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Kitzibeth (by Path'en)
Kitzibeth (by Path'en)
Full name K'Kitzerina Elizabeth Ti'Khurðan-Skyree M'Xanthia J'Tyrol Na'(Vision Na'Graath) Ay'Patrilius Sa'Flamis Sa'Aramágî Lo'Calenndor En'Trinea Manu'Valanthas Ix'Thiboramwass Ix'Khenna'amwass
Date of Birth June 19th, TA 4352
Apparent Age Mature Adult
Age 80 (in 4A 41)
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lbs.
Species/Race Feline Furre
Religion Vincan Catholic Church
Level 48
Archetype Arcane
Fur/Flesh Alabaster white
Eye Color Green
Markings Blue triangular marking on left cheek, left paw declawed
Hair Color Bright red with pink-grey streaks
Family Members
Adopted Son

Tyrol Ti'Khurðan (deceased)
Xanthia Ti'Skyree (deceased)
Cyan Dee Lo'Iocus (desceased)
Kitzerina Elizabeth

Council of Valanthas
Title Archmagess
Style of Address Lady Archmagess Kitzibeth Na'Vision
Liege None

Nobility of Ansteorra
Title Baronet, Hero of Calenndor
Style of Address Dame Kitzerina Elizabeth Ti'Khurðan-Skyree Lo'Calenndor, Bt HoC
Liege The Queen

Archmagess Kitzibeth is one of the most powerful mages on the continent, and holds the title of Hero of Calenndor. As part of the Council of Valanthas, she spends most of her time embroiled in the complex politics of the Freelands. However, the Archmagess has a soft spot for the city of Ansteorra, and spends time there among old friends and adventuring comrades.


Born Kitzerina Elizabeth Ti'Khurðan-Skyree to a minor noble family which ruled a trading barony on the southwestern shore of the Sea of Helcar on the continent of Pirostia. Within a year of her birth, her family's lands were attacked by a horde of trolls and ogres, forcing her and her pregnant mother to escape south to her mother's home city to seek refuge. The respite was short lived, and the horde overran the city. Kitzibeth and her brother were spirited away toward the mountains near the vast desert of Fyak'norr, to be kept safe at separate monestaries. When Kitzerina was 12, her guardian died of age, and she was ejected from the monestary to find her own way through the world.

Kitzerina joined a caravan in the deserts of Fyak'norr, and traveled to the capital city of Ðamsala. Homeless for a while, the young femme found herself rescued by a noble lady, who kept Kitzerina as a house slave. As a mark of slavery, she was declawed on her left paw, leaving scars that remain to this day. Suffering the depredations of her master and mistress, she'd felt that this horrid life would be her lot until she was finally thrown away like an old rag or beheaded for a minor infraction. About two years later, her master was murdered by his 'favorite' harem girl. Rather than staying around the casbah and be sold to another master, or worse, Kitzerina escaped, barepawed and half-starved, down the river to Theriopolis, capital of Meovanni.

In Theriopolis, she found a more hospitable culture, and got a job as a bar wench at one of the upper class taverns. It was here that the young femme met a scrawny feline knight-errant by the name of Thibor. Thibor was much older, but she was madly in love with him, and he did nothing to discourage her affections. Around the same time, a traveling mage known as Vision Na'Graath took the femme on as an apprentice, having found her very adept at manipulating Fire. Kitzerina and Thibor were married within the week after her sixteenth birthday as was custom in Meovanni. However, happiness was not to remain the young femme's future.

Six months after their wedding, as the couple sat happily on a hilltop overlooking the capital, a dark form approached the pair, ethereal robes blowing even though there was no wind. The creature introduced itself as The Morgoth, and offered the two to take a card from his deck. Shying away from Morgoth, they refused his entreaty, which enraged the creature. Morgoth slew Thibor seemingly without effort, and was about to turn on Kitzerina when a group of Paladins, who had been chasing Morgoth, attacked, and drove the beast away. Thibor died in her arms, saying his last words: "Avenge me."


That trauma shattered Kitzerina's mind. Her already fragile sanity, weakened by years of constant abandonment gave way completely. She threw herself into her studies, advancing so far so fast, that Vision knew that her prodigy could not be contained in the town of Meovanni. His pride in his student blinded him to the danger reforming within the shattered bits of her mind. He sent Kitzerina to his brother, Archmage Zhian Na'Graath, to continue her studies in Þémhal.

At Zhian's tower, Kitzerina was withdrawn and sullen; she spent only a few days away from her laboratory, and was never without an arcane tome to keep her company. This suited Zhian to no end, as he was too busy to do more than give Kitzerina vague directions for study, which she promptly ignored. She was drawn to the darker magics of the Shadow, and its blighted energy. Her natural talent gave her fresh insight into texts long faded into obscurity, and her power grew exponentially. Within a year, she had surpassed Zhian's own skill, and promptly vanished from his tutilage. Kitzerina was never seen again.

In truth, she had loved Thibor more than anything else in the world, and in his death, she could know no love other than of vengeance. Only 18 years old, Kitzerina hunted the Morgoth, her self-scarred body a testament to her undying hatred of the Heretic of Destruction. She found the Morgoth within his palace in the Deadlands. Greydark, sensing a power greater than that of the Morgoth forsook his Heretic, and Kitzerina slew the beast with a single devastating spell. Still, her hatred was not complete. She had given herself completely to the destruction of the Morgoth, but had instead given herself completely to Greydark's will. The femme known as Kitzerina was no more. In her place stood Lady Erisvan, the new Heretic of Destruction.