Zagnafein Silverleaf

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Zagnafein, by Melissa Thompson
Zagnafein, by Melissa Thompson
Zagnafein, by Path'en
Zagnafein, by Path'en

Full Name: Zagnafein Silverleaf
Date of Birth: Winter Solstice (December 21st), 4266 TA
Apparent Age: Early twenties
Age: 137
Gender: Male
Height: 5'
Weight: 96 lbs
Species/Race: Elf
Level: 27
Archetype: Medium
Eye Color: Emerald
Markings: N/A
Hair Color: Dark blue
Family: House Silverleaf, most of which is now deceased.
Career: Former Guildmaster of the Rangers of Ansteorra. Currently taking a break from the adventurer lifestyle.

Description: A pleasant looking elf, Zagnafein's face is charming and handsome; topped by loose, shoulder-length, dark blue hair. Above his clothes he wears an elaborately crafted coat of elven chainmail, while spreading around his body is an olive colored cloak, clasped at the collar by a valuable silver leaf-shaped brooch. Around his waist is a simple belt, from which dangle various pouches.

While once he was quick to anger and strike, Zagnafein has become more and more peaceful over the years he has lived with the Ansteorrans. Distancing himself from violence and adventuring, Zagnafein has become more and more sedentary, only occasionally venturing out to explore the land. Of course, the fact that he has set foot on almost all of Calenndor limits his options. Either way, he is a cheerful elf most of the time these days, and even likes to start up a little mischief. #

Shortly after the beginning of the Fourth Age, Zagnafein departed from Ansteorra. With a long life ahead of him, he wishes to use the experience he has gained in Calenndor to explore the rest of the world. He is presumed to be in Pirostia.

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