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Lodanien, center of government for Faeries, is a city of tiers carved out within a massive oak tree on the continent of Hæ'eska. This great, magically grown tree, along with other trees in the surrounding forest, houses many thousands of Fae. As with every Faerie occupancy, from small villages to Lodanien itself, illusion is constantly upheld to deter any unwanted attention towards themselves, Fae mages at the ready to confuse and disorient travelers who might stumble through the illusion itself.


Despite the differences in size between themselves and other races, nearly any occupation and practice is mirrored on a smaller scale by Faeries. Craftsfae, tradesfae, merchants, scholars, priests, and any other profession all exist in the Faerie ranks. However, by tradition, a life focused on the mind and spirit is most aspired for in youth. Education is highly prized and is in nearly all cases what determines class in society.

Second in rank to knowledge is spirituality. Faeries, having been born of magic without divine appointment, have taken to worship of the gods and Primes around them. Though generally there is an unspoken inclination towards good, morals remain towards the neutral aspect on the whole, for which some Fae have adapted worship of Dark Primes, and no laws of the Faeries prohibit this. Of the Primes, Patrilius and M'rill are popularly common; of Dark Primes, Dyarr/Dyarra; and of the Elven Pantheon, Salaria Patialias—though nearly every deity of any race has the odd Fae woshiper.


First born out of a deep welling of magic alongside the Elves, Faeries have lived with Elves for ages upon ages, long before even the traversing of planes into Feanor. Having come along with Elves to the plane of Feanor, some known to the Elves and others simply stowaways, individual Fae were quick to look upon the race as the strongest potential allies in the new world. Even despite this, however, Faerie society as a whole has ever remained independent and reluctant to diplomacy with other races, leaving theirs a much hidden civilization.

The growing of the tree wherein resides Lodanien took place not long after arrival, standing to this day as capital of government for all other settlements, connected to each other and to the capital via Arcane. Breaking off and spreading out from Lodanien, Faeries have set up villages, towns, and even large cities on every continent of Feanor, and yet despite this, Faeries are rarely seen or even heard of save for legends and rumors. A Fae who makes themself known is one who takes a great risk at the mercy of the larger races, attributing to why it is seldom ever done, but for the most fanciful of these.