New Scarport

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Built upon the ruins of Old Scarport after the Liberation War and Erisvan’s invasion, New Scarport remains a shadow of the bustling metropolis that lies in ruins around it. Construction started on New Scarport in 4A 8, one year after the destruction of the old city. Much of the original city had been flattened by Erisvan's machinations, but the devastation left enough raw materials to provide for reconstruction of a smaller, yet still important city. Today, New Scarport is not as rough-and-tumble as it was in years past, as much of it is still in ruins or in the process being rebuilt. In 4A 14, a massive pirate assault on the city damaged the city walls and docks in retribution for the Launcian Kreigsmarine's unrelenting anti-pirate activities in the Talzhemian Ocean.

New Scarport is dominated by a massive byzantine Cathedral built near the center of the new city. Although the construction is far from complete, the building is an impressive structure, visible over the city walls. Many minor sects have also found home in New Scarport; such as the Esoteric Order of the Red Fruit. Although ruled by the Holy Empire, New Scarport (and much of what once was Himo) is given much more economic and social freedom than the rest of the nation. The city is abuzz with open air markets and well-kept shops.

Bribery and corruption in the city government is unknown, quite a feat for a city once known to run on greased palms and off the record. Much of this can be attributed to the rebuilding efforts being exceptionally popular and a source of civic pride. Additionally, Launcian laws against corruption mandate extremely harsh penalties for offenders.

Although much has changed a decade, one saying is as true now as it was then: "If you want something bad enough, they have a price for it in Scarport."