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[[Image:{{{image name}}}|thumb|160px|center|Iocus's Symbol]]
Affiliation Primes
Deity Level Lesser Deity
Portfolio Martyrdom, Oaths, Dedication, Truth
Domains Law, Good, Protection, Divination
Alignment Lawful Good
Paladins Yes
Favored Weapon Evangelius, an orichalcum Dreihander

Iocus (sometimes called St. Iocus) is one of the three Primes who were born as mortals, but were granted godhood by their deeds in life. The furre who would become the Prime Iocus was born sometime in the middle of the First Age of Calenndor. Nothing is known about his life before the age of 28, where tradition holds that he founded the first order of Paladins on Feanor, dedicated to the teachings of Reegar, and opposed to the rule of Peristane over ancient Taigorr.

Iocus single-pawedly led his Paladins against the armies of the Dark Prime, routing the forces of evil wherever they were found, reaching at last the Citadel of Peristane himself. In a titanic battle, so the traditions say, the host of Paladins were slain except for Iocus himself and twelve compatriots, who had infiltrated the palace. Confronting Peristane and his children, Iocus and his Paladins fell upon them, defeating all but two: Peristane himself and his youngest son, En'narr, greviously injured yet still alive. Iocus himself attacked the Dark Prime but was beaten back. Near death, he prayed to Reegarr for the salvation of his people, even if he himself will die before he could see it. Touched by his self-sacrifice, Reegarr gifted the Paladin with his own blade and armor, turning the tide of the battle. With the Prime's weapons, Iocus blinded Peristane in his left eye and cut off one of his wings. Through trickery, Peristane escaped, taking his son with him; Iocus fell dead, his wounds only bound by the Prime's will.

Taigorr was saved, and Iocus did not live to see it. His surviving followers recorded the story. Three days later, Iocus appeared to his followers, having been given the mantle of godhood by the Dragon herself. He spoke to them, and left to be with the other Primes, as the newly ascended Lord of Martyrs.

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Iocus's appearance is that of a grey-furred wolf, clad in translucent silver-white armor. His flesh is scarred and bloody - stigmata line his chest and limbs. He wields an oddly-shaped blade nearly as tall as he is, made of the same translucent material as his armor.

The Prime is almost never depicted in artwork. He is typically shown only as his symbol, the Rood, which is a six-pointed cruciform; Iota-Chi.


Excerpt from the Holy Text

(24) Iocus turned to the faithful of the Primes and spoke thusly: (25) "It is written: 'The believers will stand against unbelief. Faith shall shield them and zeal be their blade'. (26) But truly I say to you: It is not by faith alone that the Dark falls. It is not zeal that destroys the agents of evil. (27) The Primes will stand with those who stand on their own legs!" (28) And the army drew of its own weapons and lay seige to the citadel of Peristane. - Dictum Iocus, Chapter 8, verses 24-28


Requirements for Clerics of Iocus
Celibacy Yes Pacifist No Poverty Yes
Evangelical Yes Required Rituals Yes Charity Optional