Marlina Evenstar

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Portrait drawn by Path'en
Portrait drawn by Path'en

Full Name: Marlina Selene Evenstar
Date of Birth: 4361 3rd Age
Age: 46
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 52 kilograms
Species/Race: Elvenfurre
Level: 21
Archetype: Light
Eye Color: Green
Fur Color: Tawny
Headfur Color: Black
Family: Selene Amera Evenstar, (Mother, Deceased) Trilvyus Dmersa Goldendawn, (Father, murdered)
Career: Leader of the Thieves Guild of Calenndor
Hobbies: Wandering forest paths, sailing, pirating, thieving and carpentry.

Description: Deadly though beautiful in a haunting sort of manner. A low cut silk blouse lies beneath a resplendent crimson-hued coat that in turn lies ornately decorated by gold lace. Black trousers fit snugly upon this creature, surface broken only by the hilts of several daggers scattered about her form. The edges of her leggings dip beneath the folded-down rim of her leather boots. Piercing green eyes reflect a hardness to them, born of many years living within a realm constantly plagued by demons and creatures that tore at one's mind on top of her personal ones.