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"Long live Calenndor! Long live the Free Peoples! Long live Ansteorra! Long live our Queen!"
- The crowds at the re-dedication of the capital following the rout of the Republic's forces.

Brought to you by the minds of fellow roleplayers and the drive to make this the best guild and continuity imaginable, the Feanor Continuity is one of the most fleshed out and self-consistent strict role playing ( guilds ( on the online RPG Furcadia (

For New or Prospective Members

Hello! If this is your very first visit, welcome! If it is not, then welcome back! Within this Wiki can be found many hundreds of pages of continuity information about the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the world of Feanor. If you'd like a fast introduction to the continuity, see the links below, or dive right in to the search function in the menu to your left.

The current Year is:

Year 41 of the Fourth Age of Calenndor

  • A lot of the continuity pages are out-of-date as to the current roleplay, but they are being updated as quickly as possible. Please bear with us! If you have questions, please seek out one of the Taneests or the Rah.

Important Notice:

We are a semi-closed continuity. This means that though we will let you in to RP with us if you aren't a member, we reserve the right to kick you out if you become disruptive, refuse to follow our rules, or in general make an ass of yourself. Our Taneests have final say on this, but if you want to complain, please visit our forums (

We are under new management.