Rainbow Bay

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On the Bay

Perched in what seems a rather small and comely bay with beautiful, quiet waters to those who are sailing by, Rainbow Bay is home to some of the most violent cutthroats, pirates, brigands and racketeers imaginable. The bay is surrounded by a natural jetty of rock and shoal, protecting it from even the most harsh storm—however, for the average good, Primes-fearing captain, braving a hurricane might be preferable to docking in the Bay. The citizens (or rather ‘population’, since there is no form of government in the bay) do not generally stay longer than they must to get a couple of drinks and a filled pipe, trade out their ship’s supply of (illegal) cargo, head by the nearest whorehouse and ship out.

The waters off this area of Pirostia are known for being particularly ornery due to their tropical warmth, and breed all kinds of creatures both strange and mundane—many Calenndorian explorers have written of the flora and fauna of the Bay, but never in detail, as to remain in the Bay for longer than a month is to invite looting by the paws of other ships docked. However, some of the rarest species of Pirostian fish and birds are to be found here, and nowhere else on Feanor.

On the quayside there are two main districts: the Ale district and the Redlamp district. Even some of the residents themselves avoid these areas at night, keeping instead to the docks themselves, where lanterns can be seen lit until the break of dawn by sailors playing cards with their crewmates.

The Bay has also sheltered and produced some of the most notorious pirates of the day- among them, Jelly-Legged Billy, Franzelheim the Fearful, and Arian Longhelm.


"Whatever you do, don’t come here. If you’re desperate and you have nowhere else to dock for supplies, you still ought not to come here. If your entire crew is sick with scurvy and you’ve had to amputate four limbs from gangrene in the last two days and you've not a bit of hardtack to your name... still don’t come here. Living hungry and diseased with one arm is better than spending a night in Rainbow Bay." -The Calenndorian Traveller’s Companion, entry on Rainbow Bay