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The Primes are the children of The Dragon, and the deities of the Furre races. The Primes, along with the Dark Primes form the Vincan Pantheon.

The First Primes

The eldest Primes, they wove the Dreamweave, and gave it the ability to harbor life. Each of the eight Primordial Primes is usually associated with one of the Elements, Existans or Vacuus. The Eight Primordial Primes are:

Wevvyn (Existans) 
Lord of That-which-is, Prime of the Weave
Sek (Vacuus) 
Lord of That-which-is-not, Prime of the Weave
Thelcoda (Fire) 
Lady of Calendars, Prime of the Sun and Time
Ahroth (Earth) 
Lord of Hills, Prime of Feanor
Viverravus (Air) 
Lord of Complexity, Prime of Weather
Syndira (Radiance) 
Lady of Cloth, Prime of Colors
Aristaya (Water) 
Lady of Imagination, Prime of Dreams
Jemmion (Shadow) 
Lord of the Darkness, Prime of the Night

The Second Primes

The Exalted Primes

The Exalted Primes earn their appellation because they were the first Primes to create life upon the Dreamweave with permission from The Dragon. Though they hold special reverence amongst many Furres, especially their own creations, they are not of higher station than any other Prime.

Lord of Luck, Prime of Rodents
Lady of Beauty, Prime of Mustelines
Lord of Wisdom, Prime of Equines
Lady of Speed, Prime of Felines
Lord of Strength, Prime of Canines

The Sibling Primes

These Primes are the siblings of the Exalted Primes and created the other races of Feanor, or hold sway over cetain aspects of the world.

Lady of Scales, Prime of Wyrmmes
Lady of Offspring, Prime of Childbirth
Lord of Shields, Prime of Battle
Lord of Feathers, Prime of Avians
Lady of Flowers, Prime of Love

The Ascended Primes

These three Primes were once mortal, but their deeds earned them the spark of divinity.

Lady of the Horizons, Prime of Travel
Lord of Metals, Prime of Artisans
Lord of Martyrs, Prime of Valor