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Rakuro (by the same)
Rakuro (by the same)

"Full" Name: Rakuro Daregh
Date of Birth: February 10th, TA 4367
Age: ~38 (in 4A 13)
Gender: Male
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 155~ lbs.
Species/Race: Wolfkin
Level: 20
Archetype: Arcane
Eye Color: Aquamarine (Clear blue)
Fur Color: Light, creamy brown with streaks of black across parts of his back and shoulders.
Headfur Color: Black.
Family: Joshua Daregh (Father. deceased). Kristine Daregh (Mother. deceased). Caroline Daregh (Sister. deceased).
Career: Triad Council, Mar'A'Avathar - Merchant, Enchanter's Shoppe. - Head of House Daregh, Noble of Marevan.

Brief description: A tall, lanky creature, built like most people would build a scarecrow, without any of the pudge in the middle and a long, feline tail waving behind. His paws are large, almost to the point of being huge, and his limbs are quite long, making him appear almost taller than he is. Pointed, wolfen ears poke out from chin-length hair which curls down across hard-set features. His eyes are a deep, dark blue, like the ocean during a storm, minus the poetic appeal, and his teeth are those of a true wolf. He appears almost as though he is made of tough leather, strung through with metal cord for muscle.