Third Age

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The Third Age was characterized by the founding of the nations of the Freelands and the appearance, destruction and resurrection of the Lich King of Sargothas. Its beginning was marked by the decline and fall of Aractha and the sinking of the western peninsula of Calenndor, and its end was marked by the defeat of the Lich King's armies by the Heroes of Calenndor. From a historical point of view, the Third Age marked the movement of the focus of power and civilization to the Freelands.


  • 2236 Revenant's Treason - Veudir X'Tare and two nameless Lich Lords wage war against the Lich King. Veudir rebels victoriously, the others are never heard of again.
  • 2240 The undead armies are routed by the Tigahrrim.
  • 2245-3381 Various nations rise and fall in the Freelands.
  • 4387 An order of Iocan Paladins of Pirostia launches a great crusade against Erisvan. The crusade is an utter failure, leading to the death of the entire force, save one, who manages to defeat the Heretic. The sole survivor is Cyan Dee Lo'Iocus.
  • 4388-4391 The Lich King, greatest of the undead masters of Sargothas, along with Thelmin Waterpasser conspire to re-create the Demon Gate, an ancient artifact of extreme power. Two thousand years earlier, the Lich King had used the power of the Demon Gate to attack Calenndor with his undead hordes (in TA 2234).
  • 4391 The Heroes of Calenndor defeated Thelmin and destroyed the Demon Gate permanently, but not before the Lich King's Armies had overrun Grimhold and laid seige to the City of Towers and the City of Ansteorra. Without the Demon Gate's power, the Lich King's power was broken, and he was forced to retreat to his citadel of Sar-Sargothas. In light of this tremendous victory, it was declared that a new Age had dawned across Calenndor.