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Solinox drawn by Path'en
Solinox drawn by Path'en

Lord Solinox Avelhar is an elven figure in the aristocratic society of Ansteorra. Mostly known for his military career in which he served as Lord Commander of the Royal Armies of Ansteorra, Solinox currently serves as a General in the Royal Army and Commander of the Day Guard. With his growing maturity came the slow decline of his careless adventuring ways. An important leader in the Royalist faction of the kingdom, the elf acts as a sensible, conservative influence on the new generation of adventurers.

Solinox Avelhar
Full name Solinox Avelhar
Date of Birth TA 4247
Apparent Age Mature Adult
Age 185 (as of 4A41)
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 140 lbs.
Species/Race High Elf
Religion Primes, Elven Pantheon
Level 18
Archetype Heavy
Fur/Flesh None
Eye Color Blue
Markings None
Hair Color Blond
Family Members

Gil'laant Avelhar
Niphredil Avelhar
Ajax Avelhar

Early Life

Solinox Avelhar was born to Gil'laant and Niphredil Avelhar, the Patron and Matron (respectively) of Westernessë's ninth House in the year 4247 of the Third Age. At an especially early age for his kin, he was inducted into the Grand Martial Academy where he excelled in both military theory and swordsmanship. Upon reaching the age of thirty, he was granted apprenticeship in Fyrgen-Draca, the home of the Swordmasters, in Valanthia. After forty-two years he graduated with a distinguished reputation as a skilled warrior with an aggressive combat style.

As an ongoing task for his Journeymanship and continued training, he travelled across the Freelands to uncover texts written by the long-deceased masters of swordsmanship. As a result, Solinox became partially fluent in a number of languages, both written and oral. It was also during this time that the elf vigorously studied ancient descriptions of Aracthan military tactics, forming of a core of his future battlefield strategy. At the age of one-hundred and thirty, he was released of all duties at Fyrgen-Draca and given the title of 'Adept'.

Military Life

After the partial destruction of Ansteorra in the year 3491 of the Third Age, Solinox saw an opportunity to put his knowledge to use and successfully petioned the King to grant him a charter to form a Fighters Guild. The ranks soon swelled, and after much consideration, the King granted a revision of the guild's charter to merge it with the remnants of the old standing army and form the Royal Army of Ansteorra. Solinox was appointed Lord Commander of the army, which was formally founded in FA 2.

Almost immediately, the elf began to mold the army into a more professional military force. Able to secure a large source of crown income with the promise of creating the finest army in the Freelands, fixed soldiers' wages were instated and battle equipment was standardized. The introduction of the repeater crossbow, an invention of the elf's, gave the army's ranged regiments superior firepower against the longbows commonly used by other nations; furthermore, almost all of the high-ranking officers were personally trained by the Lord Commander himself. Solinox's tactics became the basis of Ansteorran military strategy, and their use in battle would prove to be stellar.

Adventuring Years

As the military reforms began to take root, trouble was still amiss in the Freelands as the city of Ansteorra became a hotbed for brave adventurers and troublesome villains. Solinox befriended a number of these adventurers, such as the ranger, Zagnafein Silverleaf. The most significant event of these years was the elevation of Solinox to the ranks of the Bladelords, the most skilled of the Swordmasters. The test was taken on his hundred-and-fiftieth birthday (the minimum required age).

After many years of adventuring, Solinox's first true tests as the commander of Ansteorra's army emerged. A large Greenskin invasion force was defeated (with the help of Ansteorra's advenuters) outside of the capital, but tragically, the Kebeyen Republic launched an attack immediately after. Unable to lift the siege, the kingdom was conquered and Solinox, along with a handful of Ansteorra's adventurers, lived in exile in Caesael Garrison, south of Austia. There, Solinox's carefree years reached a climax as he soared above the plains of Tigath on the back of a scarhawk.

The reconquest of Ansteorra, made possible by secret correspondences with remnants of the army and

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Over a number of years, Solinox had the opportunity to lead the army of Ansteorra in several battles as the political climate of the Freelands changed. As of the fourteenth year of the Fourth Age, he has been recalled into active military service and transfered to a position of command in Austia, disrupting his sedentary life and, most notably, his engagement to Shayde Averon.

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Nobility of Westernesse
Title Alor
Style of Address Vell Quel Alor Solinox a Bara Avelhar
Liege None

Nobility of Ansteorra
Title Baron
Style of Address The Rt. Hon. Solinox Avelhar, the Baron Avelhar
Liege The Queen