Jonathan Ruddiwyne

From Anstepedia

Full Name: Jonathan (Jon) Aloysius Ti'Ruddiwyne
Date of Birth: Fall 4363
Age: 39
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Species/Race: Feline
Level: 24
Archetype: Light
Eye Color: Sea blue
Fur Color: Grey, with light markings
Headfur Color: Blood red
Family: Daedalus Ruddiwyne (father, missing, presumed deceased), Rebekah Sullivan Ruddiwyne (mother, deceased), Aidan Ruddiwyne (brother)
Career: Bard, lawyer, brewer, merchant, carpenter, glassblower, vigilante, treasure hunter, explorer, historian, vagabond, thief, hedonist, prophet of doom, leader of men and furres

Description: It really depends on when you see Jon to know what he looks like. When he first arrived in Ansteorra at the age of thirty, he was a salty sea-furre, with rolling step, burned nose, and the clothes of a castaway sailor. He has seen much in his time at the capital city, however, and his visage has changed much. He is tall and ropy-looking, muscular and sharp-eyed. He wears tight-fitting black leathers, oiled well to maximize movement. A heavy crossbow hangs from a lanyard on his back, and at his side rests a frightening duelist's blade, the hilt carved into a steely skull. He carries a long poinard in his soft boots, and uses it to deflect blows. Behind his dark cloak lies the secret to the magic he uses to aid himself and his allies in battle and in merrymaking; a simple, hand-carved wooden flute. Jon's demeanor changes with the swiftness of the summer wind - at times jolly and full of seemly mirth and good will, at times as cold and hard as the steel of his blade. He has a strong sense of justice, and can frequently be seen apprehending those who prey on the weak and helpless in the night. Often times he will then proceed to court the next morning as a prosecuting lawyer, standing up at the bar to assure the public (and himself) that his enemies' villainy will never again surface. Call him a superhero, and he will laugh in your face.