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[[Image:{{{image name}}}|thumb|160px|center|Reegarr's Symbol]]
Affiliation Primes
Deity Level Intermediate Deity
Portfolio Canines, Honorable Battles, Loyalty, Duels
Domains Law, Good, Strength
Alignment Lawful Good
Paladins Yes
Favored Weapon Relampego, a razor-sharp epee

Reegarr is one of the three Primes who concern themselves with battle; Scarlong and Iocus are the other two. Of the three, Reegarr is primarily concerned with the personal aspects of battle. It is no wonder that many knights errant take Reegarr as a favored patron. Reegarr's creations, the Canines, embody his vision of that honorable warrior archetype through their loyalty and steadfastness. Reegarr is closely allied with Patrilius because they share many of the same beliefs and together they are known as the "Judges of the Primes".


Reegarr usually appears as a very axiomatic wolf or german shepherd with powerfully built arms and chest. However, as patron of Canines, he has been known to take any form suitable to that task. Regardless of the form, his muzzle is inscribed with a dark, almost bood-red lightning bolt on each side. His typical dress looks to be that of a stereotypical Spanish swashbuckler or duelist: loose fitting poet shirt and breeches. He is rarely pictured without his blade in paw, and much religious symbolism is attached to the position that he holds his blade in painting and scuplture.


The Church of Reegarr has a very complex code of conduct for both the clergy and the devoted layfurre. Followers of the Prime are required to tithe, as well as volunteer at temples as service. The basic philosophy can be summed up as "An honorable life is the only one worth living." To a fault, Reegarr's clerics are honest, even when honesty wouldn't be the best course of action. Paladins of Reegarr share this same need for purely honorable actions, earning a reputation for giving no quarter or advantage to their opponent, but expecting no quarter or taking any advantage from their opponent.

Requirements for Clerics of Reegarr
Celibacy Optional Pacifist No Poverty No
Evangelical Yes Required Rituals Yes Charity Yes