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Full name Kele-De Dh'oul Ix'Ti'Cathal
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Apparent Age 40
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Gender Female
Height 5'3"
Weight 115 lbs
Species/Race Feline Furre
Religion Tigahhrim Rite
Level NPC
Archetype Medium
Fur/Flesh White
Eye Color Emerald
Markings Seal Tattoos on each arm and her back
Hair Color Copper-Red
Family Members
Adopted Mother
Twin Brother

Rónát (Deceased)
Adair (Deceased)
Bryanna Dh'oul
Rónán (Deceased)
Treasach (Deceased)

Description: She's covered from head to toe in deep hunter green. Her soft leather boots, breeches, and vest blend seemlessly. The only place green is not seen is the inside of her cloak, which is black. The cloak covers her completely concealing her identity. There's not even a trace of her Seal tattoos as her paws are covered with gloves. When she opens her mouth, even her voice lacks the sweet high tone it once had. It's distorted and lower in pitch. She is completely unrocognizable, unless she wishes to be.

Hidden beneath the cloak: Her headfur is bound into the tiny braids of her Tigahrrim warrior heritage and her body retains the defined, sleek musculature she had in her youth. The years have been kind to her, aging her only faintly. She does bear teh scars of the years, physical, mental, and emotional. A faint scar extends from her left jaw bone up to just below her eye; able to be seen only when one is up close to her face as the skin is slightly paler than her normal skin tone. The only distinguishing thing about the scar is the fact that the fur grows in the opposite direction than the rest of the fur upon her face. Her left arm had a long line that stretched from her shoulder down to her inner elbow; her right arm had the remnants of puncture wounds from being stabbed by various sharp objects. Hidden beneath the clothing she wore, her right leg had a scar from the back of the knee down to her ankle. She was lucky the sword which had made that one injured only muscle and not tendon. Her left leg had a slash across the thigh.

Upon the entirety of her left arm and paw, her Nature Seal tattoo is visible: greens, browns, and very subtle blues woven in intricate celtic design. A tattoo of dark purple extends the length of her right arm up on her shoulder, the design interweaving circles. Beneath her armor covering her upper back is a phoenix tattoo, done in shade of red, orange, and gold. The wings extend out along her shoulder blades so the wingtips just touch the other two tattoos, forming a continuous link between them. A silver ring is worn upon the first digit of the right paw and hidden beneath her armor she wears a necklace. The glaive slung across her back is longer and heavier than the last - the haft made of cypress, making it a gleaming light honey color.

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