Sealmistress Errynus

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The background of this individual is shrouded in mystery, though historical documents place an Errynus matching the description of this one as living in various points in time over the past few hundred years. In every occurance of her name appearing, it has been connected with a dominant force within some major conflict within Calenndor, or even on a few occasions, Pirostia. Her most recent appearance was no different, centered about the War of Liberation where she claimed refugee status from the plains of Tigath in response to some unknown threat. With Sealmaster Tril she joined with Damien Reelin and they later formed the foundations for the current Acolyte's Commune.

In recent months she is reputed to have died no less than three times, and is also going out of her way to lead the minds of the public away from Primes-based worship in favour of worshipping the Angel Trilanus, saying that the Primes have forsaken the Kebeyens, and only in this new deity lies salvation after death. It is unknwon how wide her support has grown in this endeavour.