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"We were not the first upon the Dreaming, but we have become the first amongst the free peoples!"
--Imrak Gothregn, King of Sargothas (TA 1760-TA 1801)

It is said that Humans are the most widespread species in the entire multiverse, having spread from their long-forgotten home planes to nearly every other plane of existence. The first Humans on Feanor appeared long before the recorded histories of the Elves of Calenndor, and and have become the largest minority of the sentient races of the world. Almost infinitely adaptable, Humans are generally open to new ideas and new concepts, willing to discard a tradition or idea which does not work to replace it with something that does. Supremely resilient as a species, inquisitive, daring, and noble, but also spiteful, violent and opressive, Humans are a study in contrasts. Prideful to a fault, Humans have a tendency to force their ideals on others, wanted or not.

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Unlike Furres and Elves, Human subraces do not display marked variation in physical form and demeanor. On Calenndor, Human groups fall into a few major categories:


The Góth are a dark-skinned race of humans that have lived in Sargothas since the middle of the First Age. Dedicated and strong, they alone have survived amongst the dead while other, lesser humans fled or were slaughtered after the rise of the Lich King in TA 1000. After the fall of the Lich King, their population has seen a significant upswing.

The Góthic people have a close-knit tribal culture. Although not xenophobic, the blighted lands of Sargothas have hardened them as to be quite unwelcoming to those who are unwilling to offer help.


In the Freelands, the most common human is the Midlander. With skin tones ranging from lightly tanned to olive, a Midlander's face shows a mix of heritages from all over the continent and western Pirostia. Midlanders have no distinct culture of their own, and typically blend into whatever culture they were born in.


Typically pale-skinned with dark features, this race of humans is small in number. They reside almost exclusively in the incredibly xenophobic Hall of Areah. Harsh weather conditions and a disciplined warrior society have hardened these religious zealots, making their relations with other races and cultures abrupt, if existent at all.


The Humans of the Hinterlands are an unpleasant breed, fair-skinned with long, typically unruly hair and beards on the men. Akin to real-world vikings, the Hinterlanders are coastal raiders. Their origins are mysterious, as there are no recorded humans living in that part of Calenndor during the time of the Glorious Empire.


The Calbahrrim (Tigathan for 'hairless ones') are the native Humans of the Plains of Tigath. Unlike the Tigahrrim, the Calbharrim are not nomadic, preferring to live in small communities in western Tigath.

Relations with other Races


Humans are well-integrated into Furre society, and are found in every large city or town with few exceptions. Overt racism is rare, but there is a subtle friction between Furre and Human that seems intractable. Perhaps it is that the two races are far more similar than they give each other credit for.


Humans and Elves get along like oil and water. Elves find Humans far too driven, while Humans see Elves as unwilling. The Human concept of progress and change is far too fast paced for Elvish thought processes. This is not to say that Humans and Elves cannot get along - but be prepared for culture clashes.

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