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Scarhawk Breeds

Southern Tropical Scarhawks

Native to Southern Tigath. These Scarhawks are adapted for warmer climates, thus only having a fairly thin layer of extravagantly colored feathers. The main bulk of feathering is on their wings, which have a slightly more elongated, aerodynamic look to them in comparison to normal gray or black Scarhawks. Being that most live in the jungle, they're particularly skilled at flying low, even a mere foot or two from the ground without botching their flight path. As a result, they are usually capable of flying at a much faster rate than the average Scarhawk. Their social structure is similar to that of a lion's. One dominant alpha male, various young and/or eggs, and females which do the majority of the hunting for the nest, which is usually situated deep in the jungle, in a large thicket. This breed of Scarhawk is severely territorial, and a single group will defend their nest with the fiercest of determination. Going so far as to hunt down and kill any other Scarhawks or animals that enter the nest without "permission" from the leading alpha male.

Central Mountain Scarhawks

Native to mountain ranges North of Tharivol. They're generally slightly larger in size than your average Scarhawk, and have a more broad chest built to withstand the thinning air of high altitudes, thus making them ideal for extremely high flying. Their feet and talons are built stronger, and they have much larger gripping talons to aid with the rocky terrain of the mountain regions. They live at many different ranges and heights in the mountains, and are generally loners, save for the mating season. In which case, they stay a family unit for a short time before the male leaves, then the female after a few short months, once the young Scarhawk is capable of living on its own. They're often stubborn, even for a Scarhawk, and taming them is a difficulty.

Eastern Desert Scarhawks

Native to Fyak'norr. These Scarhawks are no larger than the average sized Scarhawk, though they appear a bit more husky due to the fact that their feathers carry a hardened, jagged texture to them, as a result causing them to appear slightly larger. The purpose behind this is not only to ward off potential enemies and predators, but to help protect their bodies from the harsh environment. Their beaks are longer, sharper, and tougher than average Scarhawks, allowing them better use of it in defense against other creatures of the desert, and in the rougher desert prey they devour. Their legs are covered with rough, hard layers of scales to protect against the fierce sands and winds in the desert. The muscles in their wings and legs are much more powerful than that of any other Scarhawk breed. Heavier muscles for walking and running easily on the sands, as well as flying in sandstorms. This makes them ideal for very long distances, for their endurance is much greater than the average Scarhawk's. These Scarhawks are pack hunters, and stick together. Forming an intriquite web of hunting patterns for their prey.

Northern Tundra Scarhawks

Native to the far Northeastern tundra of Sargothas. These Scarhawks are covered in a very full body of thick, fluffy feathers to keep them warm in the severely cold environment. Their feathers are, as could be assumed, a full display of beautiful crystal white that blends perfectly with the snowy terrain. Much like their cousins from Fyak'norr, this breed of Scarhawk is particularly known for its overdeveloped leg and wing muscles, giving them the ability to fly skillfully in blizzards and walk in the snow. However, one thing that becomes these Scarhawks above those of Fyak'norr, is that while desert Scarhawks stick together in a pack and generally tend to stay in one area, these tundra Scarhawks have a very accute sense of direction. Northern tundra Scarhawks have the unique ability never to miss a draft. Thus making them incredibly dynamic in the air. Extremely capable of skilled maneuvering in even the harshest environmental standards. This makes them ideal namely for arial combat. Socially, these birds are known to live in scattered family units which stick together until the young is fully grown. Once this is accomplished, they'll separate and likely never encounter one of its kin again within the spanse of its life. They're known wanderers.

Aracthan Scarhawks

Native to Aracthan wastelands. These Scarhawks can be simply described as frightening. The barrens of Aractha are their home, and thus this breed is particularly known for its tendency toward cannibalism. These Scarhawks bear a distinctly flamboyant array of violet feathers, and are extremely aggressive. Their bodies are longer and more lean in shape, legs included. Bearing long, very deadly talons evolved for the specific purpose of running and killing. In the wide open wastelands, they are capable of reaching well up to sixty miles per hour. They don't fly as much as all their counterparts, however they are well capable of doing so. They get off to a running start and make long jumps, aided by their somewhat unsatisfactory wings. Not much is known of their social structure. Only that if one is encountered, the only encouragement is to run for your life and hope it didn't see you. These fierce hunters are almost eerily attuned with the whimsical flows of magic around them. They sense it almost as clearly as they smell blood. Thus the enemies of wizards often tend to favor them as a weapon for hunting them. Very little is known of any established social structure or breeding method of this type. This breed of Scarhawk is exceptionally fierce, and purely predatorial.