of my wits. A corpse falling to bits, then I realized the nightmare was me.~
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