City of Scarport

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The former capital of the Duchy of Himo, Scarport served for centuries as a center for trade and stain of corruption on the Himoan coast. With access to the Thistledown river and Talzhemian Ocean, the city found itself to be the host of the majority of trade from Pirostia to Calenndor. As a result, despite its rough and tumble reputation as a berth of piracy, Scarport was one of the richest cities in The Freelands, rivaling any other nation’s capital.

After being invaded by the Kebeyen Republic in 4A 7, Scarport was obliterated by the heretic Erisvan in her invasion from the north. As a result, once the Liberation Army was expelled by forces from the Holy Launcian Empire, Scarport was annexed to Launcia, and work began on New Scarport atop the ruins of the old city in 4A 8.