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IC Jobs and Careers

Your character can have one of many careers in Ansteorra City. If you would like to have your character hold a job that's not on this list, put it in your application along with a short description.

Ansteorran Guard

City Guard
Your character spends their time defending and guarding the streets of the city. They can hold a sword and shield (or are adept at magic) and could probably do fairly well if things got rowdy. They must be at least eighteen ICly to apply for this position.
Your character patrols the wooded areas outside the city gates, and is fleet on foot, ready to alert the city guard if danger to the gates is imminent from the creatures that live in the forests of the plateau.

Tavern Positions

Your character spends most of their time in the back room of the tavern whipping up food orders for the tavern patrons.
Your character's the one behind the bar fetching drinks and taking money, providing adequate change. They're probably good with people. Need an ear to listen? Look no further than your local tender!
Your character's usually got a broom and dustpan, sweeping up after the patrons have gone home for the night or cleaning up what's left of the spilled ale on the floor. Their job's not easy, but it pays decently, and a laborer can be any age.
Your character, depending on their preference, performs in the tavern for the enjoyment of the others. They may be a dancer, an actor, a poirate, or have various other skills.

Citywide Positions

Your character works in the Healer's Hall above the church, and is likely an ordained member of the Church. They don't get paid, but they do get free lodging and meals with the guild for doing the Primes' good will to the invalids and wounded.
Assistant Healer
Your character is a healer-in-training. Sure, they're not the one knitting up those huge gashes, but they're learning how!
Your character works at the docks around the city, taking care of the ships. It's a busy job and a hard one, but someone's got to do it, and you make a lot of money in tips.
Your character tends to the books in the library and makes sure they're neatly shelved and in alphabetical order. A furre in this line of work needs to have a tidy mind and a neat paw, and they likely live in the library itself.
Herald/Town Crier
Your character takes care of news around the town, whether it's by delivering messages or learning of events as soon as they happen and then delivering said information to other furres for a couple coppers.
Your character spends their time writing letters for other illiterate furres. They work in the bank, though they may not necessarily be bankers themselves.
Your character is a mapmaker, and likely an apprentice to a more renowned cartographer or else the owner of a small shoppe themselves. They are probably a part of the cartographer's union in the city, and travel a lot.
Your character is good with money and adeptly manages the funds of all his or her clients, as well as taxing the poor citizens of the city - just make sure you don't tax the adventurers, they get quite ornery. ;)
Your character has a green thumb and tends to the medical needs of the cleric's guild as far as potions and serums go. They can identify herbs and know how to tend to plants very well, and can likely rattle off potion recipes at a moment's whim. They may deal in poisons on the side for the Rogue's Guild.
Your character is a general merchant, and owns a shop of his or her own, contents to be decided.
Your character works at the clothing shop in town.
Your character likes getting their paws dirty. They work at the smithy in town and handle the weaponry of those pesky adventurers who are always getting their swords broken, as well as custom commissions. They may also be an apprentice to a current blacksmith.

Magical Careers

Your character is a student at the local Mage's Guild, no matter what sort of magic they manipulate. They attend class and live in the guild for a minimal fee.
Your character performs various odd jobs such as enchantments (teacups that never go cold, anyone?) and minor cantrips.


Your character's just an ordinary citizen. They have their own home somewhere, and may or may not hold a job.