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Hæ'eska is a large and mysterious continent across the Sundering Sea to the west of Calenndor. Unlike the rest of Feanor, most of the continent is uninhabited by Furre, although ancient ruins from the time of the Glorious Empire cris-cross the landscape, slowly decaying to nothingness.

Hæ'eska was once the sole home of the Elves of Feanor before the great Drow queen arose and drove the Elves east toward Calenndor and West toward Pirostia approximately 20 millennia ago. During the Second Age, the Glorious Empire destroyed the great Drowish empire of Hæ'eska, and the elves slowly started to return to their ancestral home. Although well over 8 thousand years has passed since that time, only slightly more than half of the population of Feanorian elves live in their ancestral forests.

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