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Full Name: Vampfyrious Rivinius Volvagia (Rivyn)
Titles: Lord Duke of Xanthia, First of His Name, Shield of the North
Date of Birth: ~SA 6,900 (somewhat more than 13,000 years before present. It should be noted that this is the age he claims; the first recorded appearance of Rivyn is during the height of the Aracthan Empire, or roughly SA 10,000 )
Age: ~13,218
Gender: Male
Height: 7'6"
Weight: 240 lbs
Species/Race: Apparently Drow.
Level: Extremely High
Blood Type: Several.
Eye Color: Solid, unbroken green orbs.
Skin Color: Black as sin.
Headfur Color: Forest green, with highlights ranging from red to orange. These are, naturally, rather more pronounced in the fall. During the winter, his hair is bone white.
Family: Rivyn acknowledges that he has at one point died, gone to Hell, and been adopted by the demonic Volvagia clan. Other than that, he has been known to adopt individuals at the rate of one every three to four years, and has occasionally been known to declare he has rather (in)famous offspring, though they are never named.
Career: Duke of Xanthia.
Hobbies: Rivyn is known to have a peculiar obsession with making improbable plants (including a strain of organic mithril), as well as always having some kind of golem in the works.
Personal Quote: *Guttural growl*
Recent History: After casting down the Lich King, Rivyn semi-retired from most of his professions, focusing on rebuilding and expanding Xanthia's influence, and picking up new skills and meeting all sorts of interesting people. Before making any exceptional headway on either of these, Entad D'lune seems to have managed to kill him to the point where his will is being acted upon. The same individual has sent several devastating probes into the Freelands, including the Witchlight incursion into Ansteorra City, which killed thousands, and was believed to have originated with the slaughter of a large number of the paladins set to guard Erisvan's collapsed castle. Rivyn's country of Xanthia has been steadily gearing up for what they clearly believe to be an inevitable war, though most simply refuse to believe that their ruler is dead, and will simply reappear when it suits him.
Trivia: After his apparent death, "Rivyn" was discovered to be nothing more than a large orihalcum skeleton and a number of potent illusions. The whereabouts of his real body are as of yet unknown.
Rivyn kills, without exception, anyone he discovers comparing him to a Heretic. The exact reason for this is unknown, but his hatred of the breed extends back through his entire known history - he has reportedly killed the Heretic Shadow Wake more than a dozen times.
Despite his self-professed undead state, the animamortuaphobic Xanthians seem to have no problem with their ruler - quite the contrary, they are proud of "their" monster.