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Stories tell that the first languages were taught to the Furres by Patrilius, the Prime of Wisdom. Since that long-lost day, the Furres, Humans, Elves and others have shared their perspectives through their languages, enriching the linguistic landscape for everyone. Since languages are alive ane ever evolving, merging and diverging through assimiliation and dialect, this page cannot hope to describe the thousands of languages spoken across Feanor. Because of that, only the major language groups are represented.

Languages of Calenndor

Most of the languages spoken on the continent of Calenndor can be traced back to four primary sources: Elder Arcane, Early Taigorrean, Proto-Sargothan and Eldar.



DescriptionLanguage Sample
Austian is an ancient language closely related to Himoan. It is the official language of the Kingdom of Austia, but is spoken throughout a large section of the Kebeyen Republic. (Read More) Le renard brun rapide a sauté par-dessus le chien paresseux.


DescriptionWriting Sample
Common (also called Anglish) is the lingua franca of most of the Freelands, and the official language of the Kingdom of Ansteorra, Kebeyen Republic, Duchy of Xanthia and the Counties of the Freeholds. (Read More) The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.



DescriptionWriting Sample
Launcian is a harsh-sounding language related to Common and (distantly) Sargothan. It is the official language of the Holy Launcian Empire (Read More) Der schnelle braune Fuchs sprang über den faulen Hund.



DescriptionWriting Sample
Sargothan is primarily in the Duchy of Xanthia, as well as among Humans in the nations that survive in the blasted lands of Sargothas itself. (Read More) Image:Sargothantext.png



DescriptionWriting Sample
Elvish is the language of the Elves, and is the official language of Westernesse. Elvish has not changed significantly since the First Age. (Read More) Image:Eldartext.png

High Ivrit

עברית קשר

DescriptionWriting Sample
High Ivrit is the holy language of Areah, and is only widely spoken within the hall itself. It also has some amount of adoption in the Hinterlands. (Read More) השועל מהיר חום קפץ מעל הכלב עצל