Under the Canopy (4A10-4A16)

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Headlines from Around the Freelands (4A16)

A Mysterious Suicide

Late last night, Colonel Robert Nye was found dead of suicide by falling from a three story window; a prominent figure among the guard stationed often in Tumbledown and the docks, his death revealed no cause and no letter was left behind. It has been concluded that Nye was alone in his room at the Dancing Pony inn with the door locked when he made his jump from the windowsill. The last visitor to his room was three hours prior, described by witnesses as a 'youngish, cute femme', and has been ruled out as a suspect-- nevertheless in the hours following his death the repercussions have been immediate among the guard and Nye's loss is sorely felt. This suicide follows two others among the Ansteorran City guard within the last month, those of Lieutenant Jonathan Stock and Lieutenant-Colonel Arnold 'Arnie' Kipps, and an investigation is under way.

Violence in the night

Notice! The First Bank of Tumbledown has closed after its fourth robbery in the month ended in the death of two employees. The guard responded quickly, but those responsible have not been apprehended. The guard would appeciate and reward any information leading to their arrest.

In other news, a fire was quickly contained in the upper side of Tumbledown. There were at least five killed in the blaze and witnesses say that several guardmembers were present when the fire started. Colonel Derft was questioned and claimed any allegations of guard involvement to be 'unfounded.'

Streets of Rage and Blood?

The City of Ansteorra was awakened a few nights past by the sounds of clanging alarm bells and the clanging of the city guard as a mysterious magical plague spread throughout the city, leaving many of the cityfolk dead in its wake. Official tolls of the dead are put at near a thousand, although many witnesses claim that there were nearly twice that. "Those lights! There just came from nowhere. I saw a bunch of guards just collapse, and ran as fast as I could toward the nearest Temple." Said one witness on Broad Street. The City Guard would not comment on the nature of the attack, but said that the guards died "defending the city and lands they swore to protect."The Queen has announced an official mourning period for the victims for the next week and has vowed that the perpetrators of this vile necromancy will be brought to justice.

A Launcian Assassin?

It has been reported that the Finance and Foreign Ministers of Ansteorra had been viciously murdered by a cleric from the Holy Launcian Empire. The murderer was captured and is currently in custody of the Ansteorran guard. The Queen of Ansteorra decried this event as "a vicious attack on the sovreignity of the Kingdom" and demanded an explanation from the Launcian Reichsführer. The Launcian government has acceded to the Queen's request, and has offered assistance. A statement from the Bundestadt reads in part: "We of Launcia wish no ill to our brothers and sisters in the Primes. This incident is the act of one lone rogue individual and is not reflective of the warm relations that Launcia and Ansteorra have enjoyed." More on this breaking story as it develops!

Headlines from Around the Freelands (4A15)

Increasing Unrest

The rumors continue to abound about the unrest among the Western Tigahrrim Tribes. The rumors began in 4A 13 and they have become increasingly more prevalent. According the such rumors, the violence has increased within the Western Tribes. The other Tribes have been trying to keep such rumors suppressed still, however there has been a sharp increase in the volume and tone of the rumors.

An outstretched paw?

King Charles of Austia stood before the Austian public today to publically call on Damien Reelin to : "...help us work diligently toward an equitable solution between the rightful rulers of Austia and the Kebeyen entity. We, as all who believe in the Primes do, believe in peace. Does not the Vinca itself imply the peace and brotherhood of all believers? We do not wish for war, but it has been thrust upon us by the illegal occupation of our land by the Kebeyens. Our noble peoples have been persecuted and repressed by this so-called 'democracy'. Even now, Kebeyens have sent agents to conquer even more land for their own. Settlements outside their own illegal borders to spread their hatred toward others. If Damien Reelin has truly seen the error of his former ways, we invite him to our holy struggle against the oppression of the Kebeyen occupation."

In other news, a pro-Austian protest spontaneously broke out in front of the Kebeyen embassy in Arkeen, protesters were seen to hold signs with messages denouncing Mazus, burning the Kebeyen flag, and chanting slogans supportive of struggle against occupation. The Arkeen city guard broke up the protest a few hours later.

Kebeyen News

The ponce Austians are getting uppity again, war?

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  • Austia, a sordid history
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Grand Marshall of Launcia threatens the Free

  • Military Dictatorship: An analysis
  • Blessed by Heretics; who saved their nation?
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  • Intellectual capacity scientifically proven to decrease under a theocracy

"Damien" still a Reelin fake

Increased Xenophobic Violence against Non-Furres throughout the Republic

Second Statement

Despite the words of the Austian King, little to no noticeable resistance has been mounted within Republic Occupied Austia, perhaps due to the policing activities of the military and Blackwatch, or perhaps not; the Kebeyen Republic is not releasing information on the domestic situation there. In response to the statements of the Austian and the something or other of Launcia, the official Foreign Minister of the Kebeyen Republic (Miranda D'Houln) said the following, "The domestic affairs of the Republic are the business of Kebeyens alone, and of no foreign body. That being said, while the legitimate government of the Kebeyen Republic goes unrecognized, the usurping Council still holds the base ideals of democratic rule at its heart. All are equal. To that end, the State will not oppress her people unduly, however the only "Legitimate" resistance movement, is one based in a political field. The moment one of these so called "Freedom Fighters" take up arms, and begin terrorist activities, they become criminals and shall be treated as such.

"Odd and perhaps hypocritical to hear from a revolutionary, however there is no reason to perpetuate a cycle of violence. A war would serve no party but the Heretics, who laugh and feed in some depraved manner upon our suffering. Mazus is a pawn of these creatures with proven ties to the Heretic of Lies, and the legitimate government would urge the world as a whole to ignore him, while he is dealt with through domestic means. In an effort to maintain a state of peace, and juxtapose himself with the abomination that currently holds power within our nation, High Chancellor Damien Reelin invites King Charles of Austia to a peace conference within the neutral nation of Ansteorra. At this conference, he intends to speak of appeasement in the interests of forming a united front against the true evils of the world."

A Formal Rejection

In a tersely worded public message to the Chancellor of the Republic, King Charles of Austia has declared: "It is well known that the Kebeyen entity has nothing but blood on its own paws. Although We wish nothing but peace with all of the Free Peoples, the continued illegal occupation of Austian land by the Kebeyens is intolerable. We reject the Kebeyen entity in its entirety. The Primes have written that the faithful must resist those that persecute them, for martyrdom is better than living if life is to be under the jackboot of persecution." This message, delivered publicly from the Palais du Justice in Ponce-du-Lac was received with uproarious applause by the throngs of Austians present.

In response to the King's message, Reichsführer Gutenhaßen of Launcia has put the Republic on notice that any disproportional aggression against legitimate resistance in the occupied territories will have 'severe consequences'.

In counterpoint to the repeated and amateurish attempts to take the life of King Charles VII, rumours have abounded in occupied Austia about a possible return of their once-proud nation. Civil disobedience within the banleius of Ciest Dalien is becoming commonplace, the night skies of the city are lit by bonfires set by groups of youths in protest of the occupation.

Increased Activity

In recent weeks, there has been a noticeable increase in assassination attempts on the life of the newly ordained King Charles VII, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that the origins of these assassins are from within the Kebeyen Republic. Worth noting, that while these were individuals planning to kill the King, they did not work in an organized manner, and when interrogated could provide no link to the increasingly infamous Blackwatch. It is possible that the organization is still focused on the civil in-fighting happening between the factions of Damien Reelin and High Chancellor Eryn Mazus. In a surprising move, the war-leader Reelin issued the following statement, "While the actions of Lord Mazus are abhorrent in nature, and directly contrasting almost everything I strove to accomplish in the War of Liberation, the lands previously owned by the Austian Empire are rightfully Republican soil. We will stand united with the usurper's forces if any attempt to encroach upon our territory, with the full strength of the Kebeyen Republic."

When asked what he thought of this statement, High Chancellor Eryn Mazus stated the following, "While there can be no doubt that this impostor is directly responsible for the poor living conditions seen in many of our cities, he has the right idea in defending our soil. The Austian Monarchy is traditionally weak, their women whores, and their men to fond of wine, pampering, and young boys, we shall not subject our people to such rule. The Liberation Army will consider any mobilization of forces on the part of the Austian Empire, as an Act of War, and react accordingly. If other nation-states choose to intervene in this affair, they should recognize that the Austians will have nothing with which to repay them for their drastic losses in such a conflict. An invasion of Kebeyen soil will result in the laying waste of every foot of ground we are forced to yield. As however, the Kebeyen Republic wishes to be a peaceful nation, I would extend first the traditional method for settling disputes. To King Charles VII, I challenge you personally to a duel, within the neutral soil of Ansteorra."

Launcian News

Unconfirmed reports of attacks against human and elven communities in the north of the Holy Launcian Empire have some worried that extermist elements of the Heiligpolizei have begun the long-rumoured sectarian purges of nonbelievers in the Empire.

Death of a King

King Louis Brandt II of Austia died in late 4A 14 after a long illness. His is survived by Queen Elizarene and his five children: the Princes Jacques, Fróud, and Frére, and Princesses Marie-Claire and Amelie. The King had named Crown Prince Fróud Charles Robért as his chosen heir, and the coronation in the Cathedral of Ponce-du-Lac was well attended by the heads of state and nobility of most of the Freelands. The new King Charles VII has made it abundantly clear that reclaiming Austia from the Republic is his primary goal.

Headlines from Around the Freelands (4A14)

Tumbledown Gossip

Within the past few months, an obscure group of philanthropists calling itself the Esoteric Order of the Broom has founded a large dining hall and several small poorhouses within the Tumbledown district. Despite the obvious boon to the populace of the forgotten people of the slums, a series of rash disappearances and odd sightings has forced the reputedly charitable organization to place a small purse of silver to any who would investigate the source of such disturbances.

Mysterious Dissapearances

Since the City of Towers was destroyed last year, the Magocracy of Valanthas has been busy rebuilding and excavating the ruin, looking for any artifacts or sealed vaults that survived the devastation. Since the start of the year, more than 40 dissapearances have been noted amongst the crews, and security has been beefed up to protect against whatever may have been unleashed.

Headlines from Around the Freelands (4A13)

Cleaner Streets

But cleaner people? Well that remains to be seen. The streets of Tumbledown have recently been relieved of a fair percentage of the corpses that had the habit of finding themselves dead. Could this mean the slums were becoming safer? Only time will tell.

Cornered Market

Within the capital city of Ansteorra, merchants have begun to capitalize on the gaping hole in the industry left by Missus Nellie Lovett of Fleet Street in Tumbledown. Meat-pie stalls have popped up eager to feed the hungry mouths of citizens who missed those wondrous creations. They were of course of varying talents, however one in Tumbledown was rumoured to be at least moderately decent and was outshining their many competitors.

Strange Epidemics

In the past week, rumours have begun to spread of corpses being found throughout the city. While the deaths have been limited to the thugs and low-lifes who typically abound upon the streets at night, the fact that the exact cause of death has not been found, is unsettling. All that is known, is that the recently deceased all died in a state of extreme fright, and no visible injuries that could explain their demise.


The Kebeyen Republic has announced that; in accordance with their desire to raise public relations with their neighbouring countries, that they will send an emissary to the Holy Launcian Empire. To date, such an endeavour had been believed to be too risky with tensions still high in the aftermath of the War of Liberation. It is said that this emissary will be Minister Derelyn, who serves the function of directing spiritual affairs within the Republic, and has announced that, "While there have been difficulties in the past, I firmly believe that there is a great deal we as a people can learn from the teachings of the Church.". The Minister was welcomed by the Launcian government, and unnamed sources say that the meetings could be considered meaningful.


Despite trying to keep rumors from spreading, word has escaped the borders of Tigath that there is much unrest among the clans. The Western Clans have been very aggressive as of late, much more than the usual clan warfare. It is rumored that the Tigahrrim have been sending emissaries to other countries in Calenndor.


It is with mixed feelings that Ansteorrans would learn of the sudden departure of Damien Reelin's Resistance movement. While not universally liked and very few sympathetic towards his newfound cause, he still had proven a source of income for many merchants willing to sell supplies to his followers.

It has been announced that he has returned to Kebeyen Republic and is quoted as having said: "The reign of High Chancellor Mazus shows a blatant disregard for the moral ideals that served as the foundation for the Republic's creation. Instead of protecting the freedom of our people, he has enslaved them far more deeply than even the rulers of distant Fyak'norr could ever dream possible. I return now to ammend what has gone so horribly wrong, and hope to one day bring the Republic to a point where it is no longer looked upon with malice, despite the miseries of the past." It is not yet known how he intends to bring about these reforms, and no influential persons have commented to this date.

Ansteorra Seals Border with Kebeyen Republic

Routine smuggling operations across the Ansteorra-Republic border have inflamed tensions between the Ansteorran military and locals who profit from smuggling goods into the economically stagnant Kebeyen Republic. With the recent slaying of a border patrol by unnamed smugglers, Evendur Stonecastle Prime Minister of Ansteorra had this to say: "We deplore the acts comitted against the valiant Ansteorran military members, and hold those responsible in the direst light." Soon after, the military commanders near the border region were put on notice to seal the border to prevent travel in to and out of the Kebeyen Republic.

In response to this, several emissaries have been sent from within the Republic to the heart of Ansteorra, hoping to seek a quick resolution to this problem. The foremost, one Ambassador Dalryn is quoted as saying, "Too much tension already exists between our two great nations, and now is the time to show that now only the elder nations can be reasonable in their dealings. We will do our best to halt these deplorable activities, and would hope that the border can be reopened for trade in the near future. While there have been difficulties in the past, it is long since time that, in the face of the many trials that face Calenndor, that we open up our arms to the idea of friendship." In accordance with this promise to increase their own patrols to slow down the traffiking of illegal goods, the Liberation Army has nearly doubled the number of patrols along the Kebeyo-Ansteorran border.

Rise of Violent Gang Activity in the City of Ansteorra

Though the official position of the city guard is that the slum regions of the city are "under control and the watchful eye of the Guard", it is clear to any casual observer that the crime rate in the city has increased. Miscreants and theives seem to reign with impunity in the depressed areas of the town. Keep your valuables and children locked up!

City of Towers Cleared

Early in the year, the mages of the Magocracy of Valanthas cast a giant ritual spell designed to repair the world, and cast down the Heretic Pytch, who had taken over the City of Towers since 4A3. The success of the ritual was recently confirmed and the heavily damaged city has, according to official reports been cleared of all Voidkin. It is the official opinion of the Council of Valanthas that the Heretic has likely been sealed away.

Headlines from Around the Freelands (4A12)

Treaty of Khazd Becomes Effective

As of the beginning of 4A 12, the outline of the cease-fire and land transfer between the Holy Launcian Empire and the Dwarven Kingdom of Khâzad–Ankor has come into effect, and the Dwarves have relinquished control over all of their surface lands, save for the mountains that they have historically claimed as their own. Under the conditions of the treaty, the lands that once belonged to Launcia will be repatriated to the Empire as long as a majority of inhabitants agree to accession. Nearly all of the former Launcian territories have rejoined, expanding the Empire to nearly double its size. Only 6 territories have decided to incorporate themselves as seperate nations.

Adventurers/Settlers Wanted

The Grand Duke Archibald Frederick and the Grand Duchess Rowena invite all Furres, Humans and Elves with stout heart and keen mind to the newly independent Grand Duchy of Angeschlossen. Located along the Sargothan border, with significant tracts of land claimed within Sargothas proper, the Grand Duchy is poised to become a regional powerhouse. Sadly, constant attacks by the undead and demons have made much of the land uninhabitable over the long term. The Grand Duke is willing to grant a landed noble title to any Furre, Human or Elf who will use such title and land to protect the Duchy from attacks.

Headlines from Around the Freelands (4A11)

Launcian Cease-Fire

The Holy Launcian Empire and the Dwarven Kingdom of Khâzad–Ankor have begun treaty negotiations regarding the surface lands that had been in revolt since the middle of the spring. Insiders claim that the Dwarves stand to lose nearly 90% of their surface holdings to both Launcia and other unaligned lands.

Scarport Sacked

The Pirates of the Talzhemian Ocean staged a daring raid on Scarport at the end of the summer. Though their ships were repulsed and much of the city was saved, significant damage was done to the ports, newly rebuilt after the Heretic's curse demolished the city in 4A 7. Reichsführer Gutenhaßen of the Holy Launcian Empire has ordered all shipping that leaves from Launcian waters be guarded by ships from the Kreigsmarine.

Valanthian Council Decides

After months of debate, the Valanthian Council has decided to implement a broad reaccrediation of all Valanthas-affiliated Mage's Guilds in the Freelands. Archmagess Kitzibeth, one of the sponsors of the program, was quoted as saying: "This measure will assure that all magical education in the Freelands shall be held to one standard: Excellence." She was also quoted as adding off-the-record: "And it makes it look like this council does something for a change."

Constitutional Update in Ansteorra

The Royal family of the Kingdom of Ansteorra has rejected the first draft of the new Constitution drafted by the Transitional Committee. Reasons were not given, but our sources say that the Queen found the text to be, quote, "A trite boring". The rejection of the first draft throws more than a year's work by the committee into disarray.

Dispatches from Launcia

Since its inception, the surface inhabitants of the Dwarven Kingdom of Khâzad–Ankor have been neglected. Claims that reconstruction monies from the High King and his government have been consistently shuttled toward Dwarven efforts, leaving the Furres and other surface dwellers in the lurch have raised the dissatisfaction of the populace to levels not seen since the Kebeyen Republic's short rule over the lands.

The latest news indicates that most of the non-Dwarf populace of Khâzad–Ankor is in a state of revolt, banners of the old Kingdom of Launcia and the Holy Launcian Empire are displayed proudly in the south and midlands, while much of the northern lands have already declared independence from Dwarven rule, and have set up regional governments.


Pope Honorius of the Holy Launcian Empire
"It is a great day, Primes willing, when the great lands of Launcia are once again reunited under one banner."
Evendur Stonecastle, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Ansteorra
"We support the Launcians' right of return to their previous nationhood, so long as they do so peaceably."
King Louis Brandt II of the Kingdom of Austia
"A reunited Launcia is a strong ally against the Republic that has threatened the peace of the Freelands in this dark Age."
Lady Archmagess Kitzibeth of the Magocracy of Valanthas
"The Magocracy would like to stress to the High King the importance of a peaceful resolution to this situation."
Foreign Affairs Minister Miranda D'Houln of the Kebeyen Republic
"The rights of the individual cannot be ignored, even if that should mean a fragmented nation. The Republic supports the Launcian Citizenry's right of return to a new nationhood, by any means neccesary."

News from Austia

In recent weeks, activities have been stepped up with the Kebeyen Republic outright claiming dominance over a portion of land previously controlled by New Austia. They say that the original boundaries had encompassed this new area, but the mapmakers had misinterpreted the word of their previous High Chancellor. Despite the backing of the Holy Launcian Empire, and some degree of aid from Magocracy of Valanthas, the King of Austia had been considering the benefits of simply surrendering the land in the hopes of placating the expanionistic Republic.

Angrily reminded by the Ambassadors of the other nations of the Freelands that such appeasement was suicidal, the King wrote a tersely worded rejection of the Kebeyen Republic's claims to the High Chancellor

Bizarre Creatures Attack!

There appears to be a wave of strange creatures attacking the city of Ansteorra in the past month. Three aberrations have already terrorized the populace, before being put down by the local adventurers. The first was a morphing, ooze-like creature whose very mass was a corrosive slime. The second, a three-headed chimera, which rose to attack it's killers shortly after being slain for the first time. The most recent attack flooded the city streets with an acidic, and ameobic rain, which maimed many passerby, and corroded even wood and stone. How these attacks are linked, one cannot say, however, it is certainly the doings of a mad wizard or wizards.

Headlines from Around the Freelands (4A10)

The Destruction of Ebonstar

The Third Holy Crusade against the Destroyer, Erisvan, has officially ended, pending the return of much of the paladin army from the Deadlands far to the north. Though unsuccessful in completely eradicating the festering evil there, specially trained squads of Paladins led by High Templars St. Cyan Lo'Iocus and Jeanne D'or Rosencrantz successfully destroyed the mountain citadel of the Heretic, Erisvan. Though suffering great losses, and the apparent disappearance of St. Cyan himself, it appears that Erisvan's reign of terror may have come to an end.

Kebeyen Mobilization

Events have been thrown about as rumours for so many weeks now that at least part of it must stem from actual fact. Truthfully, many disbelieve the fact that Eryn Mazus, High Chancellor of the Kebeyen Republic is born of the Primes and exceeds heights of ten meters, but the fact that he has ordered the invasion of Austia cannot be questioned. In the early days of the eleventh year of the Fourth Age, militaristically inclined forces began invading Austia from the Republic, claiming the moral high-ground of enlightening the poor citizens of the damaged nation. Although war has not been formerly declared by the Republic or Austia, tensions are riding high as cities continue to be attacked by the Kebeyen Warlord Hedon Bloodknife.