Vincan Catholic Church

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The Vincan Catholic Church is the largest church devoted to the Vincan (Furre) Pantheon on Feanor, representing 3/5ths of all Furres; and it is the largest organized body of any world religion. Any church that is in full communion with the Bishop of Vincan City, currently Pope Honorious XVI, is considered a member of this community. The church can trace its origin back to the Great Schism in in middle of the Second Age, when the catholic and orthodox sects split over doctrinal differences. The Vincan Catholic Church claims official continuity with the historical Popes and Celestines.

The worldwide Catholic Church is made up of one Calenndorian church and a dozen Pirostian Autocephalus churches, all of which look to the Pope and the Celestine Choir as their highest authority on Feanor for matters of faith, morals and church governance. The Church is divided into jurisdictional areas, usually on a territorial basis. A jurisdiction, known as a diocese, is headed by a Bishop, Archbishop or Cardinal, depending on the physical size of the area its population, and its political importance.