Kebeyen Republic

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The Kebeyen Republic
Flag of The Republic Missing image
Coat of Arms of The Republic

(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: All are blind until taught to see.
Anthem: None
Location of The Republic
Capital First Colony
Largest city Aeram
Official languages Common
Religion Primes, Angel Trilanus
Government Republic
Eryn Mazus
War of Liberation
FA 7
 • 4A 11 est.
2,850,000 (3rd)
85% Furre
5% Elves
10% Others
Currency Silver Crown (s) (1 SP)
Shaded areas on map represent newly acquired territories.
Currently partaking in an undeclared war with New Austia

The Kebeyen Republic was formed following the conclusion of the War of Liberation, and named by the one who had led the rebels against the nations of Tharivol, Austia, Launcia, Himo, and finally Ansteorra. Though it was originally planned to conquer the entirety of the civilized Freelands, this was eventually viewed as overly optimistic, and eventually given up upon as Erisvan crashed through what had once been Launcia, further damaging the Republic's already weak hold within, until they were completely removed as the dwarves rose up once more, and the Holy Orders reclaimed their city and the land south of what later became the Great Divide.

As a nation born from war, without the time for the Liberation Army to be reduced further in size, they became a militaristic nation, one of the highest goals they held true to, was becoming a power once more to contest the rest of the Freelands. However, even with this influence, the ideals that the war had been founded upon were still topmost in the minds of all concerned, thus the well-being of the individual was also important, creating a social focus for both the Kebeyen Council and the peasantry.

The original ideals of the Kebeyen Republic held true, until the resurgence of the Ansteorrans, taking back their land and forcing the Republic from their newly gained land. It was during these proceedings that the former High Chancellor -Damien Reelin- was believed to have been slain in battle, though rumours persist in regards to his existence.

They now encompass what was once Tharivol and half of old Austia, though again there are rumours that they may be planning to expand their territory further south after the coronation of the new High Chancellor Eryn Mazus.