Sargothan Federation

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The Imperial Sargothan Federation
[[Image:|125px|Flag of Sargothan federation]] [[Image:|110px|Coat of Arms of Sargothan federation]]
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: 'none'
Anthem: 'none'
[[Image:|290px|Location of Sargothan federation]]
Capital Mecklenburg
Largest city Mecklenburg
Official languages Common, Sargothan, Launcian
Religion Vincan Church, Human Pantheon
Grand Duke
Imperial Commonwealth
Archibald Ferdinand
from Launcia

4A 12
 • 4A 12 est.
50,000 (--)
50% Human
45% Furre
5% Others
Currency Lönzemark1 (Lm) (1 SP)
1The Lönzemark was the currency of the Kingdom of Launcia. Other forms of currency are accepted at weight value.


The Sargothan Federation is less a singular nation than it is a collection of small fiefdoms spread primarily across southeastern Sargothas, and ruled primarily by nobility forced to flee the Kingdom of Launcia and Khazâd-Ankor during or after the Liberation War. When hereditary nobility of the Holy Launcian Empire was abolished in 4A 12, the few remaining Launian noble families who had held out against the Holy Empire chose willing exile in Sargothas.

Although the lands claimed by the Sargothan Federation are extensive, control over those lands is nigh nonexistant. Only a few of the feifdoms hold sway over much more than a poor fortress town or keep. Living day to day in the blasted lands of the dead, the inhabitants live spartan, tough lives. Comparisons with Xanthians are inevitable, although as these Sargothans are quick to remind you: they live with the dead, not hiding in Grimhold.

Major Personalities
Archibald Ferdinand Großherzog von Angeschlossen, Nigel Fizzlewick Wildgraf von Baden
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Members of the Federation

Grand Duchy of Angeschlossen

Flag of the Grand Duchy
Flag of the Grand Duchy

The Grand Duchy of Hohenburg was once the largest individual realm in the Kingdom of Launcia, and was the fiefdom of the brother of the King of Launcia, Otto von Gutenhaßen. During the Liberation war, the Grand Duchy fell with the rest of Launcia to the Kebeyen forces, and many of the ruling family were killed. The Grand Duke himself became one of the leaders of the resistance in northern Launcia, and helped to drive the Kebeyen forces out of the nation. After the war, the King's son, Otto II and the Pope announced the founding of the Holy Launcian Empire in southern Launcia. The Grand Duchy was forcibly assimilated into the Dwarven Kingdom of Khazâd-Ankor. Hohenburg's forces were instrumental in overthrowing the Dwarves, but in the end the Grand Duke was betrayed by the Holy Empire, and had his title stripped along with the other nobles of Launcia.

Having lost his lands lands below the Yalu River, the Grand Duke kept his title and brought his family northward and claimed a new landin Sargothas, calling it Angeschlossen, and sent out a call for settlers to start to recolonize those blighted lands.


Flag of Baden
Flag of Baden

Ruled by Nigel Fizzlewick, an ex-Pirate from Himo, Baden is nothing more than two forts along the eastern expanse of the Yalu River.