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Welcome to Ansteorra, we're glad to have you along with us! Because the Feanor Continuity is an awful lot to absorb at once, this page is to help ease you into the setting. The information here is OOC background info, and is an excellent resource for writing character histories and general knowledge of our created world.

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What is Feanor?

Feanor is the name of the world, much like how 'Earth' is the name of our own real world. Feanor is a large, diverse world with four major continents, and many lesser islands. The four major continents are: Calenndor, where Ansteorra is found; Pirostia, the largest continent; Hæ'eska, the lost Elven lands, and Nierash, the mysterious continent.

The Freelands of Calenndor

The Freelands are a large temperate region found roughly in the middle of the continent of Calenndor. Since the middle of the Third Age, the Freelands have been the cultural focus of the continent, as well as holding its largest population centers.

Recent History of the Freelands

Any character that is less than 41 years old has grown up in a time of turmoil as the landscape of the Freelands has been remade by war, revolution, and major sociocultural changes. For most characters, the timeline of the Fourth Age is the historical narrative that they grew up with.

Major Nations of the Freelands

Kingdom of Ansteorra

Ansteorra is a nation built from trade, and is the oldest still-incorporated nation of the Freelands, having been founded at the very dawn of the Third Age. Modern Ansteorra is very British in character, with a Parliament made up of Houses of Commons and Lords, Prime Minister and the Royal family. The populace is diverse and tolerant of foreigners, but also very 'Ansteorran'. The Kingdom itself is a fairly large swath of land stretching around the Crescent Sea, bordering the Republic, Valanthas, Xanthia, Austia and Launcia.

The capital, Ansteorra City, is one of the largest cities in the freelands, and the major center of trade. Ansteorra City is a large, bustling city of approximately 600 thousand furres, elves and dwarves. The dream represents the central district of the city, the Castle District, which sits high atop a plateau that juts out into the Sea. Inside the district, one can find most of the high class establishments: the Hall of Justice, the Collegium Magica, the Hospice, cathedral and graveyard, the Ranger's guild, and a tavern. Interestingly enough, the Castle District lacks an actual Castle, as the City's keep was destroyed in the War of Liberation.

The Launcian Empire

Launcia is a very Prussian/Austrian/Polish-themed nation to Ansteorra's immediate east. Made up of a confederation of states, Launcia only recently threw off the shackles of theocracy, and the church remains a powerful force. Launcian armies are regarded as some of the best trained in the Freelands - each state maintains its own standing army. The Launcian populace is not as tolerant as Ansteorra, and is known for being very pious, rigid and political.

The Kingdom of Austia

The Kingdom of Austia is an enormous forest-and-farm-land south of Ansteorra, which suffered greatly in the Liberation War. Although today, much of the land that was conquered by the Kebeyens was returned, the Kingdom is still very depressed and worn. Austia is very medieval France, with large chateaus and plantations, thatched-roof cottages, and cities that range from alabaster to grungy poverty, often within meters of one another.

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